Working with Contracts

Working with Contracts Author Charles M. Fox
ISBN-10 1402410603
Release 2008
Pages 314
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Working with Contracts provides you with the practical legal, business, and technical knowledge you need to grasp the nuts and bolts of transactions and draft customized agreements that meet clients' goals.

Working with Contracts

Working with Contracts Author Charles M. Fox
ISBN-10 1402401582
Release 2002
Pages 312
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Contract drafting is different from the other types of writing that a new lawyer is faced with. Law school contracts classes rarely consider the issues that arise in sophisticated commercial transactions. A new lawyer is therefore forced to learn by doing and observing -- in high-pressure 'on the job' training. Now there is help. Working with Contracts: What Law School Doesn't Teach You provides the beginning lawyer with an operative understanding of the vocabulary and the building blocks of contracts. It introduces the basic elements of all contracts; describes the lawyer's role in the drafting and negotiating process; discusses amendments, waivers, and consents; and addresses issues that arise in reviewing contracts, including due diligence issues. It also offers sample provisions, drafting checklists, and an expansive glossary of contract language and basic transactional practice.

Working with Aggressive Youth

Working with Aggressive Youth Author Daniel L. Daly, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781934490150
Release 2011
Pages 224
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Angry, aggressive, or violent youth threaten the well-being of themselves, other children, and caregivers in any setting. They may need medicztion and therapy to treat their problems, but they also must learn how to control negative thoughts and emotions without turning to aggressive behaviour. Professionals will learn how to build good relationships with youth and teach them pro-social behaviour. Also offered are sample treatment plans to address both proactive and reactive aggression in youth and guidelines on how to promote a safe environment for the children in your care. Included is a social skills chart that can be used as an easy reference guide by caregivers as they teach new skills to replace old aggressive behaviours. The chart shows which skills work best with specific types of behaviours.

Maximizing Your Sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 0

Maximizing Your Sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 0 Author Edward Kachinske
ISBN-10 9781598638370
Release 2014-05-14
Pages 286
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system that gives busy sales professionals the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales. I

Mastering JavaServer Faces 2 2

Mastering JavaServer Faces 2 2 Author Anghel Leonard
ISBN-10 9781782176473
Release 2014-06-25
Pages 578
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A homogenous guide integrating the features of JSF 2.x (2.0, 2.1 and 2.2), following a 'learning through examples' paradigm with its main focus on the advanced concepts of JSF. If you are a web developer who uses JSF, this is the book for you. Catering to an intermediate-advanced audience, the book assumes you have fundamental knowledge of JSF. It is intended for the developer who wants to improve their skills with the combined power of JSF 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2.

Working with Public Information Officers A Supplement to Explaining Research

Working with Public Information Officers  A Supplement to Explaining Research Author Dennis Meredith
ISBN-10 9780981884844
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 56
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Public Information Officers (PIOs) can be invaluable allies in your communication efforts. They can offer expert advice, as well as access to communications machinery for reaching the media and other important audiences. This guidea supplement to Explaining Research (Oxford University Press, 2010will help you develop the most beneficial relationships with those PIOs, whether they are in your institution, at a journal, in a scientific society, or in your funding agency. Working with Public Information Officers shows how your PIO can serve as - an editorial and media relations expert who can write and distribute news releases, pitch media on story ideas, develop media strategy, and manage communication crises - an institutional ambassador who conveys to administrators the significance of your research and your positions on important issues - an educator who teaches you how to develop clear research explanations and work with media - a hard questioner who confronts you with those tough questions that you must answer if you are to preserve your reputation and advance your work. For further information, visit Reviews Scientists who want to communicate their work are plentiful; those who want to do it well or do it better are more rare. The former need Working with Public Information Officers; the latter will find it a joy. This is the take-along booklet with powerful take-it-to-heart messages, full of wit and wisdom. Joann Rodgers, Senior Advisor for Science, Executive & Crisis Communications, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine This handy guide is filled with examples from universities, national laboratories, corporate facilities and other research settings. Some of the country's best public information officers explain how your research can get the attention it deserves, in ways that won't waste your time or make you uncomfortable. David Jarmul, Associate Vice President, News & Communications, Duke University Imagine squeezing four decades-worth of know-how and experience about communicating science from the minds of Dennis Meredith and dozens of his colleagues. That would be the only thing better than this little book. Culling from the mountains of expertise he gathered in writing Explaining Research, Dennis has provided both a roadmap for newbies in the field and a refresher course for us old-timers. Every science communications operation should have several copies close at hand. Earle Holland, Assistant Vice President for Research Communications, Ohio State University It's hard to think of a better resource for our craft--or a more experienced and savvy practitioner than author Dennis Meredith. This guide to our business is essential reading for anyone treading the academic science writing and media relations landscape. If you are in the business of wrangling scientists, working with science journalists, and putting discovery into societal context, this work belongs on your desk and in the hands of every scientist willing to take the time to absorb its many valuable lessons. Terry Devitt, Director of Research Communications, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Drafting Contracts

Drafting Contracts Author Tina L. Stark
ISBN-10 9781454829058
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 576
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An eagerly anticipated second edition of this established and highly regarded text teaches the key practice skill of contract drafting, with emphasis on how to incorporate the business deal into the contract and add value to the client's deal. Features: More exercises throughout the book, incorporating More precedents for use in exercises Exercises designed to teach students how to read and analyze a contract progressively more difficult and sophisticated New, multi-draft exercises involving a variety of business contracts New and refreshed examples, including Examples of well-drafted boilerplate provisions More detailed examples of proper way to use shall Multiple well-drafted contracts with annotations Revised Aircraft Purchase Agreement exercise to focus on key issues, along with precedents on how to draft the action sections and the endgame sections. Expanded explanations of endgame provisions, along with examples and new exercises

Working with Class

Working with Class Author Daniel J. Walkowitz
ISBN-10 9780807861202
Release 2003-07-11
Pages 440
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Polls tell us that most Americans--whether they earn $20,000 or $200,000 a year--think of themselves as middle class. As this phenomenon suggests, "middle class" is a category whose definition is not necessarily self-evident. In this book, historian Daniel Walkowitz approaches the question of what it means to be middle class from an innovative angle. Focusing on the history of social workers--who daily patrol the boundaries of class--he examines the changed and contested meaning of the term over the last one hundred years. Walkowitz uses the study of social workers to explore the interplay of race, ethnicity, and gender with class. He examines the trade union movement within the mostly female field of social work and looks at how a paradigmatic conflict between blacks and Jews in New York City during the 1960s shaped late-twentieth-century social policy concerning work, opportunity, and entitlements. In all, this is a story about the ways race and gender divisions in American society have underlain the confusion about the identity and role of the middle class.

Contractualism in Employment Services

Contractualism in Employment Services Author E. Sol
ISBN-10 9789041124050
Release 2005
Pages 412
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Among the issue explored are the following: motivation, mobility, and flexibility in the labour market; effect of contractualisation on public accountability and responsibility; effect on the individual's statutory relationship under social security; whether and to what extent the conditions on which one country successfully introduces contractualisation apply to other countries; and, the unemployed individual as 'contract partner': What conditions can he or she set? The analyses focus on experience with contracts as service deliverance in the labour markets of eight countries: Australia, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and Finland. Because a certain measure of experience has already been built up by governments, providers, and clients, now is the time to try and learn form good as well as bad practices in order to build coherent institutional frameworks to help the unemployed

Working with Carers

Working with Carers Author Christine Heron
ISBN-10 1853025623
Release 1998-01
Pages 240
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A complete guide to working with carers, this volume provides a general overview of all the issues involved. The recent surge of interest in the needs of carers is placed in its context of social policy, legislation, demographic trends and changes in society. General theories of assessment, groupwork, stress management and problem-solving are applied to working with carers, and suggestions for good practice are underpinned with references to relevant research, policy documents, and the views of carers themselves. Thus the book achieves a balance between day-to-day practicalities and wider preoccupations. Each chapter covers practical issues and ends with a summary of good practice guidance for practitioners and managers. The author emphasises that carers are not an homogeneous group, and includes chapters specifically on working with young carers, with carers of people with mental health problems and of parents of children with disabilities. Her clear style and sensible approach ensure that the book is appropriate for practitioners at all levels of experience.

Supervising Psychotherapy

Supervising Psychotherapy Author Christine Driver
ISBN-10 0761968717
Release 2002-03-29
Pages 158
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`I enjoyed and was challenged by reading this book, and learned from, and with, it. It is useful for browsing and for a deeper exploration of chosen topics. It offers a healthy enrichment for all who have a dynamic interest in the external and internal supervisory relationship. I warmly recommend it' - British Journal of Psychotherapy `This book is thoughtful, scholarly and very well written. The content is well set out in separate sections making it eminently readable. It is solidly based on psychoanalytic theory highlighting the transformational impact of a supervisory process that is embedded in the dyadic relationships formed by the supervised patient - supervisee and the supervisee - supervisor. This book has greatly enriched my understanding of the supervisory process and the organizational life in which it transpires. It will be a richly informative resource for all involved in supervisory work' - Gemma Corbett, Self & Society Based on the view that supervision is in itself both a developmental and a therapeutic process, Supervising Psychotherapy examines the fundamental knowledge needed to become a skilled and effective supervisor. Written by a highly experienced team of trainers and supervisors, the book explores the triangular relationship which exists between supervisor, therapist and the absent patient or client. It describes in depth the complex dynamics which characterise this relationship, while avoiding the pitfalls of unconsciously colluding with or controlling the supervisee. In supervising the practice of others, supervisors must draw not only on their experience as a therapist, but also on a firm understanding of how people learn and of how organisational factors can impinge on therapy and supervision. The book examines the interface between supervision and teaching and between supervision and organisation and offers guidance in relation to: · unconscious processes in supervision · the supervisory triangle · supervising groups · supervising short term therapy · ethical practice · timing and ending of supervision. For those who are in the process of becoming supervisors and for those who already practising, Supervision in Psychotherapy is an enlightening and thought-provoking read. Mary Banks, Christine Driver, Gertrud Mander, Edward Martin and John Stewart are all trained supervisors who have been or are currently involved in training others in supervision. All are members of the British Association for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Supervision (BAPPS).

Basic Contract Law for Paralegals

Basic Contract Law for Paralegals Author Jeffrey A. Helewitz
ISBN-10 9781454861324
Release 2015-08-15
Pages 496
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Basic Contract Law for Paralegals became the market-leader with its quick, simple, and straightforward introduction to the basics of contract law for paralegal students. The manageable length makes this book ideal for shorter courses. Comprehensive coverage includes a chapter on drafting simple contracts. Clearly written text and lively examples help students understand the law. Well-crafted pedagogy includes chapter overviews, highlighted examples, key terms, review questions, sample clauses for analysis, edited cases, chapter summaries, and end-of-chapter exercises. Ethical problems are presented at the end of each chapter to raise awareness of professional responsibility in practice.


Contracts Author Richard Stim
ISBN-10 9781413323016
Release 2016-08-04
Pages 487
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Understand virtually any contract and sign on the dotted line with confidence. This is the first book to explain contract terms in language for the layperson. This indispensable A to Z guide covers: definitions of over 300 common terms found in contracts how to decipher the language of contracts which clauses are important and which aren't illegal and dangerous contract clauses to watch out for, and how to negotiate or change contracts. Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference will help you save money by explaining which clauses are important so that you can avoid a pricey professional review by a lawyer. Written in plain English, this book is especially useful for law students and business owners (including one-person operations and independent contractors), but still contains enough detail to have a place on nearly any lawyer's bookshelf.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 For Dummies

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 For Dummies Author Joel Scott
ISBN-10 1118052609
Release 2011-02-10
Pages 432
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Customer relationship management, or CRM, is certainly a hot topic in business today. If you have a small or medium-sized business, chances are you’re already aware of all it can do for you. But with so many options and so much to think about, how do you get a CRM system in place with a minimum of hassle? Well, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 For Dummies is a great place to start! Written by veteran CRM experts Joel Scott and David Lee, this friendly guide will have you understanding and using Microsoft’s CRM solution in a jiffy. Whether you’re considering a CRM system for the first time or you’ve decided to switch from another system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this book will make it easy to: Maintain and manage all your customer information Personalize Microsoft CRM to work for your business Set up CRM to support sales, marketing, and customer service Use the Outlook client Manage territories and business units Create and manage activities Generate quotes and invoices Implement and manage a marketing campaign Work with contracts, and much more Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 For Dummies is packed with information on the latest version, It will help you get a unified view of your customer information and interactions through integrated sales, marketing, and customer service features. And that, as every business owner knows, is important to improving your bottom line!

Theory of Legal Science

Theory of Legal Science Author Aleksander Peczenik
ISBN-10 9027718342
Release 1984-09-30
Pages 666
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Proceedings of the Conference on Legal Theory and Philosophy of Science, Lund, Sweden, December 11-14, 1983

Construction Management JumpStart

Construction Management JumpStart Author Barbara J. Jackson
ISBN-10 0470113146
Release 2006-09-18
Pages 352
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Launch Your Construction Management Career—Quickly and Effectively Written by an experienced construction management specialist, Construction Management JumpStart provides all the core information you need, whether you're considering a new career or expanding your responsibilities: Understanding the functions of construction management Understanding the design and construction process Working with contracts documents Estimating project costs Administering contracts Managing the job site Creating and maintaining a project schedule Measuring project performance Controlling quality Ensuring project safety

Activating Diverse Musical Creativities

Activating Diverse Musical Creativities Author Pamela Burnard
ISBN-10 9781472589132
Release 2015-01-29
Pages 272
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Activating Diverse Musical Creativities analyses the ways in which music programmes in higher education can activate and foster diverse musical creativities. It also demonstrates the relationship between musical creativities and entrepreneurship in higher education teaching and learning. These issues are of vital significance to contemporary educational practice and training in both university and conservatoire contexts, particularly when considered alongside the growing importance of entrepreneurship, defined here as a type of creativity, for successful musicians working in the 21st century creative and cultural industries. International contributors address a broad spectrum of musical creativities in higher education, such as improvisational creativity, empathic creativity and leadership creativity, demonstrating the transformative possibilities of embedding these within higher music education teaching and learning. The chapters explore the active practice of musical creativities in teaching and learning and recognize their mutual dependency. The contributors consider philosophical and practical concerns in their work on teaching for creativity in higher music education and focus on practices using imaginative approaches in order to make learning more interesting, effective and relevant.