The Medical Interview

The Medical Interview Author Steven A. Cole
ISBN-10 9780323279710
Release 2013-12-14
Pages 336
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The Medical Interview by Drs. Steven A. Cole and Julian Bird equips you to communicate effectively with your patients so you can provide optimal care! This best-selling, widely adopted resource presents a practical, systematic approach to honing your basic interviewing skills and managing common challenging communicating situations. Its Three-Function Approach – "Build the Relationship," "Assess and Understand," and Collaborative Management" offers straightforward tasks, behaviors, and skills that can be easily mastered, making this an ideal learning tool for beginners and a valuable reference for experienced healthcare professionals. Effectively meet a full range of communication challenges including language and cultural barriers, sexual issues, elderly patients, breaking bad news, and non-adherence.

The Medical Interview

The Medical Interview Author C. Knight Aldrich
ISBN-10 1850700141
Release 1999-03-15
Pages 164
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This is an enlarged, revised new edition of one of the most widely adopted of all textbooks on the medical interview. Immensely popular among both students and teachers for clinical methods coursework and for physician assistant and similar courses in allied health programs, Professor C. Knight Aldrich's The Medical Interview: Gateway to the Doctor-Patient Relationship is ideally suited for all healthcare courses on this subject. This second edition updates and expands upon the author's original text, this time setting the sample interview in the hospital instead of the nursing home to better reflect actual practice, and including a new chapter on pain, its frequency as a symptom, the difficulty in measuring it, how to help the patient describe it, and the importance of taking what the patient says seriously. Other chapters cover the patient, illness and disease, medical interviewing technique, history-taking, a sensitive interview, the doctor-patient relationship, grief and tears and hope, mind-body interaction, and special situations. Includes bibliographic references and index. Highly recommended as a popular, established textbook.

How to Succeed at the Medical Interview

How to Succeed at the Medical Interview Author Chris Smith
ISBN-10 9781118393826
Release 2013-02-13
Pages 144
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How to Succeed at the Medical Interview provides candidates with a competitive edge. It reduces the likelihood of unexpected questions or situations and helps improve confidence before and during the medical interview. This new second edition includes updated content on changes to the structure of healthcare and how this affects both the application and interview process. It details the types of questions that will be asked at medical interviews and also provides improved guidance for overseas doctors and healthcare professionals and for those seeking to practice abroad. How to Succeed at the Medical Interview is the ideal guide for Foundation Programme trainees, Specialist Registrars and General Practitioner trainees. It is also valuable for healthcare professionals facing competitive medical interviews at any stage of their career.

The medical interview

The medical interview Author Steven A. Cole
ISBN-10 0801603455
Release 1991-01
Pages 197
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The medical interview has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The medical interview also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The medical interview book for free.

The Medical Interview

The Medical Interview Author Mack Jr. Lipkin
ISBN-10 9781461224884
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 643
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Primary care medicine is the new frontier in medicine. Every nation in the world has recognized the necessity to deliver personal and primary care to its people. This includes first-contact care, care based in a posi tive and caring personal relationship, care by a single healthcare pro vider for the majority of the patient's problems, coordination of all care by the patient's personal provider, advocacy for the patient by the pro vider, the provision of preventive care and psychosocial care, as well as care for episodes of acute and chronic illness. These facets of care work most effectively when they are embedded in a coherent integrated approach. The support for primary care derives from several significant trends. First, technologically based care costs have rocketed beyond reason or availability, occurring in the face of exploding populations and diminish ing real resources in many parts of the world, even in the wealthier nations. Simultaneously, the primary care disciplines-general internal medicine and pediatrics and family medicine-have matured significantly.

The Medical Interview

The Medical Interview Author John L. Coulehan
ISBN-10 080361246X
Release 2006
Pages 409
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This title provides valuable, succinct information on conducting patient interviews. It is intended to focus on interactive skills as tools for gathering data objectively and precisely, and for building relationships with patients. For students in medical, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant programs.

Spanish and the Medical Interview

Spanish and the Medical Interview Author Pilar Ortega
ISBN-10 9780323371568
Release 2015-06-10
Pages 216
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Focusing on communication needs in real-world clinical situations, Dr. Pilar Ortega’s updated edition of this practical text helps you address today’s growing demand for Spanish-speaking physicians and healthcare workers. This resource provides basic Spanish skills, sample interview questions, relevant cultural information, and more, in addition to online videos of physician-patient interactions, interactive self-assessment tools, and clinical vignettes. You’ll find exactly what you need to develop better physician-patient communication skills, increase your cultural competence, and make better clinical decisions in your practice. Understand the nuts and bolts of better communication through Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, sample interview questions, and helpful interview techniques. Improve your skills with new and expanded content including more practice exercises for self-assessment, information on cultural issues, grammar tips and practice, complex clinical scenarios, and how to best use interpreters in your practice. Stay up to date with new chapters on pediatric health; common procedures and informed consent; the physician’s impression and plan; diabetes medication; travel history and special exposures; adult immunization history; exercise and adult health safety screening; and specialized physical examination. Gauge and hone your doctor-patient communication skills with interactive self-assessment tools and practice exercises. Watch video of real-time physician-patient exchanges (with English and Spanish subtitles), complete interactive practice exercises, and learn from clinical vignettes—all online at Student Consult.

The Medical Job Interview

The Medical Job Interview Author Colin J. Mumford
ISBN-10 9781405143790
Release 2009-02-05
Pages 88
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This book has been written specifically for busy junior doctors looking for that ‘competitive edge’. The medical interview is quite different from any other interview, but this book will help you prepare well in advance to optimize your chance of success. In this new edition, there are more details on how best to present your CV, different interview strategies to adopt, real-life example questions with answers good and bad, and information on what happens behind the scenes. This book provides all you need to know to be a winner in a medical interview. Read this book and nail that job! The Medical Job Interview Explains how to prepare the best curriculum vitae Tells you what you should do to get short listed Shows you how to find out who will be on the interview panel, and how you can anticipate their questions Gives tips on appropriate behaviour in an interview Advises you on negotiating salary and terms Reviews of first edition: “...I would whole heartedly recommend this book to anyone who is applying for a hospital position ... I found it a real help during my preparation for applying for house jobs...” Cambridge Medicine “An excellent guide to the process of applying and getting hospital posts in the UK system...This book is a must for final year students, house officers and senior house officers who are looking for hospital posts and would not go amiss for those contemplating more senior appointments.” Senior House Officer in Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne

The Clinical Encounter

The Clinical Encounter Author J. Andrew Billings
ISBN-10 0815113749
Release 1999
Pages 352
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For the highest quality patient care, medical professionals need confidence in their skills with the patient interview. THE CLINICAL ENCOUNTER: A GUIDE TO THE MEDICAL INTERVIEW AND CASE PRESENTATION provides the tools and practical guidelines needed for clinical practice. Part I addresses the basics in the medical interview. Part II focuses on advanced topics and problems that students and physicians may encounter on a daily basis. It features doctor-patient dialogues and vignettes on how to act and respond in any patient encounter in a respectful, caring way. The authors' clear writing style and specific suggestions offer guidance for easing difficult and sensitive situations relevant to day-to-day clinical settings. Features clear, easy to read writing style to facilitate understanding and aid in improved patient interactions. Divides topics into essential and advanced topics which allows user to access topics of immediate need. Provides boxes and tables to summarize important topics for quick access and retrieval of information. Describes situations that most physicians will likely encounter in practice to make content relevant and extremely useful. Provides interesting quotations from famous and not so famous for meaningful comments and humor to a serious topic Features thoughtful text with warm, caring, respectful guidance for patient interaction to help healthcare professionals be human, not just rushed, fact-finders. Provides practical examples and sample questions and statements to help patient feel comfortable and doctor obtain needed information to give user ideas for every situation of how and what to say to build confidence and skill when talking with patients.

The Medical School Interview

The Medical School Interview Author Jeremiah Fleenor
ISBN-10 9780977955930
Release 2011-02-16
Pages 144
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Fully revised, "The Medical School Interview" shows how to address bad grades, including GPA or MCAT, what to wear, how to deal with and address ethical questions, and other aspects of meeting with admission committees.

The Medical School Interview

The Medical School Interview Author Jessica Freedman M. D.
ISBN-10 0615353916
Release 2010
Pages 100
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The Medical School Interview is a must read for every medical school applicant. Based on her experience as an admissions officer and as a private advisor with, Dr. Jessica Freedman provides guidance on what to expect on interview day, how to influence what is discussed during your interview and what you can do to ensure a stellar interview performance. She also writes about what goes on "behind the scenes" after your interview and provides a transcript for a sample interview. The Medical School Interview includes: *What you must do to prepare *What the interviewer is trying to assess *How to influence the course of your interview *The different types of interviewers and how this impacts your experience *How you are evaluated *What happens at the admission committee meeting after you leave *A sample interview with questions and answers

Clinical Skills

Clinical Skills Author Richard Larkins
ISBN-10 0522844677
Release 1993
Pages 254
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Clinical Skills has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Clinical Skills also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Clinical Skills book for free.

The Medical Interview

The Medical Interview Author Aaron Lazare
ISBN-10 0387947906
Release 1995
Pages 643
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The Medical Interview has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Medical Interview also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Medical Interview book for free.

The Discourse of Medicine

The Discourse of Medicine Author Elliot George Mishler
ISBN-10 0893912778
Release 1984
Pages 211
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This is the first full-length monograph devoted to the study of the talk between physicians and patients in a medical interview. Methods are developed to describe, analyze and interpret the discourse. Additionally, a ctitique and review of previous research in this area is included. In the course of the work, a critique of more traditional methods, studies, and interpretations of medical interviews is presented.

The Medical Interview

The Medical Interview Author Ainslie Meares
ISBN-10 1258270420
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 126
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The Medical Interview has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Medical Interview also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Medical Interview book for free.

Succeed in Your Medical School Interview

Succeed in Your Medical School Interview Author Christopher See
ISBN-10 9780749471903
Release 2015-04-03
Pages 224
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After completing the medical school application comes the last, and often most challenging aspect of the school selection process; the interview. Notoriously hard to prepare for, it's difficult to know what to read, what questions might be asked and how to answer them. How to Succeed In Your Medical School Interview de-mystifies the interview process. It provides clear guidelines and a unique framework; giving you the relevant points to consider while crucially leaving conclusions open to express your own opinions and personality. It provides a systematic and methodical process which enables you to mine information from examiners, whilst demonstrating your academic ability. With a huge bank of questions covering all aspects of the interview spectrum, including a specific section of Oxbridge questions, you will learn how to prepare, how to present yourself and most importantly, what to say.

The Medical School Interview

The Medical School Interview Author Jeremiah Fleenor
ISBN-10 097795594X
Release 2011
Pages 123
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Fully revised 2nd ed. of The medical school interview gives you advice on your appearance, demeanor, interpretation of questions, and how to answer to the 6 questions every interviewer asks,