Training the Best Dog Ever

Training the Best Dog Ever Author Larry Kay
ISBN-10 9780761175025
Release 2012-09-25
Pages 304
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Training the Best Dog Ever, originally published in hardcover as The Love That Dog Training Program, is a book based on love and kindness. It features a program of positive reinforcement and no-fail techniques that author Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz used to train the White House dog, Bo Obama, and each of Senator Ted Kennedy’s dogs, among countless others. Training the Best Dog Ever relies on trust and treats, not choke collars; on bonding, not leash-yanking or reprimanding. The five-week training program takes only 10 to 20 minutes of practice a day and works both for puppies and for adult dogs that need to be trained out of bad habits. Illustrated with step-by-step photographs, the book covers hand-feeding; crate and potty training; and basic cues—sit, stay, come here—as well as more complex goals, such as bite inhibition and water safety. It shows how to avoid or correct typical behavior problems, including jumping, barking, and leash-pulling. Plus: how to make your dog comfortable in the world—a dog that knows how to behave in a vet’s office, is at ease around strangers, and more. In other words, the best dog ever.

Border Collie Training

Border Collie Training Author Antony Rhodes
ISBN-10 1520679718
Release 2017-02-23
Pages 56
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The Essential Guide to Training Your Border Collie "Dog lovers, get ready ... Rhodes' second book gives the people the essential strategies to become the pack leader."--Daily Dog "You owe yourself a visit to Rhodes' School for Dogs, where members range from Border Collie pups to Great Danes to just about everything in between."--The Santa Monica Courant This comprehensive, illustrated book draws upon Antony's years of dog training experience, including over 12 years with Max, his very own Border Collie. The Border Collie is intelligent and a quick learner, which makes it highly trainable. In fact, many consider them to be the smartest of all animals. This book contains the strategies you'll need to master the skill of Border Collie training. You Will Learn Exactly How To: House Train Set up its space Prepare it for when you're not home Potty train Basic Commands Sit command Lay command Come command Stay command Leave command Sequence I Sequence II Advanced Commands Go to commands Places People Roll command Beg Heel And much, much more! Includes free bonus book: Backyard Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Your Own Chickens! Don't miss out, get your copy now!

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Author Brett Stevens
ISBN-10 1542768659
Release 2017-01-27
Pages 68
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You have a new puppy/dog. Is life still the same as you knew it or expected it to be? Do you see an endless trail of nocturnal trips to the backyard, endless trail of shredded paper and frayed pant legs in your future? Are your ankles and hands crisscrossed with teeth marks? Is "NO!" your best answer and the frequently used word in your vocabulary? With this book: PUPPY TRAINING: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO RAISING PUPPIES AND TRAINING THE BEST DOG EVER AT HOME INCLUDING STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS, DOG TRICKS, SUGGESTIONS FOR TRAINING OLDER DOGS AND SOLUTION TO COMMON PROBLEMS you will be able to end behavior problems fast and train your dog be the perfect pet you desire. Also included in this book are: puppy obedience training, puppy crate training and so on. This is the ultimate guide to training the world's best dog.

Du bist der Rudelf hrer

Du bist der Rudelf  hrer Author Cesar Millan
ISBN-10 3442220335
Release 2013-08
Pages 414
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Du bist der Rudelf hrer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Du bist der Rudelf hrer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Du bist der Rudelf hrer book for free.

Dogs and Their People

Dogs and Their People Author Steve Diller
ISBN-10 PSU:000033729879
Release 1999-03-03
Pages 256
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Now, in paperback, Steve Diller offers the best of his experience, insights, and advice. He begins by stressing the importance of matching the right kind of dog with the right owner, and provides an extensive list of breeds and their traits. Dogs and Their People contains all the essential ingredients for making truly educated choices.

Puppy Training Guide

Puppy Training Guide Author Mark R. Johnson
ISBN-10 1539652645
Release 2016-10-21
Pages 80
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Puppy Training Guide: Raise The Best Dog Ever Or How To Housebreak Your Puppy All Power Of Positive Reinforcement In One Ultimate Handbook: Training In Obedience, Potty, Biting, Barking, Feeding, Crating Training Congratulations, you have finally brought the long-awaited fuzzy miracle to your home. You've been waiting for this moment for weeks and months, but still you do not know where to start from your puppy presence in these first days in the house. First of all, despite the fact that this is an animal, he is like a small child who was taken away from his mother. Now you will have to substitute a mother and the best friend for him! Therefore, this book primarily describes the psychological peculiarities of puppy's behavior and possible unusual manifestations that you were not going to expect of him. This guide will help you to find the answer on how to behave in different emergency situations and how to prevent them.Do you have any doubts whether you have arranged his bed properly, whether to use the crate while raising a puppy and how long he can stay inside the crate alone? What kind of food must be provided to him in the first days of his residence in the house, how often you ought to feed your pet, can you give him food from your dish and what foods can be potentially harmful for him? When should you expect his elimination and what should you do if you were late? How to train him not to do his "business" in his "den"? All answers with brief explanations can be found in this guide.Your goal is to raise an obedient dog who will be ready to obey you with the first word you say and who will execute commands without delay. You would like to know, how to teach your puppy to execute basic commands to help keep order in the house, so as not to dumbfound your guests. Walking down the street should be a pleasant pastime, rather than a torture for you as well as for your dog. If you do not know how to make your puppy to walk to heel and do not pull the leash, while walking, then open this book without hesitating. Thus, my book contains such important issues, as:- understanding your puppy behavior - basic tricks, without knowing them existence of the mutual comprehension will be difficult to achieve between the host and the pet- general rules and problems of housebreaking- funny and helpful tricks- information about health and proper nutrition of the puppyI wish you good luck in training and of course a lot of patience, let your little friend bring joy to your home. I hope this guide will tighten the bond between you A nice book for small and large breeds!"This guide was a real boon for me and Josh! This naughty puppy turned into calm and obedient dog. Now we can spend a lot of time together and I'm not afraid that he will run away, because he responds properly when I call him." - Ann Harrison"I was so excited when I brought Rover home, but I had no idea how to teach him to eliminate outside his crate! This was a great relief for me to find the answers in this guide." Martin Black"I like this book and I want to show my appreciation to the writer! My Jolly has made a significant progress since our first meeting! She is a smart puppy" - Karen Nilsson

Bonding with Your Rescue Dog

Bonding with Your Rescue Dog Author Vikk Simmons
ISBN-10 1941303277
Release 2017-03-06
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"Training the best dog ever" is easy and fun, the ultimate goal in rescue dog training. Want a happy dog? Positive reinforcement dog training techniques will alter any dog's behavior. You'll find positive dog training especially useful for bonding with your shelter dogs or learning how to care for a puppy. Puppy training helps to strengthen your bond with your new little friend. Ready to learn some dog training and behavior? Let's teach your dog! In this dog training book, you'll find a gentle approach to understanding your rescue dog, and you'll learn how to influence his or her behavior. You'll encounter the the joy of rescue dogs. You'll become better prepared to enter into that special relationship that only occurs between a dog and his or her human human family. Your discoveries will include: learning the various types and personalities that shelter or rescue dogs exhibit understanding what to expect when you bring your rescue dog home discovering how to help your dog transition into the family exploring what to do during the first 24 hours you are together gaining tips on potty training, using crates and kennels, and more examining how to handle negative behaviors gaining additional training and caring tips in the optional free 27-page bonus GOOD MANNERS TRAINING GUIDE Don't have a dog yet but you're ready to open up your home and heart to that special dog? You couldn't do any better than taking in one of the many rescue dogs that are in shelters and with rescue groups waiting for their "forever homes." While puppies are certainly available, there are so many dogs that are still in growing and in the full throes of puppyhood or have reached their adult maturity and are in need of homes. Senior dogs that have been abandoned or have suffered the loss of their owner are in great need, too. Consider all your options and then make your decision. Don't forget you'll have an opportunity to receive the free 27-page bonus book Good Manners Training Guide. You'll be better prepared to enter into that special relationship that only occurs between a dog and his or her human family. Scroll up and buy this book now!

Tipps vom Hundefl sterer

Tipps vom Hundefl  sterer Author Cesar Millan
ISBN-10 3442218691
Release 2009
Pages 379
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Tipps vom Hundefl sterer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tipps vom Hundefl sterer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tipps vom Hundefl sterer book for free.

Good Dog

Good Dog Author Evelyn Pang
ISBN-10 9781929242580
Release 2008
Pages 88
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"Read this book and you'll learn how to watch a dog and figure out what he's feeling"--P. [4] of cover.

Enzo Die Kunst ein Mensch zu sein

Enzo  Die Kunst  ein Mensch zu sein Author Garth Stein
ISBN-10 9783426555279
Release 2010-04-22
Pages 320
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Im nächsten Leben, da ist sich Enzo sicher, wird er ein Mensch sein. Deshalb beobachtet der kluge Hund die Welt um sich herum genau – und er kommt zu erstaunlichen Einsichten. Sein großes Vorbild ist Herrchen Denny: Familienvater, Rennfahrer und der zuverlässigste Freund, den ein Hund haben kann. Doch dann gerät Dennys Leben plötzlich aus den Fugen ... Denny und Enzo sind ein unzertrennliches Paar. Enzo liebt sein Herrchen über alles und genießt das entspannte Männerleben, geprägt von ausgedehnten Spaziergängen, lockeren Essensgewohnheiten und den spannenden Geschichten, die Denny von seinem Leben als Rennfahrer erzählt. Daher reagiert Enzo zunächst mit großer Eifersucht auf Eve, in die Denny sich verliebt und die ihr Leben völlig verändert. Doch er ist klug, er arrangiert sich mit Eve, denn er sieht genau, dass Eve für Denny noch wichtiger ist als seine große Leidenschaft, das Autorennen. Als die kleine Zoë geboren wird, begreift er sie nicht als weiteren Eindringling, sondern als Geschenk und schwört sich, sie stets zu beschützen. Eine Weile ist das Glück der vier perfekt. Zufrieden gibt sich Enzo seiner Lieblingsbeschäftigung hin: dem Philosophieren über das Leben der Menschen, ihr Verhalten, ihre Vorlieben und ihre Schwächen. Enzo ist davon überzeugt, dass er in seinem nächsten Leben ein Mensch sein wird, und so versucht er alles zu verstehen, auch wenn er vieles seltsam findet. Doch dann scheint ein Schicksalsschlag Dennys ganze Welt zu zerstören – und Enzo erkennt, worin die Kunst, ein Mensch zu sein, tatsächlich besteht. Enzo. Die Kunst, ein Mensch zu sein von Garth Stein im eBook!

Bad Dog to Good Dog

Bad Dog to Good Dog Author Quixi Sonntag
ISBN-10 0785825444
Release 2009-08-14
Pages 192
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Your dog is an important member of your family, Dr. Quixi Sontang’s new approach to train your dog based on dog psychology will help you manage problem behavior and create positive solutions. Creating a sound social structure for your breed and focusing on regular basic training as well as advanced skills both owners and dogs will benefit from the suggested exercises. A complete manual for keeping your extended furry family happy and healthy.

Calming signals

Calming signals Author Turid Rugaas
ISBN-10 3936188017
Release 2001
Pages 103
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Calming signals has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Calming signals also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Calming signals book for free.

How to Train Your Older Dog for Busy People

How to Train Your Older Dog for Busy People Author Leslie K. McDaniel
ISBN-10 9781468950236
Release 2014-08-19
Pages 1
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How to Train Your Older Dog for Busy People has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from How to Train Your Older Dog for Busy People also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full How to Train Your Older Dog for Busy People book for free.

1000 Best Dog Training Secrets

1000 Best Dog Training Secrets Author Robyn Achey
ISBN-10 1402207204
Release 2006-07-01
Pages 432
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As every dog owner knows, it takes a lot of time and patience to train a dog--whether she's a puppy or an adult dog learning new behaviors. 1000 Best Dog Training Secrets is packed full of useful training tips for new and seasoned dog owners from two experts in the field. The easy-to-follow advice covers everything from basic skills to socialization, obedience training, manners, tricks and more. Robyn Achey and William Gorton, owners and operators of Tall Tails Training & K-9 Education school in New England, offer insight into handling dogs at all stages of development from brand new puppy to geriatric, so it's never too late to get started. You will learn about: -- Establishing leadership -- Socialization--learning from human leaders -- Obedience training -- Developing life skills -- Teaching manners -- Dog etiquette -- Behavior problem prevention & solutions -- Toys, games & leisure activities

Awesome Puppy Activities Training to Make Your Puppy an Awesome Dog

Awesome Puppy  Activities   Training to Make Your Puppy an Awesome Dog Author Ray Lincoln
ISBN-10 9780984053834
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 232
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Two canine psychology specialists who love pampering dogs share their secrets for developing the canine mind while having fun.

Good Dog

Good Dog Author Donna Chandler
ISBN-10 1578601533
Release 2004-03-01
Pages 120
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Thousands of dogs are abandoned or given to shelters every year because the owners don't understand how to train and housebreak their pets properly. With Donna Chandler's program, pet owners will learn to train their dogs in just minutes a day.

Dog Training For Dummies

Dog Training For Dummies Author Jack Volhard
ISBN-10 9781118054529
Release 2011-09-14
Pages 408
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Dog Training For Dummies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dog Training For Dummies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dog Training For Dummies book for free.