Reflections on the Qur an

Reflections on the Qur an Author M. Fethullah Gülen
ISBN-10 9781597846585
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 280
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The Qur’an is believed by Muslims to be the final word of God revealed to humanity through Prophet Muhammad speaking to all humans for all times. This nature of Islam’s holy book brings along a continuous study of it so that its injunctions are reinterpreted according to constantly changing times and conditions of our world. This book presents such interpretations from a respected Muslim scholar who explains verses for the modern age. Gülen is well-informed of the classical exegetical discipline; nevertheless in this book he keeps his explanations short and to the point, not to tire away readers. The book does not cover all the verses of the Qur’an, but selected ones, those relate most to the human existence on earth, life after death, and stories revealed in the holy book

Reflections on the Qur an

Reflections on the Qur an Author Mohamed Hag Magid
ISBN-10 144990324X
Release 2011-05
Pages 224
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The Qur'an was revealed in the blessed month of Ramadan. As it is recited over the course of the month, Muslims are encouraged to develop a deeper connection with it by focusing on the recited text and maximizing their effort to understand its meaning. This book is a compilation of summaries of all the surahs that would be recited one day after another during Taraweeh prayer. We hope that these summaries will allow those who attend Taraweeh prayer to understand the deeper meanings of the words being recited each night. By summarizing the major themes of each surah of the Qur'an, this book will encourage the reader to become familiar with the lessons of each surah ahead of the imam's recitation. Furthermore, this revised third edition of the book includes exercises and discussion points to encourage the reader to apply Qur'anic lessons into everyday life in practical and easy ways.

Sexual Ethics and Islam

Sexual Ethics and Islam Author Kecia Ali
ISBN-10 9781780748535
Release 2015-12-21
Pages 320
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Whether exploring the thorny issues of wives’ sexual duties, divorce, homosexuality, or sex outside marriage, discussions of sexual ethics and Islam often spark heated conflict rather than reasoned argument. In this groundbreaking, lucid, and carefully constructed work, feminist Muslim scholar Dr Kecia Ali asks how one can determine what makes sex lawful and ethical in the sight of God. Drawing on both revealed and interpretative Muslim texts, Ali critiques medieval and contemporary commentators alike to produce a balanced and comprehensive study of a subject both sensitive and urgent, making this an invaluable resource for students, scholars, and interested readers.

Reflections on the Miracles of the QURAN

Reflections on the Miracles of the QURAN Author Zagloul Kadah
ISBN-10 9781681398006
Release 2015-12-03
Pages 136
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This book is dedicated to the subject of the miracles contained in the Quran, also referred to as signs or portents. Each prophet of the three Abrahamic faiths was empowered with signs to facilitate his mission and these are well documented in scriptures. With the passage of time many faded away from memory and many people came to doubt their existence, but not so with the Quran. It remains as pure and eternal as God decreed it to be when it was revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad. The author’s intention in this book was to select stories from the Quran, some randomly, that cover a wide range of disciplines such as cosmology, physics, history, embryology and others and present them within the framework of the prevailing knowledge at the time. Discerning readers will hopefully find such presentations not only interesting and easy to follow but also leave no doubt in their minds that the Quran is the Word of God and that it could not have been created by humans. The author’s ultimate objective is to link the Islamic faith to the other Abrahamic religions in an effort to convey the message that it is God’s intent that we establish peace and justice universally and attain compassion among humankind en toto.

Reflections on the Qur n

Reflections on the Qur   n Author Irfan Ahmad Khan
ISBN-10 0860374459
Release 2005
Pages 782
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Comments on the first two chapters of the Qur'an, Surahs Al-Fatihah, and Al-Baqarah.

Out of Darkness Into Light

Out of Darkness Into Light Author Ann Holmes Redding
ISBN-10 9780819227065
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 272
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An introduction to the major themes and passages of the holy book of Islam, this book invites readers of any religion—or none—to meditate on verses of the Quran as support for spiritual practices and growth. It guides the reader through the rich tapestry of the Quran, weaving through a number of themes, including the mystery of God, surrender to the divine will, and provisions for the spiritual journey. Quranic verses are supplemented by sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, the words of Rumi and other Sufi poets, and relevant quotations and insights from Jewish and Christian sources. The book also offers practical suggestions for expanding and strengthening one’s spiritual sinews.

The Bounty of Allah

The Bounty of Allah Author Aneela Khalid Arshed
ISBN-10 082452134X
Release 2003-12-01
Pages 398
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A perfect devotional gift for Muslims and a great window into Islamic spiritual life for people of all faiths.

Reflections On God Evolution and Quran

Reflections On God Evolution and Quran Author Bedii Murat Karataş
Release 2014-12-21
Pages 395
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As its name implies, this is a little bit philosophical book, an essay and rather than informing reader professionally, it aims at giving some opinion to youth who query causes and purpose of life. While writing, I always dreamed of a child, wondering about why he is on earth, why to have ethical responsibilities, why to live the life given even it is so hard and not to commit suicide… A child like me. And I wanted to write a handbook for those kind of children. Of course I can not give all of the answers to philosophical questions but I tried to answer some. So I think that my book is a good start up for contemplating philosophical questions safely. I tried to evaluate why I think that there is a God behind life, and why I think that He is the God of Quran

The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran Author Allamah Nooruddin
ISBN-10 194204304X
Release 2015-11-20
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This exegesis/commentary of the Holy Quran is a scholarly masterpiece of distinction, engaging and authentic. Moreover, it contains scholarly reflection and explanation on important topics in the light of the Holy Quran. This commentary invites us to leave behind our doubts, our conventional and limiting beliefs, go beyond blind faith, and follow His way that shall lead us to reach the certainty of the existence of the Most Gracious and Ever Merciful. It is not to be expected that all the transcendent excellencies and the miraculous beauties of the Holy Quran could be unveiled here. Nevertheless, this team of the Muslim scholars, have identified and explained some great pearls of wisdom embedded in the Holy Quran. This unique style reached its utmost perfection in the Holy Quran. What has been said so far is simply to alert the reader of this exegesis of the Holy Quran, of the difficult task confronted by the commentators and the fact that the human knowledge cannot fully fathom ...

Spiritual Quest

Spiritual Quest Author Reza Shah-Kazemi
ISBN-10 9780857735287
Release 2014-01-21
Pages 128
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The Qur?an is the sacramental foundation of prayer in Islam. Its inspirational power is perpetually renewed through being recited and meditated upon by Muslims on a daily basis throughout their lives. This succinct monograph provides a unique contemporary insight into the spiritual, intellectual and moral dynamics set in motion by the short Qur?anic chapters recited in their prayers by Muslims of all traditions, but which are particularly recommended within Shi?i Islam. Dr Shah-Kazemi engages creatively with the chapters of the Qur?an, including the ‘Opening’ (al-Fatiha) chapter, basing his own philosophical reflections on the teachings of Imam ?Al?. He focuses in particular on the relationship between the moral and the mystical aspects of the texts. The result is a stimulating philosophical meditation probing the depths of meaning comprised within the verses of a Revelation by which the spiritual quest of Muslims has constantly been inspired, nourished and fulfilled.

Jesus and the Incarnation

Jesus and the Incarnation Author David Emmanuel Singh
ISBN-10 1870345908
Release 2011
Pages 245
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Jesus and the Incarnation Reflections of Christians from Islamic Contexts In the dialogues of Christians with Muslims nothing is more fundamental than the Cross, the Incarnation and the Resurrection of Jesus. An open and honest conversation on these is a necessity as Christians all over the world meet with Muslims on a daily basis. Building on the volume on the Cross, published in 2009, this book contains voices of Christians living in various 'Islamic contexts' and reflecting on the Incarnation of Jesus. The aim of these reflections is constructive and the hope is that the papers weaved around the notion of 'the Word' will not only promote dialogue among Christians on the roles of the Person and the Book but, also, create a positive environment for their conversations with Muslim neighbors.

A Perspective on the Signs of Al Quran

A Perspective on the Signs of Al Quran Author Saeed Malik
ISBN-10 9781439239629
Release 2009-09-24
Pages 282
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It is clear in every page of this brilliant work that it was written from a heartfelt perspective. A must read for every student of life, love, spirituality, and of course the Quran."--Whitney Cannon, founder Taleef Collective, Fremont, California.

The Gleams

The Gleams Author Said Nursi
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132281341
Release 2008
Pages 538
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The 30 treatises written by this influential Islamic scholar address key issues of humanity, as discussed in the Qur'an, that are equally applicable to modern society. Essays include expositions on nature and its impossibility without the existence of God, the concept of sincerity and why it is a crucial part of Islam practice, and suggested ways for the elderly and sick to treat their ailments while staying true to their religion.

Remembering God

Remembering God Author Gai Eaton
ISBN-10 193063708X
Release 2000
Pages 241
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Remembering God has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Remembering God also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Remembering God book for free.

Voice of an Exile

Voice of an Exile Author Esther R. Nelson
ISBN-10 0275982505
Release 2004
Pages 219
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In 1995 Ayman al-Zawahiri, a prominent terrorist figure recently associated with Al Queda and al-Jihad, issued a bounty against Dr. Nasr Abu Zaid, a respected Islamic scholar at Cairo University. What was Zaid's offense? Arguing that Islam's holy texts should be interpreted in the historical and linguistic context of their time, and that new interpretations should account for social change. Zaid's personal story and academic pursuits, reflecting the social reality of the broader culture, offer new perspectives on Islam and provide hope to Muslims who feel their religion has been misrepresented and misunderstood.

Reflections on Islam

Reflections on Islam Author Hamoodur Rahman
ISBN-10 UOM:39015013447944
Release 1983
Pages 280
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Reflections on Islam has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Reflections on Islam also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Reflections on Islam book for free.

Collection of Musings and Reflections of Spiritual Experiences

Collection of Musings and Reflections of Spiritual Experiences Author Shaheen R. Razvi
ISBN-10 9789670730165
Release 2016-01-11
Pages 111
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Whilst this book contains a collections of a spiritual nature that spans my life from an early age to the present, in view of fact that they are compiled after my re-awakening back to Islām, they thus, have an Islamic tone through inclusion of the translation and transliteration of sourced Qur’anic script that is aimed to offer both credibility and substance to my commentary. Furthermore, the use of a time-line aids as a marker of when this faith was not necessarily the governing worldview and thereby imbues the spate of spiritual experiences with a shaper and more focused relief. Which is why it is hoped that this slant holds an appeal for both and beyond the Muslim community. It requires to be noted that whilst the main thrust of the content is driven from an existential agitation, it is not intended to reflect a narcissistic preoccupation but, in taking a leap of faith, it is hoped to hold some interest for like-minded individuals who are keen to forge a moral element in their community. Consequently, both sections of the ‘Preface’ and ‘Concluding Remarks’ are deliberately positioned, not only as an aid but a recap of the content thereby assisting assimilation.