The Last Secret of Fatima

The Last Secret of Fatima Author Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone
ISBN-10 9780385526951
Release 2008-05-06
Pages 192
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With an introduction by Pope Benedict XVI and including information previously suppressed, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, definitively reveals and explains one of the most controversial events in twentieth-century Catholicism—the 1917 apparition of the Virgin Mary at Fatima. During World War I, three Portuguese children received a vision in which Mary, the Mother of Jesus, foretold great global turmoil. The first part of their vision—warnings about World War II, communism, and the spread of atheism—were widely publicized, but Vatican officials were hesitant to reveal the vision’s concluding images, thus creating the "secret" of Fatima. Speculation about this secret gripped many Catholics, and the aura of intrigue surrounding Fatima grew when the Church hierarchy barred the last surviving visionary from speaking publicly. In THE LAST SECRET OF FATIMA, Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican equivalent of prime minister and a top advisor to Pope Benedict, breaks the Vatican’s official silence on the last secret. Rather than Armageddon, he claims, the final prophecy envisaged the 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. Bertone argues the apparition at Fatima was a call to renewal for the Church, and he was assigned the task of promulgating this message by the Pope.

The Fatima Secret

The Fatima Secret Author Michael Hesemann
ISBN-10 9780307484703
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 268
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The truth about the vatican's most impenetrable secret, hidden for over eighty years! *On May 13, 1917, three young shepherds witness a vision of the Virgin Mary and hear the Holy Mother reveal three prophecies... *Elements of the first two prophecies have already come true: the end of World War I, the rise of Russia as a superpower, and the beginning of World War II... *The third secret was revealed in the year 2000, its details still shrouded in secrecy and controversy. What is the Vatican trying to hide? The Lady of Fátima left a final prophecy so powerful that no pope in over eighty years had dared reveal it. Why? The third secret is contained on a page of parchment written by the last surviving witness to the miracle...and hand delivered to the Pope. Even now, after the Vatican has released their version of the contents of the third secret, intense debate rages as to whether the Church has revealed the truth. Here, for the first time, is a complete inquiry into the mystery of Fátima: what the three shepherds really witnessed, the astonishing turn of their lives, the unfolding of the prophecies, and how the Fátima Secret has dominated Pope John Paul's reign and changed world history. Was the Fátima prophecy a warning to the Pope...or a vision so dire it must be suppressed at any cost? From the Paperback edition.

The Fourth Secret of Fatima

The Fourth Secret of Fatima Author Antonio Socci
ISBN-10 1930278780
Release 2009-07
Pages 160
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This is the book that has been electrifying Rome and the rest of Europe for three years! This fascinating inquiry into the theories and the truths of the most disconcerting mystery of the 20th Century was a huge best-seller in Europe. On June 26, 2000, Vatican officials (including Cardinal Bertone) released what they claim was the Third Secret of Fatima. They further said that it was a prediction of the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981. Antonio Socci, an acclaimed Italian journalist and television personality, originally sided with the Vatican¿s interpretation of the Third Secret.Upon closer investigation of this matter, the evidence led him to the conclusion that there is another document of the Third Secret containing the actual words of Our Lady. So far, the Vatican is still hiding this text while claiming that all is released.Antonio Socci, for the first time, in this book produces the testimony of a still-living witness from the inner circle of Pope John XXIII, to prove his point. This book has caused a public sensation and debate. Far from being a ¿dead issue¿ the urgent message of Our Lady to the shepherd children of Fatima is now being more critically discussed and examined than ever before.

The Secret of Fatima

The Secret of Fatima Author Peter J. Tanous
ISBN-10 9781682615638
Release 2017-06-02
Pages 618
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The Fatima Prophecies

The Fatima Prophecies Author Thomas W. Petrisko
Release 2011-05-28
Pages 484
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I was . . . overwhelmed and reinvigorated by this fantastic journal and the emerging revelations about our Heavenly Father. With this historical book, Marys armies now have a most timely and powerful weapon for evangelization as the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart approaches. -- -Bud MacFarlane Sr., M.I., World-renowned expert on apparitions and mystical phenomena, Afterglow, NJ Once more Thomas Petrisko presents us with an array of prophecies that indicate the tumult of our time and the hidden role of the Virgin. -- - Michael Brown, author, The Final Hour and The Last Secret, Latham, NY Panoramic in scope and profound in content, this work shows how all the major Marian apparitions point like compass needles to Fatima as their goal and crown. -- - Fr. Richard Foley, S.J., author and EWTN commentator, London, England

Secret Prophecy of Fatima Revealed

Secret Prophecy of Fatima Revealed Author Arthur Crockett
ISBN-10 093829413X
Release 1982-01
Pages 160
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Who is the 'Lady in White' who has appeared over 200 times this century to issue a vital warning to mankind? Amazing photographic proof that these visions are authentic.

The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists

The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists Author
ISBN-10 9781569758007
Release 2009-11-03
Pages 432
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The Third Secret

The Third Secret Author Steve Berry
ISBN-10 0345484347
Release 2005-05-17
Pages 416
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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Steve Berry’s The Columbus Affair. Explosive in both its pace and its revelations, The Third Secret is a remarkable international thriller. Bestselling author Steve Berry tackles some of the most controversial ideas of our time in a breakneck journey through the history of the Church and the future of religion. Fatima, Portugal, 1917: The Virgin Mary appears to three peasant children, sharing with them three secrets, two of which are soon revealed to the world. The third secret is sealed away in the Vatican, read only by popes, and not disclosed until the year 2000. When revealed, its quizzical tone and anticlimactic nature leave many faithful wondering if the Church has truly unveiled all of the Virgin Mary’s words–or if a message far more important has been left in the shadows. Vatican City, present day: Papal secretary Father Colin Michener is concerned for the Pope. Night after restless night, Pope Clement XV enters the Vatican’s Riserva, the special archive open only to popes, where the Church’s most clandestine and controversial documents are stored. Though unsure of the details, Michener knows that the Pope’ s distress stems from the revelations of Fatima. Equally concerned, but not out of any sense of compassion, is Alberto Cardinal Valendrea, the Vatican’s Secretary of State,. Valendrea desperately covets the papacy, having narrowly lost out to Clement at the last conclave. Now the Pope’s interest in Fatima threatens to uncover a shocking ancient truth that Valendrea has kept to himself for many years. When Pope Clement sends Michener to the Romanian highlands, then to a Bosnian holy site, in search of a priest–possibly one of the last people on Earth who knows Mary’s true message– a perilous set of events unfolds. Michener finds himself embroiled in murder, suspicion, suicide, deceit, and his forbidden passion for a beloved woman. In a desperate search for answers, he travels to Pope Clement’s birthplace in Germany, where he learns that the third secret of Fatima may dictate the very fate of the Church–a fate now lying in Michener’s own hands.

Pope Francis The Last Pope

Pope Francis  The Last Pope Author Leo Lyon Zagami
ISBN-10 9781888729542
Release 2015-01-28
Pages 226
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TREACHERY, INTRIGUE, AND WORLD DOMINATION BEHIND THE VATICAN WALLS The last pope narrative regained importance with the historical abdication of Pope Benedict XVI in February, 2013. His resignation led to the surprising election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the first Jesuit pope in history. It’s very unusual to have two popes living in the Vatican at the same time. What’s more, Pope Francis fits the profile of one whom many have prophesied to be the last, and who will oversee the final transformation and destruction of the Catholic Church. This book details the history of various prophecies, some of which were hidden away in the Vatican for hundreds of years, and predicts that the reign of the last pope will herald the beginning of “great apostasy” followed by “great tribulation.” Pope Francis: The Last Pope? Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church also explores the recent scandals within the Catholic Church and addresses questions including: What pressures decreed the end of the pontificate of Benedict XVI? What powers have an interest for the Church to end? and What is the relationship between the Vatican and the New World Order? Ideal for anyone interested in prophecies about the end of times, Pope Francis: The Last Pope? reveals the truth about the extent of Freemasonry’s influence in the Vatican and the darkness that may follow the parallel institutions, as well as fascinating investigations into the Gay Lobby, presence of Islamic prayers in the Vatican, the Jesuit agenda, the legend of the White Pope and the Black Pope, the Third Secret of Fátima, and how Benedict’s resignation may fulfill an ancient prophecy. The author substantiates his research by including secret, never before seen documents, as well as hard evidence from the heart of Freemasonry and the Holy See.

The Blessed Virgin Mary in Today s Church

The Blessed Virgin Mary in Today s Church Author Prof Americo Pablo Lopez Ortiz
ISBN-10 9789350678121
Release 2012-11-15
Pages 532
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The book has three parts: Part One: The Blessed Virgin Mary in Today’s Church, 8 simple but profound lessons of the role of the Virgin Mary in the Bible and the Second Vatican Council; Part Two: The New Evangelization and the Message of Fatima, explaining the new developments and latest authorized interpretations of the third secret of Fatima and its relationship with the New Evangelization; Part Three: The World Apostolate of Fatima: A Marian Apostolate for our times, the history of my apostolic work to accomplish the approval of the Apostolate as an international public association of the faithful of pontifical right, approved permanently, and a summary of the 50 nations visited in Prof Americo's apostolic journeys to spread the Message of Fatima. To order, email: [email protected] Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 2.25 cm

The devil s final battle

The devil s final battle Author Paul Kramer
ISBN-10 0966304659
Release 2002-10-01
Pages 332
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The W rth Collection

The W  rth Collection Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105112437426
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 1211
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The Virgin Mary Fr Gobbi and the year 2000

The Virgin Mary  Fr  Gobbi and the year 2000 Author Paul A. Mihalik
ISBN-10 1579181066
Release 1999-12-31
Pages 64
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This book digests and summarizes 1,034 pages of locutions received by Fr. Gobbi from the Blessed Mother in which She details the serious problems in the Church with the laity, the priesthood, and the hierarchy. Mr. Mihalik clearly explains the meaning of these messages including the Second Advent, the Second Coming, the Second Pentecost, the End Times, and the Final Coming. He expresses the sense of urgency in Our Lady's messages from other visionaries. Mr Mihalik's interpretations of possible coming events are based on Mary's own words to Fr. Gobbi. He has provided a very convenient guide to understanding the tribulation, warning, chastisement, and the glorious renewal of the Catholic Faith. His perceptions result in special insights which seem to have eluded many who are familiar with Fr. Gobbi's voluminous messages. He has created a very helpful, informative, and spiritually enlightening book. Fr. Gobbi's book has received the Imprimatur of the Church.

Crossing the Threshold of Confusion

Crossing the Threshold of Confusion Author Andrew J. Mccauley
ISBN-10 9781450253154
Release 2010-08
Pages 456
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Despite all the hoopla about Pope John Paul II, some believe he has been an unparalleled disaster in the history of the papacy and of the Church. In Crossing the Threshold of Confusion, author Andrew J. McCauley examines the record of this pope and discusses the harm he has done or has allowed to have happened not only to the Church but to Western civilization. McCauley uncovers countless faults many Catholic leaders have overlooked, including: Pope John Paul II's failure to enforce discipline in the Church, especially against widespread sexual abuse by priests; his statements alleging and implying universal salvation; the destabilization of marriage caused by his theology of the body ; the conflicting messages that confuse the Church's position on capital punishment; his stance on the nature of the Church as a result of Vatican II. This exploration of recent Catholic history studies the ideas, writings, and policies of Pope John Paul II, from his life a young priest to his final days as pope, and examines their compatibility with traditional Catholic doctrine and practice. Crossing the Threshold of Confusion presents a case against the canonization of Pope John Paul II and demonstrates how his record warrants condemnation.

Soul Theft

Soul Theft Author Bill Missett
ISBN-10 9781434398192
Release 2008-10-22
Pages 344
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DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK IF YOU OWN THE "Trilogy" or ATS: Book 2, its primary source. (This, the fifth book in the Awakening The Soul series, is the story of the discovery of the suppression of almost all the traits of our spiritual nature by those who should have been protecting and enhancing them. By the time you get to the end of this book, you will understand what Western Religions have done to the world. This realization grew to the point where it became obvious this most vital information needed a wider, more immediate audience for greater exposure than just to those actively seeking spiritual awakening. These historically-documented truths, many presented here for the first time, are something every contemporary Christian, Jew and Muslim should know.)

1988 Australian Biennale

1988 Australian Biennale Author Australian Bicentennial Authority
ISBN-10 UOM:39015013195105
Release 1988
Pages 287
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Franciscan Message

Franciscan Message Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89063856793
Release 1958
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