The Trouble with Honor

The Trouble with Honor Author Julia London
ISBN-10 9780373778454
Release 2014
Pages 378
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When her stepbrother's fiancée threatens to steal away her inheritance, Honor Cabot conspires with the illegitimate son of a duke to ruin the woman's reputation, but working in close quarters with such a rogue has its dangers ... and its pleasures. Original.

The Trouble with Islam Today

The Trouble with Islam Today Author Irshad Manji
ISBN-10 9781429945707
Release 2005-03-16
Pages 240
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"I have to be honest with you. Islam is on very thin ice with me.... Through our screaming self-pity and our conspicuous silences, we Muslims are conspiring against ourselves. We're in crisis and we're dragging the rest of the world with us. If ever there was a moment for an Islamic reformation, it's now. For the love of God, what are we doing about it?" In this open letter, Irshad Manji unearths the troubling cornerstones of mainstream Islam today: tribal insularity, deep-seated anti-Semitism, and an uncritical acceptance of the Koran as the final, and therefore superior, manifesto of God's will. But her message is ultimately positive. She offers a practical vision of how Islam can undergo a reformation that empowers women, promotes respect for religious minorities, and fosters a competition of ideas. Her vision revives "ijtihad," Islam's lost tradition of independent thinking. In that spirit, Irshad has a refreshing challenge for both Muslims and non-Muslims: Don't silence yourselves. Ask questions---out loud. The Trouble with Islam Today is a clarion call for a fatwa-free future.

Castle Rackrent

Castle Rackrent Author Maria Edgeworth
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433074967500
Release 1801
Pages 214
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Castle Rackrent has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Castle Rackrent also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Castle Rackrent book for free.

Towards a Social Science of Language

Towards a Social Science of Language Author Gregory R. Guy
ISBN-10 9789027276018
Release 1997-05-23
Pages 358
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This is a two-volume collection of original research papers designed to reflect the breadth and depth of the impact that William Labov has had on linguistic science. Four areas of 'Labovian' linguistics are addressed: First is the study of variation and change; the papers in sections I and II of the first volume take this as their central theme, with a focus on either the social context and uses of language (I) or on the the internal linguistic dynamics of variation and change (II). The study of African American English, and other language varieties in the Americas spoken by people of African descent and influenced by their linguistic heritage, is the subject of the papers in section III of the first volume. The third theme is the study of discourse; the papers in section I of the second volume develop themes in Labovian linguistics that go back to Labov's work on narrative, descriptive, and therapeutic discourse. Fourth is the emphasis on language use, the search for discursive, interactive, and meaningful determinants of the complexity in human communication. Papers with these themes appear in section II of the second volume.

For Honor Glory Union

For Honor  Glory   Union Author William Haines Lytle
ISBN-10 0813129532
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" The Battle Rages Higher tells, for the first time, the story of the Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry, a hard-fighting Union regiment raised largely from Louisville and the Knob Creek valley where Abraham Lincoln lived as a child. Although recruited in a slave state where Lincoln received only 0.9 percent of the 1860 presidential vote, the men of the Fifteenth Kentucky fought and died for the Union for over three years, participating in all the battles of the Atlanta campaign, as well as the battles of Perryville, Stones River and Chickamauga. Using primary research, including soldiersÕ letters and diaries, hundreds of contemporary newspaper reports, official army records, and postwar memoirs, Kirk C. Jenkins vividly brings the Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry to life. The book also includes an extensive biographical roster summarizing the service record of each soldier in the thousand-member unit. Kirk C. Jenkins, a descendant of the Fifteenth Kentucky's Captain Smith Bayne, is a partner in a Chicago law firm. Click here for Kirk Jenkins' website and more information about the 15th Kentucky Infantry.

Honor Vengeance and Social Trouble

Honor  Vengeance  and Social Trouble Author Peter Arnade
ISBN-10 9780801455759
Release 2015-02-17
Pages 256
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Among the more intriguing documentary sources from late medieval Europe are pardon letters—petitions sent by those condemned for serious crimes to monarchs and princes in France and the Low Countries in the hopes of receiving a full pardon. The fifteenth-century Burgundian Low Countries and duchy of Burgundy produced a large cache of these petitions, from both major cities (Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, and Dijon) and rural communities. In Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble, Peter Arnade and Walter Prevenier present the first study in English of these letters to explore and interrogate the boundaries between these sources’ internal, discursive properties and the social world beyond the written text. Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble takes the reader out onto the streets and into the taverns, homes, and workplaces of the Burgundian territories, charting the most pressing social concerns of the day: everything from family disputes and vendettas to marital infidelity and property conflicts—and, more generally, the problems of public violence, abduction and rape, and the role of honor and revenge in adjudicating disputes. Arnade and Prevenier examine why the right to pardon was often enacted by the Burgundian dukes and how it came to compete with more traditional legal means of resolving disputes. In addition, they consider the pardon letter as a historical source, highlighting the limitations and pitfalls of relying on documents that are, by their very nature, narratives shaped by the petitioner to seek a favored outcome. The book also includes a detailed case study of a female actress turned prostitute. An example of microhistory at its best, Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble will challenge scholars while being accessible to students in courses on medieval and early modern Europe or on historiography.

The Trouble with May Amelia

The Trouble with May Amelia Author Jennifer L. Holm
ISBN-10 9781442421400
Release 2011-04-05
Pages 224
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The long-awaited and highly anticipated sequel to the Newbery Honor winner Our Only May Amelia, by the bestselling and cherished author Jennifer Holm. May Amelia Jackson captured readers’ hearts in the Newbery Honor Book Our Only May Amelia. Now, after more than ten years, Jennifer Holm is bringing this beloved character back in a beautifully written story that’s both heartbreaking and hilarious. May Amelia lives with her pioneer family on a farm in 1900, but she just can’t act the part of a proper young lady—and it doesn’t help that she has seven brothers and a Pappa who proclaim that Girls Are Useless. May Amelia jumps at the chance to earn her father’s respect when he asks her to translate for a gentleman who’s interested in buying their land and making them rich. But when the deal turns out to be a scam, Pappa places all the blame on May. It’s going to take a lot of sisu—that’s Finnish for guts—to make things right.

The Trouble with History

The Trouble with History Author Adam Michnik
ISBN-10 9780300185973
Release 2014-05-27
Pages 208
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"The book is a five-part meditation on morality in public life"--

The Trouble with the Truth

The Trouble with the Truth Author Edna Robinson
ISBN-10 9781476793498
Release 2015-02-10
Pages 224
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Set in the 1930s, this poignant, funny, and utterly original novel tells the story of one lost girl’s struggle for truth, identity, and understanding amidst her family’s nomadic, unconventional lifestyle. What’s the right way to behave, to think, to feel—if you’re always the new girl? How do you navigate life when you’re continually on the move? Do you lie? How do you even know if you’re lying? What’s the truth anyway? It’s 1928 and nine-year-old Lucresse Briard is trying to make sense of life and the jumbled, often challenging family it’s handed her: a single art-dealer father who thinks nothing of moving from place to place; her brother, Ben, who succeeds in any situation and seems destined for stardom; and their houseman, Fred, who acts like an old woman. As Lucresse advances through childhood to adolescence, she goes from telling wild lies for attention to desperately seeking the truth of who she is as a sophistication-craving teenager in the 1930s. Told from Lucresse’s perspective as a grown woman, The Trouble with the Truth transcends its time in the late 1920s and ’30s, and weaves the story we all live of struggling to learn who we are and the truth behind this human journey.

The Trouble with Blame

The Trouble with Blame Author Sharon Lamb
ISBN-10 0674910117
Release 1999
Pages 244
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With clarity and compassion, Lamb examines the theories, excuses, and psychotherapies that strip victims of their power and perpetrators of their agency - and thus deprive them of the means to human dignity, healing, and reparation. She shows how the current practice of painting victims as pure innocents may actually help perpetrators of abuse shirk responsibility for their actions; they too can claim to be victims in their own right, passive and will-less in their wrongdoing.

The Trouble with Brides

The Trouble with Brides Author Deeanne Gist
ISBN-10 9780764208935
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 704
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A bride most begrudging (2005): a British lady who is taken to the colonies against her will as a "tobacco bride." The colonial farmer who "wins" her realizes he has gotten more than he bargained for in the ensuing battle of wills.

The Trouble with Markets

The Trouble with Markets Author Roger Bootle
ISBN-10 9781857889888
Release 2012-07-05
Pages 288
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A trenchant, topical, and thought-provoking exploration of both our economic future and the future of the market system itself.

The Trouble with Boys

The Trouble with Boys Author Peg Tyre
ISBN-10 9780307449771
Release 2008-09-09
Pages 320
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From the moment they step into the classroom, boys begin to struggle. They get expelled from preschool nearly five times more often than girls; in elementary school, they’re diagnosed with learning disorders four times as often. By eighth grade huge numbers are reading below basic level. And by high school, they’re heavily outnumbered in AP classes and, save for the realm of athletics, show indifference to most extra­curricular activities. Perhaps most alarmingly, boys now account for less than 43 percent of those enrolled in college, and the gap widens every semester! The imbalance in higher education isn’t just a “boy problem,” though. Boys’ decreasing college attendance is bad news for girls, too, because ad­missions officers seeking balanced student bodies pass over girls in favor of boys. The growing gender imbalance in education portends massive shifts for the next generation: how much they make and whom they marry. Interviewing hundreds of parents, kids, teachers, and experts, award-winning journalist Peg Tyre drills below the eye-catching statistics to examine how the educational system is failing our sons. She explores the convergence of culprits, from the emphasis on high-stress academics in preschool and kindergarten, when most boys just can’t tolerate sitting still, to the outright banning of recess, from the demands of No Child Left Behind, with its rigid emphasis on test-taking, to the boy-unfriendly modern curriculum with its focus on writing about “feelings” and its purging of “high-action” reading material, from the rise of video gaming and schools’ unease with technology to the lack of male teachers as role models. But this passionate, clearheaded book isn’t an exercise in finger-pointing. Tyre, the mother of two sons, offers notes from the front lines—the testimony of teachers and other school officials who are trying new techniques to motivate boys to learn again, one classroom at a time. The Trouble with Boys gives parents, educators, and anyone concerned about the state of education a manifesto for change—one we must undertake right away lest school be-come, for millions of boys, unalterably a “girl thing.” From the Hardcover edition.

The Trouble with Dreiser

The Trouble with Dreiser Author Annemarie Koning Whaley
ISBN-10 9781604976434
Release 2009
Pages 235
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This book establishes the restored version of Jennie Gerhardt as a far better piece of literature than the 1911 edition. It is also the first extensive study of the damaging effects of the editorial process on a significant work of American literature. This study carefully compares the restored edition to the 1911 edition, revealing clear and precise patterns to the Harper editing. These patterns, in turn, suggest that the Harper editors deliberately approached Dreiser's original manuscript with the intention of softening its social and moral content. This study argues that the firm's historical emphasis on family values and its lengthy bout with bankruptcy and reorganization, coupled with the conservative social and moral climate at the turn of the century, motivated the house to edit the novel with a heavy and censorious hand. The end result was a more agreeable and, therefore, more saleable book. This study also provides an extensive discussion on the probable reasons why Dreiser acquiesced to changes he felt were not in the best interest of his novel. By continually placing material from the 1911 edition alongside that of the restored edition and then situating the cuts and emendations within their appropriate thematic, historical, cultural, social, moral, biographical, and autobiographical contexts, readers will see how the editors distorted Dreiser's original writing of every major character, their interaction with their environment, and their relationship with others. Readers will also see how the editing blunted, and in some cases completely erased, Dreiser's criticism of the wealthy capitalist; society's understanding and treatment of the poor, the working class, and the immigrant; and traditional notions of motherhood, womanhood, relationships, and the American Dream. This study argues that once Dreiser's original language is restored, Jennie Gerhardt can stand alongside Dreiser's other novels and can add to critical discussions on class, gender, morality, ethnicity, naturalism, and romanticism in Dreiser's fiction. The Trouble with Dreiser: Harper and the Editing of Jennie Gerhardt is an important work for collections of American literature, Theodore Dreiser, textual studies, early twentieth-century cultural studies (especially those interested in ethnicity), and early twentieth-century historical studies.

The Trouble with Being Born

The Trouble with Being Born Author Jeffrey DeShell
ISBN-10 9781573661416
Release 2008-01-18
Pages 209
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A fierce portrait of memory, family, and regret"The Trouble with Being Born" is a stark meditation on memory and the struggle both necessary and impossible to remember."

The Trouble with Texans

The Trouble with Texans Author Maggie Simpson
ISBN-10 9781459277991
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 304
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FAMILY MAN The more she sees Michelle Davis has come to Sotol Junction, Texas, for one reason. To check out what kind of father her ex-brother-in-law is. Michelle's sure her niece would be better off living in Boston. But this small border town and its friendly people are becoming hard to resist. The more she likes Jake Evans has made a new life for himself and his daughter. He's given up three-piece suits and corporate haircuts for denim cutoffs and a ponytail. And being a river runner—guiding rafts up and down the magnificent Rio Grande—obviously agrees with him. Her sister's ex-husband has improved in every way. He's become a real family man. He's even less hostile toward her. Until he discovers the betrayal… FAMILY MAN. He's sexy, he's single… And he's a father. Can any woman resist?

Four Times the Trouble

Four Times the Trouble Author Tara Taylor Quinn
ISBN-10 9781459227958
Release 2012-05-01
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Girl trouble. Jacob's seven-year-old triplets are a handful. Allie is organizing her teacher to death. Jessie is crying in class. Meggie is becoming almost reclusive. Jacob is told what the triplets need is a woman in their lives. But the last thing Jacob needs is to exchange girl trouble for… Woman trouble. Jacob's gone that route before. All it did was get his daughters' hopes up—his hopes up—only to end in disappointment. Maybe the answer is to enlist the help of a friend, someone like his partner, Michelle.… Big trouble. Unfortunately, what Jacob begins to feel for Michelle is more than just friendship. And while Michelle's willing to be a surrogate mother to Jacob's children, it's going to take a lot of convincing for her to consider the idea of being a wife to him.