QUANTUM VIBE Author Scott Bieser
ISBN-10 0985316772
Release 2016-10-17
Pages 192
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Collected strips from the popular sci-fi adventure webcomic series, running from June 2015 through August 2016. Contains the complete story arc, "Venus 23."

Quantum Vibe Volume 2

Quantum Vibe Volume 2 Author Scott Bieser
ISBN-10 0985316756
Release 2014-03
Pages 172
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"In the year 2523 Nicole Oresme, a young denizen of the L-5 Space City, finds herself in dire need of employment. She lands a job with a very old and rather large mad scientist and they embark upon a journey across the Solar System, for a secret project that promises to change the course of human history."--Back cover of volume 1.

Quantum Vibe Volume 3 Seamus

Quantum Vibe Volume 3  Seamus Author Scott Bieser
ISBN-10 0985316764
Release 2015-05-25
Pages 216
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Dr. Seamus O'Murchadha's quest to create a bridge to alternative universes takes him and his young assistant Nicole Oreseme and their gynoid bodyguard Murphy to the outer reaches of the Solar System, where they encounter danger and intrigue at every turn. Nearing Jupiter, their ship is hijacked by the dread space pirate Jesus Hernandez. On the Jovian moon Ganymede, Nicole finds a new love but Murphy is left behind, only to make an incredibly daring rescue attempt after Nicole is kidnapped in transit to the Saturnine moon Hyperion. And once our heroes reach Hyperion, a foul betrayal and a dark secret from Seamus' past threaten to derail the entire project. Volume 3 completes the grand saga of the mad scientist, his young assistant and their robot-girl, while creating a springboard to even grander adventures ahead."

The Probability Broach

The Probability Broach Author L. Neil Smith
ISBN-10 9781466828070
Release 2001-12-12
Pages 324
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Denver detective Win Bear, on the trail of a murderer, discovers much more than a killer. He accidentally stumbles upon the probability broach, a portal to a myriad of worlds--some wildly different from, others disconcertingly similar to our own. Win finds himself transported to an alternate Earth where Congress is in Colorado, everyone carries a gun, there are gorillas in the Senate, and public services are controlled by private businesses. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Quantum Bliss

Quantum Bliss Author George S. Mentz
ISBN-10 9781785352041
Release 2016-01-29
Pages 128
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Quantum Bliss is the breakthrough VIP summary of success, spirituality and mindful secrets that customers have been seeking since The Power of Now and The Secret became famous. Go beyond the law of attraction and power of awareness and learn the secrets of Quantum Bliss.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics Author Walter Greiner
ISBN-10 9783662303740
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 347
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More than a generation of Gennan-speaking students around the world have worked their way to an understanding and appreciation of the power and beauty of modem theoretical physics - with mathematics, the most fundamental of sciences - using Waiter Greiner's textbooks as their guide. The idea of developing a coherent, complete presentation of an entire field of science in a series of closely related textbooks is not a new one. Many older physicists remember with real pleasure their sense of adventure and discovery as they worked their ways through the classic series by Sommerfeld, by Planck and by Landau and Lifshitz. From the students' viewpoint, there are a great many obvious advantages to be gained through use of consistent notation, logical ordering of topics and coherence of presentation; beyond this, the complete coverage of the science provides a unique opportunity for the author to convey his personal enthusiasm and love for his subject. The present five volume set, Theoretical Physics, is in fact only that part of the complete set of textbooks developed by Greiner and his students that presents the quantum theory. I have long urged him to make the remaining volumes on classical mechanics and dynamics, on electromagnetism, on nuclear and particle physics, and on special topics available to an English-speaking audience as well, and we can hope for these companion volumes covering all of theoretical physics some time in the future.

God s Quantum Vortex

God s Quantum Vortex Author Jim P. Walker
ISBN-10 9781504955508
Release 2015-10-15
Pages 484
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The story evolves from the personal experiences of the writer, from his deep (forty years) research and discoveries of quantum cone vortex. Once into awareness, he reveals the techniques of connecting and triggering the "Act of God" events. He formulates the "mysteries" of self-fate programming. He explains how the government, religion, finance, and science are interconnected, for the first time in history. His research deep dives into the Bible, yoga meditation, wave-particle quantum physics, and into occult, the metaphysics. He is not just theorizing about life events; he is proactively changing the events in biblical proportions. He becomes the miracle creator by thought and by action, the trigger man, who can only relate to the higher dimensions and to cosmic intelligence. The formulas he writes may seem similar to previous theoretical physicists, but they are his own concept, given the examples of his work and e-mail prior to "God's Particle/Boson" announcement by Peter Higgs on July 4, 2012. The quantum cone vortex diagram and its connection to yin and yang with annihilation and creation, related to cosmic spiral sequence of four sixes may seem absurd to earth fourth-dimensional thinkers, but it is backed by facts by the author. His prediction of the next flood is backed by errors in time measured by Mayans and Nostradamus. Once a person is elevated to the vortex in quantum cone, with zero weight/gravity and when time stops in quantum reality, then he or she will able to be awarded with all possibilities to create or destroy. The writer imitates the out-of-the-box thinking of God, but he is not comparing himself to cosmic intelligence. He just uses the quantum energy (in form of dark and light energy, he calls Satan and God for convenience). The examples are powerful and convincing. The reader should not just observe the author's human encounters to get to quick conclusions. It is a manual of how to think without fear. Once the fear is eliminated, the mind is open to deep into subconsciousness and to build the awareness, where all possibilities are unrestricted, and to rise to the sixth cosmic dimension, God.

Quantum Mechanics I

Quantum Mechanics I Author Alberto Galindo
ISBN-10 9783642838545
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 417
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The first edition of this book was published in 1978 and a new Spanish e(,tition in 1989. When the first edition appeared, Professor A. Martin suggested that an English translation would meet with interest. Together with Professor A. S. Wightman, he tried to convince an American publisher to translate the book. Financial problems made this impossible. Later on, Professors E. H. Lieband W. Thirring proposed to entrust Springer-Verlag with the translation of our book, and Professor W. BeiglbOck accepted the plan. We are deeply grateful to all of them, since without their interest and enthusiasm this book would not have been translated. In the twelve years that have passed since the first edition was published, beautiful experiments confirming some of the basic principles of quantum me chanics have been carried out, and the theory has been enriched with new, im portant developments. Due reference to all of this has been paid in this English edition, which implies that modifications have been made to several parts of the book. Instances of these modifications are, on the one hand, the neutron interfer ometry experiments on wave-particle duality and the 27r rotation for fermions, and the crucial experiments of Aspect et al. with laser technology on Bell's inequalities, and, on the other hand, some recent results on level ordering in central potentials, new techniques in the analysis of anharmonic oscillators, and perturbative expansions for the Stark and Zeeman effects.

Quirks of the Quantum

Quirks of the Quantum Author Samuel Chase Coale
ISBN-10 9780813932873
Release 2012-11-07
Pages 240
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Episodic and disconnected, much of postmodern fiction mirrors the world as quantum theorists describe it, according to Samuel Chase Coale. In Quirks of the Quantum, Coale shows how the doubts, misgivings, and ambiguities reflected in the postmodern American novel have been influenced by the metaphors and models of quantum theory. Coale explains the basic facets of quantum theory in lay terms and then applies them to a selection of texts, including Don DeLillo's Underworld, Joan Didion's Democracy, and Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day. Using a new approach to literature and culture, this book aims to bridge the gap between science and the humanities by suggesting the many areas where they connect.

A Quantum Hijria

A Quantum Hijria Author Dawoud Kringle
ISBN-10 9780557895960
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 300
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Rock guitarist Russell Peterson thought he understood reality. His life and career were comfortable, and his destiny seemed clear. A chance meeting with a Sufi mystic musician named Hassan begins a domino effect that propels him into an adventure and spiritual initiation where he faces unpredictable dangers, unimaginable rewards, and a world where the lines between science and the mystical experience no longer exist. "A Quantum Hijria" takes the reader into a rarely seen realm where psychological shock, political intrigue, time travel, space travel, and fantasy blend seamlessly with religious experience.

It s about Time quantum hopes

It s about Time quantum hopes Author Chris McCleod
ISBN-10 1452055424
Release 2010-03-31
Pages 228
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The book starts with a regular guy 'Joe' who starts out making things, he's a cabinet maker, but he loves inventing 'stuff.' He makes a time device and realises a vast potential. He knows the world is running wrong, and it has always been that way. He knows that the veil all mankind is under is designed that way to keep the glass 'half empty' for all time. But for what reason? and by who? Joe is visited by one of the worlds greatest ever scientists, from last century who loves listening to ABBA, together they find themselves in a maze of possibilities all leading to one point in time, if they make just one small mistake, everything known and unknown will simply dissapear. Joe has a few aces up his sleave, but can the final solution be found.

Quantum Probability and Related Topics

Quantum Probability and Related Topics Author L Accardi
ISBN-10 9789814505451
Release 1992-07-17
Pages 388
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Quantum Probability and Related Topics is a series of volumes based on materials discussed in the various QP conferences. It aims at providing an update on the rapidly growing field of classical probability, quantum physics and functional analysis. Contents:From Markovian Approximation to a New Type of Quantum Stochastic Calculus (L Accardi & Y G Lu)Unitarity of Solutions to Quantum Stochastic Differential Equations and Conservativity of the Associated Semigroups (F Fagnola)Kernel Representation of ∗-Semigroups Associated with Infinitely Divisible States (V P Belavkin)Minimal Solutions in Classical and Quantum Stochastics (A M Chebotarev)Structure Relations for Fermionic Flows (R L Hudson & P A Shepperson)Fermionic Hypercontractivity (J M Lindsay & P A Meyer)Large Deviations and Mean-Field Quantum Systems (R F Werner)and other papers Readership: Mathematicians and mathematical physicists. keywords:Quantum Probability

CSI Crime Scene Investigation Blood Quantum

CSI  Crime Scene Investigation  Blood Quantum Author Jeff Mariotte
ISBN-10 1439169276
Release 2010-02-23
Pages 320
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The Las Vegas team of investigators has its hands full following a free-spending night at an exclusive nightclub which leaves the chairman of the Cloud Mountain Paiute Tribe dead. Already surrounded by controversy, the victim had a message scrawled in his own blood at the scene that would indicate a crime of revenge—and members of the chairman’s inner circle aren’t talking, which leads to a vicious cycle of violence and murder.... ?

Entangled Minds

Entangled Minds Author Dean Radin
ISBN-10 1439187932
Release 2009-11-24
Pages 368
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Is everything connected? Can we sense what's happening to loved ones thousands of miles away? Why are we sometimes certain of a caller's identity the instant the phone rings? Do intuitive hunches contain information about future events? Is it possible to perceive without the use of the ordinary senses? Many people believe that such "psychic phenomena" are rare talents or divine gifts. Others don't believe they exist at all. But the latest scientific research shows that these phenomena are both real and widespread, and are an unavoidable consequence of the interconnected, entangled physical reality we live in. Albert Einstein called entanglement "spooky action at a distance" -- the way two objects remain connected through time and space, without communicating in any conventional way, long after their initial interaction has taken place. Could a similar entanglement of minds explain our apparent psychic abilities? Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, believes it might. In this illuminating book, Radin shows how we know that psychic phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis are real, based on scientific evidence from thousands of controlled lab tests. Radin surveys the origins of this research and explores, among many topics, the collective premonitions of 9/11. He reveals the physical reality behind our uncanny telepathic experiences and intuitive hunches, and he debunks the skeptical myths surrounding them. Entangled Minds sets the stage for a rational, scientific understanding of psychic experience.

Cosmic Banditos

Cosmic Banditos Author A. C. Weisbecker
ISBN-10 9781101127551
Release 2001-03-01
Pages 208
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Soon to be a major motion picture starring John Cusack! Mr. Quark is a down-on-his luck pot-smuggler hiding out in the mountains of Colombia with his dog, High Pockets, and a small band of banditos led by the irascible Jose. Only months before, these three and their fearless associates were rolling in millions in cash and high-grade marijuana, eluding prosecution on “ridiculously false” drug and terrorism charges. But times have quickly grown lean, and to liven up their exile, Jose decides to mug a family of American tourists. Among the spoils are physics texts, which launch Mr. Quark on a side-splitting, boisterous adventure north to California, where he confronts the owner of the books with his own theories on relativity, the nature of the universe, and looking for the meaning of life in all the wrong places….


Vibe Author
Release 1999-12
Pages 302
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Vibe is the lifestyle guide to urban music and culture including celebrities, fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, automotive, personal care/grooming, and, always, music. Edited for a multicultural audience Vibe creates trends as much as records them.

Quantum Relativity

Quantum Relativity Author David R. Finkelstein
ISBN-10 9783642609367
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 578
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Over the past years the author has developed a quantum language going beyond the concepts used by Bohr and Heisenberg. The simple formal algebraic language is designed to be consistent with quantum theory. It differs from natural languages in its epistemology, modal structure, logical connections, and copulatives. Starting from ideas of John von Neumann and in part also as a response to his fundamental work, the author bases his approach on what one really observes when studying quantum processes. This way the new language can be seen as a clue to a deeper understanding of the concepts of quantum physics, at the same time avoiding those paradoxes which arise when using natural languages. The work is organized didactically: The reader learns in fairly concrete form about the language and its structure as well as about its use for physics.