Das Schloss Grossdruck

Das Schloss  Grossdruck Author Franz Kafka
ISBN-10 1495460290
Release 2014-02-08
Pages 254
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Franz Kafka: Das Schloß Lesefreundlicher Großdruck in 16-pt-Schrift Die rätselhafte Geschichte um den zum Schloss bestellten Landvermesser K. entzieht sich beharrlich einer verbindlichen Deutung. Während Max Brods theologischer Ansatz das Schloss als Abbild göttlicher Gnade begreift, sieht Camus' existentialistische Deutung die Krise des zeitgenössischen Menschen darin. Sicher richtig ist jedenfalls die Einschätzung aus Kindlers Literaturlexikon, dass wer Kafkas Schloss dechiffrieren möchte, seine eigenen Interessen aktiv ins Spiel bringen muss. Edition Holzinger. Taschenbuch Berliner Ausgabe, 2014 Vollständiger, durchgesehener Neusatz mit einer Biographie des Autors bearbeitet und eingerichtet von Michael Holzinger Entstanden 1922, Erstdruck: München 1926. Textgrundlage ist die Ausgabe: Franz Kafka: Gesammelte Werke. Herausgegeben von Max Brod, Band 1–9, Frankfurt a.M.: S. Fischer, 1950 ff. Herausgeber der Reihe: Michael Holzinger Reihengestaltung: Viktor Harvion Umschlaggestaltung unter Verwendung des Bildes: Franz Kafka (Fotografie aus dem Atelier Jacobi, 1906) Gesetzt aus Minion Pro, 16 pt.

Das Schlo

   Das    Schlo  Author Franz Kafka
ISBN-10 3746616166
Release 2003
Pages 345
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Das Schloss

Das Schloss Author Franz Kafka
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105016486941
Release 1994
Pages 401
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Jeder Versuch, ins Schloß zu gelangen, mißlingt; so bleibt es nah und fern zugleich; seine Hierarchie fordert Gehorsam, aber die Weisungen bleiben dunkel und unverständlich. ”Dieses Dorf ist Besitz des Schlosses, wer hier wohnt oder übernachtet, wohnt oder übernachtet gewissermaßen im Schloß. Niemand darf das ohne gräfliche Erlaubnis.“ ”Alles, was über dieses Buch gesagt werden kann, ist nur tastendes Nebenher. Man muß es selbst nachlesen, Zeile für Zeile, wie hier aus einem oft lieblichen Zusammensein von Ironie und Pietät die drohende Strenge des letzten Gerichts auftaucht.“ Hans Sahl

The Castle

The Castle Author Franz Kafka
ISBN-10 9780307829481
Release 2012-12-05
Pages 352
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Translated and with a preface by Mark Harman Left unfinished by Kafka in 1922 and not published until 1926, two years after his death, The Castle is the haunting tale of K.’s relentless, unavailing struggle with an inscrutable authority in order to gain access to the Castle. Scrupulously following the fluidity and breathlessness of the sparsely punctuated original manuscript, Mark Harman’s new translation reveals levels of comedy, energy, and visual power previously unknown to English language readers.

The Castle

The Castle Author Barbara Cartland
ISBN-10 9781908411716
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 241
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Beautiful, flirtatious and romantic Valeria Montford is used to attracting admiring glances from the most eligible young men in Society. But galloping through the French countryside she discovers that pride definitely comes before a fall. A confident horsewoman, she is mortified when she is thrown in full view of Lord Charles Waterford. Embarrassed, and missing the usual praise for her equine skills, she decides that she hates Lord Waterford for making her feel humiliated. Then she meets Sir Peter Cousins - devastatingly handsome, exciting and slightly dangerous. Enchanted by Sir Peter's charm and obvious admiration Valeria becomes even more contemptuous of Lord Waterford's quieter nature. Back in England, Valeria's beloved father sadly confesses that a cad has defrauded him of his fortune. He can see only one way to pay his creditors and escape total financial ruin - Valeria must make a good marriage, and he already has a prospective suitor in mind. Still dreaming of Sir Peter and horrified at the prospect of a marriage without love, Valeria's heart is thrown into confusion. So when Lord Waterford suggests that she helps him restore his Castle she seizes the chance to escape, hoping against hope that Sir Peter will find her and offer a proposal that will satisfy everyone. In London, as the cream of Society prepares for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, Valeria is faced with the most difficult decision of her life. Should she accept her father's choice of suitor and assure her family's place in Society? Or hold out for the man she really loves? But just as Valeria comes to understand the true nature of love, friendship and security it seems that she has lost all chance of happiness forever.

The Castle of Otranto

The Castle of Otranto Author Horace Walpole
ISBN-10 UOM:39015068508988
Release 1811
Pages 191
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Entering the Castle

Entering the Castle Author Caroline M. Myss
ISBN-10 9780743255325
Release 2007
Pages 371
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A motivational teacher and "New York Times" bestselling author presents an exciting new guide to awakening the spirit within.

I Capture the Castle

I Capture the Castle Author Dodie Smith
ISBN-10 9781448139903
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 592
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'I write this sitting in the kitchen sink...’ This is the diary of Cassandra Mortmain, which tells of her extraordinary family and their crumbling castle home. Cassandra's father was once a famous writer, but now he mainly reads detective novels while his family slide into genteel poverty. Her sister Rose is bored and beautiful, and desperate to marry riches. Their step-mother Topaz has habit of striding through the countryside wearing only her wellington boots. But all their lives will be soon be transformed by the arrival of new neighbours from America, and Cassandra finds herself falling in love... BACKSTORY: Get to know Dodie Smith, and be inspired to keep your own diary!

Battle for the Castle

Battle for the Castle Author Andrea Orzoff
ISBN-10 0199709955
Release 2009-07-21
Pages 308
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After World War I, diplomats and leaders at the Paris Peace Talks redrew the map of Europe, carving up ancient empires and transforming Europe's eastern half into new nation-states. Drawing heavily on the past, the leaders of these young countries crafted national mythologies and deployed them at home and abroad. Domestically, myths were a tool for legitimating the new state with fractious electorates. In Great Power capitals, they were used to curry favor and to compete with the mythologies and propaganda of other insecure postwar states. The new postwar state of Czechoslovakia forged a reputation as Europe's democratic outpost in the East, an island of enlightened tolerance amid an increasingly fascist Central and Eastern Europe. In Battle for the Castle, Andrea Orzoff traces the myth of Czechoslovakia as an ideal democracy. The architects of the myth were two academics who had fled Austria-Hungary in the Great War's early years. Tomáas Garrigue Masaryk, who became Czechoslovakia's first president, and Edvard Benes, its longtime foreign minister and later president, propagated the idea of the Czechs as a tolerant, prosperous, and cosmopolitan people, devoted to European ideals, and Czechoslovakia as a Western ally capable of containing both German aggression and Bolshevik radicalism. Deeply distrustful of Czech political parties and Parliamentary leaders, Benes and Masaryk created an informal political organization known as the Hrad or "Castle." This powerful coalition of intellectuals, journalists, businessmen, religious leaders, and Great War veterans struggled with Parliamentary leaders to set the country's political agenda and advance the myth. Abroad, the Castle wielded the national myth to claim the attention and defense of the West against its increasingly hungry neighbors. When Hitler occupied the country, the mythic Czechoslovakia gained power as its leaders went into wartime exile. Once Czechoslovakia regained its independence after 1945, the Castle myth reappeared. After the Communist coup of 1948, many Castle politicians went into exile in America, where they wrote the Castle myth of an idealized Czechoslovakia into academic and political discourse. Battle for the Castle demonstrates how this founding myth became enshrined in Czechoslovak and European history. It powerfully articulates the centrality of propaganda and the mass media to interwar European cultural diplomacy and politics, and the tense, combative atmosphere of European international relations from the beginning of the First World War well past the end of the Second.

Behind the Castle Gate

Behind the Castle Gate Author Matthew Johnson
ISBN-10 9781135135584
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 232
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Combining ground-breaking scholarship with fascinating narratives, Matthew Johnson's book takes a look at Medieval English castles. It creates a new and exciting focus on how castles were shaped by their inhabitants and vice versa.

Emmeline the orphan of the castle

Emmeline  the orphan of the castle Author Charlotte Smith
ISBN-10 OXFORD:600069134
Release 1789
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The Rise of the Castle

The Rise of the Castle Author M. W. Thompson
ISBN-10 0521088534
Release 2008-10-30
Pages 216
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Examines the rise of the castle from its European origins in the tenth century to c.1400.

From the Temple to the Castle

From the Temple to the Castle Author Lee Morrissey
ISBN-10 0813918995
Release 1999
Pages 178
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Visiting Britain in the mid-eighteenth century, Andre Rouquet wrote that "in England more than in any other country, every man would fain be his own architect." Not surprisingly, then, several of the most important eighteenth-century British authors were also practicing architects: John Vanbrugh, a playwright, designed Blenheim Palace; the poet Alexander Pope offered architectural drawings for redesigning the houses of friends; and Horace Walpole claimed that the home he renovated, Strawberry Hill, inspired his novel The Castle of Otranto. The work of John Milton and Thomas Gray also exhibits an abiding interest in architecture. By examining the connections between literature and architecture in the work of these writers and by viewing architecture in literary terms, Lee Morrissey traces a narrative of cultural change in the Augustan Age and beyond. A literary scholar with a strong background in architectural theory and practice, Morrissey examines architectural references made by these authors and architectural publications familiar to them. Each chapter establishes a connection with architecture in the careers of an author and then describes how a principal text -- Paradise Lost, The Provok'd Wife, An Essay on Man, Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, and The Castle of Otranto -- focuses the literary and historical issues of the period in architectural terms. While some twentieth-century architectural theorists have worried that treating architecture in literary terms robs it of its social function, Morrissey argues that architecture can be a language and still participate in political and social contexts, because language itself is political and social. The fruit of hisargument is a unique intellectual history of late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Britain that will engage scholars of architectural history and landscape architecture as well as of literature.

The Castle of Ollada

The Castle of Ollada Author Francis Lathom
ISBN-10 0976604825
Release 1795
Pages 136
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"In The Castle of Ollada, young Altador seeks to solve the mystery of the ancient Castle of Ollada and win the love of the beautiful Matilda. Why does his uncle, the Baron Garcia, refuse to inhabit the castle? And what is the bloodstained spectre that the servants have seen haunting its ruined halls? An immediate success when first published in 1795, The Castle of Ollada was the first novel by celebrated Gothic writer Francis Lathom, who wrote it at age twenty. This edition includes the unabridged text of the 1831 edition, as well as a new introduction revealing never before published information on the life and works of Francis Lathom. The complete text of two contemporary reviews is also included to illustrate the novel's reception when first published."--Publisher's website.

Tales of the castle

Tales of the castle Author Stéphanie Félicité Genlis (comtesse de)
ISBN-10 PRNC:32101068989878
Release 1798
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The Castle of Otranto

The Castle of Otranto Author
ISBN-10 KBNL:KBNL03000143974
Release 1769
Pages 200
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A Ghost in the Castle

A Ghost in the Castle Author Sigrid Heuck
ISBN-10 PSU:000032009743
Release 1994
Pages 25
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A rare white owl who has always lived in a cage in a travelling circus is bought by the gardener at a nearby castle, who lets her out of her cage in the attic to scare the mice.