The Beatles Off The Record 2 The Dream is Over

The Beatles  Off The Record 2   The Dream is Over Author Keith Badman
ISBN-10 9780857121028
Release 2009-12-15
Pages 612
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This book compiles more outrageous opinions and unrehearsed interviews from the former Beatles and the people who surrounded them. Keith Badman unearths a treasury of Beatles sound bites and points-of-view, taken from the post break up years. Includes insights from Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, Barbara Bach and many more.

The Beatles

The Beatles Author Keith Badman
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105025775979
Release 2001-10
Pages 538
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A comprehensive chronology of the lives of the Beatles from 1970 right up to the present day. Full of rare interviews from obscure sources.

The encyclopedia of popular music

The encyclopedia of popular music Author Colin Larkin
ISBN-10 0195313739
Release 2006
Pages 8904
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Rev. ed. of: The Guinness encyclopedia of popular music. 2nd ed. 1995.

We All Want to Change the World

We All Want to Change the World Author John Wyse Jackson
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105120970152
Release 2005-01
Pages 256
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A lavishly illustrated biography

Rocking the Classics

Rocking the Classics Author Edward Macan
ISBN-10 0195356810
Release 1997-01-09
Pages 320
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Few styles of popular music have generated as much controversy as progressive rock, a musical genre best remembered today for its gargantuan stage shows, its fascination with epic subject matter drawn from science fiction, mythology, and fantasy literature, and above all for its attempts to combine classical music's sense of space and monumental scope with rock's raw power and energy. Its dazzling virtuosity and spectacular live concerts made it hugely popular with fans during the 1970s, who saw bands such as King Crimson, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Jethro Tull bring a new level of depth and sophistication to rock. On the other hand, critics branded the elaborate concerts of these bands as self- indulgent and materialistic. They viewed progressive rock's classical/rock fusion attempts as elitist, a betrayal of rock's populist origins. In Rocking the Classics, the first comprehensive study of progressive rock history, Edward Macan draws together cultural theory, musicology, and music criticism, illuminating how progressive rock served as a vital expression of the counterculture of the late 1960s and 1970s. Beginning with a description of the cultural conditions which gave birth to the progressive rock style, he examines how the hippies' fondness for hallucinogens, their contempt for Establishment-approved pop music, and their fascination with the music, art, and literature of high culture contributed to this exciting new genre. Covering a decade of music, Macan traces progressive rock's development from the mid- to late-sixties, when psychedelic bands such as the Moody Blues, Procol Harum, the Nice, and Pink Floyd laid the foundation of the progressive rock style, and proceeds to the emergence of the mature progressive rock style marked by the 1969 release of King Crimson's album In the Court of the Crimson King. This "golden age" reached its artistic and commercial zenith between 1970 and 1975 in the music of bands such as Jethro Tull, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator, and Curved Air. In turn, Macan explores the conventions that govern progressive rock, including the visual dimensions of album cover art and concerts, lyrics and conceptual themes, and the importance of combining music, visual motif, and verbal expression to convey a coherent artistic vision. He examines the cultural history of progressive rock, considering its roots in a bohemian English subculture and its meteoric rise in popularity among a legion of fans in North America and continental Europe. Finally, he addresses issues of critical reception, arguing that the critics' largely negative reaction to progressive rock says far more about their own ambivalence to the legacy of the counterculture than it does about the music itself. An exciting tour through an era of extravagant, mind-bending, and culturally explosive music, Rocking the Classics sheds new light on the largely misunderstood genre of progressive rock.

The Beatles as Musicians

The Beatles as Musicians Author Walter Everett
ISBN-10 0195129415
Release 1999
Pages 395
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Given the phenomenal fame and commercial success that the Beatles knew for the entire course of their familiar career, their music per se has received surprisingly little detailed attention. Not all of their cultural influence can be traced to tong hair and flashy clothing; the Beatles had numerous fresh ideas about melody, harmony, counterpoint, rhythm, form, colors, and textures. Or consider how much new ground was broken by their lyrics alone -- both the themes and imagery of the Beatles' poetry are key parts of what made (and still makes) this group so important, so popular, and so imitated. This book is a comprehensive chronological study of every aspect of the Fab Four's musical life -- including full examinations of composition, performance practice, recording, and historical context -- during their transcendent late period (1966-1970). Rich, authoritative interpretations are interwoven through a documentary study of many thousands of audio, print, and other sources.

The Beatles Diary Vol 2

The Beatles Diary Vol  2 Author Barry Miles
ISBN-10 UVA:X006114701
Release 2001-02-01
Pages 690
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An updated paperback edition of the hardback best-seller. A fascinating and meticulous piece of Beatles scholarship.

The Penguin encyclopedia of popular music

The Penguin encyclopedia of popular music Author Donald Clarke
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048249307
Release 1998
Pages 1524
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Identifies musical groups, performers, songwriters, and musical genres

Way Beyond Compare

Way Beyond Compare Author John C. Winn
ISBN-10 0307451577
Release 2008
Pages 395
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A discography of Beatles' music provides facts and behind-the-scenes secrets about every known and available Beatles recording produced from the first meeting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in 1957 through the Rubber Soul sessions in late 1965.


Lennon Author Tim Riley
ISBN-10 9781448113194
Release 2011-09-29
Pages 816
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Music historian and journalist Tim Riley's biography challenges many popular assumptions about Lennon's life, from his widely misunderstood 'Working Class Hero' origins to his epic romance with Yoko Ono. Riley also explores Lennon in all his contradictions: the misogynist turned peace activist, the moralist who loved to outrage and the 'bigger than Christ' LSD enthusiast who settled down to become a house-husband. A pre-eminent scholar of Beatles music, Riley has consulted some of the most important Beatles scholarship of the past two decades. In a field littered with untrustworthy memoirs, he has culled the most reliable information from hundreds of books, and tracked down even more insightful sources among Lennon's friends, enemies, confidantes, celebrity associates and business contacts. He also writes brilliantly about the music and about Lennon's artistic and creative processes. The Beatles have just enjoyed their most successful sales decade ever, and this book will be a great gift for the Beatles fan in your life or for anyone with an interest in this British music legend.

The Beatles Story on Capitol Records Beatlemania the singles

The Beatles  Story on Capitol Records  Beatlemania   the singles Author
ISBN-10 0966264916
Release 2000
Pages 226
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'The Beatles' story on Capitol Records', volume one, is a detailed and accurate account on the group's Capitol singles. It tells the story of Beatlemania in America - from its modest beginnings to total domination. It explains why Capitol turned down the Beatles four times before finally agreeing to release their records. It tells how Capitol spent over $40,000 during its Beatles Campaign to promote the band and how the Beatles conquered America and charmed the tough New York press. The Beatles hit singles on Capitol, from I Want to Hold your Hand" through Lady Madonna, are covered in meticulous detail. The book provides complete session and chart information, tells stories behind the marketing of the singles and shows all of the trade ads, picture sleeves and label variations in full glorious color. It also covers Capitol's special promotional and juke box discs, unique Canadian 45s and Beatles-related recordings by the Four Preps and Peter Sellers, as well as a brief history of Capitol Records.


Beatlefan Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106018608353
Release 1989
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Beatlefan has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Beatlefan also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Beatlefan book for free.

The Beatles Solo on Apple Records

The Beatles Solo on Apple Records Author
ISBN-10 0966264959
Release 2005
Pages 358
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The Beatles Solo on Apple Records" is the companion piece to Bruce Spizers critically acclaimed "The Beatles on Apple Records." This book details the solo records released by John, Paul, George and Ringo on theirown Apple label in America, starting with the December, 1968, release of Georges "Wonderwall Music" album and ending with the December, 1975, release of Georges single "This Guitar (Cant Keep From Crying)." All solo projects are covered, including all of the albums and singles released by John & Yoko and Paul McCartney & Wings, as well as classic albums such as "Imagine," "Band On The Run," "All Things Must Pass" and "Ringo." The book provides comple te session and chart information and shows all picture sleeves, album covers and label variations, along with many of the promotional posters, displays and trade magazine ads. The bookis hard cover and printed on heavy weight glossy paper. It has over 900 images (all in full color or original black & white) spread throughout the the books 358 pages.

Der Mann der zu tr umen wagte

Der Mann  der zu tr  umen wagte Author Graeme Simsion
ISBN-10 9783104902807
Release 2017-02-23
Pages 400
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Was wäre, wenn deine große Liebe nach langen Jahren wieder auftaucht? Darfst du alles riskieren für einen Traum? Für das ganz große Glück? Keiner schreibt so unnachahmlich über Männer und Gefühle wie ›Das Rosie-Projekt‹-Autor Simsion. Adam Sharp gefällt sein Leben: er lebt mit Claire zusammen, arbeitet als IT-Berater in London und gewinnt beim Pub-Quiz alle Musikfragen. Aber ab und zu überkommt ihn die Erinnerung an Angelina Brown. Vor über 20 Jahren, im sonnigen Melbourne, erlebte er mit ihr, was es bedeutet, wenn man die Liebe findet – und sie verliert. Wie wäre sein Leben verlaufen, wenn er sie damals nicht hätte gehen lassen? Völlig überraschend meldet sich Angelina bei ihm. Was will sie? Haben die Songs doch recht, die von der ewigen Liebe erzählen? Sie lädt ihn in ihr Landhaus nach Frankreich ein. Adam muss sich fragen: wieviel Risiko darf man eingehen, wenn Träume auf einmal wahr werden könnten? Der große Roman über die Mitte des Lebens und das Gefühl, noch jung zu sein, übers Begegnen und Auseinanderleben, und eigentlich darüber, ob in der Liebe gestern und heute zusammenpassen. Der neue Roman vom Autor des Weltbestsellers ›Das Rosie-Projekt‹, Graeme Simsion.

Die Bienenh terin

Die Bienenh  terin Author Sue Monk Kidd
ISBN-10 9783641024734
Release 2009-03-11
Pages 352
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Lilys Mutter ist vor zehn Jahren umgekommen. Ihr Vater herrscht wie ein grausamer Rachegott über die inzwischen 14-jährige. Eines Tages flieht Lily aus der bedrückenden Atmosphäre ihres Elternhauses, wandert über die staubigen Straßen der Südstaaten, um ein neues Zuhause zu finden. Sie begegnet wunderbaren Menschen, rettet mit Mut und Klugheit ein Leben und findet bei drei Frauen Unterschlupf, die, wie im Märchen, in großer Eintracht zusammenwohnen. Die drei Schwestern geben dem Mädchen alles, was es braucht: Liebe, Halt, und Geborgenheit. Sie nehmen Lily in ihre Familie auf und weihen sie in die Geheimnisse weiblichen Wissens ein. Lily lernt alles über die Bienenzucht. Sie erfährt, wer ihre Mutter, die sie so schmerzlich vermisst, wirklich war, und sie verliebt sich. Doch eines Tages steht ihr Vater am Gartentor ...

The Beatles are coming

The Beatles are coming Author Bruce Spizer
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105131786373
Release 2003-06-15
Pages 246
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"The Beatles Are Coming!" covers the Beatles first visit to the United States and the events leading up to the group's arrival on February 7, 1964. It is the most thorough and accurate book ever published on how Beatlemania evolved in America. The book details why Capitol Records turned down the Beatles four times before finally agreeing to release their records. It tells the stories of two small companies, Vee-Jay and Swan, who issued the group's records without success in 1963. It details the American media coverage of the Beatles in late 1963, when Beatlemania was viewed as a curious fad happening in England that could never catch on in the United States. It explains how the Beatles were booked for "The Jack Paar Program" and "The Ed Sullivan Show," as well as two concerts at Carnegie Hall. The book concludes with stories and pictures of the Beatles historic first U.S. visit in February, 1964. The book contains over 450 images, including many previously unpublished photos of the Beatles. Foreword by Walter Cronkite.

The Beatles

The Beatles Author Roy Carr
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106018523735
Release 1981-02-01
Pages 136
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A comprehensive critical guide to the recordings of the Beatles includes over two hundred photographs tracing the lives and careers of these legendary rock stars