Ramadan Activities

Ramadan Activities Author Comilita M. Salah
ISBN-10 1576906094
Release 2000
Pages 32
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Ramadan Activities has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ramadan Activities also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ramadan Activities book for free.

Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book

Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book Author Aysenur Gunes
ISBN-10 086037615X
Release 2015-06-09
Pages 32
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Introduce Ramadan and the Muslim fast to children with this fun sticker, activity book.

Ramadan Activities

Ramadan Activities Author
ISBN-10 9781480798762
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 5
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Celebrate Ramadan with the entire class! With these engaging activities, students will play An Ordinary Day, a themed board game.

Celebrating Ramadan

Celebrating Ramadan Author Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
ISBN-10 082341762X
Release 2002-08
Pages 32
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An Islamic family observes a month of prayer and fasting, which is followed by celebration.

It s Ramadan Curious George

It s Ramadan  Curious George Author H. A. Rey
ISBN-10 9780544866904
Release 2016-05-03
Pages 14
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It's the first day of Ramadan, and George is celebrating with his friend Kareem and his family. George helps Kareem with his first fast and joins in the evening celebration of tasting treats and enjoying a special meal. Then, George helps make gift baskets to donate to the needy, and watches for the crescent moon with the man in the yellow hat. Finally George joins in the Eid festivities to mark the end of his very first Ramadan. This playful tabbed board book, with a foil-stamped cover, makes a great holiday gift for all fans of Curious George—those who celebrate Ramadan, and those who are learning about it for the first time!

My First Ramadan

My First Ramadan Author Karen Katz
ISBN-10 1250062683
Release 2015-05-12
Pages 32
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Look! There is the new moon in the sky. It's time for Ramadan to begin. Follow along with one young boy as he observes the Muslim holy month with his family. This year, the narrator is finally old enough to fast, and readers of all ages will be interested as he shares his experiences of this special holiday in Islam.

My Ramadan Passport

My Ramadan Passport Author Chrystal Said
ISBN-10 9781387001811
Release 2017-05-29
Pages 72
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Children will enjoy this Ramadan activity book throughout the holy month. It includes calendars to track fasting, prayers, reading of the Quran and visiting the masjid. It is also full of fun activities and coloring pages. Allowing for children to be entertained as well as learn or remember more about Ramadan and Islam.

God s Dream

God s Dream Author Desmond Tutu
ISBN-10 1406323373
Release 2009
Pages 34
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Human beings have many differences: we speak different languages; have different customs and think in different ways. Yet we are all God's children, and God dreams that, like any family, we will learn to love each other and to live in peace together.

Muslim Traditions and Modern Techniques of Power

Muslim Traditions and Modern Techniques of Power Author Armando Salvatore
ISBN-10 3825848019
Release 2001
Pages 331
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This volume deals with historical and contemporary articulations of the relation of tension between the civilizing impetus of Muslim traditions, and modern forms, fields and techniques of power. These techniques are associated with the process of state-building, as well as with the related constraints of disciplining, normative cohesion, control of the territory and monitored social differentiation. The contributions conceptualize Muslim traditions as deriving their legitimacy, authority, as well as normative and organizing power from being embedded in the discourses and institutions of Islam, which constitute one major center within world history, by now also encompassing Muslim communities within Western societies.

Ramadan Moon

Ramadan Moon Author Na'ima Robert
ISBN-10 1847802060
Release 2015-03-15
Pages 32
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Ramadan, the month of fasting, doesn't begin all at once. It begins with a whisper And a prayer And a wish. Muslims all over the world celebrate Ramadan and the joyful days of Eid-ul-Fitr at the end of the month of fasting as the most special time of year. This lyrical and inspiring picture book captures the wonder and joy of this great annual event, from the perspective of a child. Accompanied by Iranian inspired illustrations, the story follows the waxing of the moon from the first new crescent to full moon and waning until Eid is heralded by the first sighting of the second new moon. Written and illustrated by Muslims, this is a book for all children who celebrate Ramadan and those in the wider communities who want to understand why this is such a special experience for Muslims.

Law Policy and Practice on China s Periphery

Law  Policy  and Practice on China s Periphery Author Pitman B. Potter
ISBN-10 9781136936364
Release 2010-09-13
Pages 272
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This book examines the Chinese government’s policies and practices for relations with the Inner Periphery areas of Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia, and the Outer Periphery areas of Hong Kong and Taiwan focusing on themes of political authority, socio-cultural relations, and economic development. China’s history may be seen as one of managing the geographic periphery surrounding China proper. Successive imperial, republican, and communist governments have struggled to maintain sovereignty over the regions surrounding the great river valleys of China. The importance of the periphery is no less real today, concerns over national security, access to natural resources, and long-held concerns about relations between Han and other ethnic groups continue to dominate Chinese law, policy and practice regarding governance in the Inner Periphery regions of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet. In the Outer Periphery, Beijing sees engagement with the outside world (particularly the West) as inextricably tied to Chinese sovereignty over former foreign colonies of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Using the case study of national integration to indicate how policies are articulated and implemented through law and political-legal institutions, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of the peripheral regions. It will also appeal to academic and policy communities interested in legal reform in China


IMuslims Author Gary R. Bunt
ISBN-10 9780807832585
Release 2009
Pages 358
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Exploring the increasing impact of the Internet on Muslims around the world, this book sheds new light on the nature of contemporary Islamic discourse, identity, and community. The Internet has profoundly shaped how both Muslims and non-Muslims perceiv

Lailah s Lunchbox A Ramadan Story

Lailah s Lunchbox  A Ramadan Story Author Reem Faruqi
ISBN-10 9780884484325
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 32
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*Notable Social Studies Trade Book For Young People 2016, a cooperative Project of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and the Children’s Book Council* *Featured Book of the Month, Anti-Defamation League* *American Library Association Notable Book for Children 2016* *Skipping Stones Honor 2016* *International Literacy Association Choices Reading List* Lailah is in a new school in a new country, thousands of miles from her old home, and missing her old friends. When Ramadan begins, she is excited that she is finally old enough to participate in the fasting but worried that her classmates won’t understand why she doesn’t join them in the lunchroom. Lailah solves her problem with help from the school librarian and her teacher and in doing so learns that she can make new friends who respect her beliefs. This gentle, moving story from first-time author Reem Faruqi comes to life in Lea Lyon’s vibrant illustrations. Lyon uses decorative arabesque borders on intermittent spreads to contrast the ordered patterns of Islamic observances with the unbounded rhythms of American school days. Fountas & Pinnell Level N


WOMEN SHAPING ISLAM Author Pieternella van Doorn-Harder
ISBN-10 9780252092718
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 336
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In the United States, precious little is known about the active role Muslim women have played for nearly a century in the religious culture of Indonesia, the largest majority-Muslim country in the world. While much of the Muslim world excludes women from the domain of religious authority, the country's two leading Muslim organizations--Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)--have created enormous networks led by women who interpret sacred texts and exercise powerful religious influence. In Women Shaping Islam, Pieternella van Doorn-Harder explores the work of these contemporary women leaders, examining their attitudes toward the rise of radical Islamists; the actions of the authoritarian Soeharto regime; women's education and employment; birth control and family planning; and sexual morality. Ultimately, van Doorn-Harder reveals the many ways in which Muslim women leaders understand and utilize Islam as a significant force for societal change; one that ultimately improves the economic, social, and psychological condition of women in Indonesian society.

Religion Ethnicity and Transnational Migration between West Africa and Europe

Religion  Ethnicity and Transnational Migration between West Africa and Europe Author
ISBN-10 9789004271562
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 248
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In this book the contributors analyse the ways in which the Senegalese, Ghanaian and Fulbe migrants in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland negotiate their religious and ethnic identities.

Under the Ramadan Moon

Under the Ramadan Moon Author Sylvia Whitman
ISBN-10 9781497646995
Release 2014-05-20
Pages 24
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We wait for the moon. We watch for the moon. We watch for the Ramadan moon. We give to the poor, and read Qur’an, under the moon. We live our faith, until next year under the moon, under the moon, under the Ramadan moon. Ramadan is one of the most special months of the Islamic year, when Muslims pray, fast, and help those in need. Sylvia Whitman’s lyrical story, with luminous illustrations by Sue Williams, serves as an introduction to Ramadan—a time for reflection and ritual with family and friends. A detailed note about Ramadan is included. The author lives in Virginia and wrote this story so her son’s classmates could learn how he and his family celebrate this important time. The illustrator lives in England.

The Penguin Handbook of the World s Living Religions

The Penguin Handbook of the World s Living Religions Author
ISBN-10 9780141955049
Release 2010-03-25
Pages 1008
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Comprehensive, informative and authoritative, The Penguin Handbook of the World's Living Religions is compiled by a team of leading international scholars, and is the definitive guide to the religious belief systems and practices of the world today. This in-depth survey of active religions has now been fully updated to include modern developments and the most recent scholarship. It explains the sources and history of the world's religions, includes material on the phenomenon of Black African and Asian diaspora religions around the world and explores the role of gender in modern religion.