The Mental Game Plan

The Mental Game Plan Author Stephen John Bull
ISBN-10 0951954326
Release 1996
Pages 206
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Do you want to acquire that winning edge in sport? Technical ability and physical fitness alone are not enough. You must also be mentally tough and totally focused during critical moments. This compelling book is the ultimate in the practical application of sport psychology offering a program of mental training that will help you maintain performance consistency by concentrating on the key psychological principles of success.

The mental game plan

The mental game plan Author John Gordon Albinson
ISBN-10 UVA:X001585648
Release 1988
Pages 104
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The mental game plan has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The mental game plan also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The mental game plan book for free.

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Author Steve Bull
ISBN-10 9781841127255
Release 2006-10-06
Pages 216
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"Steve Bull is a true expert in his field. Anyone interested in winning will profit from his experience and knowledge." —Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff "Steve Bull’s ideas and techniques will equip anyone in business with a game plan for acquiring the winning edge." —From the Foreword by Michael Vaughan Mental toughness goes hand in hand with success and yet it is often misunderstood. True mental toughness is about preparation, resilience, control, risk management and above all execution. So, how do you utilise this elusive but critical attribute? By starting with a “game plan.” The Game Plan is about winning. More importantly, it’s about you winning. It’s about how you can create a personal performance environment that enables you to deliver at the crucial times. The Game Plan explores different types of mental toughness and examines how each one can give you the platform for significantly increased levels of self-confidence and resilience. Learn the easy-to-apply lessons that have created an environment of success for a host of world-beating performers in the business world and beyond. Imagine being able to apply a winning performance mindset to everyday work situations such as: Making presentations razor sharp Wowing new clients Being in control during performance appraisals Staying cool during even the most hectic and pressurized days Maintaining your self-belief even when things go wrong Making the right decision at the right time. Read and learn from The Game Plan and you will have at your fingertips a robust strategy to give you the edge over your closest competitors and the very best chance of success.

Catch the Magic Athletics the Mental Game

Catch the Magic  Athletics the Mental Game Author Edward Spooner
ISBN-10 9781630004705
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 274
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Catch the Magic Athletics the Mental Game has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Catch the Magic Athletics the Mental Game also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Catch the Magic Athletics the Mental Game book for free.

The Fighter s Mind

The Fighter s Mind Author Sam Sheridan
ISBN-10 0802197949
Release 2010-11-09
Pages 304
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In his acclaimed national best seller, A Fighter’s Heart, Sam Sheridan took readers with him as he stepped through the ropes into the dangerous world of professional fighting. From a muay Thai bout in Bangkok to Rio, where he trained with jiu-jitsu royalty, to Iowa, where he matched up against the toughest in MMA, Sheridan threw himself into a quest to understand how and why we fight. In The Fighter’s Mind, Sheridan does for the brain what his first book did for the body. To uncover the secrets of mental strength and success, Sheridan interviewed dozens of the world’s most fascinating and dangerous men, including celebrated trainers Freddie Roach and Greg Jackson; champion fighters Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, and Marcelo Garcia; ultrarunner David Horton; legendary wrestler Dan Gable, and many more. What are their secrets? How do they stay committed through years of training, craft a game plan, and adjust to the realities of the ring? How do they project strength when weak, and remain mentally tough despite incredible physical pain? A fascinating book, bursting at the seams with incredible stories and insight, The Fighter’s Mind answers these questions and many more.

Mental Game

Mental Game Author Karl Morris
ISBN-10 9781906031022
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 36
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Mental Game has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mental Game also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mental Game book for free.

The Mental Game of Baseball

The Mental Game of Baseball Author H. A. Dorfman
ISBN-10 9781630761837
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 360
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In this book, authors H.A. Dorfman and Karl Kuehl present their practical and proven strategy for developing the mental skills needed to achieve peak performance at every level of the game.The theory and applications are illustrated by anecdotes and insights from major and minor league players, who at some point discovered the importance of mastering the inner game in order to play baseball as it should be played. Intended for players, managers, coaches, agents, and administrators as well as fans who want a more in-depth look at the makeup of the complete baseball player.

The Mental Game of Golf

The Mental Game of Golf Author Patrick J. Cohn
ISBN-10 9780878332816
Release 2002-11-04
Pages 168
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A guide to golf moves beyond the mechanics of "performance" to tackle some of the more subtle, psychological aspects of the game.

The Complete Mental Game of Baseball

The Complete Mental Game of Baseball Author Dr. Charlie Maher
ISBN-10 1463402198
Release 2011-07-14
Pages 272
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The Complete Mental Game is a comprehensive instructional system to guide the baseball player --- at any competitive level---- to take chagre of the process of playing the game, on and off the baseball diamond. Through this book, the baseball player will learn to establish a consistent approach to their continuous development and improvement, not only as a player but also as a person. The book includes guidelines methods and procedures so that the baseball player will learn how to do the following: * Understand their personality, core values, strong points and limitations--- the player as a Person * Cope effectively with negative people , places, and things that can put them at risk, while developing a posituve support system---the player as a "Coper" * Buy into something larger than the individal-- the player as a Teamnate * Enage prodictively in preparing for each game,, take their preapration into the game, be an accurate self evalautor, and make effective adjustments -- the player as a Performer

Instant tennis 2

Instant tennis 2 Author Infinite Ideas
ISBN-10 9781908189905
Release 2011-12-14
Pages 59
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This little book offers you the opportunity to learn from the tennis experts to help you develop your own mental toughness. Whether you’re an aspiring Federer or simply want to play better at local club level you’ll find some great tips and techniques that will improve your game. Enjoy!

Teacher Support Pack

Teacher Support Pack Author Andy Mawdsley
ISBN-10 9780748771011
Release 2004-01-14
Pages 224
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Designed to assist the teacher in the planning and delivery of classes, this resource pack provides a helpful source of advice and will save you hours of preparation time.Includes support material for each of the 20 units.


Rifle Author Launi Meili
ISBN-10 1450407781
Release 2008-12-01
Pages 165
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Master technique, improve accuracy, and achieve competitive excellence. In Rifle: Steps to Success, Olympic gold medalist, world record holder, and respected coach Launi Meili shares the training secrets used by the top shooters in the sport. Rifle: Steps to Successcovers every aspect of the sport: -Equipment selection and fitting -Safe shooting guidelines -Proven techniques for improved accuracy in the prone, standing, kneeling, and sitting positions -Mental and physical training -Shooting drills to increase all-around consistency -Practice, prematch, and competitive routines As part of the Steps to Success Series—with more than 1.5 million copies sold—Rifle: Steps to Successwill help you hit your mark every time.

The 8 Traits Of Champion Golfers

The 8 Traits Of Champion Golfers Author Deborah Graham
ISBN-10 9780684869056
Release 2000-06-05
Pages 208
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For more than ten years, Dr Deborah Graham and Jon Stabler have devoted themselves to the scientific study of why, even among the pros, some players win frequently and others never do. In the first psychology self-help book tailored to golfers at every level, they draw on their research to spell out the eight specific personality traits that make the difference: Abstract thinking; emotional stability; tough-mindedness; self-assurance; self-sufficiency; and optimum arousal. Dave Stockton, Lee Janzen, Mark McCumber, and Michelle McGann are among the many golfers who have benefited from Dr.Graham's GolfPsych system. Now, this detailed, practical, and encouraging guide will make it possible for anyone to play like a champ.

High Scoring Softball

High Scoring Softball Author Ralph Weekly Jr.
ISBN-10 9781450429771
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High Scoring Softball has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from High Scoring Softball also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full High Scoring Softball book for free.

Sport Psychology for Coaches

Sport Psychology for Coaches Author Damon Burton
ISBN-10 0736039864
Release 2008
Pages 290
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We marvel at the steely nerves, acute concentration, and flawless execution exhibited on the 18th green, at the free-throw line, in the starting blocks, and on the balance beam. While state-of-the-art training regimens have extended athletes' physical boundaries, more and more coaches are realizing the importance of sport psychology in taking athletic performance to new levels. Tomorrow's record-breaking accomplishments will not be the result of athletes' training harder physically, but of athletes' training smarter mentally. Sport Psychology for Coachesprovides information that coaches need to help athletes build mental toughness and achieve excellence—in sport and in life. As a coach, you'll gain a big-picture perspective on the mental side of sport by examining how athletes act, think, and feel when they practice and compete. You'll learn to use such mental tools as goal setting, imagery, relaxation, energization, and self-talk to help your athletes build mental training programs. You'll also see how assisting your athletes in developing mental skills such as motivation, energy management, focus, stress management, and self-confidence leads to increased enjoyment, improved life skills, and enhanced performance. And you'll discover how to put it all together into mental plans and mental skills training programs that allow your athletes to attain and maintain a mind-set that fosters peak performance. The easy-to-follow format of the text includes learning objectives that introduce each chapter, sidebars illustrating sport-specific applications of key concepts and principles, chapter summaries organized by content and sequence, key terms, chapter review questions, a comprehensive glossary, and other useful resources to help readers implement mental training programs for athletes. Written primarily for high school coaches, Sport Psychology for Coachesis a practical, easy-to-use resource reflecting the two authors' combined 45 years of teaching, coaching, researching, and consulting experience. It reflects principles that are not only consistent with the latest theory and research, but have stood the test of time and worked for coaches and athletes in all sports at all levels. You'll come away from Sport Psychology for Coacheswith a greater understanding and appreciation for sport psychology and the practical knowledge you need to put it to work for you and your athletes. Sport Psychology for Coachesserves as the text for the American Sport Education Program Silver Level course, Sport Psychology for Coaches.

How to Interview the Coach

How to Interview the Coach Author Kenneth Parady
ISBN-10 9781496964779
Release 2015-01-23
Pages 66
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Former executive in domestic and international markets specializing in various industries. Spent six (6) years developing a plastic pipeline liner used in the pipeline transport industry. Trained large marketing and sales forces using goal setting and mental focus skills. A twenty-five-year veteran of college, high school football, basketball officiating. The outrage surrounding the college scholarship scandals in the '90s led to development of a method for athletes to market themselves to the colleges in a more professional manner. Hundreds of athletes who were never contacted by any coach received dozens of letters of interest using this program. Requirements were a 3.0+ GPA, strong teacher/coaches recommendations, and solid character traits. The student/athlete experienced the recruiting process by writing their own sports resumes. The experience writing successful resumes and interviews with the coaches prepared them for their future job-hunting process. The future for the Mental Game Plan is to make it available to the thousands of high schools in the United States that would teach athletes the skills of goal setting, meeting objectives, and focusing on the task at hand. These skills would be obtained through athletics since sports has a higher interest to most students. A good athlete could become a good student by learning these skills that are not successfully being taught today. Learning these skills to improve mental focus and goal setting would build mental discipline for use in the student/athlete's future life experiences.

Keep Playing the Six Step Game Plan

Keep Playing   the Six Step Game Plan Author Patricia J. Marino
ISBN-10 9781434992499
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 184
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Keep Playing the Six Step Game Plan has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Keep Playing the Six Step Game Plan also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Keep Playing the Six Step Game Plan book for free.