The High Protein Cookbook

The High Protein Cookbook Author Linda West Eckhardt
ISBN-10 9780307434265
Release 2010-08-18
Pages 208
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End food boredom and diet burnout with more than 400 sophisticated, low-carbohydrate dinners that are bursting with flavor--and on the table in under 30 minutes! Hundreds of thousands have embraced the low-carbohydrate lifestyle finding that a diet based on lean protein, fruits, and vegetables and less dependent on simple carbohydrates has helped them look and feel better. But a monotonous menu of steak and salad or expensive, additive-laden prepared foods has been the undoing of many a successful diet regimen. The solution? Linda West Eckhardt and Katherine West DeFoyd have devised more than 100 protein-rich, low-carbohydrate dinners that will satisfy even the most demanding diners. Drawing on their experiences as award-winning cookbook authors, Eckhardt and DeFoyd have developed a tempting range of high-protein meals that are quick enough to make on a weeknight but elegant enough to share with guests -- and so delicious they'll never know they've been shortchanged on carbohyd rates, fat, and calories. Each entree in The High-Protein Cookbook * Provides at least 30 grams of protein, yet is light on fat and calories. * Is styled for two people but can easily be doubled or tripled * Uses short lists of fresh, healthful ingredients * Is based on simple cooking techniques requiring no special equipment * Avoids "artificial" products and flavorings * Contains reasonable amounts of high-quality protein balanced by ample servings of vegetables and fruits With chapters devoted to side dishes and salads, sauces and condiments, and even sinfully satisfying desserts that won't break the carbohydrate bank, The High-Protein Cookbook is the perfect companion to many of today's most popular dietary regimens and an enticing argument for cutting back on excess carbohydrates. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The High Protein Cookbook

The High Protein Cookbook Author Linda West Eckhardt
ISBN-10 9780609806739
Release 2000
Pages 195
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Presents a delicious assortment of one hundred flavorful, satisfying, high-protein recipes for every meal of the day, offering a wide range of dishes that incorporate chicken, eggs, beef, seafood, and other protein sources, all accompanied by nutritional breakdowns, sample menus, charts, and meal-planning tips. Original. 15,000 first printing.

The High Protein Cookbook

The High Protein Cookbook Author Linda West Eckhardt
ISBN-10 9780609806739
Release 2000
Pages 195
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Presents a delicious assortment of one hundred flavorful, satisfying, high-protein recipes for every meal of the day, offering a wide range of dishes that incorporate chicken, eggs, beef, seafood, and other protein sources, all accompanied by nutritional breakdowns, sample menus, charts, and meal-planning tips. Original. 15,000 first printing.

The High Protein Vegetarian Cookbook Hearty Dishes that Even Carnivores Will Love

The High Protein Vegetarian Cookbook  Hearty Dishes that Even Carnivores Will Love Author Katie Parker
ISBN-10 9781581576382
Release 2015-01-05
Pages 192
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Satisfying vegetarian recipes from Veggie and the Beast Where do vegetarians get their protein? From delicious plant-based foods, including beans, nuts, quinoa, raw cocoa, and even dairy. These ingredients are used to their best advantage in this new cookbook. As a vegetarian living with a meat-eating guy, the author has developed recipes for every time of day (or night) that are deliciously satisfying and high in protein. With recipes like Fresh Veggie Quinoa Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing, Mushroom and Wild Rice Burgers, Quick and Hearty Vegetarian Chili, and Dark Chocolate Black Bean Brownies, the results are outrageously tasty—and completely vegetarian!

The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook Think Outside the Shake

The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook  Think Outside the Shake Author Anna Sward
ISBN-10 9781581572537
Release 2014-05-26
Pages 276
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Shares over 150 recipes that use protein powder in such a form as whey, soy, casein, hemp, and rice, including such options as sweet potato protein bars, almond and quinoa protein pizza, and vanilla protein ice cream.

The New High Protein Diet Cookbook

The New High Protein Diet Cookbook Author Charles Clark
ISBN-10 9781446447697
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 304
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'We've all heard of Jen and Madonna using high-protein diets to lose weight. It's a tricky one to follow safely, but with Dr Clark's sensible approach us mere mortals can do it too.' New Woman The New High Protein Diet works. It is medically based and scientifically proven, and once you've tried the diet you'll want this brilliant recipe book to help you keep to your healthy new lifestyle. This cookbook is packed with ideas, ranging from breakfast on the run to quick and easy dinners to Sunday lunch. Bread and biscuits will no longer prove your downfall and you'll continue to feel full of energy and vitality as you keep to your low-carb lifestyle. It's easy once you realise how many choices and variations there are available. The low-carb recipes make use of delicious fresh ingredients, and are also very easy to follow. And the great news is that even though these low-carb meals are part of a diet, none will be cordon bleu size portions. The book includes: --Why low-carb? --The New High Protein Diet principles --Good carbs and bad carbs --Shopping lists --The recipes

High Protein Vegan

High Protein Vegan Author Hilda Jorgensen
ISBN-10 1480084549
Release 2012
Pages 111
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High Protein Meals... Naturally From the author of Triumph of the Lentil: Soy-Free Vegan Wholefoods for all Appetites comes another collection of hearty recipes - from easy everyday meals to gourmet feasts, all with clear directions and accurate timing. Hilda brings her signature style of creating flavoursome and satisfying food in the simplest way possible to this book with its focus on high protein meals. High Protein Vegan focuses on nutritious, tasty and filling legume-based main meals, as well as decadent-but-healthy raw desserts. With over 100 recipes accompanied by 90 colour photographs, this book will motivate you to create delicious high protein vegan whole food meals and desserts. High Protein Vegan is... •Full of unique and tasty recipes, from new twists on old favourites through to innovative ways to serve vegetables and legumes. •Allergy-friendly, with soy-free options for all recipes and many options for other diets and allergies including gluten-free, nut-free, nightshade-free and allium-free. •Packed full of do-able recipes that can fit into busy lives. With High Protein Vegan you can learn to... •Create hearty and savoury meals with an awareness of umami flavour. •Modify your existing recipes to add extra protein from whole foods. •Make nutritious meals from scratch with a minimum of kitchen time. •Understand protein needs and other essential information on vegan nutrition. •Replace shop-bought vegan sausages with healthy homemade ones, with recipes in a variety of styles from the Australian-style pumpkin seed, lentil and herb sausages through to bratwurst and kaesekrainer. •Pasta alla Carbonara •Caesar Salad with Crispy Chickpea and Cauliflower Fritters •Bean and Mushroom Stroganoff, Sunchoke Crisps on Cannellini Bean and Sunchoke Puree with Arugula Pesto •Thai Green Curry •Spicy Carrot and Chickpea Tagine •Grain-Free Pad Thai •Swedish Not-Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy •Bean and Sunflower Seed Rissoles •Chickpea Schnitzel Patties •Baked Chard Dolmathes Stuffed with Quinoa, Beans and Herbs •Cauliflower Parmigiana Bake •Pea and Cauliflower Samosa Pot Pies •Lentil Loaf •Lancashire Hot Pot •Spinach and 'Ricotta' Calzones •Pumpkin Seed, Lentil and Herb Sausages •Bratwurst •Lemon Cheezecake •Chocolate Ice Cream •Caramel Slice •Chocolate Mousse Cake •Halva •Muesli Bars and more...

Vegan High Protein Cookbook

Vegan High Protein Cookbook Author Katya Johansson
ISBN-10 1537164902
Release 2016-08-19
Pages 94
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Stay Healthy While Building Lean Muscle - Vegan High Protein Cookbook! A little about high protein diet... The human body must get certain essential amino acids from the diet in order to synthesize all the proteins it needs to function normally and stay healthy. Luckily there are several plant based foods that are good sources of protein, such as beans, peanuts, and soya. Moreover, Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes contain no cholesterol and are low in fat, especially saturated fats. They are also high in fiber and other nutrients but not so rich in protein. Forget the common belief that you HAVE TO eat meat in order to get enough protein! You are much better off getting protein from plant sources that do not contain "bad" fats. This type of vegan high protein diet can help you build muscle without getting the unwanted results that come with incorporating a lot of animal based products in your diet. All recipes Inside This High Protein Vegan Cookbook are: * Vegan * Dairy Free * Whole Food * Plant Based * High Protein Here are some of the high protein vegan recipes you'll find inside... Tomato and Tofu Cheese Pizza Butternut Squash Risotto Quinoa Falafel Veggie burger Hawaiian Salad Lentil Loaf with Tomato Mango Tofu Tacos Shakshuka [Vegan] Tofu Vegetable Kebabs Braised Lentils Polenta with Mushrooms & Many more vegan high protein recipes. If you truly care about your health - you need to know how to make high protein vegan recipes. So go ahead - grab your copy now for 100% FREE with every paperback copy you buy. You heard me right: that means you only buy the paperback - and the kindle ebook is a free gift from us. Are you ready to eat vegan foods that will allow you to get super muscular and healthy with proper training? Click on the orange "Buy now with -Click" button on the top right to claim this amazing deal!

Alferd Packer s High Protein Cookbook

Alferd Packer s High Protein Cookbook Author Wendy Spurr
ISBN-10 1882418190
Release 1995-05-01
Pages 48
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Alferd Packer s High Protein Cookbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Alferd Packer s High Protein Cookbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Alferd Packer s High Protein Cookbook book for free.

High Protein Low GI Bold Flavor

High Protein  Low GI  Bold Flavor Author Fiona Carns
ISBN-10 9781615190379
Release 2012-02
Pages 168
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A collection of recipes caters to both high-protein and low-glycemic-index dieters, covering all three meals as well as dessert, and highlights the use of minimally processed ingredients to reap the greatest nutritional benefits.

High Protein Pancakes Strength Building Recipes for Everyday Health

High Protein Pancakes  Strength Building Recipes for Everyday Health Author Pamela Braun
ISBN-10 9781682680247
Release 2017-01-03
Pages 128
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Get stronger and stay satisfied longer with protein pancakes Athletes know how important protein is to a diet, which is why protein pancakes are the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack of choice for people who care about feeling—and looking—great. Easy to make and delicious to eat, protein pancakes have the same all-American taste of their carb-heavy counterparts, but are oh-so-much better for a body. With high-protein ingredients like quinoa, oatmeal, eggs, nuts, and various flours, more than 50 recipes include: Honey Banana Pancakes Dark Chocolate Pancakes Apple Cinnamon Pancakes Chai Pancakes Flip for protein, pancake-style.

The Ultimate Low Carb Diet Cookbook

The Ultimate Low Carb Diet Cookbook Author Donna Pliner Rodnitzky
ISBN-10 9780307755483
Release 2010-06-09
Pages 400
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Tasty Alternatives for Every Low-Carb Dieter Low-carb diets are all the rage, and their appeal is obvious: You can eat great food that you'd never dream you could eat while dieting—and the diets work! But once you get past the delight of eating all the beef and butter your tummy desires, where can you turn for variety, great taste, and truly healthful low-carb dieting? Inside The Ultimate low-Carb Diet Cookbook you'll discover more than 200 scrumptious and easy to prepare recipes that will help you continue to enjoy this fat-burning diet regime on into the future. Plus, you'll find carbohydrate counts and a nutritional analysis for each recipe! This essential book, which keeps the pleasure factor of low-carb eating front and center, includes satisfying and helthful dishes such as: ·Creamy Herb Dip ·Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Soup ·Savory Spinach Salad with Steak and Blue Cheese ·Swordfish with Olive and Red Pepper Relish ·Broccoli with Garlic and Cheese ·Banana, Chocolate Chip, and Walnut Muffins ·And many more creative and tasty meal, snack, and treat ideas! No matter which low-carb diet you're on, you can continue to experience meal after meal of healthful dieting and great taste. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Muscle Meals

Muscle Meals Author John Romano
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924080086907
Release 1997
Pages 224
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MUSCLE MEALS, a cookbook for bodybuilders, athletes & fitness enthusiasts features a delicious array of easy-to-prepare gourmet meals. Written by John Romano, a culinary expert, TV chef on ESPN's American Muscle & nutritional consultant to bodybuilders & fitness champions. MUSCLE MEALS contains low fat treats with the proper balance of protein & carbohydrates designed to deliver the right nutrients necessary to lower fat & build muscle. With MUSCLE MEALS those exercising to trim down & tone up can transform blah & mundane diets into delicious, exciting meals with even greater fat reduction. After eight weeks of MUSCLE MEALS dieting the author whittled his own body fat to a minuscule 3 percent. MUSCLE MEALS will help you gain muscle, lose body fat, improve performance & maintain a top physique year round. Per an American Sports Data survey, 52 million people regularly engaged (at least 100 times a year) in fitness training. MUSCLE MEALS is a unique cookbook targeted at this growing market. It contains several hundred recipes for soups, salads, vegetables, casseroles, meat & meatless meals, pastas, poultry, seafood, breads, cakes, muffins & desserts. Each recipe is complete with instructions & information on caloric, protein, carbohydrate, & fat content. This 200 plus page, hardcover cookbook is entertainingly illustrated by bodybuilding cartoonist par excellence, Lyman Dally. Order from Distributor, Access Publisher's Network, 6893 Sullivan Rd, Grawn, MI 49637. Publisher, Research Press, Inc., 150 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, NY 11788, 516-467-3140, FAX: 516-630-3486. Wholesaler: Ingram.

High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet Author H. P. D. Press HPD Press - High Protein Diet
ISBN-10 1502764024
Release 2014-10-10
Pages 134
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High Protein Diet - High Protein Everyday Meals for Metabolism Boost and Weight Loss Looking for the best high-protein diet that can help you lose weight A protein is nothing more than a long chain of amino acids. Protein is said to be "complete" when it contains all 9 of the essential amino acids, and "incomplete" when it lacks one or more essential amino acid. These amino acids are essential because our body cannot produce them and they have to be consumed through food. Animal-sourced protein is usually complete while plant-based protein is often incomplete. This does not make plant-based protein inferior - it only means you need to vary your protein sources in order to receive a healthy dose of all the essential amino acids. Discover out different healthy protein recipes to help build and regenerate muscle Also, you'll discover.. Foods to avoid on high-protein diet Healthy tips for a balanced meal Benefits of having a high-protein diet And much more! Table of Contents High Protein Baking Almond Butter Crunch Granola Bar Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti Super-Protein Coconut Custard Pie Vanilla Peach Cake Walnut Raisin Cookies Indian Sweet Almond Fudge Asian Sesame Cookies Blueberry Scones Classic Bagels Avocado Club Muffin Carrot Cake Cookie Bars Ginger Spice Cookies Rosemary Basil Scones Cinnamon Cashew Rugalach Kefir Sourdough Rolls Chocolate Pecan Shortbread Cookies Cocoa Gingerbread State Fair Fry Bread Easy Biscuits Cranberry Pistachio Scones Avocado Spice Bread Apple Upside Down Cakes Cashew Belgian Waffles Fruit And Nut Cake Chocolate Almond Biscotti Wild Mince Meat Pie High-Protein Pretzel Sticks Slow Cooker Berry Cobbler Avocado Club Muffin High Protein Dinners High Protein Chicken Satay Saucy Meatballs Crunchy Cashew Chicken Thai Steamed Mussels Steak and Eggs Primal Chicken and Waffles Southern Style Egg Salad Meaty Texas Chili Almond Crust Chicken Pie Nuts & Turkey Burgers Baked Tilapia Filets Super Simple Protein Matzo Ball Soup Highland Beef Haggis Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Herb Crusted Pork Chops with Cinnamon Apples Sausage Stuffed Tomatoes Stuffed Cabbage in Tomato Sauce Beef Burgundy Delicious Lobster Bisque Stewed Chicken and Dumplings Macadamia Crusted Ahi Tuna Lobster Newburg Island Lamb Patty Jamaican Curried Goat Holiday Baked Ham Chickplant Filets Salmon with Berry Chutney Oven-Fried Chicken Country Fried Steak Southern Liver and Onions

Low Carb High Protein Cookbook

Low Carb High Protein Cookbook Author Ronda Cruz
ISBN-10 1520821166
Release 2017-03-12
Pages 68
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Includes A Wide Variety of Delicious Low Carb High Protein Meals For Burning Fat! Get This Low Carb Cookbook For A Special Discount (40% off)The low carb diet is one of the most proven and effective diets for losing weight. The over consumption of carbohydrates is one of the main reasons why many Americans are overweight. It can be very hard avoiding high carb foods in today's world. This low carb high protein cookbook will provide you with alternative low carb bread recipes, that will help you reduce your daily carbohydrate intake. Here are some helpful low carb dieting tips:* Include vegetables and lean meats (fish and chicken) in your diet. Most vegetables and meats contain low amounts of carbs, and can control your appetite.* Avoid starchy foods like pasta, potatoes, and rice. These foods have high amounts of carbs! * Stick to drinking water, most other drinks like juice may include sugars that you may not be aware of.The recipes in this cookbook are all low carb and high in protein, and contain little or no sugars. Good luck and we hope you enjoy these delicious low carb high protein recipes!

Low Carb Low Calorie High Protein Slow Cooker 255 Recipes Cookbook

Low Carb Low Calorie High Protein Slow Cooker 255  Recipes Cookbook Author Dona Carter
ISBN-10 9781105892967
Release 2012-07-31
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If you want to prepare hot, nutritious, home-cooked meals for your family and friends,but feel like time is never on your side, think again! The High Protein Low Carb Slow Cooker 255+ recipes under 300 calories will allow you to come home from work to a wonderful prepared healthy meal. All recipes are assigned with proper value helping you to plan your meals accordingly....selecting from high protein-low crab ratio, low calorie-low crab ratio, or even high protein-low calorie ratio.

Clean Sweets

Clean Sweets Author Arman Liew
ISBN-10 1581574495
Release 2017-03-14
Pages 144
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High-protein desserts that taste great, are easy to make, and serve one or two.