The New ME Diet

The New ME Diet Author Jade Teta
ISBN-10 9780061986246
Release 2010-03-23
Pages 304
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“At last! Jade and Keoni not only blast the myth of aerobic exercise for fat loss but give you the science to understand the right way to eat and exercise to turn your body into a fat burning machine.” — J. J. Virgin, nutritionist to Dr. Phil and author of The Art of Losing It The New ME Diet is the revolutionary fitness program that enables you to build muscle and lose weight by working out less! Developed by Jade Teta and Keoni Teta, The New ME (metabolic effect) Diet can help you get the body of your dreams by unlocking your fat-burning hormones. Now you can eat more, work out less, and actually lose weight while you rest.

Die aktuelle Atkins Di t

Die aktuelle Atkins Di  t Author Dr. Eric C. Westman
ISBN-10 9783641563141
Release 2011-10-12
Pages 512
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Nach den neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen überarbeitet Dr. Eric Westman führt das Erbe Dr. Atkins’ fort und seine Diät ins 21. Jahrhundert. Die neue Atkins-Diät ist effektiv, einfach, flexibel und auf dem neuesten Stand der Forschung. Aber Atkins ist nicht einfach nur eine Diät, sondern auf eine dauerhafte Ernährungsumstellung ausgerichtet. Mit Erfolgsgeschichten, die Mut machen, neuen Rezepten und Ernährungsvorschlägen für 24 Wochen erhält man einen Plan für eine kohlenhydratarme Ernährung, der nachweislich Millionen geholfen hat. Nie war Low-Carb-Ernährung leichter!

The New Me

The New Me Author Mary Marcus
ISBN-10 9781943486090
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 219
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“THE NEW ME by Mary Marcus is a revelation. Like Joan Didion she brings to life the nuance and emotion of a sometimes-dysfunctional family life in Southern California with a jaundiced view of Hollywood in her peripheral vision. Like Williams Carlos Williams she knows that precise observation of details can illuminate great depth. Part baby-boom prose poem, part woman’s rebirth, The New Me is alternately hilarious and heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful. What a cool first novel!” – Danny Goldberg, author of BUMPING INTO GENIUSES “THE NEW ME is funny, poignant and deftly written. It is a relatable story that beats with a pulse of a modern marriage paradigm and provides cringe-worthy moments that simultaneously delight and distress. This book made me uncomfortable in all the best ways. I couldn’t put it down.” – Moira Walley-Beckett, Writer/Co-Executive Producer of BREAKING BAD “So you think it’s all sun, surf and smiles. Mary Marcus shows you the dark side of the California dream. A sadly eloquent, painfully honest account of how a mystery woman intrudes on a marriage growing melancholy. Reader beware: you might find yourself in these pages.” – Heywood Gould, author of COCKTAIL, FORT APACHE, THE BRONX, and GREENLIGHT FOR MURDER “Mary Marcus expertly illuminates the world of a lived marriage in this inspired novel. With careful nuance and dark humor in her back pocket, she raises questions women might not dare ask themselves. THE NEW ME will give the old you something to think about. A real treat.” – Rachel Eddey, author of RUNNING OF THE BRIDE Harriet is floundering. She’s in her early forties, her kids have gone to college, her marriage feels empty, her cable TV cooking show has lost its sense of inspiration, and she longs to leave the West Coast for New York. Then one day she meets Lydia, a gorgeous woman in her late twenties. Lydia reminds her so much of herself a decade or so past, and her husband, who hardly likes anything, likes Lydia as well. It slowly dawns on Harriet that Lydia could be the answer to everything that’s ailing her. All she needs to do is turn Lydia into “the new me.” Reminiscent of the work of Susan Isaacs and Nora Ephron, THE NEW ME is a witty, poignant, perceptive, and beautifully written novel about change and the price of becoming who you want to be.

I m Not the New Me

I m Not the New Me Author Wendy McClure
ISBN-10 9781101658086
Release 2006-05-02
Pages 320
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A hilarious and sometimes poignant look at the absurdities of weight-loss culture from an appealing and original voice. From the creator of the immensely popular websites Pound and Candyboots, this is the memoir of Wendy McClure's odyssey-on-line and off-through the Valley of The Shadow of Her Really Big Ass. It's about the universe she created for herself when she couldn't see herself as a kicky Weight Loss Success Story, only she put it all on a website and became sort of an inspiration anyway. I'm Not The New Me is about coming to terms with a family heritage of fat and drastic surgeries, and about self-esteem issues that are nobody's business but your own. It's wondering what's left of yourself after you lose weight-and just who the hell you are if you gain it back. It's about the absurdities of online identities and fat girl clichés, and the sheer terror of appearing live and in person in your very own life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Fast Diet Das Original

The Fast Diet   Das Original Author Dr. Michael Mosley
ISBN-10 9783641131043
Release 2014-04-21
Pages 224
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Der Megatrend der 5:2-Diäten sorgt in England bereits ordentlich für Wirbel. "The Fast Diet" ist das Buch, das den Hype auslöste - das Original. Das Konzept ist bestechend einfach: Man legt zwei Fastentage in der Woche ein, an denen die Kalorienzufuhr heruntergefahren wird. An den restlichen fünf Tagen isst man ganz normal. Die Ergebnisse sind erstaunlich: Die Kilos purzeln, durch die gesunde Lebensweise wird das Risiko von Diabetes, Herzerkrankungen und Krebs verringert. Eine Diät, wie sie sich jeder wünscht, der abnehmen möchte: simpel, fundiert, effektiv und gesund!

Tools der Titanen

Tools der Titanen Author Tim Ferriss
ISBN-10 9783960920335
Release 2017-01-02
Pages 736
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"Ich habe dieses Buch, mein ultimatives Notizbuch voller nützlicher Werkzeuge, für mich selbst kreiert. Es hat mein Leben verändert und ich hoffe, dir wird es genauso helfen." TIM FERRISS "In den letzten zwei Jahren habe ich beinahe 200 Weltklasse-Performer interviewt. Die Bandbreite der Gäste reicht von Stars (Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger) und Topathleten bis hin zu legendären Kommandanten von Spezialeinheiten und sogar Schwarzmarkt-Biochemikern. Viele meiner Gäste akzeptierten erstmals in ihrer Karriere ein Zwei-bis-drei-Stunden-Interview. Dieses Buch enthält unverzichtbare Tools, Taktiken und Insiderwissen, die anderswo nicht zu finden sind, außerdem neue Tipps von früheren Gästen und Lebensweisheiten neuer Gäste, die du noch nicht kennst." Was das Buch so außergewöhnlich macht, ist der unablässige Fokus auf leicht umsetzbare Details: - Was tun diese Titanen in den ersten 60 Minuten an jedem Morgen? - Wie sieht ihre Trainingsroutine aus und warum? - Welches Buch haben sie am häufigsten an andere Menschen verschenkt? - Was betrachten sie als die größten Zeitverschwender? - Welche Nahrungsergänzungsmittel nehmen sie täglich? "Alles, was du auf diesen Seiten liest, habe ich in meinem Leben bereits auf die eine oder andere Weise angewandt. Ich habe Dutzende der dargestellten Taktiken bei kritischen Verhandlungen, in riskanter Umgebung oder bei großen Deals eingesetzt. Die Lektionen haben mir zu Millionen von Dollar verholfen und mich vor Jahren verschwendeter Bemühungen und Frustration bewahrt." TIM FERRISS

The New Me

The New Me Author Adro Sarnelli
ISBN-10 9780733627446
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 272
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At 9 Adro Sarnelli was 75 kg, struggling with schoolyard taunts, and getting angry with himself and the world. At 18 and almost 120 kg, he wasn't dealing with the real reasons for his escaling weight. At 26, weighting in excess of 155 kg, having failed with numerous diets, he made a decision. In 2006, Adro auditioned for the first Australian series of 'The Biggest Loser' in a last-ditch attempt to lose the weight and become the person and father he always wanted to be thin and fit, happy and involved. Not only did he go on to win, he also inspired millions of Australians by losing more than 50 kg in four months - discovering that he'd had the power within himself all along to create his 'new me'. Part memoir, part weight loss book, THE NEW ME is Adro's very personal story of a lifetime of struggling with weight. Let Adro's philosophy and his own program inspire you to get off the emotional roller-coaster ride, lose the weight and turn your life around.

Anxiety to the New Me

Anxiety to the  New Me Author Islande Jean Louis
ISBN-10 9781458211590
Release 2013-11
Pages 202
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As a child, Lucy witnessed a horrible beating and murder, along with her own personal set of horrors. Even so, as she grew, she tried to leave the past behind. As an adult, she moves from her isl and country to America-- and yet she still feels as though she is living a cursed life. Terrible experiences follow one after the other, and Lucy finds little reason for joy or happiness. She wonders if life has any meaning at all. Despite her difficult times, Lucy is a very attractive, charismatic woman. Men are drawn to her, but in love as well as life she finds nothing but bad luck. She is surrounded by abusive lovers and smooth-talking, lying suitors. Lucy has little hope for a lifelong love; even if she could find a good man, would she be able to trust him? Lucy's challenges make her both tough and smart. Years of pain shape her into a self-sufficient woman, and lessons learned from pain turn her toward God. with the help of her faith and her friends, Lucy struggles to discover her inner strength--her "new me." She realizes that life is not a vale of tears, that even the bad times have purpose, and that joy can be found in the most unlikely of places.

The New 5 Day Miracle Diet

The New 5 Day Miracle Diet Author Adele Puhn
ISBN-10 9781448146420
Release 2012-05-31
Pages 256
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The New 5 Day Miracle Diet is a weight-loss and high-energy programme that changes your body chemistry so you will never have to diet again. Based on the simple idea that the reason we gain weight is because we cannot control food cravings, this programme alters our body's biochemistry so that we don't crave sugary, fatty foods. In just five days, Adele Puhn teaches you how to control these cravings by learning to eat certain foods at certain times. You begin the morning 'in low blood sugar'; by noon, you have raised your blood sugar level; throughout the afternoon and evening you will maintain it. The result is that you will not only lose weight, but you will have more energy than you have ever had before. The New 5 Day Miracle Diet is a diet that really works. Try it today and change your life for ever.

The New Evolution Diet

The New Evolution Diet Author Arthur De Vany
ISBN-10 1609616359
Release 2011-12-20
Pages 224
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Believe it or not, our DNA is almost exactly the same as that of our ancestors. While scientific advances in agriculture, medicine, and technology have protected man, to some degree, from dangers such as starvation, illness, and exposure, the fact remains that our cave-dwelling cousins were considerably healthier than we are. Our paleolithic ancestors did not suffer from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity. In fact, a good deal of what we view as normal aging is a modern condition that is more akin to disease than any natural state of growing older. Disease-free and strikingly fit, 72-year-old Arthur De Vany--grandfather of the "Paleo lifestyle movement--is living proof that it pays to live like a caveman. In The New Evolution Diet, De Vany offers you a roadmap back to better health. The plan is built on three principles: eat three meals a day made up of nonstarchy vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins skip meals occasionally to promote a low fasting blood insulin level exercise less, not more, in shorter, high-intensity bursts By cutting out modern foods--including carbohydrates, dairy, and all processed foods--anyone can lose weight, gain muscle, and enjoy a longer, better life.

Paleo Power f r Frauen

Paleo Power f  r Frauen Author Esther Blum
ISBN-10 9783641152550
Release 2015-08-17
Pages 352
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Paleo tut Frauen gut – denn sie haben einen anspruchsvollen Stoffwechsel und Hormonhaushalt, der sich im Laufe ihres Lebens vielen Anforderungen stellen muss. Besonders wichtig ist daher eine natürliche und hochwertige Ernährung, die genau auf weibliche Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten sein sollte. Dieser Paleo-Ratgeber mit seinem köstlichen gluten- und laktosefreien Ernährungsplan ermöglicht es jetzt jeder Frau, überflüssige Pfunde loszuwerden und sich rundum fit und wohl zu fühlen.

Diary of A Dieter

Diary of A Dieter Author John Tyler
ISBN-10 9780967435053
Release 2010-12-02
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Author decided to find a diet that would let him lose at least 50-pounds, shrink his waist to a 34" from a 38" - reduce his Body Mass Index (BMI) from OBESE of 30.98 to nearly perfect at 26. He wanted to get rid of one of his two blood pressure medicines as well. He also wanted to know if there would be any emotional traumas that he would go through...or if he would quit - like so many of us do. The happy answer is that he did all that he set out to do - in 120-days, and it was, "The easiest diet I have ever been on - one I will stay on for life!" Take the trip through the author's Diary of a Dieter and you, too, can learn how to lose weight and keep it off.

Cavewomen Don t Get Fat

Cavewomen Don t Get Fat Author Esther Blum
ISBN-10 9781476707709
Release 2014-09-30
Pages 304
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Tailoring the Paleo diet for women, a registered dietitian and holistic nutritionist offers a high-protein, hormone-balancing and detoxifying program that will help readers lose weight, get healthy and feel good from the inside out.

The new me

The new me Author Jane Sorenson
ISBN-10 0874035635
Release 1989-06
Pages 141
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Katie joins her best friend on a diet and tries to change her image in other ways before discovering the importance of inner beauty.

The New Get Back Into Your Jeans Diet

The New Get Back Into Your Jeans Diet Author Monica Grenfell
ISBN-10 9781447216247
Release 2011-12-12
Pages 192
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Monica Grenfell's original GET BACK INTO YOUR JEANS DIET continues to help thousands of women achieve their ideal size and shape. Based on a nutritious programme of carbohydrates that control your moods and never leave you hungry or craving 'binge' foods, plus manageable and effective exercises, this plan is designed to achieve the loss of one dress size per month. THE NEW GET BACK INTO YOUR JEANS DIET debunks the misguided low-carbohydrate approach, and has a revised plan that makes it easier than ever to choose and manage your daily food intake. Monica's refreshing no-nonsense style tells you exactly what input you need to make for success, putting you in control. With firm muscles, low body fat and measurable inch-loss, you can wear those favourite garments with confidence, and without unsightly bulges or wobbles. Monica's foolproof inch-loss and weight-loss plan trains you to sustain a balanced diet and exercise programme that will keep you lithe for years to come.

Gr ne Smoothies

Gr  ne Smoothies Author JJ Smith
ISBN-10 9783864136573
Release 2014-08-15
Pages 160
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Smoothies aus grünem Gemüse und Obst sind nicht nur reich an Mikronährstoffen, sie machen auch satt, sind gesund und schmecken gut. JJ Smiths Detox-Kur mit grünen Smoothies bewirkt einen rasanten Gewichtsverlust, erhöht den Energielevel, reinigt den Körper, befreit den Geist und verbessert den allgemeinen Gesundheitszustand. In den USA sind Tausende Anwender begeistert von den erstaunlichen Resultaten, die sich nach nur 10 Tagen Saftfasten einstellen. Ein Gewichtsverlust von bis zu 7 Kilogramm ist möglich, Heißhungerattacken verschwinden und die Verdauung wird angeregt und reguliert. Diese 10 Tage können Leben verändern! Das Buch enthält eine Einkaufsliste, Rezepte sowie genaue Anweisungen für die 10 Tage und gibt eine Menge Tipps für den größtmöglichen Erfolg während der Kur und danach.

The New Allergy Diet

The New Allergy Diet Author Dr John Hunter
ISBN-10 9781448146390
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 192
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Many people are unaware that they suffer from food allergies or intolerance. Inexplicable rashes, a persistent runny nose, bloatedness, headaches or pronounced weight gain for no apparent reason, are just some of the symptoms that may indicate a sensitivity to certain types of food. Now fully revised and updated, The New Allergy Diet is a practical dietary programme devised by one of the country's leading allergy specialists. It has been highly successful in combating a wide range of health problems including: - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Migraine - Asthma and rhinitis - Eczema - Urticaria Each food type is systematically excluded from the diet for a period of time, and then gradually reintroduced, with guidelines for monitoring the body's responses. Easy, tried and tested recipes are included which have been carefully designed with taste in mind - but excluding common trigger foods such as wheat, dairy products, yeast and coffee.