The Shadow Wars

The Shadow Wars Author Rod Rees
ISBN-10 9780062070388
Release 2013-02-19
Pages 560
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Rod Rees’s riveting dystopian saga continues with The Shadow Wars, the spellbinding sequel to The Demi-Monde: Winter. First Daughter Norma Williams finds herself stranded in the sinister cyber-world of the not-so-distant future that’s inhabited by some of history’s most menacing villains. Betrayed by those she thought were friends, she must lead the resistance against a terrifying force if she wants to survive. Skillfully written and highly imaginative, The Shadow Wars blends elements of steampunk with science fiction in an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat and captivated until the very end.

The Shadow Wars

The Shadow Wars Author D. Nurkse
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3896201
Release 1988-01-01
Pages 74
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The Shadow Wars has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Shadow Wars also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Shadow Wars book for free.

Shadow Wars

Shadow Wars Author Christopher Davidson
ISBN-10 9781786070029
Release 2016-10-06
Pages 688
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For more than a century successive US and UK governments have sought to thwart nationalist, socialist and pro-democracy movements in the Middle East. Through the Cold War, the ‘War on Terror’ and the present era defined by the Islamic State, the Western powers have repeatedly manipulated the region’s most powerful actors to ensure the security of their own interests and, in doing so, have given rise to religious politics, sectarian war, bloody counter-revolutions and now one of the most brutal incarnations of Islamic extremism ever seen. This is the utterly compelling, systematic dissection of Western interference in the Middle East. Christopher Davidson exposes the dark side of our foreign policy – dragging many disturbing facts out into the light for the first time. Most shocking for us today is his assertion that US intelligence agencies continue to regard the Islamic State, like al-Qaeda before it, as a strategic but volatile asset to be wielded against their enemies. Provocative, alarming and unrelenting, Shadow Wars demands to be read – now.

Shadow Wars

Shadow Wars Author David Axe
ISBN-10 9781612345710
Release 2013-09-03
Pages 256
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WarfareÆs evolution, especially since 2001, has irrevocably changed the meaning of war. In the twentieth centuryùhumankindÆs bloodiestù231 million people died in armed conflicts. Battlefield deaths since then have been steadily declining, despite the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and by 2012 less than 1 person in a million dies in war every year. This drastic change has led some academics to label our era one of peace, recalling the erroneously named ôHundred YearsÆ Peaceö or ôPax Britannicaö of the nineteenth century, which nonetheless saw many violent conflicts. But war hasnÆt gone extinct. It has merely evolved. In Shadow Wars, journalist David Axe tells the story of the new war eraùone of insurgents and counterinsurgents, terrorists and their hunters, pirates, mercenaries, smugglers, and slavers wreaking havoc on regions where conditions are brutal, people are poor, governments are weak, and the world rarely pays attention. Axe shows us what war has become in our era of peace. The mainstream media, meanwhile, ignores it. This book profoundly challenges readersÆ conceptions of war and peace in the twenty-first century.

Ninjak Vol 2 The Shadow Wars

Ninjak Vol  2  The Shadow Wars Author Matt Kindt
ISBN-10 9781939346940
Release 2015-12-02
Pages 144
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WHO ARE THE SHADOW SEVEN? ThatÕs the question Ninjak was sent to answer when he was dispatched to destroy terrorist organization Weaponeer from the inside out. As these mysterious new enemies make their move, Ninjak goes on a globe-spanning race against time to stop their machinations. Plus: discover how Colin King and Neville Alcott first met Ð and the deadly secret Neville has kept from Colin as NINJAK: THE LOST FILES continues. Start reading here as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (DIVINITY, Mind MGMT) and red-hot artists Clay Mann (X-Men: Legacy), Raœl AllŽn (BLOODSHOT REBORN), Juan JosŽ Ryp (Clone) and Stephen Segovia (Superior Carnage) begin a pivotal new chapter of the yearÕs smash-hit new series! Collecting NINJAK #6Ð9.


Cutthroat Author Nathan Kaylor
ISBN-10 1930312008
Release 1999-11-01
Pages 236
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Cutthroat has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cutthroat also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cutthroat book for free.

Shadow Wars

Shadow Wars Author Clyde H. Farnsworth
ISBN-10 UOM:39015046884071
Release 1998
Pages 419
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When Russian physicist Dmitri Sherbatov defects to Israel with the means to create synthetic gold, it is not the Israeli government that will profit from his secret, but rather a group of Mossad officers and the CIA. A first novel. 15,000 first printing.

Shadow Wars

Shadow Wars Author Charles D. Taylor
Release 2015-12-12
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Captain Bernie Ryng: He was proof that old SEALs don't fade away. When his enemy recruited him on a secret mission, Ryng found a new battleground that would take all the skill and stealth the U.S. Navy's SEAL TEAM SIX-the Navy's counter-terrorist unit-could muster against a radically new enemy... Colonel Paul Voronov: The Spetznaz senior officer stunned Ryng by still being alive, despite Ryng's attempts to kill him, and then stunned him again. Ryng's most deadly enemy now wanted to recruit the SEAL for a mission-to go up against a conspiracy to re-ignite the Cold War... General Norman Smith: He was an American warhorse, a survivor of Vietnam, an Army general, and a former NATO commander. But now Smith has allied imself with a former Soviet adversary and an ambitious U.S. diplomat to mastermind a catastrophic coup...

The Wars Series Volume 1

The Wars Series Volume 1 Author Daniel Cohen
ISBN-10 1519383614
Release 2016-06-24
Pages 32
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Shadow Wars is a set of rules for modern combat. The game is based on small unit action at 28mm or 1/50th scale. The figures are based on a 1:1 ratio meaning that each figure represents a soldier. A unit is 5-6 men and an average game will include 3-5 units per side.One of the things that makes Shadow Wars unique is that each unit is activated twice per turn by random draw as discussed later on. This allows for faster action and avoids the boring nature of "I go you go" gaming. Another distinctive element is that troop quality is key to how well and at what level your troops function. This reduces the things to bear in mind while planning your next move.Lastly, Shadow Wars is designed without a points system. Instead you will use a force selector to create a balanced force without spending hours deciding where to spend that last 5 points! We hope you enjoy the game!Gentlemen's Wars is a set of rules for the age of black powder combat.


Ninjak Author Matt Kindt
ISBN-10 1682151018
Release 2015
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"Who are the Shadow Seven? That's the question Ninjak was sent to answer when he was dispatched to destroy terrorist organization Weaponeer from the inside out. As these mysterious new enemies make their move, Ninjak goes on a globe-spanning race against time to stop their machinations. Plus: discover how Colin King and Neville Alcott first met--and the deadly secret Neville has kept from Colin..."

Shadow Dragon Die falsche Prinzessin

Shadow Dragon  Die falsche Prinzessin Author Kristin Briana Otts
ISBN-10 9783960520115
Release 2017-09-25
Pages 352
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Vier Königreiche, ein mächtiger Drache und eine mutige Kämpferin: Folge dem Ruf des Shadow Dragon! Als Onna bugeisha kennt Kai nur Disziplin und Gehorsam. Das Leben der Kämpferin erfüllt nur einen Zweck: Prinzessin Noriko zu beschützen. Das ändert sich, als Kai nach einem Attentat auf die Prinzessin in deren Rolle schlüpfen muss. Allein in der intriganten Welt der Mächtigen und Reichen, lernt sie nicht nur Prinz Enlai, sondern auch den Drachenhüter Jao kennen. Nur kann sie ihnen wirklich trauen? Und soll sie dem Ruf des sagenumwobenen Shadow Dragon folgen, zu dem sie eine geheimnisvolle Verbindung zu haben scheint? Opulentes Fantasyepos mit fesselnder Lovestory in exotischem, fernöstlichem Setting.

Shadow Warfare

Shadow Warfare Author Larry Hancock
ISBN-10 9781619023574
Release 2014-02-24
Pages 368
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Contrary to its contemporary image, deniable covert operations are not something new. Such activities have been ordered by every president and every administration since the Second World War. In many instances covert operations have relied on surrogates, with American personnel involved only at a distance, insulated by layers of deniability. Shadow Warfare traces the evolution of these covert operations, detailing the tactics and tools used from the Truman era through those of the contemporary Obama Administrations. It also explores the personalities and careers of many of the most noted shadow warriors of the past sixty years, tracing the decade-long relationship between the CIA and the military. Shadow Warfare presents a balanced, non-polemic exploration of American secret warfare, detailing its patterns, consequences and collateral damage and presenting its successes as well as failures. Shadow Wars explores why every president from Franklin Roosevelt on, felt compelled to turn to secret, deniable military action. It also delves into the political dynamic of the president’s relationship with Congress and the fact that despite decades of combat, the U.S. Congress has chosen not to exercise its responsibility to declare a single state of war - even for extended and highly visible combat.

Star Wars Darth Maul Der Schattenj ger

Star Wars  Darth Maul  Der Schattenj  ger Author Michael Reaves
ISBN-10 9783641078102
Release 2012-02-09
Pages 288
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Der ruchlose Darth Sidious bereitet einen Schlag gegen die Republik vor, der sie ins Verderben reißen soll. Als seine Pläne verraten werden, will er die Mitwisser sterben lassen. Er schickt seinen besten Schüler aus: Darth Maul, den Schattenjäger...

State Violence and the Execution of Law

State Violence and the Execution of Law Author Joseph Pugliese
ISBN-10 9781135073015
Release 2013-03-20
Pages 248
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State Violence and the Execution of Law stages a provocative analysis of how the biopolitical divide between human and animal has played a fundamental role in enabling state violence, including torture, secret imprisonment and killing-at-a-distance via drones. Analyzing the complex ways in which the United States government deploys law in order to consolidate and further imperial relations of power, Pugliese tracks the networks that enable the diffusion and normalization of the state’s monopoly of violence both in the US and in an international context. He demonstrates how networks of state violence are embedded within key legal institutions, military apparatuses, civilian sites, corporations, carceral architectures, and advanced technologies. The author argues that the exercise of state violence, as unleashed by the war on terror, has enmeshed the subjects of the Global South within institutional and discursive structures that position them as non-human animals that can be tortured, killed and disappeared with impunity. Drawing on poststructuralist, critical race and whiteness, and critical legal theories, the book is transdisciplinary in its approach and value. It will be invaluable to university students and scholars in Critical Legal and Socio-Legal Studies, Cultural Studies, Race and Ethnicity Studies, International Politics, and Postcolonial Studies.

The Changing Face of Empire

The Changing Face of Empire Author Nick Turse
ISBN-10 9781608463114
Release 2012-10-30
Pages 107
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Following the failures of the Iraq and Afghan wars, as well as “military lite” methods and counterinsurgency, the Pentagon is pioneering a new brand of global warfare predicated on special ops, drones, spy games, civilian soldiers, and cyberwarfare. It may sound like a safer, saner war-fighting. In reality, it will prove anything but, as Turse's pathbreaking reportage makes clear.

In the Shadow of just Wars

In the Shadow of  just  Wars Author Fabrice Weissman
ISBN-10 1850657378
Release 2004-01
Pages 372
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In this text international experts and members of the MSF analyse the way issues surrounding the role of aid organizations in just wars have crystallized over the five years spanning the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.

Understanding Terrorism

Understanding Terrorism Author Gus Martin
ISBN-10 9781452299754
Release 2012-01-18
Pages 616
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The Fourth Edition of Gus Martin's Understanding Terrorism, once again offers a multidisciplinary, comprehensive exploration of contemporary terrorism that helps readers develop the knowledge and skills they need to critically assess terrorism in general and terrorist incidents in particular. The Fourth Edition presents new, updated theories, cases, and incidents as well as new photographs, updated tables, and enhanced graphics. An entirely new chapter is devoted to homeland security in the United States and Europe.