The Standard in South African English and Its Social History

The Standard in South African English and Its Social History Author Len W. Lanham
ISBN-10 9783872762108
Release 1979-01-01
Pages 96
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This study of the South African variety of English is an exercise in the sociology of language conducted mainly within the conceptual framework and methodology created by William Labov. It accepts that social process and social structure are reflected in patterns of covariation involving linguistic and social variables, and in attitudes to different varieties of speech within the community. This premise is pursued here in its historical implications: linguistuic evidence in present-day speech patterns of earlier states of the society and of the social, political and cultural changes that have brought about the present state. The second main focus in this volume is directed at the concept of standard variety, that is the social attributes and functions of a formal speech pattern for which the status of standard might be claimed.

The Standard of Civilization in International Society

The Standard of Civilization in International Society Author Gerrit W. Gong
ISBN-10 UOM:39015005688448
Release 1984
Pages 267
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The Standard of Civilization in International Society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Standard of Civilization in International Society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Standard of Civilization in International Society book for free.

automatically to the Standard

automatically to the Standard Author Mike Fisher
ISBN-10 9783741289118
Release 2016-11-07
Pages 124
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Während und nach meinem Studium bin ich über eine längere Zeit durch die Abteilungen der Läden und Büchereien gerannt und habe nach Ratgebern und Anleitungen gesucht, die mir aufzeigen können, wie ich ein Unternehmen in die Erfolgsspur führen kann. Nichts, nada, niente .. rein gar nichts, das mir diesen Weg aufzeigt. Theoretische Auflistungen und Gesetzmäßigkeiten spiegeln dort den Inhalt wieder, all das, was den Studenten an Hochschulen und Universitäten in Vorlesungen gepredigt wird, ob als Folien oder in Form von Vorträgen. Es ist sehr selten, dass das Glück einem verhilft, praxisorientierte Dozenten erleben zu dürfen, die das theoretisch zu vermittelnde Grundwissen auch in praxisnahe Beispiele verknüpfen können. Ich wiederum hatte dieses Glück zu meinen Studienzeiten. Das prägte später auch meinen beruflichen Werdegang. Theoretische Kenntnisse in der Praxis so anzuwenden, dass sich der Erfolg eines Unternehmens automatisch einstellt. Mit dieser Protokollreihe stelle ich einige Aspekte und Ausführungen dar, die es einem ermöglichen, immer aktuell der Marktsituation und dem Stand des eigenen Unternehmens folgend zu betrachten und positiv zu entwickeln, so dass man mit seinem Unternehmen nie in die roten Zahlen geraten sollte.

The Standard of Living

The Standard of Living Author Amartya Sen
ISBN-10 0521368405
Release 1988-12-08
Pages 125
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Amartya Sen argues that "the standard of living" has been poorly understood and narrowly defined; it is not just a function of opulence, and cannot be seen as utility. It is, he suggests, the "capabilities" offered in states of affairs. In his comments, Bernard Williams considers the conceptual connections among Sen's capabilities, economic welfare, and the broader notion of "well-being", and asks whether the notion raises questions of justice. Ravi Kanbur considers the implications of the uncertainty in the choice that might be thought to be one desirable capability. John Muellbauer offers a specification of choice, and discusses the importance, for assessing capabilities, of the relation between preferences and constraints and between preferences themselves. Keith Hart explores the issue for those societies in which economic life is not fully "commoditized" and in which, therefore, it does not always make sense to reduce things to a price. Sen concludes with replies to these comments.

The standard of perfection for the properties of flowers and plants

The standard of perfection for the properties of flowers and plants Author George Glenny
ISBN-10 OXFORD:590420499
Release 1847
Pages 80
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The standard of perfection for the properties of flowers and plants has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The standard of perfection for the properties of flowers and plants also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The standard of perfection for the properties of flowers and plants book for free.

The Standard Doyle Company

The Standard Doyle Company Author Christopher Morley
ISBN-10 0823212920
Release 1990
Pages 429
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The cult of Sherlock Holmes and its organizational centerpiece, The Baker Street Irregulars, were products of the fertile mind of Christopher Morley (1890-1957), one of the most versatile and prolific writers of the first half of the twentieth century. Novelist, essayist, columnist, Book-of-the-Month Club judge, poet, panelist, and promoter, Morley was an avid exponent of the literature he loved. Few writers were closer to his heart than Arthur Conan Doyle, whose tales of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were still being penned during Morley's boyhood. This collection is a virtual anthology of Morley's many styles. In addition to old favorites like In Memoriam Sherlock Holmes, the preface to the Doubleday edition of The Complete Sherlock Holmes published in 1930 and probably the most widely read Sherlockian essay of them all, here are previously unpublished or never-before-collected essays, poems, short stories, and even a play. Excerpts from the fifteen years of Morley's columns in the Saturday Review of Literature and a decade of his Clinical Notes by a Resident Patientin the Baker Street Journal (currently published by Fordham University Press) cover ever aspect of Holmes's world - from dressing gowns to Turkish baths, from beekeeping to the Bin 221B Baker Street. As Morley put it in his little-known reader for high-school students, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, A Textbook of Friendship, The beginning reader of Sherlock Holmes concerns himself with little more than attentive enjoyment, but there is a post-graduate school as well. There is a special and superior pleasure in reading anything so much more carefully than its author ever did. The Standard Doyle Company - Morley's punning title for the Baker Street Irregulars - is an advanced syllabus for the lover of Sherlockian literature and lore.

Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model

Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model Author Matthew D. Schwartz
ISBN-10 9781107034730
Release 2013-12-15
Pages 863
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Modern introduction to quantum field theory for graduates, providing intuitive, physical explanations supported by real-world applications and homework problems.

Dynamics of the Standard Model

Dynamics of the Standard Model Author John F. Donoghue
ISBN-10 0521476526
Release 1994-06-16
Pages 540
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Focusing on the techniques by which the model can produce information about real observed phenomena, this book provides a detailed account of the Standard Model of particle physics. Following an account of the theory, the major part of the text is concerned with its application to the calculation of physical properties of particles.

The Standard Model

The Standard Model Author Cliff Burgess
ISBN-10 0521860369
Release 2007
Pages 542
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This 2006 book uses the standard model as a vehicle for introducing quantum field theory.

Perspectives in the Standard Model

Perspectives in the Standard Model Author R. Keith Ellis
ISBN-10 9810219903
Release 1992
Pages 708
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These proceedings consist of a series of detailed pedagogical lectures on a variety of theoretical and experimental topics. Together they comprise a comprehensive survey of current approaches to the physics of the standard model. The school is slanted to emphasize dynamics, recent theoretical advances, and new experiments.

The Rise of the Standard Model

The Rise of the Standard Model Author Lillian Hoddeson
ISBN-10 0521578167
Release 1997-11-13
Pages 714
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Based on a conference held at Stanford University, this book gives the most comprehensive and up-to-date account of an exciting physics revolution--the rise of the Standard Model. The third volume of a series recounting the history of particle physics, this volume focuses on the Standard Model, which explains the microstructure of the world in terms of quarks and leptons and their interactions. Major contributors include Steven Weinberg, Murray Gell-Mann, Michael Redhead, Silvan Schweber, Leon Lederman, and John Heilbron. A collaboration of physicists and historians of science, the wide-ranging articles explore the detailed scientific experiments, the institutional settings in which they took place, and the ways in which the many details of the puzzle fit together to account for the Standard Model.

Prolog The Standard

Prolog  The Standard Author Pierre Deransart
ISBN-10 9783642614118
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 272
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From the viewpoint of an "industrial" this book is most welcome, as one of the most significant demonstrations of the maturity of Prolog. Logic programming is a fascinating area in computer science, which held for years - and still does - the promise of freeing ourselves from programming based on the "Von Neumann" machine. In addition computer programming has long been for solid theoretical foundations. While conventional engineering, dealing mainly with "analogical complexity", developed over some hundred years a complete body of mathematical tools, no such toolset was available for "digital complexity". The only mathematical discipline which deals with digital complexity is logic and Prolog is certainly the operational tool which comes closest to the logical programming ideal. So, why does Prolog, despite nearly twenty years of development, still appear to many today to be more of a research or academic tool, rather than an industrial programming language? A few reasons may explain this: First, I think Prolog suffers from having been largely assimilated into - and thus followed the fate of - Artificial Intelligence. Much hype in the late 1980 created overexpectations and failed to deliver, and the counterreaction threw both AI and Prolog into relative obscurity. In a way, maybe this is a new chance for the Prolog community: the ability to carry out real work and progress without the disturbance of limelights and the unrealistic claims of various gurus. Second, programming in Prolog is a new experience for computer professionals.

The Structure and Interpretation of the Standard Model

The Structure and Interpretation of the Standard Model Author Gordon McCabe
ISBN-10 0080498302
Release 2011-08-30
Pages 264
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This book provides a philosophically informed and mathematically rigorous introduction to the 'standard model' of particle physics. The standard model is the currently accepted and experimentally verified model of all the particles and interactions in our universe. All the elementary particles in our universe, and all the non-gravitational interactions -the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, and the electromagnetic force - are collected together and, in the case of the weak and electromagnetic forces, unified in the standard model. Rather than presenting the calculational recipes favored in most treatments of the standard model, this text focuses upon the elegant mathematical structures and the foundational concepts of the standard model. · Combines an exposition of the philosophical foundations and rigorous mathematical structure of particle physics · Demonstrates the standard model with elegant mathematics, rather than a medley of computational recipes · Promotes a group-theoretical and fibre-bundle approach to the standard model, rather than the Lagrangian approach favoured by calculationalists · Explains the different approaches to particle physics and the standard model which can be found within the literature

An Introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics

An Introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics Author W. N. Cottingham
ISBN-10 9781139462211
Release 2007-02-22
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The second edition of this introductory graduate textbook provides a concise but accessible introduction to the Standard Model. It has been updated to account for the successes of the theory of strong interactions, and the observations on matter-antimatter asymmetry. It has become clear that neutrinos are not mass-less, and this book gives a coherent presentation of the phenomena and the theory that describes them. It includes an account of progress in the theory of strong interactions and of advances in neutrino physics. The book clearly develops the theoretical concepts from the electromagnetic and weak interactions of leptons and quarks to the strong interactions of quarks. Each chapter ends with problems, and hints to selected problems are provided at the end of the book. The mathematical treatments are suitable for graduates in physics, and more sophisticated mathematical ideas are developed in the text and appendices.

The Standard Theatre of Victorian England

The Standard Theatre of Victorian England Author Allan Stuart Jackson
ISBN-10 0838633927
Release 1993
Pages 360
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This is the first major study of the Douglass family of England and the institution of the National Standard Theatre. It includes an examination of the theatrical aesthetics of the mid-Victorian theatre and the methods used by the Douglasses to achieve their success, as well as biographical material on a number of the actors and actresses and on the Douglass family itself. The National Standard Theatre was located in Shoreditch, in east London, and stood very near to the site of Shakespeare's original Theatre. First built in 1835 and then rebuilt three times, it remained at that location until 1939. Between 1851 and the theatre's end, it was one of the largest theatres in the world, holding more than five thousand patrons. Under the management of the Douglass family from 1848 to 1889, records of several kinds were set, such as attendance and box office success, and achievement in quality and staging was reached. The Douglasses were considered among the top theatre managers of the mid-Victorian period, providing thousands of patrons a week with the best dramas, actors, and productions of the period. Favorites of the East End audiences were James Anderson, Mrs. Robert Honner, Samuel Phelps, and Miss Glyn. Dion Boucicault and Charles and Ellen Kean also appeared, as well as George Washington "Pony" Moore and his Christy Minstrels. Sims Reeves with his operas in English were summer fixtures at the Standard. Christmas pantomimes were critical to the financial health of the Victorian theatres, and the Standard's were usually considered to be magnificent, especially the Douglass pantomimes, which were always rated among the top two or three in the city. Richard Douglass, the family scene designer, was one of the principal scenic artists of England between 1870 and 1910. His studio provided settings for many theatres throughout the country as well as all of the settings required in the family business. The last chapters of this work detail the surprising naturalistic staging techniques that were developed after 1879. These included railway trains on tracks, ocean liners, real water scenes on rivers and ocean shores, fox hunts with a real "trained" fox, hounds and riders on horseback taking the hedges, plus horse races and a multitude of other effects of the type that later became part of the cinema. This book is illustrated with pictures of the people, settings, and architecture associated with the National Standard Theatre. In addition, there are some of the original watercolor scene designs painted by Richard Douglass himself, including a moving panorama showing change of place, weather, and time; two back cloths or act drop designs; and a number of scenic views of the British countryside as designs for dioramas or stage settings.

Of the Standard of Taste

Of the Standard of Taste Author David Hume
ISBN-10 9788892533554
Release 2015-12-26
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Philosopher and historian, second son of Joseph Hume, of Ninewells, Berwickshire, was born and educated in Edinburgh, and was intended for the law. For this, however, he had no aptitude, and commercial pursuits into which he was initiated in a counting-house in Bristol proving equally uncongenial, he was permitted to follow out his literary bent, and in 1734 went to France, where he passed three years at Rheims and La Flèche in study, living on a small allowance made him by his father. In 1739 he published anonymously his Treatise on Human Nature, which attracted little attention. Having returned to Scotland, he wrote at Ninewells his Essays, Moral and Philosophical (1741–42). He now became desirous of finding some employment which would put him in a position of independence, and having been unsuccessful in his candidature for the Chair of Moral Philosophy in Edinburgh, he became in 1745 governor to the Marquis of Annandale, a nobleman whose state was little removed from insanity. Two years later he accepted the more congenial appointment of Judge–Advocate-General to General St. Clair on his expedition to Port L’Orient, and in 1748 accompanied him on a diplomatic mission to France, whence he passed on to Vienna and Turin. About the same time he produced his Philosophical Essays [1748], including the famous Essay in Miracles which gave rise to so much controversy. These were followed in 1751 by his Enquiry into the Principles of Morals, which he considered his best work; and in 1752 by his Political Discourses, which alone of his works had an immediate success. In the same year he applied unsuccessfully for the Chair of Logic in Glasgow, but was appointed Keeper of the Advocates’ Library in Edinburgh. The access to books and original authorities which this position gave him appears to have suggested to his mind the idea of writing a history, and the first vol. of his History of England, containing the reigns of James I. and Charles I., was published in 1754. Its reception was not favourable, and the disappointment of the author was so great that, had it not been for the state of war between the two countries, he would have left his native land, changed his name, and settled permanently in France. The second vol., which appeared in 1757, dealing with the Commonwealth, and the reigns of Charles II. and James II., had a better reception, and had the effect of “buoying up its unfortunate brother.” Thereafter the tide completely turned, and the remaining four vols., 1759 and 1762, in which he turned back and finished the history from the invasion of Julius Cæsar to the accession of Henry VII., attained a vast popularity, which extended to the whole work. Hume published in 1757 Four Dissertations: the Natural History of Religion; of the Passions; of Tragedy; of the Standard of Taste. Two others on Suicide and on The Immortality of the Soul were cancelled, but published posthumously.

The Physics of the Standard Model and Beyond

The Physics of the Standard Model and Beyond Author T. Morii
ISBN-10 981279560X
Release 2004
Pages 312
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This book provides a unified description of elementary particle interactions and the underlying theories, namely the Standard Model and beyond. The authors have aimed at a concise presentation but have taken care that all the basic concepts are clearly described. Written primarily for graduate students in theoretical and experimental particle physics, The Physics of the Standard Model and Beyond conveys the excitement of particle physics, centering upon experimental observations (new and old) and a variety of ideas for their interpretation. Contents: Weak Interaction; Symmetries and the Gauge Theories; The Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions; Quantum Chromodynamics; Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Oscillations; Supersymmetry; Precision Test of Electroweak Radiative Corrections and New Physics; Flavor Physics and CP Violation; Appendices: Notation and Useful Relations; Cross Sections and Feynman Rule; Basics of the Group Theory; C, P and T Transformation; The Quark Model. Readership: Graduate students, experimentalists and theorists in high energy physics.