Rethinking Teaching in Higher Education

Rethinking Teaching in Higher Education Author Alenoush Saroyan
ISBN-10 1579220479
Release 2004
Pages 272
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This book is intended for faculty and faculty developers, as well as for deans, chairs, and directors responsible for promoting teaching and learning in higher education. Intentionally non-technical, it engages readers reflectively with a process for developing teaching and details the planning necessary to apply this process to teaching within disciplines. The book centers on McGill University's week-long Course Design and Teaching Workshop that the contributors have offered together for more than ten years. It follows the five day format of the workshop - covering the analysis of course content, conceptions of learning, the selection of appropriate teaching strategies, the evaluation of student learning, and evaluation of teaching - in a way that reflects the spontaneity of the debates it has engendered and the workshop's evolutionary changes. The structure shows faculty members conceptualizing new courses or re-examining their teaching of existing courses, and translating the insights gained from the workshop to specific disciplinary content and learning outcomes. In addition four previous participants of the workshop write about its influence on their personal thinking about the practice of teaching. The final two chapters describe the structure and evolving role of McGill's Centre for University Teaching and Learning. The authors describe its objectives in fostering an evidence-based teaching culture and providing a practical support structure with limited resources. They highlight achievements in disseminating teaching expertise across their campus, and their vision for the future role of faculty development. This book provides faculty developers and administrators with valuable non-prescriptive models and challenging ideas that promote faculty development in general and university teaching in particular. It engages faculty members in the process of course design in a way that is learning centered and can lead to deep student learning.

Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education

Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education Author David Boud
ISBN-10 9781134152148
Release 2007-03-28
Pages 224
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Assessment is a value-laden activity surrounded by debates about academic standards, preparing students for employment, measuring quality and providing incentives. There is substantial evidence that assessment, rather than teaching, has the major influence on students’ learning. It directs attention to what is important and acts as an incentive for study. This book revisits assessment in higher education, examining it from the point of view of what assessment does and can do and argues that assessment should be seen as an act of informing judgement and proposes a way of integrating teaching, learning and assessment to better prepare students for a lifetime of learning. It is essential reading for practitioners and policy makers in higher education institutions in different countries, as well as for educational development and institutional research practitioners.

Rethinking University Teaching

Rethinking University Teaching Author Diana Laurillard
ISBN-10 9781136409127
Release 2013-07-04
Pages 288
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Teachers in higher education have had to become more professional in their approach to teaching, matching their professionalism in research. The first edition of this book prepares teachers to do and undergo quality audits and appraisals, and to achieve their personal aims of improving their teaching and their students' learning. The strength of this book is that it provides a sound theoretical basis for designing and using learning technologies in university teaching. This new edition builds upon the success of the first and contains major updates to the information on learning technologies and includes the implications of using technology for the university context - both campus and electronic - which suggests a new approach to managing learning at institutional level.

Crisis in the Academy

Crisis in the Academy Author Christopher J. Lucas
ISBN-10 0312176864
Release 1998-03-15
Pages 304
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Profiles key issues in higher education impacted by changing demographics, including entrance standards and curriculum

Of Education Fishbowls and Rabbit Holes

Of Education  Fishbowls  and Rabbit Holes Author Jane Fried
ISBN-10 9781620364222
Release 2016-02-16
Pages 168
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This book questions some of our most ingrained assumptions, not only about the nature of teaching and learning, but about what constitutes education, and about the cultural determinants of what is taught. What if who you think you are profoundly affects what and how you learn? Since Descartes, teachers in the Western tradition have dismissed the role of self in learning. What if our beliefs about self and learning are wrong, and relevance of knowledge to self actually enhances learning, as current research suggests? Jane Fried deconstructs the Grand Western Narrative of teaching and learning, describing it is a cultural fishbowl through which we see the world, rarely aware of the fishbowl itself, be it disciplinary constructs or the definition of liberal education. She leads us on a journey to question “the way things are”; to attend to the personal narratives of others from ethnic, racial and faith groups different from ourselves; to rediscover self-authorship as the core task of learning in college; and to empower ourselves and students to navigate the disorientation of the Alice in Wonderland rabbit holes of modern life. This is a book for all educators concerned about the purpose of college and of the liberal arts in the 21st century, and what it is we should reasonably expect students to learn. Jane Fried both upends many received ideas and offers constructive insights based on science and evidence, and does so in an engaging way that will stimulate reflection.

Rethinking Teacher Education

Rethinking Teacher Education Author Anne Edwards
ISBN-10 9781134581115
Release 2005-07-08
Pages 176
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Rethinking Teacher Education is a thorough and critical analysis of the ambivalences and uncertainties that face those in teacher education. The authors draw on their different experiences of teacher education to try to make sense of current practices and where they might lead. The book analyzes past and present constructions of teacher education and offers insights into how a re-evaluation might address teachers' positions in relation to knowledge, learners, economic demands and democratic values. The issues addressed include: * political and economic uncertainty and teacher education * philosophical uncertainty and teacher education * modernist policy solutions * psychology: an agent of modernity in teacher education * sociocultural and other collaborative responses to uncertainty. The book will be of interest to all those involved in teacher education, including sociologists, psychologists and philosophers of education.

Rethinking Teacher Education

Rethinking Teacher Education Author David Hopkins
ISBN-10 9780415698887
Release 2012-01-10
Pages 262
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In recent years there has been a new mood in teacher education. The emphasis is on professional studies, on encouraging trainee teachers to think intelligently about how to tackle problems of the classroom.This book surveys the developments which are taking it further in both Britain and North America. It goes on to argue the case for consolidating the new approach in a thoughtful, structured and comprehensive way. It argues that teacher education should be regarded as a discipline in its own right; that teacher education should be increasingly school focused and problem-centered; that it needs to blend theory more effectively with practice. It argues that teacher training programmes should prepare teachers for an uncertain future in a changing world. This calls for an emphasis on process rather than content in programmes and the preparing of teachers who are self-directed.

The Challenge to Scholarship

The Challenge to Scholarship Author Gill Nicholls
ISBN-10 9781134310005
Release 2005-06-24
Pages 176
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The Challenge to Scholarship is a lively and engaging investigation that seeks to establish what it means to be a scholar and the value of scholarship. It addresses current concerns and tensions including the scholarship of teaching and the relationship between teaching and research. Gill Nicholls gets right to the heart of the debate over scholarship and declares that a reconceptualization of scholarship within universities is required, outlining the changes involved and the practical implications for higher education institutions of the future.

We re Losing Our Minds

We   re Losing Our Minds Author R. Keeling
ISBN-10 9781137001764
Release 2011-12-19
Pages 205
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America is being held back by the quality and quantity of learning in college. Many graduates cannot think critically, write effectively, solve problems, understand complex issues, or meet employers' expectations. The only solution - making learning the highest priority in college - demands fundamental change throughout higher education.

Rethinking Educational Change

Rethinking Educational Change Author Eric Hewton
ISBN-10 0900868937
Release 1982
Pages 113
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The application of the idea of diplomacy to educational change is addressed, with attention to the problems faced by the head of a teaching and learning support group within a university, along with the role of educational advisers, or consultants, The analysis is structured based on the main elements of diplomacy. Attention is directed to an incident in which an adviser was treated undiplomatically by representatives of the host culture; the problems faced by the adviser; strategies open to the adviser and the relationship between policy and strategy; the idea of culture as applied to educational institutions and disciplinary groups; and the way that differing perspectives on education and educational development might be formed and the way they affect the way in which individuals or groups regard change and promote change. A number of cases in which attempts have been made by advisory groups to influence the educational practices of various host cultures are examined, and some of the problems that have arisen when the bridges have not been properly constructed are identified. The possibilities of the constructive use of diplomacy and the strategy adopted by an adviser within one institution are explained. The case studies include instructional television in Sweden, and the following United Kingdom examples: the Schools Council/Nuffield Humanities project, the Group for Research and Innovation in Higher Education, the Colleges of Education Learning Programme, the Higher Education Learning project (Physics), and the diplomatic approach used at the University of Sussex. Additional uses for diplomacy, particularly its role within the severe financial constraints in education, are considered. A bibliography is appended. (SW)

The Abandoned Generation

The Abandoned Generation Author William H. Willimon
ISBN-10 9780802841193
Release 1995
Pages 171
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The two Duke University educators assess the current state of American higher education and provide a strategy for change.

Rethinking Private Higher Education

Rethinking Private Higher Education Author
ISBN-10 9789004291508
Release 2016-10-10
Pages 254
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Rethinking Private Higher Education offers fresh insights into the actual meaning of ‘private’ in different higher education contexts, getting beneath the surface of easy labels to provide a deeper understanding of the actual effects of global policies in local contexts through ethnographies.

Rethinking Information Literacy

Rethinking Information Literacy Author Jane Secker
ISBN-10 9781856048224
Release 2012-12-23
Pages 224
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A vision for the future of information literacy teaching. Based on groundbreaking research, undertaken by the authors as part of the prestigious Arcadia Programme at Cambridge University, this book presents a new and dynamic information literacy curriculum developed for the 21st century information professional. The authors adopt a broad definition of information literacy (IL) that encompasses social as well as academic environments and situates IL as a fundamental attribute of the discerning scholar and the informed citizen. It seeks to address in a modular, flexible and holistic way the developing information needs of students entering higher education over the next five years. The book is organized around the ten strands of the new curriculum, which cover the whole landscape of information literacy development required to succeed as an undergraduate in higher education. Interweaving the authors' research and the reflections of internationally recognized experts from the library, education and information literacy sectors, including Moira Bent, Andy Priestner, Sarah Pavey, Geoff Walton and Elizabeth Tilley, it illustrates how and why this new curriculum will work in practice. Detailed appendices present the curriculum, lesson plans and tools for institutional audit, giving readers all the tools they need to implement it successfully in their institutions.

Documenting Learning with ePortfolios

Documenting Learning with ePortfolios Author Tracy Penny Light
ISBN-10 9781118204962
Release 2011-11-18
Pages 192
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Documenting Learning with ePortfolios provides higher education instructors with a theory-to-practice approach to understanding the pedagogy behind ePortfolios and to helping students use them to record and reflect on their learning in multiple contexts. The authors outline a framework of six critical iterative tasks to undertake when implementing ePortfolios for student success. Filled with real-life models of successful ePortfolio projects, the book also includes guidance for faculty development to support the use of ePortfolios and covers the place of ePortfolios in institutional assessment efforts. Finally, the authors offer considerations for deciding on which technological tools to deploy in implementing a successful ePortfolio initiative. "These authors achieve the very rare accomplishment of combining their years of practical experience, broad conceptual and research underpinnings, and incredibly useful examples and applications into a single, concise volume for enhancing student learning through an ePortfolio approach to our shared educational purpose." —Terrel L. Rhodes, vice president, Office of Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment, Association of American Colleges and Universities "Educators keep asking for more information about how to use electronic portfolios. This book provides answers, guidelines, examples, and scholarly insights about learning based in the wisdom of the ePortfolio community of practice—what a powerful addition to our collective knowledge! I am thankful to the authors for this boost to our field and for providing a blueprint for implementers to follow." —Trent Batson, executive director, The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning

Rethinking Anti Racisms

Rethinking Anti Racisms Author Floya Anthias
ISBN-10 9781134671687
Release 2005-07-08
Pages 224
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This collection seeks to rethink anti-racism both in light of social changes, and also of new theoretical debates about citizenship, multiculturalism, hybridity, diaspora and social movements. As well as chapters on theoretical interventions, Rethinking Anti-Racisms has substantive chapters covering issues such as: * anti-deportation campaigns * anti-fascism * education * the Southall Black Sisters * the contradictory use of ethnicity as a way of tackling racism.

Race and Higher Education

Race and Higher Education Author Franklin A. Tuitt
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105112968347
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 271
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Race and Higher Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Race and Higher Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Race and Higher Education book for free.

Rethinking Nordic Co operation in Higher Education

Rethinking Nordic Co operation in Higher Education Author Peter Maassen
ISBN-10 9789289311397
Release 2005
Pages 158
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Rethinking Nordic Co operation in Higher Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Rethinking Nordic Co operation in Higher Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Rethinking Nordic Co operation in Higher Education book for free.