The Ukulele Handbook

The Ukulele Handbook Author Gavin Pretor-Pinney
ISBN-10 9781408836293
Release 2013
Pages 144
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The ukulele has gone from strength to strength in recent years, undergoing a massive resurgence. You can hear the uke all over the place, from trendster indie rock to top ten pop songs, from unshakeable TV ads to YouTube megahits. And this obsession shows no sign of abating - all over the country people are picking up a ukulele and starting to strum, at home, in classes and down at the pub. Schools are even replacing the faithful recorder with a jazzy, inexpensive uke. Famous idlers Gavin Pretor-Pinney and Tom Hodgkinson have spent hours idling away on their ukuleles to produce the ultimate uke handbook: an illustrated guide to its history crossed with a how-to guide and songbook. This is the book that will bring the underground movement into the mainstream. The first half of the book delves into the rich history of this eccentric little instrument, from its birth in Hawaii to its popularity across the world, with a timeline from 1879 to today and a ukulele hall of fame that includes George Formby, Hawaiian legend Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and YouTube ukulele superstar Jake Shimabukuro. Then on to the practicalities: the anatomy of the ukulele, which uke to buy, how to play it, how to strum, pick, read chord charts and tune the strings. Once you know all this, you can get playing the songbook, which includes a wide spread of songs from medieval lays and nursery rhymes to blues and rock 'n roll. Beautiful presentation and tab notation make reading the music easy, even for beginners. With the highest production values, a light touch and an irresistible instrument at centre stage, this book is a must-have for all aspiring Formbys.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Playing the Ukulele

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Playing the Ukulele Author David Hodge
ISBN-10 9781101584774
Release 2012-07-18
Pages 288
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Whether you want to play a few simple melodies or jam with other musicians, this helpful guide gives you the surest path from start to success.

Fun with the Ukulele

Fun with the Ukulele Author MEL BAY
ISBN-10 9781609747640
Release 2015-06-04
Pages 40
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Presents tuning, proper positioning, basic chords (C tuning) and folk songs for strumming and singing. Very easy to comprehend, even for the absolute beginner. the book teaches rhythm accompaniment in several meters. Each song includes lyrics and a suggested strumming pattern. A companion video is available and recommended to ensure accuracy and ease of learning.

The Ukulele

The Ukulele Author Jim Beloff
ISBN-10 0879304545
Release 1997
Pages 111
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(Book). From its birthplace in Portugal to its famous Hawaiian home, the "jumping flea" has left its mark on popular music and pop culture worldwide. This book traces the uke's evolution with colorful whimsy. Readers will meet some of the world's greatest ukulele players through profiles, photos, and a list of recordings. Splendid color photos show more than 100 of the finest and most unique ukes and vintage catalog illustrations, fanciful sheet music covers, and witty ads that capture the craze of the 1920s and '30s.

The Ukulele Entertainer

The Ukulele Entertainer Author Ralph Shaw
ISBN-10 9781623092016
Release 2011-12-12
Pages 178
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Be the Best “Ukulele Entertainer” You Can Be! Could your playing, singing or onstage banter use a little fine-tuning? All string instrument performers will benefit from this practical, informative book. Going far beyond other ukulele publications, this helpful guide shows the aspiring ukulele star of any age how to: • Put strings on a ukulele, correctly • Play three styles of triplet strum • Know where to look when you sing • Tackle nerves and stage fright • Start and run a ukulele club • Remember lyrics and sing on pitch • Create a killer set list, and much, much more Learn from a seasoned pro how to relax and improvise, introduce more dynamics into your playing, even—just for fun—how to make ukulele wine! You’ll get some lessons in musical history and be royally entertained by the “King of the Ukulele” himself. Welcome to The Ukulele Entertainer, a book to help ukulele players with their playing and performance skills. This book shows all levels of ukulele player how to play better and includes tips on improving your chances of success when you get out in front of an audience. Much of the information is also useful for other musicians and entertainers who are not ukulele players. The pieces have been placed in sections. Since this is a book primarily for ukulele players, the most obvious category would be advice on how to play the ukulele. But, surprisingly perhaps, Ralph doesn't dwell on the playing of the instrument as much as you might expect. Achieving excellence as an entertainer or musical performer requires knowledge and sets of skills far beyond musical techniques. How often has the ukulele player come up against stage fright or wondered where in the audience to look while singing? Therefore, numerous pages are dedicated to the teaching of performance ability. Most ukulele players are singers too. Singing looks so easy when done well. But only those who have persistently devoted themselves to the improvement of vocal technique understand how the playing of a stringed instrument is less than half the battle. Becoming a better singer is a big part of the ukulele player’s education, so you’ll find chapters to help with singing on pitch and the delivery of lyrics. Ralph Shaw's writing comes across in the same terms as his performances. Elements of humour, storytelling and whimsy woven throughout. These flashes of pattern and colour will help the reader to absorb and remember the lessons. You’ll also find the occasional chapter that won’t help you improve either your playing or performance abilities. However, you will learn how to make an undrinkable wine from an old ukulele, partake in the joys of making music through the eyes and ears of a fifteen-year-old girl, and discover “Sithee,” the Yorkshire equivalent of the Hawaiian word “Aloha.” You may choose to think of these pieces as moments of inspirational literature. If you don’t, and instead you view them as items of pointless frivolity, then one should ask, If we can’t be allowed some time and space for reckless self-abandon, then why are we playing the ukulele in the first place?

Famous Solos and Duets for the Ukulele

Famous Solos and Duets for the Ukulele Author JOHN KING
ISBN-10 9781610651455
Release 2010-12-17
Pages 48
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Famous Solos and Duets for the Ukulele presents ukulele music as you have never seen or heard it before. an anthology of pieces selected from the earliest known methods and collections published for the ukulele between 1909 and 1920, Famous Solos and Duets is newly engraved in both standard notation and tablature and contains extensive fingering and performance instructions.Edited, arranged, and performed by ukulele virtuoso and historian John King, this collection makes the original, classic repertoire of this charming little instrument available to the public for the first time in nearly a century. the Preface, informative and thoroughly researched, places the ukulele and its music in historical context, from its early days in Hawai'i, to its widespread popularity on the Mainland. Showcasing pieces which are both challenging and beautiful, Early Solos and Duets features the music of Queen Lili'uokalani, King Kalakaua, Ernest Ka'ai, Henry Kailimai, George Awai, George Kia Nahaolelua, N. B. Bailey and Vadah Olcott Bickford. Also included in Early Solos and Duets are invaluable instructions for the different styles of strumming as played by the Father of the ukulele, Ernest Ka'ai. the CD contains all 22 pieces expertly performed by Mr. King.

Ukulele Heaven Songs from the Golden Age of the Ukulele

Ukulele Heaven   Songs from the Golden Age of the Ukulele Author IAN WHITCOMB
ISBN-10 9781619116047
Release 2016-05-31
Pages 108
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A wonderful tribute to the ukulele and its leading advocates, past and present.Contains seventeen classics and eight new tunes as well as an in-depth historical essay illustrated with original sheet music covers. Classic selections include: Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula; Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday Night?; All That I Ask of You Is Love; They're Wearing 'Em Higher in Hawaii; Sierra Sue; Any Time; Pasadena; Somebody Stole My Gal; Blue; and more. All tunes are shown with complete lyrics and chord diagrams. Includes a select discography of audio's featuring ukulele artists and a list of uke web sites. Most of the songs heard in the feature film Stanley's Gig (2000) starring Faye Dunaway can be found in this book. Includes access toonline audio

Ukulele For Dummies Enhanced Edition

Ukulele For Dummies  Enhanced Edition Author Alistair Wood
ISBN-10 9781119976042
Release 2011-06-30
Pages 360
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Learn everything ukulele—from chord progressions to playing pop, folk, and holiday favorites—and, yes, even Hawaiian music! The ukulele is hot. The season one finale of Glee featured a ukulele. The recent hit song "Hey Soul Sister" by Train includes the dulcet tones of a uke. Not to mention the runaway success of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. For anyone wishing to master this fun, surprisingly versatile instrument, Ukulele For Dummies covers all the basics—from chords and strumming patterns to guidance on finger-picking. The print version of the book includes a CD with audio tracks of the entire musical notation in the book—creating a total musical instruction package Offers instruction in a variety of styles—including pop, folk, holiday favorites, and Hawaiian music Features a buying guide for the novice—with tips on purchasing a ukulele plus other necessary accessories With its simple and clear instruction, and inspiration on every page, Ukulele For Dummies will have fans and first-time musicians making beautiful music—as they tiptoe through the tulips—in no time. Note: CD files are available to download after purchasing the e-Book version

It s Ukulele Time

It s Ukulele Time Author Ron Manus
ISBN-10 9781470616052
Release 2013-10-23
Pages 24
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This simple and effective approach to learning the ukulele will get you playing right away. Start with the absolute basics like holding the instrument and in no time, you’ll have fun strumming the chords to all-time favorite songs. Melodies and lyrics are included, so you can sing along with friends and family or play duets with other musicians. The clear layout, large illustrations, and detailed photos make learning easy. Whether you are teaching yourself or learning with others, this is the best introduction to playing the ukulele. Songs include "Aloha Oe," "Clementine," "Down in the Valley," "Over the Rainbow," "When the Saints Go Marching In," and more!

Ukulele for Beginners

Ukulele for Beginners Author Will Grove-White
ISBN-10 9781844038190
Release 2014-10-20
Pages 192
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Interested in the ukulele and want to learn how to play it? This is the book for you. This all-encompassing guide to the ukulele is written by Will Grove-White, one of the world-renowned Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Clearly written, beautifully designed, and chock-full of photos and illustrations, Get Plucky With the Ukulele is the perfect teach-yourself ukulele book for adults and children alike, and a must for anyone with an interest in the instrument. - No knowledge of music required - Clearly written and easy to understand - Full colour photographic illustrations - Chords to learn and songs to strum - Simple and advanced strumming techniques - Pull-out Chord Dictionary - Tips and tricks for writing your own songs - How to play in a group - Play along with the songs online Also includes: - A complete history of the ukulele - Biographies of great uke players from past and present - Ukulele revelations about Jimi Hendrix, Neil Armstrong, Elvis Presley and more...

The Ukulele

The Ukulele Author Denis Gilbert
ISBN-10 0972879501
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 140
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At Step by Step guide on making the Hawaiian Ukulele.Supported with over 170 photographs

Fun with the Ukulele

Fun with the Ukulele Author
ISBN-10 9780871664655
Release 1961
Pages 40
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Presents tuning, proper positioning, basic chords (C tuning) and folk songs for strumming and singing. Very easy to comprehend, even for the absolute beginner. The book teaches rhythm accompaniment in several meters. Each song includes lyrics and a suggested strumming pattern. A companion CD and video are available and either is recommended to ensure accuracy and ease of learning.

Alfred s Teach Yourself to Play Ukulele

Alfred s Teach Yourself to Play Ukulele Author Morton Manus
ISBN-10 1457408333
Pages 64
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This book teaches you how to play the D-tuned ukulele with an easy-to-follow approach that will have you playing instantly. Different strumming techniques help you play in any style including folk, blues, and country. Great songs like "This Land Is Your Land," "When the Saints Go Marching In," "St. Louis Blues," and many others are included with lyrics. A special section on playing by ear teaches how to figure out your own favorite songs, and a handy chart shows how to transpose any song to the key of your choice. Upon completion of this book, you will be able to play your favorite songs on the ukulele in any key.

The Ukulele Playlist

The Ukulele Playlist Author Lucy Holliday
ISBN-10 0571536166
Release 2011
Pages 80
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The latest in the popular Ukulele Playlist series, with over 30 classic pop hits especially arranged for the ukulele from artists such as Bruno Mars, Take That, Plain White T's, Matt Cardle, Jackie Wilson, Paolo Nutini and many more, including full lyrics, strumming patterns and ukulele chord diagrams.

The Gift Of The Ukulele Crossword Puzzle Book

The Gift Of The Ukulele Crossword Puzzle Book Author Aaron Joy
ISBN-10 9781387146796
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The Gift Of The Ukulele Crossword Puzzle Book has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Gift Of The Ukulele Crossword Puzzle Book also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Gift Of The Ukulele Crossword Puzzle Book book for free.

The ukulele

The  ukulele Author Jim Tranquada
ISBN-10 0824836340
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 282
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This is the first fully documented account of the history of the Ukulele as an iconic element of Hawaiian culture. The authors discuss the evolution of ukulele as a musical instrument from the origin in Madeira Island and also its central role in the diffusion of Hawaiian music in the United States. The work goes much beyond the usual ukulele as collectible approach and places the instrument in its social, political, and cultural contexts of Western Europe, Hawaii, and the US Mainland.

Mastering the Ukulele

Mastering the Ukulele Author Miranda Crow
ISBN-10 1530079241
Release 2016-02-16
Pages 62
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It's Time to Learn The Ukulele the Right way! This book is perfect for beginners Bonus Books Included! FREE With Kindle UnlimitedYou will learn everything that you have to and would like to learn about the ukulele with the help of this book. We will start with the basic information about the ukulele - where it originated and what are its parts. We will progress into learning the different techniques and tips that will help you master the art of playing the ukulele and guarantee you the ability to play the ukulele effortlessly and beautifully. When you finish reading this book you will know how to strum the instrument properly and basically know how to play it well. You will also be taught how to choose the right ukulele as well as how to tune it so that it can emit the perfect beautiful sound. You will also learn the basic chords used in playing the ukulele so that you can play any song that you want to play and hear. What should You buy This book.... I will help You to pick the best ukulele to You You will be able to play all Basic Chords You will be able to Teach Ukulele to Your Child or Relative You will know where to find tabs for all popular songs After Reading You'll be able to Play a good amount of songs What will You learn in this book.... Learn Basic Chords How To Choose The Right Instrument Learn How To Strum properly Mentality of an Ukulele player Learn a few songs And many other facts, techniques and songs! Review the Reviews of the previous version of the bookJuanity, 4 starsPlaying music was one of my favorite hobby. I found this book very interesting because I love music very much. To make the most of your ukulele exercises you need to learn how to play the most common chords on the ukulele fret board. I learned a lot of this book. They gives techniques and strategies to become a successful musician someday. When I found this book I am happy because learning music is really fun. I learn the strumming and the pattern of the ukulele instrument. Music is important because through music people can express their feelings and emotions. Music also can penetrate human beings. So I recommend this book specially for the people who are really interested in music. Rocky, 5 starsI'm always trying to learn new skills and I've always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. After I got this book I became a lot more interested in learning how to play Ukulele. Author explains it in a very simple ways and gives you strategies how to be really successful playing this magic instrument. Definitely recommend it especially for people who are interested in music and who want to learn new skills. Lee, 5 starsHearing the soft tunes emitted from a ukulele brings back some fond memories of my Hawaiian experience. And since I can't seem to forget it I got this book and started learning how to play this cute but amazing instrument. The book will teach you the basic things you need to know like tuning the ukulele, the chords, strumming techniques and so much more. I had fun reading this book and more so playing my first ever song using ukulele. SteveR, 4 starsUkulele is getting more popular here and I bought a ukulele last week. I want to learn how to play ukulele and I search for a guide book for beginners about ukulele. This book helped me how to play all basic chords in ukulele. I feel that I am a professional when learning new chords in this book. I am enjoying it until to the last page. I am ready to apply what I learned and practice it. At The End of The Day, I'm extremely grateful for every download! Thank You! Free With Kindle Unlimited!