Tough Guys Don t Dice

Tough Guys Don t Dice Author James A. Thorson
ISBN-10 0517075636
Release 1991-09-01
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Tough Guys Don t Dance

Tough Guys Don t Dance Author Norman Mailer
ISBN-10 9780812986013
Release 2013-09-17
Pages 288
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Norman Mailer peers into the recesses and buried virtues of the modern American male in a brilliant crime novel that transcends genre. When Tim Madden, an unsuccessful writer living on Cape Cod, awakes with a gruesome hangover, a painful tattoo on his upper arm, and a severed female head in his marijuana stash, he has almost no memory of the night before. As he reconstructs the missing hours, Madden runs afoul of retired prizefighters, sex addicts, mediums, former cons, a world-weary ex-girlfriend, and his own father, old now but still a Herculean figure. Stunningly conceived and vividly composed, Tough Guys Don’t Dance represents Mailer at the peak of his powers. Praise for Tough Guys Don’t Dance “Spectacular . . . [Norman Mailer] makes every word count, like a master knife thrower zinging stilettos in a circle around your head.”—People “As brash, brooding and ultimately mesmerizing as the author himself . . . [Mailer strikes a] dazzling balance between humor and horror.”—New York Daily News “A first-rate page-turner of a murder mystery . . . full of great characters, littered with dead bodies and replete with plausible suspects.”—Chicago Tribune “[Tough Guys Don’t Dance] has that charming Mailer bravado.”—The New York Times Praise for Norman Mailer “[Norman Mailer] loomed over American letters longer and larger than any other writer of his generation.”—The New York Times “A writer of the greatest and most reckless talent.”—The New Yorker “Mailer is indispensable, an American treasure.”—The Washington Post “A devastatingly alive and original creative mind.”—Life “Mailer is fierce, courageous, and reckless and nearly everything he writes has sections of headlong brilliance.”—The New York Review of Books “The largest mind and imagination [in modern] American literature . . . Unlike just about every American writer since Henry James, Mailer has managed to grow and become richer in wisdom with each new book.”—Chicago Tribune “Mailer is a master of his craft. His language carries you through the story like a leaf on a stream.”—The Cincinnati Post From the Paperback edition.

Dinner Roles

Dinner Roles Author Sherrie A. Inness
ISBN-10 9781587293320
Release 2001-04-01
Pages 238
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Who cooks dinner in American homes? It's no surprise that “Mom” remains the overwhelming answer. Cooking and all it entails, from grocery shopping to chopping vegetables to clearing the table, is to this day primarily a woman's responsibility. How this relationship between women and food developed through the twentieth century and why it has endured are the questions Sherrie Inness seeks to answer in Dinner Roles: American Women and Culinary Culture. By exploring a wide range of popular media from the first half of the twentieth century, including cookbooks, women's magazines, and advertisements, Dinner Roles sheds light on the network of sources that helped perpetuate the notion that cooking is women's work. Cookbooks and advertisements provided valuable information about the ideals that American society upheld. A woman who could prepare the perfect Jell-O mold, whip up a cake with her new electric mixer, and still maintain a spotless kitchen and a sunny disposition was the envy of other housewives across the nation. Inness begins her exploration not with women but with men-those individuals often missing from the kitchen who were taught their own set of culinary values. She continues with the study of juvenile cookbooks, which provided children with their first cooking lessons. Chapters on the rise of electronic appliances, ethnic foods, and the 1950s housewife all add to our greater understanding of women's evolving roles in American culinary culture.


Threadbare Author Monica Ferris
ISBN-10 9781101552162
Release 2011-12-06
Pages 272
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As full-time owner of the Crewel World needlework shop and part-time sleuth, Betsy Devonshire has unraveled more than her share of tangled clues in the USA Today bestselling Needlecraft Mysteries. But a cryptic embroidered message on a dead woman’s blouse may prove her greatest challenge yet… When an elderly homeless woman is found dead on the shore of Lake Minnetonka, she’s wearing a blouse embroidered with her will, which bequeaths everything she owns to her niece, Emily Hame—a member of the Monday Bunch at Betsy Devonshire’s Crewel World needlework shop! But Emily’s aunt is the second homeless woman to be found dead in Excelsior, Minnesota. Is someone targeting the homeless, or is it related to a sizable inheritance? Emily seeks the help of her fellow needlecrafter Betsy to discover the common thread between the deaths—and to determine if a murderer may strike again…

Aging in a Changing Society

Aging in a Changing Society Author James Thorson
ISBN-10 9781135057787
Release 2013-08-21
Pages 472
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First Published in 2000.

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes Author Gaylord Dold
ISBN-10 9781938582905
Release 2014-06-11
Pages 170
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Someone is maiming the horses of rancher Jules Reynard and Mitch Roberts is hired to put a stop to the mayhem. But the blind Reynard is also a nightclub owner with a dangerous and beautiful young wife. Gaylord Dold is the author of fifteen works of fiction including the highly acclaimed private detective series featuring Mitch Roberts, a well as numerous contemporary crime thrillers. Many of his novels have been singled out for awards and praise by a number of critics and writer’s organizations. Snake Eyes is a recipient of the Best Paper Back Novel, Private Eye Writers of America.

The Filthy Truth

The Filthy Truth Author Andrew Dice Clay
ISBN-10 9781476734743
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 352
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From Andrew Dice Clay, the “Undisputed Heavyweight Comedy King,” comes the unapologetic and uncensored autobiography fans have been waiting for. Andrew Dice Clay’s raw and uncensored stand-up comedy has shocked and entertained audiences for decades and continues to do so to this day. When he released his debut album, Dice, in 1989, the parental advisory label simply read “Warning: This album is offensive.” His material stretched the boundaries of decency and good taste to their breaking point, and in turn he became the biggest stand-up comic in the world. But Dice’s meteoric rise and spectacular fame brought on a furious backlash from the media and critics. By the mid-nineties, though still playing to packed audiences, the turmoil in his personal life, plus attacks from every activist group imaginable, led him to make the decision to step out of the spotlight and put the focus on raising his boys. The Diceman was knocked down, but not out. Taking inspiration from what Frank Sinatra once told him—“You work for your fans, not the media. The media gets their tickets for free”—Dice has bounced back with critically acclaimed roles and is once again playing to sold-out audiences. Filled with no-holds-barred humor and honesty, The Filthy Truth sets the record straight and gives fans plenty of never-before-shared stories from his career and his friendships with Howard Stern, Sam Kinison, Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Axl Rose, and countless others.

Tumblin Dice

Tumblin  Dice Author John McFetridge
ISBN-10 9781770900943
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 272
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The High, a band with a few hit songs in the late 1970s, have reunited to play the nostalgia circuit at casinos. But for bassist Barry and lead singer Cliff, this tour promises to be unforgettable and even more worthwhile than ever. In this fourth installment of the Toronto series, these two band members turn the tables on the gritty underworld of casinos, as they rob the loan sharks and drug dealers who work at every stop of the tour. After finding their old manager who had swindled millions from them years ago, Barry and Cliff decide to go for the big score and get it all back?and more. But when the Saints of Hell, the notoriously dangerous motorcycle gang, get involved, all bets are off.

The Fractured Life of Jimmy Dice

The Fractured Life of Jimmy Dice Author Ronan Ryan
ISBN-10 9781472237262
Release 2017-01-26
Pages 384
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If you enjoy Paul Murray's SKIPPY DIES, or THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP, you will want to read THE FRACTURED LIFE OF JIMMY DICE by Ronan Ryan. Jimmy is born a twin, and while he doesn't know it, his nearest sibling has stayed with him forever, overseeing the drama of his life played out and acting as a narrative voice. As a young boy, aged seven, Jimmy loses a lower limb to an attack dog - the first of many disasters that shape him for the future. Jimmy is a chancer who becomes a wilful man unafraid to stand up to a notorious Dublin gangster. He's also a young man with heart and belief: a loyal son, a good friend, a courageous brother and a sweet and passionate lover. Part love story, part coming of age, The Fractured Life of Jimmy Dice is also the story of a life in the changing streets of Ireland, from the days of the Troubles to the boom and bust years and Dublin today.

City sleuths and tough guys

City sleuths and tough guys Author David W. McCullough
ISBN-10 0395513189
Release 1989-10-01
Pages 586
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A collection of hard-boiled fiction from Poe to Ed McBain that includes the screenplay for Double Indemnity.

Life and Death of a Tough Guy

Life and Death of a Tough Guy Author Benjamin Appel
ISBN-10 9781440555619
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 100
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Joey Kasow is a skinny Jewish kid growing up in the 1920s in Hell’s Kitchen. Tormented by the Irish thugs in the neighborhood, he eventually gains their begrudging respect and is allowed to join their gang, the Badgers. Joey grows up tough. He knows he got to take whatever is dished out to him to stay in the gang. He learns how to inflict pain—he learns how to kill. And gradually he works his way up the ladder to become the Spotter’s enforcer. He is now Joey Case. But Joey can’t escape his past, falling in love with innocent young Sadie Madofsky, his refuge from the brutal world around him. All Joey want is to get ahead—but the Spotter had other plans for him.

The Rat Bastards Book 10

The Rat Bastards Book 10 Author Len Levinson
ISBN-10 9781937624798
Release 2011-11-16
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The joy of killing.The enemy's plotting against them while they're tearing at each other's throats! Malaria could lay them on their backs. Jungle fever threatens to strip their sanity. An army of death marches through bloody war zones looking to tear their guts out. But over the roar of grenades and the swish of Samurai swords you can always hear the spine-curdling battle cry of the guys who kill their way to victory...The Rat Bastards.

Jim Kobak s Kirkus Reviews

Jim Kobak s Kirkus Reviews Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000002952376
Release 1990
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Jim Kobak s Kirkus Reviews has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Jim Kobak s Kirkus Reviews also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Jim Kobak s Kirkus Reviews book for free.

Tough Guy

Tough Guy Author Louis Ferrante
ISBN-10 9781448111268
Release 2011-12-31
Pages 384
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Louis Ferrante was a young rogue who made his reputation on the streets of New York and later hooked up with the infamous John Gotti Jr and the Gambino crime family. He pulled off some of the most lucrative robberies in US history, many of which are still unsolved. For Lou, life was sweet, and most of the time he had fun wisecracking his way around town and staying one step ahead of the law. When the law finally caught up with Louis, he faced a long stretch in some of the most notoriously dangerous penitentiaries and ended up living amongst the most violent, not to mention insane, criminals incarcerated in the US prison system. But life became more tolerable when, almost by accident, Louis read his first book and quite unexpectedly a new world opened up to him - a world which offered him a sanctuary from the brutal chaos of his everyday existence. During the course of his eight years in prison, he read everything from Danielle Steel to Caesar's Gallic Wars; he learned the art of writing and studied the major religions, eventually choosing to become an Orthodox Jew. And with only limited access to law books, he somehow managed to successfully appeal his own conviction and win his freedom. Gritty, hard-hitting, and yet so often hilarious, Louis Ferrante's memoir is a poignant and incredibly moving slice of life from the insider's point of view, written in the bestselling tradition of Nicholas Pileggi's Goodfellas, Wiseguys and The Sopranos.

Tough Guys Drink Rum

Tough Guys Drink Rum Author John Corcoran
ISBN-10 9781483590219
Release 2017-01-01
Pages 300
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Jack Flynn doesn’t want trouble. No, sir. Avoids trouble like you would a nagging ex-wife. What he wants, black coffee and cigarettes aside, is a laid-back life in Margaritaville. But trouble, man, it just loves this guy. You’d think living life on an old shrimp boat anchored off a tropical island would give a man, a man with a past, a certain measure of peace. You’d think that. But you’d be wrong. Ex-special forces, former pro-boxer, Jack Flynn has left the horrors of war and a checkered past behind, determined to start a new life for himself as a salvage diver and sometimes private eye in a town where people still go to chase dreams. Where the impossible can still happen. Key West, Florida. Life is good. Time passes. And then one day trouble rolls into town. A simple job. Do a favor for this lawyer broad. Just find this rich guy’s daughter who vanished twenty years ago and was recently spotted in Key West. This Daddy Warbucks jackass is willing to pay some serious coin to find his little angel. And Jack, man, he could really use the dough. Sounds easy enough. Key West is an island. It’s like, what, two miles by three. How hard could it be? Easy, right? Yeah. Walk in the park. Unless of course you’re a trouble magnet like Jack and a whole freakshow of mobsters and psycho bikers roll into town looking for little girl lost. These goons, they’re not big fans of Jack’s. Gotta problem with smartasses, which, by his own admission, Jack is. Most of these guys, they’d like nothing more than to put a bullet in Jack’s head. Set him up in a nice, dirt condo. Problem is, Jack, he’s one tough sonuvabitch. A throwback. Old-school guy. Kinda guy whose favorite outfit is a sneer. And even though no one has ever accused Jack of being smart, he’s a cunning bastard who never gives up. Ever. These gangsters, man, they’ve got no idea what they’re up against.

Forthcoming Books

Forthcoming Books Author Rose Arny
ISBN-10 UOM:39015033709604
Release 1990
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Forthcoming Books has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Forthcoming Books also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Forthcoming Books book for free.

Welfare Wifeys

Welfare Wifeys Author K'wan
ISBN-10 1429945567
Release 2010-09-28
Pages 352
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After the deaths and arrests of his entire crew and an informant-fueled investigation into his past, the man known on the streets as Animal relocates to Texas and finds fame and stardom as the newest act signed to the notorious Big Dawg Entertainment. His girlfriend, Gucci, is thrilled when she gets the news that he's coming back to New York on a promotional tour, but when she discovers the hidden agenda behind his homecoming nothing can prepare her for the life-altering consequences that will come of it. There goes the neighborhood . . . again.