Forty Rabbit Holes

Forty Rabbit Holes Author Phil Penne
ISBN-10 9781477409398
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 206
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"Rabbit holes" are, by my definition, those secret places to which we all go to escape the occasional drudgery or unpleasantness of everyday existence. Each vignette in this book is designed to take you down a new rabbit hole to a place you wish to be or, on occasion, to a place you may need to be, whether or not it is obvious to you. The stories are flights of fancy, daydreams put to paper, designed to ignite your imagination and awaken that part of your brain grown stagnant by the predictability of everyday life. But these aren't stories you simply read; each of the forty rabbit holes in this collection is written in the second person making you, the reader, the central character. You will be an integral part of each story you read.

Rabbit Holes

Rabbit Holes Author Greg Weisman
ISBN-10 9781434260390
Release 2013
Pages 24
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Prowling the rooftops and alleys of Gotham, teen archer Artemis has a choice to make--will she fight on the side of the Justice League, or follow her parents into a life of crime?

Classical Logic and Its Rabbit Holes

Classical Logic and Its Rabbit Holes Author Nelson P. Lande
ISBN-10 9781624660450
Release 2013-11-15
Pages 504
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"Many students ask, 'What is the point of learning formal logic?' This book gives them the answer. Using the methods of deductive logic, Nelson Lande introduces each new element in exquisite detail, as he takes students through example after example, proof after proof, explaining the thinking behind each concept. Shaded areas and appendices throughout the book provide explanations and justifications that go beyond the main text, challenging those students who wish to delve deeper, and giving instructors the option of confining their course to the basics, or expanding it, when they wish, to more rigorous levels. Lande encourages students to think for themselves, while at the same time providing them with the level of explanation they need to succeed. It is a rigorous approach presented in a style that is informal, engaging, and accessible. Students will come away with a solid understanding of formal logic and why it is not only important, but also interesting and sometimes even fun. It is a text that brings the human element back into the teaching of logic." --Hans Halvorson, Princeton University

Rabbit Holes

Rabbit Holes Author Linda K Krog
ISBN-10 153308050X
Release 2017-02-07
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Interesting revelations from the word of God that have made understanding the word a fascinating journey.

Of Education Fishbowls and Rabbit Holes

Of Education  Fishbowls  and Rabbit Holes Author Jane Fried
ISBN-10 9781620364222
Release 2016-02-16
Pages 168
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This book questions some of our most ingrained assumptions, not only about the nature of teaching and learning, but about what constitutes education, and about the cultural determinants of what is taught. What if who you think you are profoundly affects what and how you learn? Since Descartes, teachers in the Western tradition have dismissed the role of self in learning. What if our beliefs about self and learning are wrong, and relevance of knowledge to self actually enhances learning, as current research suggests? Jane Fried deconstructs the Grand Western Narrative of teaching and learning, describing it is a cultural fishbowl through which we see the world, rarely aware of the fishbowl itself, be it disciplinary constructs or the definition of liberal education. She leads us on a journey to question “the way things are”; to attend to the personal narratives of others from ethnic, racial and faith groups different from ourselves; to rediscover self-authorship as the core task of learning in college; and to empower ourselves and students to navigate the disorientation of the Alice in Wonderland rabbit holes of modern life. This is a book for all educators concerned about the purpose of college and of the liberal arts in the 21st century, and what it is we should reasonably expect students to learn. Jane Fried both upends many received ideas and offers constructive insights based on science and evidence, and does so in an engaging way that will stimulate reflection.

On Angels and Rabbit Holes

On Angels and Rabbit Holes Author Kimberly Morgan
ISBN-10 1481219936
Release 2017-03-03
Pages 258
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Corrie Weber has kept a secret for years: she talks to angels. Or, rather, angels talk to her, and have since she was a child. There's nothing subtle about visits from her winged messengers except the messages themselves. Their method of delivery is usually unwelcome and frequently unpleasant. Corrie records their communication in a journal and tries to work out the meaning of it all. While it seems like recent changes in her life are moving her in the right direction, Corrie feels like she's losing her way. She seeks clarity through the angels' insight but encounters difficulty. Will the angels provide comfort and guidance, or will they complicate matters even more?

Down the Rabbit Hole and Other Silly Stories

Down the Rabbit Hole and Other Silly Stories Author
ISBN-10 1482441810
Release 2016-01-15
Pages 40
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Lewis Carroll's story of Alice visiting wonderland is the quintessential silly story. With talking rabbits and seemingly never-ending rabbit holes, "Down the Rabbit Hole" introduces readers to Carroll's incredible detail and invention. Three other amusing takes tickle readers' funny bones, including "A Silly Question" by E. Nesbit, "Books Who Made the Princess Say 'That's a Story'" by Sir George Webbe Dasent, and "The Finest Liar in the World" by Andrew Lang. Colorful illustrations accompany each, adding to readers' own imaginings of the stories.

Into the Rabbit Hole

Into the Rabbit Hole Author Michael David Warren
ISBN-10 9781598580617
Release 2005-10
Pages 408
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Ronald Reagan once said. "If anyone is afraid to stand up to clients, the government, and employers (teachers, or virtually any authority), than know that all you are doing is feeding the crocodile, hoping that he will eat you last." Into The Rabbit Hole takes you on a journey into the state of your own mind, and the mind of the "beast" that has deceived you. Going in the hole, your path will cross with the entities that you have trusted in, that guide your life. Religious deception, sacred bloodlines, the cult mind, secret societies, government deception, and our true ori-gins as a species, are recurring themes. It is time that society awakens to the truth of their real existence, and how they can escape from the hole.. Into The Rabbit Hole, is your first step into the true reality you seek. An intellectually challenging, and stim-ulating read for all seekers of truth. Once you have had a glimpse of what's in the hole.the age old question of "What Is Truth" will be self evident.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole Author David Lindsay-Abaire
ISBN-10 9780822221548
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 64
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The hothouse atmosphere of all-male boarding schools has inspired a whole body of literature and drama exploring themes of friendship, romance, honor and betrayal...Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's GOOD BOYS AND TRUE is a solid addition to the canon. It's a suspen No one in New York writes dialogue quite like Grimm...[He] effervesces so violently that he achieves liftoff, fizzing out of the Land of the Pleasantly Dirty Farce and landing on Planet Experimental Theater...A magical mystery tour of Grimm's brain...a comedia

6 Rabbit Holes of Leadership

6 Rabbit Holes of Leadership Author K. Wrede
ISBN-10 0692783113
Release 2016-07-07
Pages 112
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Bad leadership destroys organizations. How long before bad leadership destroys yours? If your COO or CEO had the time to be your mentor, they'd be telling you not to waste your time on what doesn't work. This book is a light, practical look at leadership and the ways you can identify and avoid ineffective behaviors. If you are a leader or develop leadership programs, does any of this seem familiar? * I can't tell if my leadership style is effective. * I do everything right, but I'm still not getting ahead. * The last time I saw my boss was during my evaluation 3 months ago. * My boss is a jerk, but senior management doesn't care. They think he is just ambitious. * We have a high turnover of employees. * If any of the senior staff left tomorrow, the company would collapse. If you said yes to any one of those, this book is for you. If you have had these problems, maybe it isn't your fault. You may be a victim of one of the common traps of leadership that are ruining your career and maybe your business. "6 Rabbit Holes of Leadership" explores time-wasting rabbit holes and how they harm your organization, but it also offers actionable advice on better ways to lead.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole Author Nastassja Ocasio
ISBN-10 9780557191826
Release 2010-02-19
Pages 42
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While some are luckier than others and live long, prosperous lives, others live stunted lives falling down a rabbit hole of disease, poverty, loss, addiction and isolation. In the form of a story told in chronological order, “Down the Rabbit Hole†embarks on a painful journey, through poetry, of a young woman who experiences a life changing separation and as a result, undergoes a series of unfortunate events in the span of a few months that eventually lead to her downfall. Touching issues that affect men, women and children worldwide, “Down the Rabbit Hole†serves to provide a realistic example of one in several cases of women who undergo most, if not all, of the issues that the world faces today, in just one lifetime. In short, these poems are to encourage readers to gain a deeper insight into the shifting mind and serves to speak to women of all ages who have suffered or know someone who has. Let this story assist you in your celebration of life, and not prospects of despair.

Alice in Strategy Land

Alice in Strategy Land Author K. M. Santon
ISBN-10 9781908984548
Release 2016-03-21
Pages 160
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Falling down the corporate rabbit hole can be good for your career.In today's rapidly changing business world it's difficult to know how to compete. How do we innovate; what strategies should we pursue in order to stand out from our rivals; just how can one keep up - let alone get ahead - in this maddeningly volatile environment? It turns out that the larger-than-life characters, arbitrary rules and nonsensical situations of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass can help us navigate the new era of business.Carroll's books are a window onto today's business world. They teach us that rules are invented by those in charge to suit a situation, that authority can be questioned and that white rabbits often wear waistcoats. If you regularly take part in meetings, the Mad Hatter's tea party - messy, seemingly eternal and completely pointless - might seem all too familiar. In Alice in strategy land readers will discover:* How to manage the unexpected, with the help of Alice, a flamingo and a hedgehog;* Ways to speed up time, using the wisdom of the Hatter;* How to avoid running so hard just to stand still, with the Red Queen's assistance;* Why the White Knight can help them to focus on what's important.Thinking outside the box is no longer sufficient. Alice in Strategy Land shows managers and managed alike how to turn Carroll's surreal imagination to their advantage.

The Rabbit Hole Golf Course

The Rabbit Hole Golf Course Author Ella Mulvey
ISBN-10 9781760638696
Release 2017-06-28
Pages 32
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In the big old ute, on the long red road, in the desert of my home, we all set off for the rabbit-hole golf course. It's the best place around here to find rabbits. We sit by the holes, we dig, we wait ... Thump tick, thump tick, thump tick Where are all the rabbits? A warm and funny Australian story.

Alice in Manhattan

Alice in Manhattan Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 099679610X
Release 2015-12-08
Pages 76
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Includes passages from Alice in Wonderland paired with black-and-white photographs of New York City.


Maji Author J. Gerrard Scott
ISBN-10 9781438953816
Release 2008-11-12
Pages 208
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Magi is the story of a man who believes that he understands the world he lives in and rejects ideas about "Alien Conspiracies," and sets out to prove his own assumption that cattle mutilations in the Colorado Rockies are the actions of a secret government program that is testing biological agents for the development of weapons. His life converges with other people who are firmly entrenched in the world of alien/human interaction and his world view is changed forever as he comes face to face with this new reality that he stumbles upon. The complexity of the problem he discovers is that layers of covert groups are designed to watchdog each other and take necessary actions in order to maintain stability in a world that must be kept secret at all costs. Once he loses the simplicity of what he thought was once the world, he becomes caught between choices. Yet there are deeper insidious problems plaguing the world and these people in these various groups. It isn't clear about who controls what, what the aliens want or even who they are. Why have they not annihilated us and why do they not help us? These ideas and more keep the players firmly locked in a Leontius' Eyes syndrome, unable to tear their selves away and choose how to accept what is so blatantly obvious to the senses and the mind. Out of a central incident arises a clarity of a different kind; that all have been drawn together at this moment to work in concert to support the stasis of this secret existence. The question remains as to whether it has all been a mass manipulation at the whim of a single entity, or if this has been necessary for the continued existence of mankind in general.

Wardrobes and Rabbit Holes

Wardrobes and Rabbit Holes Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:844339196
Release 2012
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Online version of an exhibition on dark themes in children's literature, such as sex, death, ethnocentrism and racism, heroic quests, growing up without parents, and others. Although most of the works discussed are in English, the exhibition also includes a selection of children's books from other parts of the world. The physical exhibition was held at the Cornell Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections from November 7, 2012-March 22, 2013.

Making Lemonade Real World Tools for Dealings with Toads and Rabbit Holes

Making Lemonade Real World Tools for Dealings with Toads and Rabbit Holes Author Mia Morgan White
ISBN-10 1603617558
Release 2016-07-09
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Because idiots Are always trying to give you their lemons when they choose to use their freewill to hurt you. Stay in the spirit and the spirit of envy hits them