Return to You

Return to You Author Samantha Chase
ISBN-10 9781492615781
Release 2015-03-03
Pages 352
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Brand new Book #4 in Samantha Chase's popular Montgomery series She will never forget their past... He can't stop thinking about their future... James Montgomery has achieved everything he'd hoped for in life...except marrying the girl of his dreams. After a terrible accident, Selena Ainsley left ten years ago. She took his heart with her and she's never coming back. But it's becoming harder and harder for him to forget their precious time together, and James can't help but wonder what he would do if they could ever meet again. Montgomery Brothers Series: Wait for Me (Book 1) Trust in Me (Book 2) Stay with Me (Book 3) Return to You (Book 4) Meant for You (Book 5) I'll Be There (Book 6) Samantha Chase leaves her readers begging for more: "Wow! Yet another stellar Montgomery Brothers story. Samantha Chase, thank you." "Refreshing...Samantha Chase really knows how to tell a story." "The Montgomery Brothers are perfect romance! Love it, love it, love it! Looking forward to reading more books by Samantha Chase." "An adventure in reading. Can't wait to see what is in store for the other Montgomerys."

Return to You

Return to You Author Kate Perry
ISBN-10 9781939102010
Release 2012-04-15
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That rat bastard Michael Wallace is back. The last person Olivia Parker expects to walk into her lingerie shop is her high school sweetheart. She's so over him. Mostly. Except that he's hotter than ever and still knows her better than she knows herself. But how can she risk her heart when she knows he's just going to leave again? It's a simple plan: return home, shoot the movie, and leave emancipated from the contract he signed eleven years before. But Michael's plan gets blown away the moment he sees Olivia again. Smart, sexy, and successful, Olivia is distraction personified. Only worse than that--Michael fears Olivia may be his heart and soul... The first four books in Kate Perry's fun, sexy Laurel Heights series are available now: Book 1: PERFECT FOR YOU Book 2: CLOSE TO YOU Book 3: RETURN TO YOU Book 4: LOOKING FOR YOU REVIEWS: "Perry's storytelling skills just keep getting better and better!" -Romantic Times Book Reviews "Can't wait for the next in this series...simply great reading. Another winner by this amazing author." -Romance Reviews Magazine "Hot! Recommended!" -Bookpleasures "Exciting and simply terrific." "Kate Perry is on my auto buy list." -Night Owl Romance

A Return to you Getting the Strength You Need Now

A Return to you  Getting the Strength You Need   Now Author Delecia A. Holt
ISBN-10 9781496906274
Release 2000-06-27
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H4Everything that we see, hear, smell, touch, taste, say, or do not say, has consequences. Four years of research, a lifetime of personal and collective experiences, and there is still more to do. I have observed one very important fact. That we, humans, tend to seek out others with similar beliefs, a similar 'base.' With them we find a comfort zone. We tend to strive for that level point, that provides us comfort. Because at that level, we have no one to impress. They are on the same plane we are for the moment. That is until a life experience occurs, and one or both of us changes due to our belief systems formed within our 'base.' Our 'bases' influence every aspect of our lives, and the lives of those we interact with. We will explore this concept further in the book. For now, think of our 'base' as the center of our physical and intellectual being. That place within the core of our spirits. Which provides us with the strength needed to survive all life's trials.

Return to You Letters to Nowhere Part 3

Return to You  Letters to Nowhere Part 3 Author Julie Cross
Release 2013-12-08
Pages 70
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#1 Letters to Nowhere, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in teen sports fiction! #2 Return to Sender #3 Return to You IMPORTANT! Note from the author —Karen and Jordan's story will continue in shorter installments with more frequent releases. If you haven't already, please check out the full length novel, LETTERS TO NOWHERE to read how the story began. ABOUT RETURN TO YOU (Letters to Nowhere Volume 3) How many dreams can you chase at once? Even with bad boy, TJ, disrupting their morning workouts, Karen and Stevie’s daily battles with each other are sure to bring both of them closer to a national title at next month’s championships. It’s the kind of feud that creates winning results. Until a fall from the uneven bars shakes Karen’s rock-solid confidence. Not only does she balk every time she so much as attempts a routine, she’s also facing all this without much support from Jordan. After receiving some bad news, Jordan’s reluctance to listen to reason causes Karen so much frustration she begins to avoid him, needing space to deal with her own issues. He needs someone to force him to make the right choice, he needs his dad to intervene and Karen knows this, but is torn between her loyalty to Jordan and her concern for her coach’s son. Even though both paths lead to the same person—Jordan—it feels like she’s choosing between two different people. And then there’s the growing tension between TJ and Stevie. They’re obviously on the verge of either ripping each other’s heads off or ripping each other’s clothes off. It’s hard for either Jordan or Karen to tell where those two are headed. Tension is building from every possible outlet and there’s bound to be an explosion of some kind in the very near future.

When I Return to You I Will Be Unfed

When I Return to You  I Will Be Unfed Author Christopher Bowen
ISBN-10 0692612467
Release 2016-03-01
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Novella by author Christopher Bowen

The Power of Return

The Power of Return Author John Goyette
ISBN-10 9780768493665
Release 2011-07-28
Pages 248
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The Power of Return provides a blueprint for the church to return to God. Twelve great biblical awakenings present a model that helps us understand what God expects us to do to prepare for His powerful touch on church and society. A fascinating concept the revival protocol is revealed and sets the stage for us to find our way back to God. This pattern and the wonderful results that follow its application are clearly seen. Riveting accounts of glory clouds and heavenly fire, idols torn from their pedestals and people swept together in powerful times of repentance and worship fill these pages.

Return to Mariah

Return to Mariah Author Flarry W. Henry, III
ISBN-10 9781496954176
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 276
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Evil returns twofold to Mariah, North Carolina. John Davidson finds himself torn and tormented by his quirky love triangle with Faith Matthews and her twin sister, Hope. What makes his situation so precarious is that their love affair occurs in two different centuries. Even more baffling is that the last time he saw Hope Matthews, she was dead, along with the town’s Sheriff Angela Solomon. Mystically returning to Mariah, Hope and Angela convince John to join them on a special quest. They return to the year1867, thrust into post-civil war Mariah, a world of newly emancipated Negroes and angry white southerners. After their miraculous arrival to the past, the three newcomers soon find themselves on the run, falsely accused of murder, kidnapping and witchery. Back in the future, Faith Matthews, with the help of her eccentric family, is chosen to fight the evil gathering in Mariah. All are about to face a battle that spans the centuries, pitting light against dark, and threatening the wholesome way of life in small-town America.

Return to Zeropoint II

Return to Zeropoint II Author Robert F. Ray
ISBN-10 1452555605
Release 2012-08-13
Pages 122
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Ho’oponopono seems like magic, but it is not magic at all. It is real and within your grasp. Return to Zeropoint is our system of teaching how to use Ho’oponopono in an easy and straightforward manner. We take away the pain of learning and get to the nuts and bolts without struggle and strife. Leave your problems and pain behind, and move forward with the life of joy that you deserve. It is within your grasp.

Hart Crane s Poetry

Hart Crane s Poetry Author John T. Irwin
ISBN-10 9781421403601
Release 2011-11-21
Pages 440
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Hart Crane may have lived in Cleveland, Ohio, but, as Irwin masterfully shows, his poems stand among the greatest written in the English language.

September 1945 Dezember 1946

September 1945   Dezember 1946 Author
ISBN-10 9783486718355
Release 1976-01-01
Pages 1197
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September 1945 Dezember 1946 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from September 1945 Dezember 1946 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full September 1945 Dezember 1946 book for free.

The Clicked Retriever

The Clicked Retriever Author Lana Mitchell
ISBN-10 9781929242306
Release 2005-10-01
Pages 84
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The retrieve is one of the most difficult skills for most dogs to master in competitive obedience. It is difficult because it involves a long series of steps that the dog must learn in order to complete the exercise successfully. More and more trainers are realizing that teaching a complex series of behaviors like this is most easily done through the use of clicker training. The Clicker Retiever teaches you step-by-step how to clicker train your dog to do a solid, enthusiastic and reliable retrieve. Learning no-force techniques builds trust between you and your dog, makes training more enjoyable for both of you, and sets you up for life-long training success built on scientific principles, respect and fun. The Clicked Retriever also shows you how to apply retrieving skills to other activities such as flyball and service dog training.

Return to Nature

Return to Nature Author Jon Burras
ISBN-10 145685867X
Release 2011-02-04
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Return to Nature has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Return to Nature also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Return to Nature book for free.

Complete Dog Care

Complete Dog Care Author DK
ISBN-10 9781409333739
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 192
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How to keep your dog healthy and happy Complete Dog Care contains all the information you need to nurture your dog from puppy-hood through to old age. You'll find a comprehensive programme detailing everything required to provide your dog with the highest level of care, from house-training and socialisation to grooming and exercising. It covers all aspects of canine life, including guidance on choosing a dog to suit your family, home and lifestyle, and advice on preparing your home and garden. Step-by-step photographs show you how to handle your dog, travel with him, and administer basic first aid. Handy checklists and easy to follow charts help you identify health problems and deal with them appropriately. With Complete Dog Care you'll have everything you need to keep your dog healthy, happy, and playing fetch for years to come.

In His Image

In His Image Author Matthew Lee Smith
ISBN-10 9781425983499
Release 2007-02-22
Pages 432
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In His Image is the next step for those who have read The Purpose Driven Life. Following the Life Purpose of Mission, this book explores God's great love for humanity from every book of the Bible. From the creation of Genesis to the culmination in Revelation, God’s love shines through every page. Never is this ever clearer than in the times of Israel’s great betrayal of their God. His passionate pursuit of His children can be heard dripping from his voice as He calls them (and us by proxy) back to His shelter and protection. This book was written ... • To convince the reader of God’s intense and immense love for them; • To encourage the reader to reach out to the God who is passionately in love with them; • To strengthen the reader’s faith in God’s compassion; and • To motivate the reader to share the love of God with every person they meet. It is very clear God loves people of all races and ethnicities. Therefore, whenever appropriate to the passage of the day, emphasis is made on the issue of racial reconciliation around God’s love. His love becomes the motivation for evangelism and for community. In each daily devotional ... • There is a Biblical Scripture they are encouraged to read; • There is a passage of Scripture to read in the devotional itself; • There is the devotional to read which focuses the reader on a single thought, broken into two, three or four practical ideas they can utilize that day in their lives; and • There is a thought to take with the reader each day which summarizes the theme concerning God’s great love for them.

Path of Duty

Path of Duty Author Frederick Cornelius
ISBN-10 9780992964900
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 170
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Memoirs of a young volunteer in World War 1 to the Royal Naval Division and service in France and Belgium prior to being captured. Frederick Cornelius went to war as a young volunteer with a Victorian upbringing, where regular church going and the Christian ethic were impressed heavily on him. He became exposed, rapidly, to an unimaginably different world. This book is his testament to the folly and carnage of war and the adaptability and courage of those caught up in it. His war began when the combination of zeppelin raids on London, the war situation in France and his sense of duty impelled him, in 1915, to volunteer to fight for his country. He enlisted in the Royal Naval Division and served mainly in horse transport, supplying the trenches with food, ammunition and equipment, and later he fought in the trenches. He saw action as a ranker at Beaumont Hamel, Arras, Gavrelle, Passchendaele, Welsh Ridge and elsewhere

Pathways and Parables for a Changing World

Pathways and Parables for a Changing World Author Miriandra Rota
ISBN-10 9781622336166
Release 2005-09-29
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Here we are! We know this is a powerful time; we have successfully birthed ourselves to be present during the grand awakening. We can feel it -- the call to powerful living! What makes some solutions for powerful living easy to grasp whereas others seem slippery and elusive? Maybe the slippery and elusive solutions are so different that they feel like a foreign language, one we haven't yet learned to speak. Maybe the elusive solutions are poking at the conclusions we've spent our entire lives developing. This book is about practical solutions called pathways. Have you ever asked Pretty Flower a question only to have her answer begin with, "Once upon a time ... "? At the end of her parable, have you ever found yourself saying, "Huh?" and then, "Oh, yes"? It's easy, simple. That's what the parables are all about: a shift in consciousness and spiritual awakenings galore. But don't let me keep you a moment longer from these easy pathways, delightful parables, and simple solutions for your powerful living! -- Miriandra Rota Interwoven within your story, dear beloved ones, is the truth of who you are. Interwoven within the fabric of your being are encodings that contain all knowing and the capability to venture forth in the fulfillment of your heart's yearning. And within your heart's yearning resides your beloved innocence, which holds the wisdom you seek while creating your story. Blessed are you. -- Pretty Flower

Recognize God for Who He Really Is

Recognize God for Who He Really Is Author Bobby Brown
ISBN-10 9781453511015
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 268
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Recognize God for Who He Really Is has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Recognize God for Who He Really Is also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Recognize God for Who He Really Is book for free.