Planting Gardens in Graves

Planting Gardens in Graves Author r.h. Sin
ISBN-10 9781449488185
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 272
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r.h. Sin returns with a force in Planting Gardens in Graves: a powerful collection of poetry that hones in on the themes dearest to his readers. This original volume celebrates connection, mourns heartbreak, and above all, empowers its readers to seek the love they deserve.

Garden of Graves

Garden of Graves Author Maria Eftimiades
ISBN-10 9781466863125
Release 2014-02-11
Pages 281
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Neighbors knew him as the quiet, unemployed landscaper who tended his mother's beautiful garden. None of them ever suspected that the foul odors coming from his garage was the stench of death hanging over a blood-soaked wheelbarrow, or that the truck he used to carry fresh soil and flower bulbs in became a hearse once night fell... By night, he reaped a bloody harvest... Joel Rifkin cruised lower Manhattan carefully selecting his prey of mostly young prostitutes. Once they were inside his van, the gentle guy who told them he just wanted sex turned into a deranged monster who strangled them with savage force. His lust for killing satisfied, he then stuffed his victims' broken bodies in barrels, trunks and suitcases, dumping them like trash in remote areas across three states. The only trace they left were the photographs, jewelry, and personal mementos their sadistic murderer displayed on his bureau shelf--macabre trophies of his kills. Until the police uncovered his grim garden of death... The nightmare might never have ended if state troopers hadn't arrested Rifkin for a minor traffic violation. Wrapped in a blue tarp in the back of his truck they found the decomposing body of a young streetwalker. Hours after the grisly discovery, horrified detectives listened as Rifkin coldly confessed to at least 17 murders, making him one of the most vicious serial killers of all time--worse than Ted Bundy, Arthur Shawcross and Son of Sam! Maria Eftimiades tells this shocking true story in Garden of Graves.

A Beautiful Composition of Broken

A Beautiful Composition of Broken Author r.h. Sin
ISBN-10 9781449490218
Release 2017-07-25
Pages 480
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A Beautiful Composition of Broken is inspired by some of the events expressed artistically by Samantha King in the bestseller Born to Love, Cursed to Feel. It serves as a poetic documentary of the lives of people who have been mistreated, misunderstood, and wrongfully labeled in a way that limits them in this world. The author’s most personal volume yet, A Beautiful Composition of Broken builds a conceptual bridge between r.h. Sin’s earliest work and his forthcoming series, Planting Gardens in Graves.

Whiskey Words a Shovel III

Whiskey Words   a Shovel III Author r.h. Sin
ISBN-10 9781449486891
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 336
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r.h. Sin’s final volume in the Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel series expands on the passion and vigor of his first two installments. His stanzas inspire strength through the raw, emotional energy and the vulnerability of his poems. Relationships, love, pain, and fortitude are powerfully rendered in his poetry, and his message of perseverance in the face of emotional turmoil cuts to the heart of modern-day life. At roughly 300 pages, this culminating volume will be his lengthiest yet.

Of Gardens and Graves

Of Gardens and Graves Author Suvir Kaul
ISBN-10 0822362783
Release 2017-02-03
Pages 256
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Chiefly Kashimir poems with English translations.

Grave s End

Grave s End Author Elaine Mercado
ISBN-10 0738700037
Release 2001
Pages 174
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Elaine Mercado recounts the ghostly experiences she and her family had after moving into their home in New York, describing the creepy sensations, shadowy figures, suffocating dreams, and physical aggression they encountered from the home's resident ghost.

Of Gardens and Graves

Of Gardens and Graves Author Suvir Kaul
ISBN-10 9780822373506
Release 2017-01-13
Pages 256
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In Of Gardens and Graves Suvir Kaul examines the disruption of everyday life in Kashmir in the years following the region's pervasive militarization in 1990. Kaul's autobiographical and analytical essays, which were prompted by his yearly visits to Kashmir, are a combination of political analysis, literary criticism, memoir, and journalistic observation. In them he explores Kashmir's pre- and post-Partition history, the effects of militarization, state repression, the suspension of civil rights on Kashmiris, and the challenge Kashmir represents to the practice of democracy in India. The volume also features translations of Kashmiri poetry written in these years of conflict. These poems constitute an archive of heightened feelings and desires that affectively interrogate official accounts of Kashmir while telling us much about those who face extraordinary political turbulence and violence. Of Gardens and Graves also contains a photo essay by Javed Dar, whose photographs work together with Kaul's essays and the poems to represent the interweaving of ordinary life, civic strife, and spectacular violence in Kashmir.

The Garden Magazine

The Garden Magazine Author
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112106852087
Release 1914
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The Garden Magazine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Garden Magazine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Garden Magazine book for free.

Garden Home Builder

Garden   Home Builder Author Wilhelm Miller
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924076319528
Release 1914
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Garden Home Builder has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Garden Home Builder also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Garden Home Builder book for free.

Reading the Garden

Reading the Garden Author Katie Holmes
ISBN-10 9780522851151
Release 2007-05-28
Pages 284
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"Whether a small plot in the backyard of an inner-urban home or a capital city's sprawling botanic garden, Australians have long desired a patch of dirt to plough or enjoy. 'Reading the garden' explores our deep affection for gardens and gardening and illuminates their numerous meanings and uses from European settlement to the late twentieth century."--Cover.

The Ladies Garland

The Ladies  Garland Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89098850191
Release 1842
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Includes work by Mrs. M.E.L. of New York, Mrs. M.L. Gardiner, L.H. Sigourney, and H.B. Stowe.


Seedfolks Author Paul Fleischman
ISBN-10 9780062283689
Release 2013-07-30
Pages 112
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A vacant lot, rat-infested and filled with garbage, looked like no place for a garden. Especially to a neighborhood of strangers where no one seems to care. Until one day, a young girl clears a small space and digs into the hard-packed soil to plant her precious bean seeds. Suddenly, the soil holds promise: To Curtis, who believes he can win back Lateesha's heart with a harvest of tomatoes; to Virgil's dad, who sees a fortune to be made from growing lettuce; and even to Maricela, sixteen and pregnant, wishing she were dead. Thirteen very different voices and perspectives—old, young, Haitian, Hispanic, tough, haunted, and hopeful—tell one amazing story about a garden that transforms a neighborhood. Chosen as a state and citywide read in communities across the country, including in Vermont; Racine, WI; Tampa, FL; Newburgh, NY; and Boca Raton, FL. Supports the Common Core State Standards

Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens Author Betty K. Earl
ISBN-10 1893443507
Release 2012
Pages 76
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Provides information on designing, planting, accessorizing, and caring for a fairy garden.

Mourning Nature

Mourning Nature Author Ashlee Cunsolo
ISBN-10 9780773549364
Release 2017-05-17
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We are facing unprecedented environmental challenges, including global climate change, large-scale industrial development, rapidly increasing species extinction, ocean acidification, and deforestation – challenges that require new vocabularies and new ways to express grief and sorrow over the disappearance, degradation, and loss of nature. Seeking to redress the silence around ecologically based anxiety in academic and public domains, and to extend the concepts of sadness, anger, and loss, Mourning Nature creates a lexicon for the recognition and expression of emotions related to environmental degradation. Exploring the ways in which grief is experienced in numerous contexts, this groundbreaking collection draws on classical, philosophical, artistic, and poetic elements to explain environmental melancholia. Understanding that it is not just how we mourn but what we mourn that defines us, the authors introduce new perspectives on conservation, sustainability, and our relationships with nature. An ecological elegy for a time of climatic and environmental upheaval, Mourning Nature challenges readers to turn devastating events into an opportunity for positive change. Contributors include Glenn Albrecht (Murdoch University, retired); Jessica Marion Barr (Trent University); Sebastian Braun (University of North Dakota); Ashlee Cunsolo (Labrador Institute of Memorial University); Amanda Di Battista (York University); Franklin Ginn (University of Edinburgh); Bernie Krause (soundscape ecologist, author, and independent scholar); Lisa Kretz (University of Evansville); Karen Landman (University of Guelph); Patrick Lane (Poet); Andrew Mark (independent scholar); Nancy Menning (Ithaca College); John Charles Ryan (University of New England); Catriona Sandilands (York University); and Helen Whale (independent scholar).

Universalist Union

Universalist Union Author
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433002940736
Release 1843
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Universalist Union has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Universalist Union also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Universalist Union book for free.

On the Laying Out Planting and Managing of Cemeteries

On the Laying Out  Planting  and Managing of Cemeteries Author John Claudius Loudon
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044103111688
Release 1843
Pages 120
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On the Laying Out Planting and Managing of Cemeteries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from On the Laying Out Planting and Managing of Cemeteries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full On the Laying Out Planting and Managing of Cemeteries book for free.

Fairy Gardening 101

Fairy Gardening 101 Author Fiona McDonald
ISBN-10 9781629142821
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 208
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Release your inner child and step into the fairy world by creating your own enchanted garden, no matter how much space you have! Fairy gardens are increasing in popularity and Fairy Gardening 101 provides you with all the information necessary to design, plant, and care for your very own miniature garden oasis. Author, artist, and fairy gardener extraordinaire Fiona McDonald introduces readers to the history of fairy gardens and then provides step-by-step instructions, photographs, and illustrations for you to follow—or draw inspiration from—when starting your own project. Learn which types of plants and containers are most successful for a fairy garden, as well as how to develop a focal point for your enchanted mini Eden. Fairy Gardening 101 also provides important information on caring for your garden, on designing gardens for both indoors and outside, on using artificial plants to make your garden last a lifetime, and much more! You’ll also find inspirational photos from fairy gardeners around the globe as well as a list of suppliers. You don’t need to be a master gardener or to have a particularly green thumb to successfully plant and maintain your tiny fairy garden. All you need is a few miniature plants, some thoughtfully placed accessories, a fairy or two, and a love of whimsy and imagination.