Socrates Made Simple

Socrates Made Simple Author Garrett Curran
ISBN-10 9781412055949
Release 2006
Pages 109
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This is a book of locutionary mysticism about a variety of scientific and human matters. It should appeal to a wide variety of people in an ecumenical spirit.

English Made Simple Revised Edition

English Made Simple  Revised Edition Author Arthur Waldhorn
ISBN-10 9780307433701
Release 2011-04-13
Pages 192
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For almost four decades, Made Simple books have set the standard for continuing education and home study. In answer to the changing needsof today's marketplace, the Made Simple series for the '90s presents a thoroughly up-to-the-minute portfolio of skills, information, and experience, with revised and updated editions of bestselling titles, plus a whole range of new subjects from personal finance to office management to desktop publishing. B & W illustrations throughout From the Trade Paperback edition.


Philosophy Author Richard H. Popkin
ISBN-10 9781483183237
Release 2014-05-21
Pages 384
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Philosophy: Made Simple, Second Edition provides information pertinent to the fundamental philosophical problems. This book discusses the developments in philosophy. Organized into seven chapters, this edition begins with an overview of the usage of philosophy in the interpretation or evaluation of what is important or meaningful in life. This text then examines the intimate connections of political philosophy with ethics and with the social sciences. Other chapters consider some of the fundamental metaphysical problems that have persisted throughout the ages and examine the most popular metaphysical systems in the history of philosophy. This book discusses as well the aspect of philosophy that examines the intellectual questions that arise in considering religious views. The final chapter examines some of the main movements in modern philosophy. This book is a valuable resource for teachers as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Readers who are seeking the simplest introductions to philosophy will also find this book useful.

Nietzsche Made Simple Flash

Nietzsche Made Simple  Flash Author Roy Jackson
ISBN-10 9781444141221
Release 2011-05-27
Pages 96
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The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Nietzsche Made Simple is a short, simple and to-the-point guide to Nietzsche. In just 96 pages, the reader will discover all his ideas, from the Superman to the Will to Power. Ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious, Nietzsche Made Simple is a quick, no-effort way to break into this fascinating topic.

Informal Logic Made Simple

Informal Logic Made Simple Author Scott Sprouse
ISBN-10 9781387167357
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 138
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Informal Logic Made Simple has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Informal Logic Made Simple also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Informal Logic Made Simple book for free.

Philosophy Made Simple Flash

Philosophy Made Simple  Flash Author Mel Thompson
ISBN-10 9781444140804
Release 2011-02-25
Pages 96
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The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Philosophy is a short, simple and to-the-point guide to philosophy. In just 96 pages, the reader will discover the ideas of all the key figures, from Socrates to Wittgenstein. Ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious, Philosophy is a quick, no-effort way to break into this fascinating topic. UNDERSTAND COMPLEX CONCEPTS EXPLORE FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS BROADEN YOUR UNDERSTANDING DISCOVER GREAT PHILOSOPHERS CLARIFY YOUR THINKING

Socrates for Kids

Socrates for Kids Author S. Sage Essman
ISBN-10 9781587215360
Release 2000-12-01
Pages 112
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Socrates for Kids is a short book for both children and grownups encompassing a series of entertaining, easy to understand children's stories that incorporate classical and current philosophical themes. Each story features situations highlighting one or more issues in ethics (justice, human rights, compassion, friendship, and fairness); epistemology (issues relating to how we know what we know); political philosophy (Why do we need government? What is its functions?); metaphysics (deals with the mysteries of the universe); and aesthetics (What is art? Why do we need it? How do we know when something is beautiful?). In addition, relevant notes for grownups to assist them in multi-tiered explanations and analysis follow each story. Questions geared to various age levels are included. Ideas embodied in each story are as follows: "The Dandelion Dilemma" is an allegorical tale of a little girl who is confronted squarely with an incident involving group discrimination. "The Special Painting" is the story of a group of children who are taken on their first trip to a museum where they are exposed to the joys and puzzlement associated with the aesthetic experience. "Saving Snoozy Snowflake" is a story that recognizes the prevailing thirst for the teaching of philosophical values to children. This particular story deals with the meaning of friendship. "The Case of the Disappearing Gloves" is the story of a little girl and her grandmother who discover why things can remain the same despite the vagaries of an ever-changing world. "The Schoolhouse Mouse" is the improbable story of a little mouse that wishes to go to school. It is meant to teach children about tolerance and social change. "The Mysterious Camera" recalls the story of a boy and his beloved grandfather who capture their mutual love through the vehicle of photography.

Myth Metaphysics and Dialectic in Plato s Statesman

Myth  Metaphysics and Dialectic in Plato s Statesman Author Professor David A White
ISBN-10 9781409485421
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 282
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Plato's dialogue The Statesman has often been found structurally puzzling by commentators because of its apparent diffuseness and disjointed transitions. In this book David White interprets the dialogue in ways which account for this problematic structure, and which also connect the primary themes of the dialogue with two subsequent dialogues The Philebus and The Laws. The central interpretive focus of the book is the extended myth, sometimes called the 'myth of the reversed cosmos'. As a result of this interpretative approach, White argues that The Statesman can be recognized (a) as both internally coherent and also profound in implication-the myth is crucial in both regards - and (b) as integrally related to the concerns of Plato's later dialogues.

Athens Victorious

Athens Victorious Author Greg Recco
ISBN-10 9780739123270
Release 2009-12-30
Pages 262
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Athens Victorious examines the notion of freedom in Plato's Republic, the proper understanding of which the author argues is essential for understanding the dialogue's ultimate political message. A close, thorough, and innovative analysis of the section of the dialogue in which various constitutional options are discussed leads to the surprising conclusion that the dialogue is advocating democracy, not some kind of totalitarian state.


Devlet Author Platon
ISBN-10 9789635278534
Release 2015-08-11
Pages 2000
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Devlet, Diyaloglar'a bölüştürülmüş Platon felsefesinin bu Diyaloglar'ı birbirine bağlayan orta ve ana halkasıdır; bu özelliğiyle en başta Platon felsefesini anlama çabasında bir kilit metin özelliği taşır. Aynı metin, İÖ 4. yüzyılın başında gerileme dönemine girmiş olan Atina devletinin politik, sosyal, kültürel ihtiyaçlarına cevap ve çözüm arayan bir metin olarak yüzünü tamamen pratiğe dönmüştür. Pratik ile felsefi teorinin bu birlikteliği, adaletin ne olduğu, devletin doğuşu, en iyi devlet, en iyi insan, en büyük 'iyi', devletin bekçileri, yöneticileri, filozof kral, bilgi biçimleri, İdealar öğretisi, karakter tipi ile devlet biçimleri ilişkisi vb. üzerinden cennet ile cehennem tasvirlerine ayrılmış bir mitosa kadar götürür bizi. İdeal devlet, içinde, toplumun ahlaki birlikteliğinin kurulduğu, felsefe ile politikanın, teori ile pratik hayatın bütünleştiği, ideal bir cemaatin düşünülebilecek en üst biçimidir. Devlet: Hiçbir yerde gerçekleşmeyen Platon'un "ideal devleti." (Arka Kapak)

Fear of Diversity

Fear of Diversity Author Arlene W. Saxonhouse
ISBN-10 0226735540
Release 1995-05-01
Pages 253
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This wide-ranging and provocative book locates the origin of political science in the everyday world of ancient Greek life, thought, and culture. Arlene Saxonhouse contends that the Greeks, confronted by the puzzling diversity of the physical world, sought an unseen and unifying force that would constrain and explain it. This drive toward unity did more than place the mind over the senses: it led the Greeks to play down the very real differences - in particular the female, the family, and sexuality - in both their political and personal lives. While the dramatists and Plato captured the tragic consequences of trying to do so, it was not until Aristotle and his Politics did the Greek world - and its heirs - have a true science of politics, one capable of embracing diversity and accommodating conflict. Much of the book's force derives from Saxonhouse's masterful interweaving of Greek philosophy and drama, her juxtaposition of the thought of the pre-Socratics, Plato, and other philosophers to the cultural life revealed by such dramatists as Aristophanes and Aeschylus. Her approach opens up fresh understandings of such issues as the Greeks' fear of the feminine and their attempts to ignore the demands that gender, reproduction, and the family inevitably make on the individual and the family. The Fear of Diversity represents an important contribution to political philosophy, classics, and gender studies.

Socrates Meets Kant

Socrates Meets Kant Author Peter Kreeft
ISBN-10 9781586173487
Release 2009
Pages 326
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Immanuel Kant is one of the greatest philosophers in history. But, as Peter Kreeft notes in this book, Kant is really two philosophers--a philosopher about how we know things (epistemology) and a philosopher of right and wrong (ethics). If he had written only on either topic, he would still be the most important and influential of the modern philosophers. The combination of the two, though, makes for a formidable thinker, one it would take a figure such as the Father of Philosophy, the relentless Socrates, to confront. Confront he does, in Peter Kreeft's next installment of the popular Socrates Meets series. Set in the afterlife, the conversation between the two great minds lays out the key issues. Kreeft's Socrates reflects what the historical philosopher would likely have made of Kant's ideas, while also recognizing the greatness, genius, and insightfulness of Kant. The result of their dialogues is a helpful, highly readable, even amusing book, useful for beginner as well as master. Kant's philosophy of knowing truly is a "Copernican revolution in philosophy" as he dubbed it. His ethics was intended to set out the rational grounds for morality. Did he achieve his goals? What would Socrates say about the matter? Dr. Kreeft has written a book no student of modern thought should be without.


LOGIC MADE SIMPLE Author Prof. A. V. Nama
ISBN-10 9781365843860
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LOGIC MADE SIMPLE has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from LOGIC MADE SIMPLE also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full LOGIC MADE SIMPLE book for free.

From Aintree to York

From Aintree to York Author Stephen Cartmell
ISBN-10 9781446465332
Release 2011-05-31
Pages 496
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Writer and psychologist Stephen Cartmell set off to explore Britain using the cultural melting pot of the UK's 60 racecourses as his staging posts. During his travels the author observed the frequent absurdity of the British, the peculiarities of their institutions and developed a satirical critique of one of the country's favourite pastimes. With his acute eye for observation, an appreciation of the ridiculous and the ability to find humour even in the face of petty officialdom, this acclaimed book is not simply a travelogue of racing but a key to understanding Britain and its curiously comical inhabitants. Racegoer, traveller or first time visitor, Stephen Cartmell's colourful stories are sure to entertain.

Plato s Socrates as Educator

Plato s Socrates as Educator Author Gary Alan Scott
ISBN-10 0791447235
Release 2000-10-19
Pages 251
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Despite his ceaseless efforts to purge his fellow citizens of their unfounded opinions and to bring them to care for what he believes to be the most important things, Plato's Socrates rarely succeeds in his pedagogical project with the characters he encounters. This is in striking contrast to the historical Socrates, who spawned the careers of Plato, Xenophon, and other authors of Socratic dialogues. Through an examination of Socratic pedagogy under its most propitious conditions, focusing on a narrow class of dialogues featuring Lysis and Alcibiades, this book answers the question: "why does Plato portray his divinely appointed gadfly as such a dramatic failure?"

Leaving Truth

Leaving Truth Author Keith Sewell
ISBN-10 9781456607586
Release 2012-07
Pages 102
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"Leaving Truth" offers a radically new, and potentially conclusive, contribution to our ancient science vs. religion debate. It is a collection of five essays, one main and four subsidiary. The collection addresses how we can most coherently select proposals as knowledge, and the limitation from this on the kinds of proposals that we can select. Though at first glance abstruse and academic, addressing this most basic epistemic question seems to yield a very surprising result: That we have been maintaining our concept "truth" either redundantly or as an independent and reason-antithetical basis for knowledge; and that the proposals of all of our authoritarian systems of emotionally seductive irrationality - in particular, but not limited to, our theistic religions - can only be maintained from this basis. "Leaving Truth" suggests that our past 250 years of progress in epistemology can be summarized through the injunction that we should stop asking of any knowledge proposal, "Is this 'true'?" and start asking instead, "Can I honestly qualify this as knowledge?" It then shows how and why our theists cannot do this for their proposals. Its logical core demonstrates that both of the modern epistemological developments that are broadly assumed by theists and atheists alike to support the theists' position (David Hume's dismissal of Induction as our basis for "objective proof", and Karl Popper's demonstration that science can provide only "best present" knowledge, as opposed to certainty) achieve instead the opposite. That they undercut the theists' position at a level from which no coherent defense can be made. Leaving Truth thereby offers atheists and free-thinkers a prospect for the kind clear victory at the intellectual and academic level that we have not dared to hope for since collapse of the Radical Enlightenment.

Essays and Dissertations Made Easy Flash

Essays and Dissertations Made Easy  Flash Author Hazel Hutchison
ISBN-10 9781444141504
Release 2011-06-24
Pages 96
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The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Essays and Dissertations Made Easy is a short, simple and to-the-point guide to applied psychology. In just 96 pages, the reader will learn all about why we do the things we do. Ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious, Essays and Dissertations Made Easy is a quick, no-effort way to break into this fascinating topic.