Pongwiffy and the Spell of the Year

Pongwiffy and the Spell of the Year Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 0747596913
Release 2009
Pages 178
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It is spring-cleaning time and Pongwiffy is out of sorts. Hugo her Hamster Familiar and her Broom are insisting on clearing out her lovely, dirty hovel and making it spick and span - and she hates it. But there is one silver lining: as a result of all the tidying up, Pongwiffy unearths Granny Malodour's amazing recipe for Wishing Water - a traditional spell that actually works! But the ingredients are quite unusual and very hard to come by, and Pongwiffy is soon in a spot of bother … A laugh-out-loud story that is witty and clever, enticingly mixed in with much sludge, slime and very bad habits.

The Pongwiffy Stories 2

The Pongwiffy Stories 2 Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 9781471167416
Release 2018-04-19
Pages 368
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A bind-up edition of two books from the much-loved classic children's series Pongwiffy featuring The Spell of the Year and The Holiday of Doom! When Pongwiffy is forced to spring clean her hovel she finds an old magic spell to help her! But it turns out that the old-fashioned ingredients are tricky to come by, especially when they belong to the familiars of other witches… In the second story, the rain won’t stop and Pongwiffy is BORED. So she decides to plan a holiday! But when Pongwiffy blows all of the Coven’s funds on a trip to Sludgehaven-on-Sea, maybe being bored isn’t such a bad thing. Two laugh-out-loud stories of humour and warmth, enticingly mixed with much sludge, slime and very bad habits. Now with brand new illustrations from Katy Riddell!


Pongwiffy Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 9780743426862
Release 2002-02-17
Pages 192
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Pongwiffy has it all...a hovel of her own, a sometime-friend named Sharkadder, and an odor only a witch could love. Everything is almost perfect -- until a gaggle of Goblins move in next door. Heavens above, they're enough to wake the dead. It's time to move. But where? And where will she find a much-needed assistant? Sharkadder persuades Pongwiffy to advertise...but the only asistant who answers is a hamster. What's a witch to do? Forget about finding a new slum! How can Pongwiffy cope with a gang of Goblins, a sassy rodent assistant, and the Witches' Coven, who are waiting for an explanation? Even worse, she's responsible for Sourmuddle's 200th birthday cake. What will happen if Pongwiffy messes that up?

Pongwiffy and the Goblins Revenge

Pongwiffy and the Goblins  Revenge Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 074759693X
Release 2009
Pages 152
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Pongwiffy's Broom has come over all funny. At any mention of 'goblin' or 'axe' or 'chop' it seems to freeze over with fear (more than normal that is). If Pongwiffy could be bothered to speak Wood and have a conversation with the Broom, she would find out what is happening. But she doesn't - so she doesn't find out that the Goblins are planning to broomnap all the Witches' Brooms and subject them to a fate worse than a very clean and tidy house … And perhaps if Pongwiffy had had her wits about her she would also have been a lot more careful when talking to Ali Pali, the unscrupulous Genie … Pongwiffy needs to pay attention, Ali Pali has his greedy eyes on the closely-guarded contents of Pongwiffy's very own Dump! A laugh-out-loud story that is witty and clever, enticingly mixed in with much sludge, slime and very bad habits.

Pongwiffy Back on Track

Pongwiffy Back on Track Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 0747596948
Release 2009
Pages 231
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Pongwiffy, a witch of very dirty habits, is slumming it as usual in her filthy hovel, Number One, Dump Edge, Witchway Wood. But all is not well with Pongwiffy. It is slowly dawning on her that a witch cannot live on greasy skunk stew, limitless supplies from Sugary Candy's, the local sweet shop, and the minimum of exercise alone. Pongwiffy's teeth, stomach and general body parts are crying out for some healthy care and attention. It is time to take action. It is time to get healthy. And Pongwiffy is determined to take not only her fellow witches, but all the residents of Witchway Wood with her. There is only one thing for it: the greatest sporting event to happen in Witchway Wood - the O'Lumpicks! A laugh-out-loud story that is witty and clever, enticingly mixed in with much sludge, slime and very bad habits.

Pongwiffy and the Pantomime

Pongwiffy and the Pantomime Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 0747596891
Release 2009
Pages 169
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Pongwiffy and the Witches' Coven are in desperate need of funds, but are bored with all the usual fundraising ideas - barn dances, quiznights, paintyourbroomstickinafunnywaydays. Then Pongwiffy has a brainwave. The Witches can put on a pantomime! The inhabitants of Witchway Wood will love it! What can go wrong? Eventually, after all the jostling for the major parts and the rehearsing, the stage is set and the curtain ready to rise… but where is the director, Pongwiffy? And can the show go on? A laugh-out-loud story that is witty and clever, enticingly mixed in with much sludge, slime and very bad habits.

Pongwiffy and the Holiday of Doom

Pongwiffy and the Holiday of Doom Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 0747596905
Release 2009
Pages 199
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Pongwiffy is very, very bored. It is raining and she has nothing to do. Pongwiffy is a Witch of Action, who hates being cooped up. Her idea of a good day is to be out and about, swapping gossip and recipes, and inviting herself to tea. But the incessant rain has put a stop to all that. Pongwiffy decides the Witches need some sort of excitement. And what better than a holiday? It is the matter of a moment for Pongwiffy to take the Coven's much treasured funds and blow them all on a trip to the ever popular holiday destination Sludgehaven-on-Sea. Which is precisely when the trouble starts … A laugh-out-loud story that is witty and clever, enticingly mixed in with much sludge, slime and very bad habits.

Pongwiffy and the Spellovision Song Contest

Pongwiffy and the Spellovision Song Contest Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 0747596999
Release 2009
Pages 196
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Spellovision - magical television - has reached Witchway Wood. Nobody wants to do anything any more - Ghouls, Skeletons, Gnomes, Zombies, Wizards and Witches are all addicted to the latest TV shows. Everybody except Pongwiffy that is, who can't believe how the excitement level in Witchway Wood has gone down since Spellovision arrived. But then Pongwiffy has a brilliant idea to spice things up - a Spellovision Song Contest! Let the competition commence… A laugh-out-loud story that is witty and clever, enticingly mixed in with much sludge, slime and very bad habits.

A Witch of Dirty Habits

A Witch of Dirty Habits Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 0747596921
Release 2009
Pages 152
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Pongwiffy is a witch of very dirty habits. She also has a problem - the cave she has just moved into is filthy (although that's not the problem, Pongwiffy likes it like that) but also has extremely noisy neighbours. The neighbours (not unsurprisingly, as the cave is in Goblin Territory), are Goblins, and as well as being very, very stupid, are very, very noisy. They are so noisy that Pongwiffy can bear it no more and enlists the help of her best friend, Witch Sharkadder, to find her somewhere else to live. Which is nearly the end of one very beautiful friendship … A laugh-out-loud story that is witty and clever, enticingly mixed in with much sludge, slime and very bad habits.

Wilma s Wicked Spell

Wilma s Wicked Spell Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 0141310138
Release 2002
Pages 185
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Wilma goes to do her work experience for her Grade Four Certificate in magic with her great-aunt Angria - who was the thirteenth faerie who put Sleeping Beauty to sleep for a hundred years. The spell is coming to an end in a few days, and Angria is determined to stop the prince from awakening her with a kiss. Wilma is drawn into her wicked plan, which involves going to work in the kitchens of the twelve good fairies, and luring Prince Brett away from the castle. But Wilma is having doubts - should her aunt be interfering? And what about all those spell-frozen people in a hidden room? Add in a sulky talking wolf called Ralph and Denzil, a kidnapped cat, and Wilma has her hands full. Work experience was never like this

The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow

The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 9780141933504
Release 2004-07-01
Pages 240
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A comic story set in mock-Victorian times. Solomon Snow discovers, to his amazement, that he is a foundling. A silver spoon was left with him as a baby, but Pa has pawned it. Solomon leaves home in high dudgeon to seek his spoon and his real parents. He joins up with Prudence Pridy, a very bossy girl, and a very irritating child called the Infant Prodigy, who can wind any adult round her little finger. Together they reach Town and promptly meet a glorious cast of assorted larger-than-life characters including a villainous pawnbroker, kidnappers, a child farmer, an awful orphanage and a cheery chimney-sweep's boy. Solly does find his spoon eventually - but the ending takes everyone by surprise.


TALES FROM WITCHWAY WOOD  Crash  n  Bang Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 9781408818657
Release 2011-04-04
Pages 224
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Filth is Witch Sludgegooey's Fiend, Arthur the Dragon is precise, meticulous and lives with his mum, and O'Brian is a Leprechaun who is often mistaken for a Pixie. These three very different characters have two things in common - the band they play in (The Witchway Rhythm Boys) and the music they play (Crash 'n' Bang). But they don't get a chance to play Crash 'n' Bang a lot as nobody likes it very much. Until, that is, The Thing in the Moonmad T-shirt becomes their manager and sets their sights higher - on the forthcoming music competition The Battle of the Bands, where they face stiff opposition from some terrifying Skeletons, Trolls and Gnomes. The narrative is set in Witchway Wood and features welcome appearances for Pongwiffy fans of characters such as Scott Sinister, Ali Pali, Lulu Lamarre and Witch Sludgegooey, as well as the Witchway Rhythm Boys themselves. With appearances from a Fairy set on revenge, a Werewolf determined to join a band, and a loyal but not very talkative goldfish called Gareth, plus a lot of extremely loud Crash 'n' Bang, this is a fast-talking, drumstick-rolling, high-octane magical extravaganza!

I Live in a Mad House

I Live in a Mad House Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 9780713684162
Release 2007
Pages 107
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Following his star turn in I am a TreeTim is back for more comic fun. This time he's spending half term cleaning cars, and screaming toddlers have taken over his home. He's not happy. Luckily his friend Flora is on hand to help out and have a joke with. Things start to look up. Until, that is, they encounter a very angry customer and a very wet Rottweiler. But in this comedy, who will have the last laugh?

The Dreadful Dragon

The Dreadful Dragon Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 9781408829608
Release 2012-09-13
Pages 176
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Ronald the Magnificent is the youngest wizard in the Wizards' Club. The trouble is, he is not a very good wizard and all the others tease him terribly. They don't even let him have his own chair. What Ronald needs is a pet so at least somebody is on his side. But pets are not allowed, so Ronald has to magic his pet up in secret. And when he does get his pet, it is not as easily controlled as Ronald would have liked. A very funny new book featuring wizards, fire-breathing, some misplaced magic and a lot of sausages!

Nonsense Animal Rhymes

Nonsense Animal Rhymes Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 019910753X
Release 2001
Pages 32
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Best-selling children's author Kaye Umansky and well-loved illustrator Chris Fisher have teamed up again to produce the latest in the Nonsense Rhymes series. There are poems about, amongst others, a chess-playing cheetah, a wolf called Keith and a gorilla who eats vanilla ice-cream! The funny, colourful illustrations capture the humour in the poems as well as they did in the previous two books in the series. Kaye Umansky's first book, Pongwiffy, won the Nottinghamshire Book Award and has sold over 150,000 copies. She has written and published picture books, song books, rhymes and novels for Puffin, Bodley Head, HarperCollins, Hodder, A and C Black and the BBC. Kaye has also won The Times EducationalSupplement Award for Junior Music Book of the Year. Chris Fisher is well-known for his vivid, lively illustrative style, and has illustrated over 40 titles for Walker Books, Hodder, Puffin, Scholastic and HarperCollins.

The Spellovision Song Contest

The Spellovision Song Contest Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 0141310146
Release 2003
Pages 194
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A fantastically funny book about Pongwiffy, a witch of very dirty habits. Spellovision has come to Witchway Wood - and Pongwiffy has the brilliant idea of having a song contest! On Spellovision! The competition is going to be fierce: groups of Wizards, Vampires and Familiars are all busy practising. Not Goblins, of course, but they're busy chasing their own dream - and it's going to mean big, big trouble.

Witch for a Week

Witch for a Week Author Kaye Umansky
ISBN-10 9781471160912
Release 2017-10-05
Pages 368
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'A Bewitching tale, charmingly told and is certain to delight any witch in the making' M.G, Leonard, award-winning author of Beetle Boy 'A gorgeous story that bubbles with charm, wit and magic' Abi Elphinstone, author of The Dreamsnatcher 'Bursting with memorable characters, a huge sense of fun and a big dollop of honey, flowers and strawberry-scented magic!' Joe Berger, author of Lyttle Lies and Hubble Bubble 'A sulky raven, a grubby dog and a common-sense heroine with a strong sense of customer service. This is a funny, magical treat!' Holly Webb, author of Lost in the Snow When Elsie Pickles offers to house-sit the mysterious home of local witch Magenta Sharp, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. Left with a talking raven and a scruffy dog for company, a magical tower that has a mind of its own and a book of instruction called Everything You Need to Know, what could possibly go wrong? With an assortment of weird and wonderful neighbours banging at the door and a box of volatile magical ingredients that must be used immediately, Elsie finds out that looking after Magenta's home might not be as easy as she first thought ... does she have what it takes to be a witch for a week or will it all end in a magical disaster? A new magical adventure from Kaye Umansky, the bestselling author of the spellbinding children's classic Pongwiffy, brought to life with charming illustrations from rising star Ashley King!