Relentless Passion

Relentless Passion Author Jeffrey Mann
ISBN-10 9781621363293
Release 2013-01-09
Pages 192
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The salvation experience does not introduce us to a religion; it baptizes us into a passionate relationship with God! In Relentless Passion, you’ll learn that having a heart burning with fiery, passionate love for God is every believer’s inheritance in Christ. And having a bride passionately in love with Him is part of Jesus’ inheritance in the saints. Relentless Passion calls Christians to pursue a passionate relationship with God, and equips them with the tools to sustain it for a lifetime. Relentless Passion will help you: · Acquire godly passion and stay passionate during mundane and difficult seasons · Position yourself for life-changing encounters with God · Practice the art of interacting with God · Develop a devotional life that is consistent, vibrant, and fulfilling · Identify and overcome obstacles that kill passion · Recapture your spiritual vitality and overcome boredom and passivity · Cultivate an appetite for God and His kingdom

Relentless Passion

Relentless Passion Author Thea Devine
ISBN-10 082172827X
Release 1989-11-01
Pages 383
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Relentless Passion has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Relentless Passion also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Relentless Passion book for free.

Relentless Love

Relentless Love Author Thom Gardner
ISBN-10 9780768488630
Release 2012-03-20
Pages 224
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The Lord is abundant in mercy to all who call upon Him. Jesus was mercy-in-person when He walked on the earth. But how can mercy be like honeysuckle? Just as honeysuckle vines overcome fences, God’s mercy has the power to grow relentlessly in our hearts, conquering all kinds of obstacles that result from our wounded human relationships and limited human reason. As you read and reflect on the scriptural revelations, you’ll discover the life-changing truth that mercy is the Passion, the Presence, and the Glory of God. “Turning Points” at the end of each chapter will guide you through prayer and journaling to help you feel the passion, experience the presence, and see the glory of God as you comprehend God’s Relentless Love for you. Ultimately, as you receive His mercy you will be empowered to show mercy to those around you – even those who’ve wounded you.

Relentless Pursuit

Relentless Pursuit Author Sara Orwig
ISBN-10 9781459227293
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 192
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A cool million to help a withdrawn child in time for kindergarten? Widowed teacher Ava Barton is touched that the girl's guardian, Texas billionaire Will Delaney, cares so deeply. But the job includes moving into Will's mansion for the summer. And suddenly, Ava is working nights and weekends trying—unsuccessfully—to resist the gorgeous tycoon down the hall. Will wants her in his bed for June, July and August. But come fall, he'll move on. Unless she can teach him a thing or two about opening his guarded heart to love.

The great triumphs of great men

The great triumphs of great men Author
ISBN-10 OXFORD:600022893
Release 1875
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The great triumphs of great men has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The great triumphs of great men also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The great triumphs of great men book for free.

Loving Passion

Loving Passion Author A. J. Llewellyn
ISBN-10 1419967541
Release 2012-08
Pages 220
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Relentless Passion Twins Alex and Zeca love to switch identities. It's harmless fun until Alex wants to date a hot tourist visiting their home of Capri, and asks Zeca to take his place on a date with Alex's current beau, Antonio. After a day in Antonio's arms-followed by a long, lusty weekend in his bed during a trip to Naples-Zeca discovers switching places with Alex isn't so harmless after all. Especially when he realizes he's falling hard for his brother's boyfriend. While struggling with his feelings for Antonio, consoling his semi-celebrity father (who's having woman troubles) and trying not to upset Alex (who might be in love with Antonio...or his tourist tryst...or maybe the neighbor lady), Zeca wonders how any of them will make it through all the relationship woes with hearts intact. As Antonio says, "Love has a way of fixing things itself." Relentless Love Sequel to Relentless Passion. Alex has already lost one lover to his brother Zeca. Now his fickle shenanigans have driven Hugh, his other lover, away as well. Alex desperately wants what his brother has, an intensely passionate relationship, so Zeca shares their father Toppy's advice-you have to love before you can be relentless. Good advice, if Alex weren't so afraid to follow it. When Toppy's own love life gets a little, um...strange, he escapes to St. Tropez. He takes Alex with him, who finds himself face-to-face with Hugh. Too bad Hugh is already lip-to-lip with someone else. But Alex has come too far to turn back now. The game is on, and while Toppy gets up to his own sexual shenanigans under the St. Tropez sun, Alex will do anything to get back into Hugh's life...his bed...his body. He'll first have to learn to face his fears. Only then can he find relentless love.

Relentless Pursuit

Relentless Pursuit Author Ken Gire
ISBN-10 9781441271051
Release 2012-06-15
Pages 176
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Bestselling Author Reveals God's Heart for Outsiders Everyone feels like an outsider sometimes. Acclaimed bestselling author Ken Gire lets readers know that they are not alone. He brings them directly into the action of Scripture, telling the stories of foreigners, lepers, prostitutes, and other "outcasts" who found acceptance with God. Alongside the Bible stories, he blends contemporary examples and spiritual insights to paint a picture of a God who relentlessly pursues each of us. Discussion questions are included for individual or small group use.


Relentless Author Passion Imagination Journals
ISBN-10 1541356837
Release 2016-12-30
Pages 108
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This is a blank, lined journal with 108 pages. It's 6x9 inches, a convenient and perfect size to carry anywhere. It's perfect for motivation and inspiration. Whenever the recipient looks at this diary, they will be happy and get into a positive mindset. Other features of this notebook include excellent and thick binding, durable 55# white paper and a glossy finished cover. If you would like an unlined journal, please take a look at our other products.

Relentless Improvement

Relentless Improvement Author Bill Trudell
ISBN-10 9781466554313
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 237
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Tracing the author’s decades-long continuous improvement journey, Relentless Improvement: True Stories of Lean Transformations walks readers through vivid shop floor experiences to convey a genuine feel for the environments in which Lean Six Sigma transformations occur. Recounting numerous Lean Six Sigma transformations, it illustrates the spectrum of successful operational tactics. The story starts just outside Detroit, Michigan in the 1970s when the auto industry was booming, and most people in the area worked in the car factories, or in one of the component factories that supplied the Big Three. The complexity and detail of the projects grow chapter by chapter. The book begins by explaining how to manage Lean basics such as applying 5S, shortening product cycle times, and creating standard work. It then progresses to factory Lean Six Sigma transformations. Providing implementation guidance geared to functions on the operational level, the book: Presents stories based on the author’s interactions with company leaders and shop-floor employees in the midst of great change Illustrates real-world plant politics and manufacturing situations using compelling stories Highlights valuable lessons learned at the end of each chapter Using an engaging story format, the book recounts the author’s career experiences to provide you with a real-world understanding of how to use Lean tools. The stories in the book illustrate everything from standard work and takt time to Kaizen events and Total Productive Maintenance. The text also includes accounts of "front end" or administrative processes such as product development and materials handling.

Relentless Pursuit

Relentless Pursuit Author Antonio Baldovinos
ISBN-10 9780768484748
Release 2013-08-20
Pages 116
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The most satisfying adventure of your life is just ahead! The most incredible adventure of your life is just ahead! Get ready for the most satisfying adventure of your life! Get ready for the most glorious adventure of your life! People are always pursuing something. From climbing the ladder of success to finding their soul mates to seeking ultimate purpose in life, there is always a pursuit and always an object that the pursuit is aimed at. Some pursuits are noble and to be applauded. Some are empty and will leave you disappointed. And then there is one that is unparalleled, eternal, and of supreme importance in your life: The pursuit of knowing God. Join Antonio Baldovinos on an unforgettable journey that will awaken you to what the most fulfilling and essential pursuit in life is. In Relentless Pursuit, you will learn: How God’s pursuit of you intensifies your pursuit of Him To experience true fulfillment through intimacy with God Practical tools to maintaining a life that burns for Jesus Join the pursuit today and experience God like never before!

The Bench and Bar of New York

The Bench and Bar of New York Author Lucien Brock Proctor
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105044024003
Release 1870
Pages 779
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The Bench and Bar of New York has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Bench and Bar of New York also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Bench and Bar of New York book for free.

T D Jakes Devotional Journal

T D  Jakes Devotional   Journal Author T. D. Jakes
ISBN-10 9780768429695
Release 2004-10
Pages 150
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From T.D. Jakes comes a daily devotional and journal featuring the best of his writings from his first three books. The popular journaling format brings spiritual truths to life as readers interact with thought-provoking wisdom.

Finding Eve

Finding Eve Author Rita Springer
ISBN-10 9781621362043
Release 2013-06-04
Pages 240
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Find your way to the heart of God, where you will discover all you need to fulfill His purposes for your life. In Genesis 3 the serpent came to Eve and within moments caused her to think she was lacking something. When she looked at the forbidden tree, she saw that it was pleasant to the eyes, good for food, and had the power to make one wise. Although she already possessed beauty, provision, and an intimate relationship with God, she thought she needed more. So she ate the fruit and lost the comfort and security of the garden because she doubted God. Many women today are falling into the same trap. We allow Satan to convince us we aren’t enough, when in fact we are already complete in Christ. Finding Eve follows Eve’s journey to find her way back to God’s heart and to discover her true identity as a daughter of God. This book is designed to encourage women who may be facing disappointment, the fallout from bad choices, or the pain of unfilled dreams. It will offer hope and equip them to be all they were intended to be in the kingdom of God.

A Son of the Sun

A Son of the Sun Author Jack London
ISBN-10 0806133627
Release 2001
Pages 240
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Entertaining, atmospheric, and action-filled--yet difficult to obtain until now--the eight short stories in Jack London’s A Son of the Sun center on the thrilling exploits of Captain David Grief in the dangerous and exotic South Seas. Captain Grief encounters the adventurers, scoundrels, pirates, and opportunists who followed the example of their colonial predecessors and exploited the islands and their resources early in the twentieth century. Inspired by London’s own voyage through the South Seas on board his self-made yacht, the Snark, these stories paint a colorful--and at times horrifying--picture of the remote South Pacific. Thomas R. Tietze and Gary J. Riedl provide concise and illuminating introductions to each story as well as informative notes. The volume is enlivened by reproductions of London’s own photographs and maps, and by the illustrations that accompanied each story when first published.


Racecar Author Matt Brown
ISBN-10 9780984719310
Release 2011
Pages 206
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In 2006, a small unavailing university auto racing team began building a racecar that would challenge the best engineering schools in the world. With fewer people and resources than any of the top competitors, the only way they were going to win was to push the limit, go for broke, and hope for more than a little luck. By the time they got to the racetrack, they knew: In the fog of fierce competition, whether you win or lose, you learn the hardest lessons about engineering, teamwork, friendship, and yourself.

the language of the hands

the language of the hands Author Roby Novello
ISBN-10 9781291183962
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the language of the hands has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from the language of the hands also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full the language of the hands book for free.

Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow Comes Author Danny Wilson
ISBN-10 9783736882737
Release 2015-03-10
Pages 10
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The essence of life becoming a last picture show. Choice words creating a picture of societal foibles/humanity. The future ? Peace is worth the fight..