The City is a Rising Tide

The City is a Rising Tide Author Rebecca Lee
ISBN-10 9780743276665
Release 2007-07-17
Pages 208
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Obsessed with a boss whom she first met in Beijing during her childhood, Justine Laxness embezzles money from her employer to help an old college flame, screenwriter James Nutter, a decision that has unforeseen ramifications. A first novel. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.

The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide Author Jeff Shaara
ISBN-10 0345495330
Release 2006-11-07
Pages 576
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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Jeff Shaara's The Steel Wave. A modern master of the historical novel, Jeff Shaara has painted brilliant depictions of the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, and World War I. Now he embarks upon his most ambitious epic, a trilogy about the military conflict that defined the twentieth century. The Rising Tide begins a staggering work of fiction bound to be a new generation’ s most poignant chronicle of World War II. With you-are-there immediacy, painstaking historical detail, and all-inclusive points of view, Shaara portrays the momentous and increasingly dramatic events that pulled America into the vortex of this monumental conflict. As Hitler conquers Poland, Norway, France, and most of Western Europe, England struggles to hold the line. When Germany’s ally Japan launches a stunning attack on Pearl Harbor, America is drawn into the war, fighting to hold back the Japanese conquest of the Pacific, while standing side-by-side with their British ally, the last hope for turning the tide of the war. Through unforgettable battle scenes in the unforgiving deserts of North Africa and the rugged countryside of Sicily, Shaara tells this story through the voices of this conflict’s most heroic figures, some familiar, some unknown. As British and American forces strike into the “soft underbelly” of Hitler’s Fortress Europa, the new weapons of war come clearly into focus. In North Africa, tank battles unfold in a tapestry of dust and fire unlike any the world has ever seen. In Sicily, the Allies attack their enemy with a barely tested weapon: the paratrooper. As battles rage along the coasts of the Mediterranean, the momentum of the war begins to shift, setting the stage for the massive invasion of France, at a seaside resort called Normandy. More than an unprecedented and intimate portrait of those who waged this astonishing global war, The Rising Tide is a vivid gallery of characters both immortal and unknown: the as-yet obscure administrator Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose tireless efficiency helped win the war; his subordinates, clashing in both style and personality, from George Patton and Mark Clark to Omar Bradley and Bernard Montgomery. In the desolate hills and deserts, the Allies confront Erwin Rommel, the battlefield genius known as “the Desert Fox,” a wounded beast who hands the Americans their first humiliating defeat in the European theater of the war. From tank driver to paratrooper to the men who gave the commands, Shaara’s stirring portrayals bring the heroic and the tragic to life in brilliant detail. A new level of accomplishment from this already acclaimed author, The Rising Tide will leave readers eager for the next volume of this superb saga of the war that saved and changed the world.

Rising Tide

Rising Tide Author John M. Barry
ISBN-10 9781416563327
Release 2007-09-17
Pages 528
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An American epic of science, politics, race, honor, high society, and the Mississippi River, Rising Tide tells the riveting and nearly forgotten story of the greatest natural disaster this country has ever known -- the Mississippi flood of 1927. The river inundated the homes of nearly one million people, helped elect Huey Long governor and made Herbert Hoover president, drove hundreds of thousands of blacks north, and transformed American society and politics forever. A New York Times Notable Book of the Year, winner of the Southern Book Critics Circle Award and the Lillian Smith Award.

Rising Tide

Rising Tide Author Randy Roberts
ISBN-10 9781455526345
Release 2013-08-20
Pages 304
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The extraordinary story of how Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and Joe Namath, his star quarterback at the University of Alabama, led the Crimson Tide to victory and transformed football into a truly national pastime. During the bloodiest years of the civil rights movement, Bear Bryant and Joe Namath-two of the most iconic and controversial figures in American sports-changed the game of college football forever. Brilliantly and urgently drawn, this is the gripping account of how these two very different men-Bryant a legendary coach in the South who was facing a pair of ethics scandals that threatened his career, and Namath a cocky Northerner from a steel mill town in Pennsylvania-led the Crimson Tide to a national championship. To Bryant and Namath, the game was everything. But no one could ignore the changes sweeping the nation between 1961 and 1965-from the Freedom Rides to the integration of colleges across the South and the assassination of President Kennedy. Against this explosive backdrop, Bryant and Namath changed the meaning of football. Their final contest together, the 1965 Orange Bowl, was the first football game broadcast nationally, in color, during prime time, signaling a new era for the sport and the nation. Award-winning biographer Randy Roberts and sports historian Ed Krzemienski showcase the moment when two thoroughly American traditions-football and Dixie-collided. A compelling story of race and politics, honor and the will to win, RISING TIDE captures a singular time in America. More than a history of college football, this is the story of the struggle and triumph of a nation in transition and the legacy of two of the greatest heroes the sport has ever seen.

Journal of the Council of the City of Washington

Journal of the     Council of the City of Washington    Author
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112079426521
Release 1867
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Journal of the Council of the City of Washington has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of the Council of the City of Washington also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of the Council of the City of Washington book for free.

The City of Detroit Michigan 1701 1922

The City of Detroit Michigan 1701 1922 Author C.M. Burton
ISBN-10 9785877163737
Release 1922
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William Stocking, Gordon K. Miller - Associate Editor.

Managing the City Economy

Managing the City Economy Author Le-Yin Zhang
ISBN-10 9781135102630
Release 2015-03-24
Pages 312
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In a world increasingly organised as networks of cities, this book offers the first full-length treatment of the subject of managing the city economy. It explores key challenges and strategies, particularly in developing countries, where developmental deficits are greatest and almost all urban growth up to 2050 will take place. Adopting a practitioner’s perspective, theoretically grounded and international in scope, this book is unique in its focus and endeavours to connect theory with practice. Through an interdisciplinary and strategic approach, this book explores the challenges and options in managing the contemporary city economy. It aims to illustrate the extent to which appropriate policy interventions in the city economy could offer effective solutions to some of the most difficult social and environmental challenges facing cities. The book comprises five main parts. Part I sets the scene and examines contemporary processes that affect cities and explains the challenges they pose for city managers. Part II presents a selection of conceptual frameworks commonly used in urban economic analysis. Part III examines the management of sectoral growth, covering manufacturing, exports of services, transport and logistics, and real estate. Part IV addresses urban poverty, low-carbon transition and the informal economy. Part V focuses on laying the foundation for long-term city development, exploring the roles of city development strategies, municipal finance, investment in people and appropriate infrastructure. This book is designed for graduate courses in urban economic development, urban planning, urban policy and public administration, and for professionals who are involved in the management of city economies or/and conducting research, consultancy or policy advocacy for cities. Through critical review of relevant debates and a dozen case studies this book will equip city managers with the knowledge required to strengthen the performance of their city economy while delivering authentic and sustainable development.

The Rising Tide of Color

The Rising Tide of Color Author Moon-Ho Jung
ISBN-10 9780295805030
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 320
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The Rising Tide of Color challenges familiar narratives of race in American history that all too often present the U.S. state as a benevolent force in struggles against white supremacy, especially in the South. Featuring a wide range of scholars specializing in American history and ethnic studies, this powerful collection of essays highlights historical moments and movements on the Pacific Coast and across the Pacific to reveal a different story of race and politics. From labor and anticolonial activists around World War I and multiracial campaigns by anarchists and communists in the 1930s to the policing of race and sexuality after World War II and transpacific movements against the Vietnam War, The Rising Tide of Color brings to light histories of race, state violence, and radical movements that continue to shape our world in the twenty-first century.

On A Rising Tide

On A Rising Tide Author Richard H. Triebe
ISBN-10 9781434360809
Release 2008-03-01
Pages 364
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Life is sometimes like a box of chocolates, because you never know what you're going to get. I wrote this book because I know from experience that God can do anything; and because my intimacy levels have increased with God more and more, it is the most wonderful relationship I have ever experienced. I want others to experience this kind of intimacy because you never know love until you fall in love with God. Knowing God loves you, and that whatever happens in life He's with you, is vital. It causes levels of intimacy that you can only imagine until it happens. I am overwhelmed with joy and peace amid my trials because I know God is able to do anything.

Beyond Calvin

Beyond Calvin Author Graeme Murdock
ISBN-10 9781137197160
Release 2004-08-23
Pages 208
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An international community of Reformed churches emerged during the sixteenth century. Although attempts were made by Calvinists to reach agreement over key beliefs, and to establish uniformity in patterns of worship and church government, there were continuing divisions over some ideas and differences between local practices of moral discipline and religious life. However, Reformed intellectuals developed common ideas about rights of resistance against tyrants, communities prayed, fasted and donated money to aid brethren in distress, and many Calvinists across the Continent developed a strong sense of collective identity. Beyond Calvin considers the Reformed churches of Europe in an international and comparative context from around 1540 to 1620. Graeme Murdock: - discusses how Calvinism operated as an international movement by looking at links between Reformed churches, communities and states - explains what Reformed churches across the Continent stood for - focuses on how Calvinists sought to purify the practice of Christian religion, and to renew European politics, society and culture - examines both the strengths and limits of the international Reformed community

Spectacle and the city

Spectacle and the city Author Jeroen de Kloet
ISBN-10 9789048517022
Release 2015-12-15
Pages 264
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China is urbanizing at an unprecedented speed. Filmmakers, artists, musicians, and writers all try to come to terms with the changes of their city. How is the Chinese city-as-spectacle, visualised and thus imagined and reimagined, if not contested, in art and popular culture? What are the possible escape routes from a completely commodified cityscape? How to realign artistic expressions of the spectacle with everyday practices? The imaginations of the Chinese city in art and popular culture that this book explores are not taken as merely mirroring or reflecting reality, on the contrary, they are part and parcel of the construction, destruction and deconstruction of that reality. As such, these imaginations are enmeshed in the social, material and political realities that produce Chinese cityscapes. Spectacle and the City: Chinese Urbanities in Art and Popular Culture brings together essays by an interdisciplinary team of experts on Chinese cities, including world-renowned scholars like Ackbar Abbas and Chua Beng Huat, as well as leading cultural critics like Ou Ning. Aiming to steer away from an exclusive focus on Mainland China, the adjective Chinese has a cultural meaning and includes places like Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Architects and the City

The Architects and the City Author Robert Bruegmann
ISBN-10 0226076954
Release 1997-08-18
Pages 540
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Looks at the work of the Chicago architectural firm Holabird & Roche, from 1880 to 1918.

Puritan London

Puritan London Author Dai Liu
ISBN-10 0874132835
Release 1986-01
Pages 259
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Contributes to an understanding of the internal political and religious structure of the City of London during the period of the English Revolution. This monograph reconstructs the social structure and composition of each of the City parishes, surveys the successes and failures of Presbyterianism among the parishes, explores the new relationship between the Puritan ministers and the parishes, as well as discusses the Independents and the Anglicans in this time and setting.

Reading Seattle

Reading Seattle Author Peter Donahue
ISBN-10 9780295805559
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 320
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Seattle, with its spectacular natural beauty and rough frontier history, has inspired writers from its earliest days. This anthology spans seven decades and includes fiction, memoirs, histories, and journalism that define the city or use it as a setting, imparting the flavor of the city through a literary prism. Reading Seattle features classics by Horace R. Cayton, Richard Hugo, Betty MacDonald, Mary McCarthy, Murray Morgan, and John Okada as well as more recent works by Sherman Alexie, Lynda Barry, David Guterson, J. A. Jance, Jonathan Raban, and others. It includes cutting-edge work by emerging talents and reintroduces works by important Seattle writers who may have been overlooked in recent years. The writers featured in this volume explore a variety of neighborhoods and districts within the city, delineating urban spaces and painting memorable portraits of characters both historical and fictional.

Neighborhood Politics

Neighborhood Politics Author Larry Bennett
ISBN-10 9781135596897
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 284
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First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Jenkins s Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the City of Exeter and Its Environs from the Time of the Romans to the Year 1806

Jenkins s Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the City of Exeter and Its Environs from the Time of the Romans to the Year 1806    Author Alexander Jenkins
ISBN-10 PRNC:32101018040822
Release 1841
Pages 444
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Jenkins s Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the City of Exeter and Its Environs from the Time of the Romans to the Year 1806 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Jenkins s Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the City of Exeter and Its Environs from the Time of the Romans to the Year 1806 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Jenkins s Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the City of Exeter and Its Environs from the Time of the Romans to the Year 1806 book for free.

Political Radicalism in Late Imperial Vienna

Political Radicalism in Late Imperial Vienna Author John W. Boyer
ISBN-10 0226069567
Release 1995-05-05
Pages 598
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John Boyer offers a meticulously researched examination of the social and political atmosphere of late imperial Vienna. He traces the demise of Vienna's liberal culture and the burgeoning of a new radicalism, exemplified by the rise of Karl Lueger and the Christian Socialist Party during the latter half of the nineteenth century. This important study paves the way for new readings of fin de siecle Viennese politics and their broader European significance. "Offers a comprehensive, multicausal study of the rise of Christian Socialism in Vienna, that phenomenon which was experienced nowhere else in urban Central Europe and which culminated in the famous clash between the Austrian establishment and the colourful, domineering lead of the movement, Karl, Lueger."—R.J.W. Evans, History "Boyer's analysis is masterful in terms of research, exposition, and organization. His use of available economic data is judicious, and his sense of the social structure of late nineteenth-century Vienna is formidable."—William A. Jenks, American Historical Review "To understand Viennese and even imperial politics in the latter half of the nineteenth century, Boyer's book is absolutely essential.""—Robert Wegs, Review of Politics