The Amazing Baseball Adventure

The Amazing Baseball Adventure Author Josh Pahigian
ISBN-10 1493025074
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 256
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A visually stunning road trip through pro baseball s wacky, wondrous, and revered ballpark attractions Exploding scoreboards, treetop seats, and neon skylines are just three of the more than 100 ballpark design features, field eccentricities, historic displays, traditions, concession items, and even super-fans and mascots profiled in this armchair baseball journey. Combining engaging storytelling with fun sidebars and beautiful color photos, author Josh Pahigian captures the essence of each ballpark treasure from the retractable lighthouse at the Portland Sea Dogs Hadlock Field to the Sausage Race at the Brewers Miller Park to Fenway Park s Green Monster and even to the delicious biscuits served by the aptly named Montgomery Biscuits. From the Rookie Leagues to the Majors, there are more than 250 professional baseball parks in the United States where fans partake in special game-day rituals, eat unique foods, laugh along with the zany mascot, marvel at the park s special features, and revel in a communal experience that removes them for a few hours from life s daily grind. The Amazing Baseball Adventure brings to life the very best of these cherished ballpark features, the ones that motivate fans to return again and again to baseball cathedrals large and small."

Adventures of a Baseball Fan

Adventures of a Baseball Fan Author Candy L. VanDyke
ISBN-10 1452023352
Release 2010-08-31
Pages 264
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After seeing her first baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, in 2002, Candy became captivated by the game of baseball. Over the next couple of years, that passion drew her to ballparks all around the Northeast. The aspiration to see each team in person enticed her to venture further and further to ballparks in the Midwest and Southeast. Eventually, the yearning to visit every Major League baseball park became a mission. Traveling with a friend, family member, or alone, Candy spent her vacations over the next few years fulfilling that dream. Candy's adventures, at times, incorporated two games in two days, in two different states; five games in five days, in four different states; and two games in two different stadiums, in the same day. In total, she saw over 70 games in 36 different ballparks, as well as two spring training stadiums, all while meeting wonderful people, seeing some unique game situations and visiting amazing sites along the way. Her adventures were not without some tears, fears and unspeakable joys, however. The culmination, a dream realized and, truly, an adventure of a lifetime!

TimeOut s Great Baseball Adventure

TimeOut s Great Baseball Adventure Author George Takata
ISBN-10 1610350022
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 28
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Written for children ages 4 and up, TimeOut's Great Baseball Adventure tells the story of Fresno State's amazing win through the eyes of Fresno State's beloved mascot TimeOut. When the Fresno State baseball team gets on the bus to go the College World Series, TimeOut is sad that the can't come with the team. To cheer up TimeOut, Coach Mike (FSU baseball head coach Mike Batesole) promises him that if the team wins the series, he'll ride with the team in their victory parade. Over the course of the story, TimeOut follows the team's wins and losses, speaks to Coach Mike and the players over the telephone, and supports his team all the way to their win ? and gets to ride in the parade, just as Coach promised. TimeOut's unwavering support for his players makes him a great character for young children to relate to, and children will also love Thiessen's bold and colorful illustrations of TimeOut, determined players, cheering fans and baseball action so intense the ball bursts into flames. Thiessen's vivid illustrations bring bold characterization to many of the real-life Bulldog heroes of the 2008 College World Series, including head coach Mike Batesole, first baseman Alan Ahmady, pitcher Clayton Allison, right fielder Steve Detwiler, third baseman Tommy Medonca, right fielder Chad Mozingo, shortstop Danny Muno, second baseman Erik Wetzel and pitcher Justin Wilson. The perfect introduction to baseball for the young reader, TimeOut's Great Baseball Adventure tells timeless values of loyalty, teamwork, friendship, making an effort and overcoming the odds to victory.

Have Glove Will Travel

Have Glove  Will Travel Author Bill Lee
ISBN-10 0307420841
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 320
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It was 1982 when Bill Lee was famously booted from the Montreal Expos after he went AWOL in protest of another player’s mistreatment by management. His reputation for antics both on and off the field guaranteed that no other club would pick him up. The Ace from Space had landed on professional baseball’s blacklist, and so it was that one of the most popular major-league pitchers of our day was fated to pack his bags and wander the globe searching for a ball game. Have Glove, Will Travel is the chronicle of an amazing odyssey that began more than twenty years ago and continues today. Unable to live without baseball, Lee went anywhere he could find a game, beginning in the dank and dreary locker room of a Canadian hockey team that later became a softball team. We follow him around the world as he competes in pickup games, town tournaments, senior leagues, and fantasy camps, barnstorming like a modern Satchel Paige around the United States, South America, China, Cuba, Russia, and every province in Canada. At the heart of this story are the rollicking, colorful characters Lee meets during his travels, and the mishaps that befall him whether he’s sober or stoned. There’s the eccentric Latin pitching master Lee plays with in Cuba, who once struck out Ernest Hemingway. And a hilarious story that takes place in the backwoods of a British Columbia timber town, where Lee and Hall-of-Famer Ferguson Jenkins go fishing and end up being chased back to their pickup truck by a 450-pound black bear. Have Glove, Will Travel is so much more than the average baseball book. Lee’s humor, keen eye for detail, and extraordinary pitching intellect are always on display, but in the end this book is a love story about a middle-aged maverick who refused to stop pursuing his passion for a boy’s game long after the grown-ups told him he couldn’t play on their team anymore. Readers who loved Lee’s bestselling The Wrong Stuff, also written with Richard Lally, will find the long wait for this rich and wonderful sequel well worth it. Those who haven’t yet encountered the literary Bill Lee have a great treat in store. From the Hardcover edition.

The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones

The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones Author Jon Ronson
ISBN-10 9781101568316
Release 2011-11-22
Pages 68
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Bestselling author Jon Ronson walks the mean streets of America where he finds real life, modern day superheroes. Fighting crime, saving old ladies, and chasing away drug dealers – all while wearing a mask and a cape. Phoenix Jones patrols Seattle, masked, muscles rippling, while corner boys scatter and teenage runaways are helped, whether they want it or not. He might still see his pediatrician when superhero-ing gets a little too intense, but he’ll be back out there with his ass-kicking comrades as soon as he’s bandaged up. These do-gooding citizens talk the talk, and walk the walk of mythical superheroes – the only thing they're missing is actual supernatural powers. The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones is an inside, intimate look at the world of amateur superheroes and a front row seat to their adventures.

Incredible Baseball Stories

Incredible Baseball Stories Author Ken Samelson
ISBN-10 9781510713864
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 248
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The works in Incredible Baseball Stories cover the full span of baseball’s rich history. Fans of all ages will enjoy recalling the great and not-so-great moments of the most popular names in the sport. Found in this collection are timeless tales that enable the reader to: • Relive great World Series moments like Kirk Gibson’s home run off Dennis Eckersley • Find out what it’s like to pitch to Ted Williams • Witness record-breaking performances by Babe Ruth and Henry Aaron • Learn what goes on behind the scenes of drafting stars like Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez • And follow along for many more baseball adventures! With three dozen photographs that beautifully illustrate the anecdotes, Incredible Baseball Stories is the perfect gift for baseball fans of all ages.

Baseball Card Adventures 4 Book Grand Slam Collection

Baseball Card Adventures  4 Book Grand Slam Collection Author Dan Gutman
ISBN-10 9780062376091
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 640
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Twelve-year-old Joe Stoshack is an average kid with two amazing talents: getting his hands on rare baseball cards, and traveling through time to meet the famous players they depict. Sports buffs and fans of authors like Tim Green and Jon Scieszka will love this imaginative series. Together for the first time, this collection includes: Honus & Me, featuring Honus Wagner, the greatest shortstop ever, from the turn of the century. Honus Wagner’s baseball card is the rarest and most expensive of all; one specimen sold for $2.8 million in 2007. Jackie & Me, featuring Jackie Robinson, the first African-American player in Major League Baseball, six-time All-Star, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. Babe & Me, featuring Babe Ruth, all-time great batter and seven-time World Series champion, who set records that still stand today. Shoeless Joe & Me, featuring Shoeless Joe Jackson, who was banned from baseball in the prime of his career and whose involvement in the Black Sox Scandal is still disputed.

Abner Me

Abner   Me Author Dan Gutman
ISBN-10 9780061973208
Release 2009-10-06
Pages 176
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Cannons are blasting! Bullets are flying! Wounded soldiers are everywhere! Stosh has time-traveled to 1863, right into the middle of the Civil War. In possibly his most exciting and definitely his most dangerous trip yet, Stosh has decided to answer the question for all time: did Abner Doubleday, a Civil War general, really invent the game of baseball? It's all here: big laughs, dramatic action, fast baseball games in the middle of a battlefield. You'll be blown away by this sixth amazing baseball card adventure!

Babe me a baseball card adventure

Babe   me   a baseball card adventure Author Dan Gutman
ISBN-10 0439784778
Release 2005
Pages 161
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With their ability to travel through time using vintage baseball cards, Joe and his father have the opportunity to find out whether Babe Ruth really did call his shot when he hit that homerun in the third game of the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs.

Honus Me

Honus   Me Author Dan Gutman
ISBN-10 0380788780
Release 2003
Pages 144
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Joe Stoshack lives for baseball. He knows everything there is to know about the game -- except how to play well. His specialty is striking out. Stosh feels like a real loser, and when he takes a low-paying job cleaning a bunch of junk out of his neighbor's attic, he feels even worse -- until he comes across a little piece of cardboard that takes his breath away. His heart is racing. His brain is racing. He can hardly believe his eyes. Stosh has stumbled upon a T-206 Honus Wagner -- the most valuable baseball card in the world! And he's about to find out that it's worth a lot more than money....

Tampa Bay and Florida s West Coast Adventure Guide

Tampa Bay and Florida s West Coast Adventure Guide Author Chelle Koster Walton
ISBN-10 9781588436450
Release 2008-01
Pages 404
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This easy-to-use book is packed with practical information and enticing facts that make it fun to read: ""Sarasota owes its development and artistic reputation to, ironically, the circus, which wintered there beginning in the late 1800s. In contrast to circus raucousness, however, John Ringling was a man swayed by esthetics. The art he loved had a bit of three-ring showiness to it, nonetheless, as shown by the baroque Italianate palace he built himself in Sarasota."" A clean, attractive layout makes it easy to find what you''re looking for within each of the book''s six sections, whether it b.

Adventure On Apple Orchard Road

Adventure On Apple Orchard Road Author Christine Collier
ISBN-10 9781462047468
Release 2003-04-27
Pages 50
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The Forrest family buys a run down house on Apple Orchard Road. Eleven-year-old Ethan is disappointed the house is so old. Ethan invites his best friend, Tanner, for a sleepover and Tanner brings along a metal detector. At the break of dawn, Ethan and Tanner make a discovery in the old shed out back that will change their lives. This amazing treasure includes a letter from the past owner of the house. Elizabeth Patterson writes that she and her husband have hidden things in the house for years! Elizabeth’s old journal is discovered in the attic. What will Ethan do when he reads that Mr. Patterson made his own time capsule? In an old coffee can he placed a 1958 autographed NY Yankees baseball, wrapped in that day’s newspaper and placed in the floor joists of the attic. Could this baseball still be up there? The shed will become Ethan’s bike garage. Who or what is making the huge footprints in the dirt by the shed?


ZACK S AMAZING ADVENTURE Author Dr. Joel A. Feder and Parker D. Feder
ISBN-10 9781491827635
Release 2013-10
Pages 20
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ZACK S AMAZING ADVENTURE has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ZACK S AMAZING ADVENTURE also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ZACK S AMAZING ADVENTURE book for free.

The Best and Worst of Baseball s Modern Era

The Best  and Worst  of Baseball s Modern Era Author French Equatorial Africa
ISBN-10 0692811982
Release 2016-11-23
Pages 486
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Baseball entered its Modern Era in 1961, the first season that featured expansion teams, a 162-game schedule, and coast-to-coast play in both leagues. The Best (and Worst) of Baseball's Modern Era by G. Scott Thomas offers 221 lists of the top (and bottom) teams and players from 1961 through 2016, accompanied by a detailed breakdown of all 56 seasons. Which team was the best to take the field during the Modern Era? Who was the most difficult batter to strike out? Who was the period's best second baseman? Who enjoyed the greatest single game at the plate? Which game featured the worst pitching? The rankings come in relentless order, page after page, all backed with cutting-edge statistical analysis. (The answers, should you be curious, are the 1984 Detroit Tigers, Tony Gwynn, Joe Morgan, Shawn Green, and Phillies vs. Cubs on May 17, 1979.) The Best (and Worst) of Baseball's Modern Era is the new record book for today's game. It's chock-full of statistics and rankings that will settle old arguments - and start new ones. (Go to for sample chapters and bonus rankings.) Praise for The Best (and Worst) of Baseball's Modern Era "For any fan with an interest in looking at baseball with a historical perspective, The Best (and Worst) of Baseball's Modern Era is a wonderful, eye-opening delight. G. Scott Thomas has skillfully distilled the modern game into a series of lists and narratives which will provide many hours of provocative reading." - Paul Dickson, author of Bill Veeck: Baseball's Greatest Maverick and The Dickson Baseball Dictionary "The quick-hitting lists and colorful essays provide great fodder for debate and rumination. This book would make a great gift for any fan of the game." - Josh Pahigian, author of The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip and The Amazing Baseball Adventure "A unique and interesting look at baseball. Agree or disagree with the findings, but either way, any fan will be impressed by the efforts of G. Scott Thomas in researching and writing this book." - Rob Rains, author of Taking Flight: The St. Louis Cardinals and the Building of Baseball's Best Franchise and editor of "G. Scott Thomas introduces an intriguing and sophisticated approach to quantifying player and team performance. Statheads will find many pleasures (and provocations) within these comprehensive lists of baseball's best and worst." - Jeremy Lehrman, author of Baseball's Most Baffling MVP Ballots and editor of

Mickey Me

Mickey   Me Author Dan Gutman
ISBN-10 0064472582
Release 2004-02-17
Pages 160
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When Joe Stoshack's dad ends up in the hospital after a car accident, he has two words to say to his son: Mickey Mantle. For Stosh has a special power -- with a baseball card in hand, he can travel back in time. And his dad has a rare card -- Mantle's valuable 1951 rookie card. "I've been thinking about it for a long time. Go back to 1951. You're the only one who can do it," Dad whispers. That night Stosh grips the card and prepares for another magical adventure. But when he opens his eyes, he's not in Yankee Stadium -- he's in Milwaukee on June 8, 1944. And how he wound up there is not half as surprising as what he finds!

Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods

Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods Author Jesse Honn
ISBN-10 0982389930
Release 2010-03
Pages 148
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The second book in the Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods series builds upon the excitement and intrigue of the first book. Seven young adventurers set out once again to experience the challenge and mystery that is the neighborhood woods. When an old family friend divulges a secret to the group known as The Woodsmen, they encounter their toughest challenges yet. The adventurers soon discover clues to a venerable treasure that may have ancient connections, but they realize that not everything is as simple as it first seems. Experience the continuing adventures with Dace and his friends as they forge ahead into the amazing woods. This family-friendly tale will hold the interest of children and adults alike with its deep plot, twists and turns, and fun style.

The amazing adventure of me myself and I

The amazing adventure of me  myself  and I Author Jovial Bob Stine
ISBN-10 0553158341
Release 1990-12
Pages 66
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Ira is in over his head when the camera he has purchased at a corner shop begins making duplicate copies of him, and soon he is frantically searching for a way out of his predicament.