Take Control and Live

Take Control and Live Author Gillian Gill, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 095631211X
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 302
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In October 2000, Gillian received the shattering diagnosis of terminal ovarian cancer. She said no to the conventional treatments that would have given her a few extra months and embarked upon her own unique journey of mind, body and spirit. Thirteen years on, she has turned the seemingly impossible into a reality and now enjoys a full and active life.


Confidence Author Rob Yeung
ISBN-10 0273742582
Release 2011
Pages 272
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"Confidence"will transform your world. Get that job, date, pay rise - whatever you want to achieve, you can make a success of just about anything with "Confidence" on your side. Combining the very best methods from cognitive behavioural therapy, sports psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology and much more, psychologist and coach Dr Rob Yeung will help you to build profound and lasting confidence. Now in its second edition, this bestselling book has been completely revised with more techniques and new chapters on handling conflict with confidence, health and body confidence, confident dating, and powerful methods for instant confidence. You'll feel equipped more than ever before to achieve your goals and go after the life you really want. 'Important, accessible and research-based, "Confidence" will be of use to many people.' Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, University College London

Creating a Wonderful Life

Creating a Wonderful Life Author MR Michael O'Hagan
ISBN-10 1518692222
Release 2015-12-03
Pages 150
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Build a Life That Delivers Success and is Deeply Fulfilling. What you choose on this day will be a pivotal point that will change your life forever. Will you take the challenge to improve your life? Can you take the first step to create your very own Wonderful Life? Do you want to; have truly effective communication skills? a positive mind and resilient outlook.? make the right choices even in demanding and stressful situations? know how to create robust and realistic goals and then plan, manage and review your progress towards your goals and importantly make adjustments to achieve your goals? develop your own personal and powerful winners' strategy? If you answer YES to these questions; Creating A Wonderful Life, the book, is for you! Written in an uncomplicated style and jargon free enabling you to easily take the actions required to create your own wonderful life. The book also includes highlighted "Insights" for some key learning points, making it exceptionally easy for you to capture the important points. You'll find examples from real life experiences, diagrams and easy to follow instructions; and lots of actions to take. Want to build the masterpiece that is you? This is the book that will change your life forever. Take the first step into your wonderful life now and buy Creating A Wonderful Life today."

Financial Independence for Women

Financial Independence for Women Author Vered Neta
ISBN-10 9781614484981
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 214
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Financial Independence for Women is about waking up, taking action, and moving forward. In Financial Independence for Women, leading success trainer Vered Neta presents a step-by-step guide to taking control of your money in just six weeks. By discovering the obstacles that keep us from financial success and how to break through them, we can reach financial independence and become role models for ourselves, our daughters, and our world.

Spend Less Live More

Spend Less  Live More Author Alvin Hall
ISBN-10 9781848945661
Release 2010-01-07
Pages 300
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A fully updated edition of the hugely successful What Not To Spend - this is the ultimate guide to managing your money from the nation's favourite money man. Are you desperate to get a grip on your finances but don't know where to start? Does it seem impossible to think about saving in the current climate? Have you tried to budget in the past and failed? No matter what your attitude to money or how you've handled your finances in the past, this is the only guide you need to get back on track. Alvin's tried and tested advice takes you through step-by-step, from clearing debt and managing credit, to saving, budgeting and planning for the future. Fully up-to-date with sections on how to save when things are tight, and how to deal with redundancy, Alvin's simple, straightalking style provides the perfect antidote to the doom and gloom of news reports.By tackling money matters head on, you really can spend a bit less and live a lot more.Chapters include: -What is your money personality? -Clearing debt - the knockout method -The mortgage maze -Getting started with shares -Planning for the great beyondand much, much more...

Learn to Balance Your Life Take Control Find Time Achieve Your Goals

Learn to Balance Your Life  Take Control  Find Time  Achieve Your Goals Author Michael Hinz Author
ISBN-10 9781780287218
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 160
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Learn to Balance Your Life equips you with everything you need to find fulfilment in all areas of your life: identify your priorities and allow enough time for them; maximise your finances; use your work and leisure time enjoyably and profitably; and make your home a calming yet energising place to live. If you are tired of having life dictated to you, Learn to Balance Your Life will show you how to take control and live on your own terms.

Shift Happens Then You Live

Shift Happens Then You Live Author C. Nathaniel Brown
ISBN-10 0996172289
Release 2015-06-13
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Shift Happens Then You Live has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Shift Happens Then You Live also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Shift Happens Then You Live book for free.

Take Control of Your Money Success Starts With the Opportunity to Plan for the Rest of Your Life American Edition

Take Control of Your Money  Success Starts With the Opportunity to Plan for the Rest of Your Life  American Edition Author Donald J. Davison
ISBN-10 9781552706404
Release 2014-05-14
Pages 260
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Take Control of Your Money Success Starts With the Opportunity to Plan for the Rest of Your Life American Edition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Take Control of Your Money Success Starts With the Opportunity to Plan for the Rest of Your Life American Edition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Take Control of Your Money Success Starts With the Opportunity to Plan for the Rest of Your Life American Edition book for free.

Photos A Take Control Crash Course

Photos  A Take Control Crash Course Author Jason Snell
ISBN-10 9781492018155
Release 2016-10-05
Pages 74
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Take control of your photo collection in Photos for macOS Sierra and iOS 10! Make the most of Apple's Photos app in macOS Sierra and iOS 10, and on an Apple TV! This book by Jason Snell, publisher of Six Colors and former lead editor at Macworld, explains Photos' new machine-learning features, like Categories and Memories. It also teaches you how to extend your Photos experience across all your Apple devices--take a photo on your iPhone, put it in an album on your iPad, edit it on your Mac's large screen, and show it off via your Apple TV! Jason walks you through the Photos interface and describes how you can organize your images, both with Apple's automatic albums, categories, and Memories, and with your own keywords, albums, and smart albums. You'll learn how to make standard edits like cropping and removing red-eye along with more sophisticated improvements via the powerful Adjustments panel. If you want to go further, Jason explains how how to add third-party editing extensions. For those who are feeling crafty, there's a chapter about using Photos to create your own books, cards, and calendars. The book also provides invaluable advice on using iCloud Photo Library, sharing your photos via social media, and working with or merging multiple libraries. For those new to Photos, Jason covers what to expect from Photos in comparison to Apple's older iPhoto and Aperture apps, and he guides you through importing your existing libraries. Jason answers a bunch of burning questions, including: What should I expect from Photos when I first start up in Sierra? How do I use the new Places album? What can I do with the new Categories feature? How do keywords and Categories interact? How can I customize a Memory video? How do I match people to faces? What if I want to remove a photo from a Memory? What's important about the System Photo Library? If I delete a photo while running iCloud Photo Library, how deleted is it? You'll find directions for editing photos, including help with: Using basic editing controls, like rotation and crop Taking advantage of the blue checkmarks on the Adjustments pane The utility of each of the special adjustment controls Creating a default set of adjustments Applying a specific set of adjustments to more than one photo Removing a blemish from a face in a photo Editing a raw file (instead of the JPEG) Using a third-party photo-editing extension The book also provides advice about: Why the search field is so important in Photos Sorting your albums and sorting photos within albums Applying location information (geotags) Working with keywords, and using the heart-icon Favorite button Setting up albums and smart albums Sharing an album online via iCloud Photo Sharing Configuring the Ken Burns effect in a slideshow Exporting a slideshow as a video file Using Apple's print service for printing photos Editing a photo while working in a book, card, or calendar

iOS 10 A Take Control Crash Course

iOS 10  A Take Control Crash Course Author Josh Centers
ISBN-10 9781492018070
Release 2016-09-16
Pages 143
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Come up to speed on iOS 10's new features! Learn all about the new capabilities of iOS 10, along with key features you may have missed from previous iOS updates. Whether you use an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you'll find the real-world advice you need to take advantage of iOS 10's refinements quickly. TidBITS Managing Editor Josh Centers teaches you about a wide range of updated system features like the Lock screen, Widgets screen, Control Center, and notifications. He also loops you in on revised essential apps like Photos, Messages, Mail, Maps, and Safari. Josh even gives you an introduction to home automation by way of the new Home app and Apple's HomeKit specification for third-party devices. Additional special topics cover Family Sharing, accessibility, privacy, managing data usage, improving battery life, and more. Josh helps you get the most from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with advice on: What to check after installing iOS 10 Learning to use the massively revised Lock screen How to work with widgets now that they're free of Notification Center Using the new Magnifier to turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass Having Siri announce the name of the caller for incoming calls Getting started with home automation using the new Home app Dealing with the new multi-panel Control Center Using the iPad's Slide Over, Split Screen, and Picture in Picture features Deleting unused Apple apps Viewing, dismissing, and acting on notifications directly What types of apps will be able to integrate with Siri Improved suggestions when you're typing How Photos creates Memories, and what you can do with them Using the new People and Places albums in Photos How you can use Siri to search for people, places, and things in Photos Playing with fun new features of Messages, like handwriting and screen effects Replying quickly to messages with a tapback response Avoiding highways and toll roads in Maps directions Using the new "Find My Car" feature of Maps Controlling home automation devices via Siri Letting important people through an iPhone's Do Not Disturb cone of silence Setting up Apple Pay in the Wallet app -- and using it in Safari Adding emergency medical information -- and finding it on the Lock screen Making Siri talk like a guy (or gal) Telling Siri who you mean when you say "Call Mom" Tracking down which apps are hogging your battery Putting outlines around text "buttons" so they look like buttons

Take Control of High Sierra

Take Control of High Sierra Author Scholle McFarland
ISBN-10 9781947282964
Release 2017-09-25
Pages 193
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Head off into High Sierra with confidence! Looking for a high-quality, in-depth guide to High Sierra? Look no further than Take Control of High Sierra by former Macworld editor Scholle McFarland! An expanded version of Scholle's popular Crash Course on macOS (previously for Sierra and El Capitan), Take Control of High Sierra covers all the changes Apple has made in High Sierra, and how best to adapt them to your own needs. You'll learn great details about High Sierra, like how it's now possible to take live photos of a FaceTime conversation, type instead of talk to Siri, and easily share files through iCloud. You'll also learn about the big changes Apple has made behind the scenes in High Sierra, including rolling out a new file system, improved video support, and support for VR. In addition, Scholle explains what has changed in Apple apps, including Safari, Mail, and Photos. You'll also discover lots of helpful tips on using High Sierra, including how to: Find files, tweak System Preferences, and control apps (like iTunes) with Siri Use Spotlight to find files and facts from all kinds of sources Create tabs in a variety of Apple and third-party apps (not just Safari) Open Mission Control view to easily see all of your windows at once Navigate Notification Center, including the new Now Playing widget in High Sierra Update your Safari preferences for specific sites and preventing advertisers from tracking your searches Create, sync, and organize your Notes, and use new High Sierra features to Pin a Note and Add a Table in Notes Use Universal Clipboard to copy and paste between Macs Share files instantly between Macs, iPhones, and iPads with AirDrop Use iCloud Drive to collaborate with other users Set up separate user accounts to allow multiple people to use the same Mac

Take Control

Take Control Author Linda Mundorff
ISBN-10 9780595401499
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 324
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Nearly $1.5 billion per year is spent on alternative medical treatments. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the health-care profession, Dr. Linda Mundorff explores a variety of medical options designed to promote a natural lifestyle in Take Control: A Guide to Holistic Living. Writing in a style that health-care professionals and laypersons alike will understand and identify with, Mundorff will help you take control of your health by discovering the practical effectiveness of alternative medicine in conjunction with modern medicine. Informative, insightful, and humorous, Take Control allows you to gain control of your health by becoming a self-advocate in your care. Take Control will show you how to: Make lifestyle choices that last Fuel your body Live a more natural life Discover mindful exercises And much more With thorough coverage of remedies and contraindications supplemented by a glossary of terms, a list of suggested reading material, journal activities, and a variety of other helpful contents, Take Control is a guide to alternative medicine for everyone!

iOS 9 A Take Control Crash Course

iOS 9  A Take Control Crash Course Author Josh Centers
ISBN-10 9781457195914
Release 2015-09-28
Pages 121
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Come up to speed on iOS 9's new features! Guided by TidBITS Managing Editor Josh Centers, you'll get a close look at iOS 9's new (and old) capabilities on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, along with directions for putting them to use right away. A What's New chapter gives you an overview of iOS 9's many changes -- including those in Siri, Spotlight, and Safari. The rest of the book describes the details, such as how those with recent iPads can use the new Split Screen, Slide Over, and Picture in Picture multitasking views, plus how to use Mail's new features, how iOS 9 helps you save battery power, the trick to finding the hidden iCloud Drive app, the iPad's new Trackpad mode, and much more. Special topics cover Family Sharing, accessibility, privacy, and managing data usage. Josh helps you use iOS more effectively than ever with advice on: What to check after installing iOS 9 Which iPads support the new multitasking views What to expect from the iPhone's new Low Power mode What the new Batteries widget does and how to display it How to use a 4-digit passcode on a Touch ID device Which cities have transit directions in Maps Interpreting the icons in the Camera app's viewfinder Adding a person to a Messages group chat Letting people through an iPhone's Do Not Disturb cone of silence Storing credit card details in Safari Setting up Apple Pay in the new Wallet app Entering and accessing emergency medical information Customizing Spotlight's search results so they work for you Making Siri talk like a guy (or gal) Telling Siri who you mean when you say "Call Mom" Putting an outline around text "buttons" so they look like buttons What's a Crash Course? As part of our Crash Course series, this book splits the first-rate content you expect from Take Control into short chunks so you can dip in and read quickly. Because so many Take Control readers provide tech support to others, each concise chapter has sharing buttons and practical tweet-tips, making it easy to freely share a chapter with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and others who really need the information. Take Control Crash Courses have a modern, magazine-like layout in PDF and a reflowable design in the EPUB and Mobipocket.

Being Boss

Being Boss Author Emily Thompson
ISBN-10 9780762490455
Release 2018-04-10
Pages 224
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From the creators of the hit podcast comes an interactive self-help guide for creative entrepreneurs, where they share their best tools and tactics on "being boss" in both business and life. Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are self-proclaimed "business besties" and hosts of the top-ranked podcast Being Boss, where they talk shop and share their combined expertise with other creative entrepreneurs. Now they take the best of their from-the-trenches advice, and give you targeted, actionable guidance on: Cultivating the Boss Mindset: weed out the distractions and get focused on what you want Mastering Boss habits and routines: including a "magical" way of mapping out your goals for amazing results How to stop freaking out about money and sell yourself (without shame) Living the Boss Life (it's not all about work!) Being Boss gives you both hard-hitting business advice along with inspiring lessons on self-care and finding balance. With worksheets, checklists, and other real tools for achieving success, here's a guide that will truly help you "be boss" not only at growing your business, but in every aspect of your life.

Take Control of Your Health How to Quickly Safely and Affordably Master the Art of Wellness

Take Control of Your Health  How to Quickly  Safely  and Affordably Master the Art of Wellness Author Craig Brockie
ISBN-10 9780981369303
Release 2009-11
Pages 208
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Presenting forthright and revealing facts of natural healing, this resource is a guide for clearing the body of toxins.

Take Control of BBEdit

Take Control of BBEdit Author Glenn Fleishman
ISBN-10 9781615423798
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 199
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Is text a large part of your life? Do you write blog posts, code Web pages, search through log files, generate database reports, and regularly look for needles in textual haystacks? The best tool on the Mac for those tasks is BBEdit, from Bare Bones Software. But BBEdit is a deep program, and even long-time users are often unaware of BBEdit's productivity enhancing features, such as clippings, text completion, projects, integration with FTP and version control software, sophisticated HTML/CSS preview, and more. Take Control of BBEdit explains how to use BBEdit 10 to accomplish real-world tasks more efficiently than ever before. The book focuses on three main areas of usage: essential text-processing features for all BBEdit users, working with HTML from the level of the individual tag all the way to a dynamic Web site, and managing multi-resource projects. Read this 199-page ebook to learn how to: Set up BBEdit for maximum efficiency: Configure key standard and expert preferences for optimal usage. Sync BBEdit settings and support files between Macs using Dropbox. Create text factories that automate sequences of text processing commands. Create "clippings" of boilerplate text, complete with dynamic placeholders. Use Dropbox or a version control system to track versions of documents. Start work on the right track: Collect multiple resources--including files, folders, and URLs--into a single project window. Use BBEdit's many options for opening and saving files. Work with remote files via BBEdit's FTP/SFTP browser windows. Type faster, search better, and automate repetitive bits: Control BBEdit with keyboard shortcuts. Write faster with text completion of words, code snippets, HTML tags, and more. Clean up text with spurious tabs, incorrect case, gremlin characters, and more. Search for and replace text across multiple documents at once. Learn how to use grep pattern matching for powerful searches. Write in Markdown, and preview Markdown documents. Compare and collaborate effectively: Discover best practices for commenting and revision tracking. Compare multiple versions of documents. Run your Web site like a wizard: Create HTML and CSS files using BBEdit's effective, extensive markup tools. Preview dynamic pages locally with user-defined preview templates. Clean up old or badly coded Web pages. Build Web sites using templates and includes. Connect BBEdit to Fetch, Interarchy, or Transmit to edit remote files. Maintain Web sites in BBEdit using four different workflows.

Take Control of Keynote

Take Control of Keynote Author Joe Kissell
ISBN-10 9781457195761
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 168
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Give better presentations with this handy guide covering Keynote for the Mac! Need to give a presentation, but worried about how you'll do? Steve Jobs relied on Keynote for his famous keynote presentations, and while using Keynote won't guarantee Jobs-level success, Joe Kissell's advice in Take Control of Keynote will get you closer. Drawing on years of speaking experience, Joe suggests you start by figuring out what you want to say -- and he explains exactly how to accomplish this task, even though you won't do it in Keynote. He then helps you work in Keynote with the right theme, and explains how to create slides by filling in placeholders, adding objects (images, movies, sounds, tables, and charts), and inserting and styling text. You'll also learn how to add build effects to slides and transitions between slides, as well as how to make self-playing presentations designed for kiosks, and presentations with recorded narration or a soundtrack. Finally, Joe offers real-world advice about delivering presentations, including tips on what to bring, making presenter notes and customizing the presenter display, setting up your display, and controlling your presentation. "As someone whose life (and income) is doing training presentations, this ebook is the most useful I have ever bought. I know Keynote well and have used it since its first release; however, Joe's ebook has both challenged me to think about the way I structure my presentations and has taught me stuff about Keynote I didn't know." -Michael Durrant, Psychologist ... mental health & corporate trainer (Sydney, Australia) You'll learn how to use the features that go into making a great slide deck: Making master slides with carefully positioned placeholders Adjusting the slide order Viewing more than one slide at once Using all the fancy layout features to position objects on a slide Applying cool visual effects to photos, such as masking and Instant Alpha Sorting out builds gone wild with the Build Order palette Hiding particular slides from an audience without deleting them Taking control of text boxes and Keynote's many text styling options Creating a presentation that requires clicks in specific places to advance Commenting on slides while collaborating on your presentation Additional advice helps you prep for a successful delivery and avoid technical glitches: What to consider in advance, with respect to the screen(s) you'll be using Practicing the mechanics of delivering from Keynote Viewing presenter notes while you speak Playing a sound or movie from a slide during your presentation Evaluating the many options for remote control instead of a mouse or trackpad Packing your bag with the right set of cables and gadgets Setting up once you're at the speaking venue You'll find even more assistance with answers to questions like: Should I store my presentation on iCloud Drive? What are my options if I want to print my presentation? What's the best way to turn my slide deck into a PDF? The bulk of the book documents Keynote for the Mac, but an appendix explains what's similar and different about Keynote for iOS and Keynote for iCloud.