The Well Behaved Child

The Well Behaved Child Author Dr. John Rosemond
ISBN-10 9781418586300
Release 2011-09-12
Pages 240
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A well-behaved child? Yes, it's possible! Do you battle with your kids over bedtime? Have fights over food? Are tantrums and conflicts ruling your day? If time-outs have quit working and you find yourself at wit's end, giving in to your kids' demands just to have a moment of peace, know there is hope! In The Well-Behaved Child, beloved psychologist John Rosemond shares his seven essential tools for raising a child who pays attention and obeys. Once you learn how to use his proven, user-friendly techniques, you'll have everything you need to deal effectively with a wide range of discipline problems in children ages three to thirteen, what John terms "The Decade of Discipline." This clear, step-by-step program includes: Seven Fundamentals of Effective Discipline Seven Discipline Tools You Can't Do Without Seven Top Behavior Problems of All Time—Solved! Seven Tales of the Strange and Unexpected You can raise well-behaved children! In this readable, entertaining "workshop in a book," John shows parents how to use the C-words of commanding communication, compelling consequences, and confirming consistency to create a well-behaved child and a family in which peace replaces hassles. It's not complicated at all, and the best part is, it REALLY works!

8 Weeks To a Well Behaved Child

8 Weeks To a Well Behaved Child Author James Windell
ISBN-10 0028604156
Release 1995-06-16
Pages 256
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Provides guidance for parents on a range of child behavioral problems, from simple disobedience to criminal delinquency, and demonstrates how to implement an eight-step program that encompasses parenting skills and improved parent-child relations. Reprint.

Warum franz sische Kinder keine Nervens gen sind

Warum franz  sische Kinder keine Nervens  gen sind Author Pamela Druckerman
ISBN-10 9783641101572
Release 2013-02-25
Pages 368
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Erziehen statt Verziehen. Warum werfen französische Kinder im Restaurant nicht mit Essen, sagen immer höflich Bonjour und lassen ihre Mütter in Ruhe telefonieren? Und warum schlafen französische Babys schon mit zwei oder drei Monaten durch? Als Pamela Druckerman der Liebe wegen nach Paris zieht und bald darauf ein Kind bekommt, entdeckt sie schnell, dass französische Eltern offensichtlich einiges anders machen – und zwar besser. In diesem unterhaltsamen Erfahrungsbericht lüftet sie die Geheimnisse der Erziehung à la française.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to a Well Behaved Child

The Complete Idiot s Guide to a Well Behaved Child Author Ericka Lutz
ISBN-10 0028631072
Release 1999
Pages 388
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Written by a parent for parents, this simple guide shares no-nonsense strategies for every aspect of child-raising, from the toddler years to adolescence.

Well Behaved Children

Well Behaved Children Author Devra Doiron
ISBN-10 0967861500
Release 2000
Pages 108
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Well-Behaved Children -- 100 Tips from Parents Who Have Them contains the wisdom of parenting experts with no bachelor degrees, master degrees or Ph.D.'s in child psychology. However, they have what's 100 times more important -- great kids everyone wishes they had.

Parenting with Purpose

Parenting with Purpose Author Nina V. Garcia
ISBN-10 1517313279
Release 2015-09-18
Pages 130
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In this practical, eye-opening and action-oriented book, Nina Garcia explains how to use connection to raise well-behaved kids and strengthen your parent-child relationship. You'll learn: * How to diffuse and prevent tantrums and outbursts * How to better communicate with your child * Practical advice on structuring your day around routines * The secret to starting your day off right with your child * How to parent calmly and not lose your temper * And so much more... Maybe you're fed up with your child's outbursts and wonder how many tantrums are too many. Or you want to address his behavior with empathy and patience rather than through punishment. Perhaps you want to lessen fighting as well as equip your child with the skills to prevent arguments in the first place. You've tried time-outs. Counting to three before they're really in trouble. Maybe you've lost your temper. Except nothing is working, at least in the long run. You continue to butt heads-and you're exhausted with having to deal with yet another day of disciplining. And here's why: we've got this discipline thing all wrong. We assume discipline is about punishment, or we assume it's what we need to take away from them to curb misbehavior. We mistakenly believe that the main purpose of discipline is to stop tantrums and outbursts at all costs, as quickly as possible. Let's get to the real definition of discipline: discipline is teaching our kids. Because isn't that what parenting really is? Your job is to arm them with the skills they need and would serve them well in the future so they grow into kind adults who can regulate emotions or empathize with others. They'll be adults who treat others with respect and don't expect the world to bow down to their wishes. The kind of person you'd want your child to eventually grow up to be. With each outburst comes the opportunity to help them develop these skills. They learn more about their feelings and appropriate ways to express them. A child who can articulate "mad" can identify that emotion and use techniques to convey frustration. So that next time, there won't be a tantrum to get their point across but rather a more mature discussion or a different way to control their temper. And the best way to discipline is through connection. As ironic as it sounds, we need to connect with our kids when they're acting up. The times when they're most unpleasant are when they need us the most. Connection works to prevent outbursts as well as better handle them when they inevitably happen. This doesn't mean you'll be permissive. You still need to enforce limits and set boundaries. You won't let your child continue to jump on the couch or color on the walls when he's not allowed to. But you focus on what you want your child to learn from the incident rather than only making sure he doesn't do it again. Because yes, it's important your child stops coloring the walls. But it's equally important for him to develop the skills to communicate and make better decisions. You don't accept the behavior, but you are there to guide him through it. This book provides you with the tools you need to handle conflict as you see fit. What worked one day may not work the next. And what worked for your first child may be ineffective with your second. You don't have to get it "just right." Parenting with Purpose is for parents who want to raise their children using intention and mindfulness. Are you ready to raise well-behaved kids and strengthen your relationship with your child? Scroll to the top of the page and get your copy now.

Parenting by the Book

Parenting by the Book Author John Rosemond
ISBN-10 9781416568445
Release 2007-09-25
Pages 288
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Picture respectful, responsible, obedient children who entertain themselves without television or video games, do their own homework, and have impeccable manners. A pie-in-the-sky fantasy? Not so, says family psychologist and bestselling author John Rosemond. Any parent who so desires can grow children who fit that description -- happy, emotionally healthy children who honor their parents and their families with good behavior and do their best in school. In the 1960s, American parents stopped listening to their elders when it came to child rearing and began listening instead to professional experts. Since then, raising children has become fraught with anxiety, stress, and frustration. The solution, says John, lies in raising children according to biblical principles, the same principles that guided parents successfully for hundreds of years. They worked then, and they still work now! Through his nationally syndicated newspaper column and eleven books, John has been helping families raise happy, well-behaved children for more than thirty years. In Parenting by The Book, which John describes as both a "mission and a ministry," he brings parents back to the uncomplicated basics. Herein fi nd practical, Bible-based advice that will help you be the parent you want to be, with children who will be, as the Bible promises, "a delight to your soul" (Pro. 29-17). As a bonus, John also promises to make you laugh along the way.

Happy Kids The Secrets to Raising Well Behaved Contented Children

Happy Kids  The Secrets to Raising Well Behaved  Contented Children Author Cathy Glass
ISBN-10 9780007351770
Release 2010-05-13
Pages 288
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A fresh and practical guide to successfully managing children’s behaviour – from babies to young adults.

Brain Rules f r Ihr Baby

Brain Rules f  r Ihr Baby Author John Medina
ISBN-10 3456852371
Release 2013
Pages 304
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Brain Rules f r Ihr Baby has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Brain Rules f r Ihr Baby also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Brain Rules f r Ihr Baby book for free.

The Good Behaviour Book How to have a better behaved child from birth to age ten

The Good Behaviour Book  How to have a better behaved child from birth to age ten Author William Sears
ISBN-10 9780007374304
Release 2014-02-06
Pages 352
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In THE GOOD BEHAVIOUR BOOK, Dr. William and Martha Sears, the paediatrics specialists whose books on birth, babies, and parenting have become widely praised best-sellers, provide a definitive guide to raising happy, well-adjusted, well-behaved children.

The Art of Asking

The Art of Asking Author Amanda Palmer
ISBN-10 9783732513284
Release 2015-09-10
Pages 432
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Um Hilfe zu bitten fällt uns oft schwer, weil wir Angst haben, schwach und bedürftig zu scheinen. Eine völlig falsche Sichtweise, meint Amanda Palmer. Die Musikerin ist eine wahre Expertin darin, sich helfen zu lassen, bat sie doch bei unzähligen Gelegenheiten um die Unterstützung ihrer Fans. Dabei hat sie erfahren, dass der ausgetauschte Gefallen stets für beide Seiten ein Gewinn ist. Wer um Hilfe bittet, zeigt sich zwar verletzlich, erhält aber auch die Chance, Vertrauen zu beweisen und Beziehungen aufzubauen. Amanda Palmer hat ein großes Buch über Menschlichkeit geschrieben; über Ängste und Schwächen und über die Kraft der Güte und des Vertrauens.

The Discipline Book

The Discipline Book Author William Sears
ISBN-10 0316779040
Release 1995
Pages 316
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A guide by two pediatricians who have raised eight children together discusses self-esteem, spanking, divorce, single parenting, travel, and baby-sitting, and offers advice on how to prevent, as well as stop, problem behavior. Tour.

Raising a Nonviolent Child

Raising a Nonviolent Child Author John Rosemond
ISBN-10 0740706713
Release 2000-08-01
Pages 192
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The best-selling author of Parent Power! and Teen-Proofing explores the current rash of youth violence and aggression in America and offers practical, commonsense advice for parents on how to teach their children manners, characters, responsibility, respect for others, and self-control.

Family Building

Family Building Author John Rosemond
ISBN-10 0740786539
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 192
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The truth is, child rearing is not complicated. Therefore, it is not hard. There will be difficult moments, of course, . . . but if a parent is experiencing the rearing of a child or children as generally difficult--as emotionally, intellectually, and even physically exhausting, then the parent is doing something wrong. --John Rosemond, Family Building Trusted family psychologist John Rosemond has a revolutionary message for today's parents: Your grandparents' generation knew a lot more about raising children than all of today's experts. The experts have turned child rearing into a complicated, exhausting chore rather than the simple, straightforward task it should be. In Family Building: The Five Fundamentals of Effective Parenting, Rosemond outlines the five key principles of traditional parenting that are crucial to raising well-behaved children today. * It's about the family, not the children. * Where discipline is concerned, it's about communication, not consequences; leadership not relationship. * It's about respecting others, not high self-esteem. * It's about manners and morals, not skills. * It's about responsibility, not high achievement. Each chapter includes questions from real parents faced with real-life parenting challenges, and in his typical no-nonsense style, Rosemond provides practical solutions. Family Building restores common sense to parenting and puts the parents back in charge. Once again, John Rosemond delivers child-rearing wisdom that no parent should miss.

The Good Behaviour Book

The Good Behaviour Book Author William Sears
ISBN-10 9780007198245
Release 2005
Pages 342
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Disciplining children means equipping them with the tools to succeed in life. In this unique guide, seasoned parents of eight, Bill and Martha Sears draw on personal experience and their professional knowledge as childcare experts to provide an authoritative approach to a broad range of disciplinary issues and practices.

You Can Raise a Well Mannered Child

You Can Raise a Well Mannered Child Author June Hines Moore
ISBN-10 9781433670138
Release 1996-07-10
Pages 208
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This book is for every parent or grandparent who wants well-behaved children, but doesn't want to be the manners police. Written by a nationally recognized manners expert, it offers contemporary rules of correct behavior, plus detailed instructions on how to teach them effectively. Good manners improve children's self-confidence, enhance their competitive edge in the workplace, and make their parents proud.-- Not just a list of manners, but how to teach them-- Not just rules, but reasons for the rules-- Biblical foundations for manners-- Four personality styles, and how to teach children with each of them-- Table manners, personal introductions, correspondence and more

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting Author John Sharry
ISBN-10 1847300774
Release 2008
Pages 175
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A guide book to aid in raising emotionally secure, happy children who reach their full potential at home and at school.