The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter

The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter Author Lana A. Whited
ISBN-10 0826215491
Release 2004
Pages 418
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Now available in paper, The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter is the first book-length analysis of J. K. Rowling's work from a broad range of perspectives within literature, folklore, psychology, sociology, and popular culture. A significant portion of the book explores the Harry Potter series' literary ancestors, including magic and fantasy works by Ursula K. LeGuin, Monica Furlong, Jill Murphy, and others, as well as previous works about the British boarding school experience. Other chapters explore the moral and ethical dimensions of Harry's world, including objections to the series raised within some religious circles. In her new epilogue, Lana A. Whited brings this volume up to date by covering Rowling's latest book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter

The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter Author Lana A. Whited
ISBN-10 UOM:39015056207403
Release 2002
Pages 408
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Publisher description: Now available in paper, The Ivory Tower and Harry Pottter is the first book-length analysis of J.K. Rowling's work from a broad range of perspectives within literature, folklore, psychology, sociology, and popular culture. A significant portion of the book explores the Harry Potter series' literary ancestors, including magic and fantasy works by Ursula K. LeGuin, Monica Furlong, Jill Murphy, and others, as well as previous works about the British boarding school experience. Other chapters explore the moral and ethical dimensions of Harry's world, including objections to the series raised within some religious circles. In her new epilogue, Lana A. Whited brings this volume up to date by covering Rowling's latest book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Reading Harry Potter

Reading Harry Potter Author Giselle Liza Anatol
ISBN-10 0313320675
Release 2003
Pages 217
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The tropes and themes of J. K. Rowling's massively popular series are interpreted within the context of its audience.

Harry Potter and International Relations

Harry Potter and International Relations Author Daniel H. Nexon
ISBN-10 9781461637233
Release 2006-05-25
Pages 224
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Why not take seriously the claim that Harry Potter's world intertwines with our own? In this timely yet otherworldly volume, more than a dozen scholars of international relations join hands to demonstrate how this well-loved artifact of popular culture reflects and shapes our own lifeworld. A wide range of historical and sociological sources shows how Harry's world contains aspects of our own. Practices such as quidditch dovetail quite clearly with 'muggle' sports, and the very British-ness of the books has, in translation into languages such as Turkish and Arabic, been transformed to reflect these unique cultures. Chapters on the political economy of the franchise as well as the scholarly problems of studying popular culture frame what is essentially a highly info-taining read.

Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel

Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel Author Mike S. Adams
ISBN-10 1891799177
Release 2004
Pages 200
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Looks at campus culture from a conservative point of view, discussing feminism, gay rights, and racism.

Harry Potter Smart Talk

Harry Potter Smart Talk Author John Granger
ISBN-10 0982963300
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 218
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The leaky cauldron's Potter pundits explore the literary depths, heights, and humor of J.K. Rowling's hogwarts saga.

Re Reading Harry Potter

Re Reading Harry Potter Author S. Gupta
ISBN-10 9781403918390
Release 2003-05-30
Pages 185
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This is the first extended text-based analysis of the social and political implications of the Harry Potter phenomenon. Arguments are primarily based on close readings of the first four Harry Potter books and the first two films - in other words, a 'text-to-world' method is followed. This study does not assume that the phenomenon concerns children alone, or should be lightly dismissed as a matter of pure entertainment. The amount of money, media coverage, and ideological unease involved indicates otherwise. The first part provides a survey of responses (both of general readers and critics) to the Harry Potter books. Some of the methodological decisions underlying this study itself are also explained here. The second part examines the presentation of certain themes, including gender, race and desire, in the Harry Potter books, with a view to understanding how these may impinge on social and political concerns of our world.

Unsafe in the Ivory Tower

Unsafe in the Ivory Tower Author Bonnie S. Fisher
ISBN-10 9781483314532
Release 2009-11-24
Pages 248
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An unprecedented look at college women's risks of and experiences with sexual victimization Unsafe in the Ivory Tower examines the nature and dimensions of a salient social problem—the sexual victimization of female college students today, and how women respond when they are, in fact, sexually victimized. The authors discuss the research that scholars have conducted to illuminate the origins and extent of this controversial issue as well as what can be done to prevent it. Students and other interested readers learn about the nature of victimization while simultaneously gaining an understanding of the ways in which criminologists, victimologists, and social scientists conduct research that informs theory and policy debates. Key Features Provides detailed information about sexual victimization on college campuses today Introduces broad lessons about the interactions of ideology, science and methodology, and public policy Integrates current data, research, and theory, based on the authors' national studies of more than 8,000 randomly selected female college students Intended Audience This supplemental text is ideal for courses such as Sex Crimes, Violence and Abuse, Victimology, Gender and Crime, Sociology of Violence, Sociology of Women, and the Sociology of Sex and Gender in departments of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, and women's studies. It is also useful for those involved in studying or creating public policy related to this issue and for those interested in sexual victimization on campuses generally.

Reading Harry Potter Again

Reading Harry Potter Again Author Giselle Liza Anatol
ISBN-10 0313361975
Release 2009
Pages 237
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Reading Harry Potter Again: New Critical Essays extends the discussion of the Harry Potter books by covering the entire series in one new and comprehensive volume.

Harry Potter s Bookshelf

Harry Potter s Bookshelf Author John Granger
ISBN-10 9781101133132
Release 2009-07-07
Pages 336
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Harry Potter. The name conjures up J.K. Rowling's wondrous world of magic that has captured the imaginations of millions on both the printed page and the silver screen with bestselling novels and blockbuster films. The true magic found in this children's fantasy series lies not only in its appeal to people of all ages but in its connection to the greater world of classic literature. Harry Potter's Bookshelf: The Great Books Behind the Hogwarts Adventures explores the literary landscape of themes and genres J.K. Rowling artfully wove throughout her novels-and the influential authors and stories that inspired her. From Jane Austen's Emma and Charles Dickens's class struggles, through the gothic romances of Dracula and Frankenstein and the detective mysteries of Dorothy L. Sayers, to the dramatic alchemy of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and William Shakespeare, Rowling cast a powerful spell with the great books of English literature that transformed the story of a young wizard into a worldwide pop culture phenomenon.

The Irresistible Rise of Harry Potter

The Irresistible Rise of Harry Potter Author Andrew Blake
ISBN-10 1859846661
Release 2002
Pages 118
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As the British state begins to unravel, and as journalists compete to pronounce on the death of Britain, a schoolboy from suburban Surrey who lives for most of the year in a semi-parallel universe becomes the most popular figure in contemporary world literature. Now read on – everyone else does... Harry Potter is English, a home-counties suburban child. An orphan, oppressed and abused by the adults around him, he retreats into a fantasy world where his problems are more elemental; everyday rituals, magic spells and supercharged broomsticks with only the occasional homicidal wizard to worry about. Ironically, as Andrew Blake makes clear, J. K. Rowling rescues her character through the reinvention of that apex of class privilege, the English public school, a literary conceit that problematises Harry Potter's status as a role model and raises important social questions about the state of education in Tony Blair's Britain. Andrew Blake's examination of the Harry Potter phenomenon also raises serious questions about the condition of the publishing industry, the state of bookselling and filmmaking, and the ways in which the Potter consumer campaign has changed our ideas about literature and reading. Blake reflects on how these connections, while drawn up in Britain, act as a template for Harry Potter's international success.

An Intelligent Person s Guide to Education

An Intelligent Person   s Guide to Education Author Tony Little
ISBN-10 9781472913128
Release 2015-06-16
Pages 288
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Tony Little is The Head Master of Eton. One of the most progressive and imaginative people in British education today he has hitherto kept a low profile. This book, published to coincide with his retirement, sets out his educational fundamentals. There is a crisis in the British education system. Year on year GCSE and A Level pupils post better exam results, with more students achieving top grades. Yet business leaders and employers complain bitterly that our schools are not producing people fit for purpose. Far from being locked in an ivory tower, a bastion of privilege, Mr Little has used his time as a teacher and headmaster to get to grips with fundamental questions concerning education. He wants to produce people fit to work in the modern world. How do children absorb information? What kind of people does society need? What is education for? Not only is the author one of the great reforming headmasters of our time but he has planted Academies in the East end of London, founded a state boarding school near Windsor and yet is a passionate advocate of single sex schools. This book is not a text book for colleges of education - it is a book to enlighten the teaching profession and just as much for anxious parents. The book is simply arranged under topics such as authority, expectations, progress, self-confidence, sex, crises and creativity. Tony Little thinks it is time to ask some fundamental questions, and to make brave decisions about how we make our schools and our schoolchildren fit for purpose.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to the World of Harry Potter

The Complete Idiot s Guide to the World of Harry Potter Author Tere Stouffer
ISBN-10 1592575994
Release 2007
Pages 249
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A guide to the people, places, creatures, and events contained within all seven "Harry Potter" novels also describes what life is like for students at Hogwart's, explains wizarding and British terminology, and explores the historical and mythological roots of the novels.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Author J.K. Rowling
ISBN-10 9781781100226
Release 2015-12-08
Pages 357
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"'There is a plot, Harry Potter. A plot to make most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year.'" Harry Potter's summer has included the worst birthday ever, doomy warnings from a house-elf called Dobby, and rescue from the Dursleys by his friend Ron Weasley in a magical flying car! Back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his second year, Harry hears strange whispers echo through empty corridors - and then the attacks start. Students are found as though turned to stone... Dobby's sinister predictions seem to be coming true. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is currently the featured read in Pottermore’s Wizarding World Book Club. Visit Pottermore to sign up and join weekly Twitter discussions at WW Book Club.

Garre potter

Garre potter                                                       Author
ISBN-10 9780747545729
Release 2015-01-04
Pages 223
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По всем статьям, Гарри Поттер был весьма необычным ребёнком. Взять хотя бы то, что он ненавидел летние каникулы. Или то, что он искренне стремился выполнить каникулярные домашние задания, но был вынужден заниматься этим тайно, под покровом ночи. А ещё он был колдун. Уже почти наступила полночь, а Гарри, как тентом укрывшись с головой одеялом и держа в руке карманный фонарик, лежал на животе на кровати. Перед ним, подпёртая подушкой, стояла раскрытая книга в кожаной обложке («История магии» Батильды Жукпук). Гарри водил кончиком орлиного пера над страницей и, насупив брови, пытался выискать в книге что-нибудь, что помогло бы закончить сочинение на тему «Бессмысленность сожжения ведьм в четырнадцатом столетии — обсуждение». Перо зависло над подходящим параграфом. Гарри поправил на носу круглые очки, поднёс фонарик поближе к книге и прочитал: Не владеющие магией люди (более известные как муглы) в средние века особенно сильно боялись колдовства, однако не обладали даром распознавать оное. В тех редких случаях, когда им удавалось поймать настоящих ведьм или колдунов, сожжение не приносило ожидаемого результата. Колдун или ведьма в этом случае прибегали к базовому Пламезамораживающему Заклятию, а затем притворно вопили от боли, в действительности испытывая лишь легкую щекотку. Например, Везучка Венделин так любила жариться на костре, что позволяла отловить себя не менее сорока семи раз, разумеется, под разными обличьями. Гарри зажал перо зубами и полез под подушку за чернильницей и свитком пергамента. Медленно и очень осторожно он отвинтил крышечку, обмакнул перо в чернильницу и начал писать, постоянно останавливаясь и прислушиваясь — если бы кто-то из Дурслеев по пути в ванную услышал скрип пера, то Гарри, скорее всего, заперли бы в шкафу под лестницей до самого конца каникул. Из-за семейства Дурслеев, проживавшего в доме № 4 по Бирючиновой аллее, Гарри и ненавидел летние каникулы. Дядя Вернон, тётя Петуния и их сын Дудли были единственной оставшейся у Гарри родней. Они были муглы, и им было свойственно в высшей степени средневековое отношение к колдовству. О погибших родителях Гарри — а они как раз были колдун и ведьма — в стенах дома на Бирючиновой аллее упоминать не полагалось. Многие годы тётя Петуния и дядя Вернон пребывали в убеждении: если держать Гарри в как можно более забитом состоянии, то из него удастся выбить волшебные способности. К их великому возмущению, ничего не вышло. Теперь им приходилось жить в постоянном страхе: вдруг кто-нибудь узнает, что племянник вот уже два года учится в «Хогварце», школе колдовства и ведьминских искусств. Всё, что они могли предпринять в качестве превентивной меры, так это с самого начала каникул запереть в шкафу книги заклинаний, волшебную палочку, котёл и метлу и запретить мальчику разговаривать с соседями. Недоступность учебников была для Гарри настоящим бедствием, потому что в «Хогварце» много задавали на каникулы. Одна из работ, особенно сложная, про уменьшительные отвары, предназначалась для самого нелюбимого учителя, профессора Злея, а тот был бы в восторге, найдись у него повод наложить на Гарри суровое взыскание на месяц-другой. У Гарри не было выбора — пришлось воспользоваться первым же удобным случаем. В самом начале каникул, пока дядя Вернон, тётя Петуния и Дудли

Escape from the Ivory Tower

Escape from the Ivory Tower Author Nancy Baron
ISBN-10 1597266647
Release 2010-08-13
Pages 272
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Most scientists and researchers aren’t prepared to talk to the press or to policymakers—or to deal with backlash. Many researchers have the horror stories to prove it. What’s clear, according to Nancy Baron, is that scientists, journalists and public policymakers come from different cultures. They follow different sets of rules, pursue different goals, and speak their own language. To effectively reach journalists and public officials, scientists need to learn new skills and rules of engagement. No matter what your specialty, the keys to success are clear thinking, knowing what you want to say, understanding your audience, and using everyday language to get your main points across. In this practical and entertaining guide to communicating science, Baron explains how to engage your audience and explain why a particular finding matters. She explores how to ace your interview, promote a paper, enter the political fray, and use new media to connect with your audience. The book includes advice from journalists, decision makers, new media experts, bloggers and some of the thousands of scientists who have participated in her communication workshops. Many of the researchers she has worked with have gone on to become well-known spokespeople for science-related issues. Baron and her protégées describe the risks and rewards of “speaking up,” how to deal with criticism, and the link between communications and leadership. The final chapter, ‘Leading the Way’ offers guidance to scientists who want to become agents of change and make your science matter. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran looking to hone your skills, Escape From the Ivory Tower can help make your science understood, appreciated and perhaps acted upon.

Harry Potter s World

Harry Potter s World Author Elizabeth E. Heilman
ISBN-10 0415933730
Release 2003
Pages 308
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DISCLAIMER: This book is not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., or anyone associated with the Harry Potter books or movies.