Wrightslaw Author Peter W. D. Wright
ISBN-10 1892320096
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 311
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Aimed at parents of, and advocates for, special needs children, explains how to develop a relationship with a school, monitor a child's progress, understand relevant legislation, and document correspondence and conversations.


Wrightslaw Author Melissa Lee Farrall
ISBN-10 1892320231
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 172
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In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you will find clear, concise answers to frequently asked questions about assessments, evaluations, and tests. You will learn: about psychological, academic, and neuropsychological tests and what these tests measure about selecting evaluators how to request a special education evaluation and how to provide parental consent about speech-language, physical and occupational therapy, processing, adaptive behavior, and functional behavior assessments test terms and the important realities about tests and assessment how small differences between tests can result in large differences in scores

Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book

Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book Author Rich Weinfeld
ISBN-10 9781593633097
Release 2008
Pages 316
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Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book: What You Can Do Now to Advocate for Your Exceptional Child's Education is a unique handbook that teaches parents how to work with schools to achieve optimal learning situations and accommodations for their child's needs. From IEPs and 504 Plans, to IDEA and NCLB, navigating today's school system can be difficult for even the most up-to-date, education savvy parent. Special needs advocates Rich Weinfeld and Michelle Davis provide parents and professional advocates with concise, easy-to-understand definitions and descriptions of legal terms and school regulations, along with checklists, tips, questionnaires, and other tools. Topics covered in this handy guide include gathering accurate information about a child's education, navigating school meetings, understanding education law, and best practices in the classroom, working effectively with parents and school systems, discovering educational options beyond the standard, and much more. Parents and advocates not only will feel informed by Weinfeld and Davis' vast knowledge of the inner workings of the school system—they'll be empowered to help their kids succeed in school.

Intervention with Infants and Toddlers

Intervention with Infants and Toddlers Author Joyce S. Taylor
ISBN-10 9780398074425
Release 2004-01
Pages 263
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The goal of this book is to assist families and caregivers in the early intervention, care, and development of the toddler and to be instrumental in reaching the child's potential. By drawing attention to the ways in which some children with disabilities have been excluded from public education, these families and caregivers become aware of the importance of understanding the law, its content, and its implications. It is also important to be aware of the laws that have been tested through litigation. The author provides a comprehensive yet easily understandable background on these laws and includes basic insight into various examples. Main topics include: (1) Federal legislation and state compliance, child find and screening, evaluation, determination of eligibility, the IFSP, service delivery, and reimbursement of the early intervention process; (2) co-treatment and assisted intervention, counseling, limiting services, the efficacy of early intervention; (3) professional responses, consumer satisfaction, and knowledge of risk versus at-risk challenges; and (4) socioeconomic and cultural diversity and how professionals view each other as team members, including their comments. Personal experiences are provided which serve to make a point and/or bring levity to sometimes grave situations. These experiences contribute to the subjective opinions and research findings that promote the efficacy of early intervention. In addition, this book explores the benefits and success of animal assisted intervention. The primary audience for the book includes parents, educators, social workers, and others who work with toddlers who have special needs and challenges.

Principles and Practice of Child and Adolescent Forensic Mental Health

Principles and Practice of Child and Adolescent Forensic Mental Health Author Elissa P. Benedek
ISBN-10 9781585629015
Release 2009-10-20
Pages 531
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When care of younger patients raises thorny legal questions, you need answers you can trust: that's why this book belongs on every clinician's reference shelf. Principles and Practice of Child and Adolescent Forensic Mental Health is a timely and authoritative source that covers issues ranging from child custody to litigation concerns as it walks clinicians through the often-confusing field of depositions and courtroom testimony. The book expands on the 2002 volume Principles and Practice of Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry winner of the 2003 Manfred S. Guttmacher Award, to meet pressing twenty-first-century concerns, from telepsychiatry to the Internet, while continuing to cover basic issues, such as forensic evaluation, psychological screening, and the interviewing of children for suspected sexual abuse, that are important to both new and experienced practitioners. Many of its chapters have been entirely rewritten by new authors to provide fresh insight into such topics as child custody; juvenile law; abuse, neglect, and permanent wardship cases; transcultural, transracial, and gay/lesbian parenting and adoption; and the reliability and suggestibility of children's statements. It also includes significant material not found in the previous volume: Two chapters on special education offer an introduction to screening instruments and help practitioners determine a child's potential need for special education programs and services. A chapter on cultural competence helps readers improve the accuracy and responsiveness of forensic evaluations and minimize the chance of an unjust outcome resulting from misguided expert opinion. The section on youth violence features three new chapters -- Taxonomy and Neurobiology of Aggression, Prevention of School Violence, and Juvenile Stalkers -- plus a newly written chapter on assessment of violence risk, offering guidance on how to confront problems such as bullying and initiate effective family interventions. A chapter on psychiatric malpractice and professional liability addresses these legal concerns with an eye toward cases involving minors. A chapter on psychological autopsy covers evaluation of the circumstances surrounding pediatric suicides, describing various types of equivocal deaths and discussing legal issues such as admissibility of the autopsy in court. A newly written chapter on the Internet expands the previous book's focus on child pornography to help practitioners deal with issues ranging from online threats to emotional and legal consequences of interactions in cyberspace. This is a valuable reference not only for practitioners in psychiatry and the mental health field but also for attorneys and judges. It opens up a field that may be too often avoided and helps professionals make their way through legal thickets with confidence.

How To Reach And Teach Children with ADD ADHD

How To Reach And Teach Children with ADD   ADHD Author Sandra F. Rief
ISBN-10 9781118429396
Release 2012-06-26
Pages 464
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Sandra Rief offers myriad real-life case studies, interviews, and student intervention plans for children with ADD/ADHD. In addition, the book contains best teaching practices and countless strategies for enhancing classroom performance for all types of students. This invaluable resource offers proven suggestions for: Engaging students' attention and active participation Keeping students on-task and productive Preventing and managing behavioral problems in the classroom Differentiating instruction and addressing students' diverse learning styles Building a partnership with parents and much more.

Special Education Law

Special Education Law Author Laura Rothstein
ISBN-10 9781483322230
Release 2013-04-17
Pages 392
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Special Education Law, Fifth Edition provides a comprehensive, and student-friendly overview of the major federal laws—and judicial interpretations of those laws—that apply to the education of children with special needs. Laura Rothstein and Scott F. Johnson thoroughly present the most up-to-date information on special education statutes, regulations, and judicial interpretations, including substantial changes in the interpretation of the legistlation. The text helps students understand what the law requires so that they can develop policies and make decisions that comply with these laws.

Kindergarten Simplified

Kindergarten Simplified Author MS Mary Lou Podlasiak
ISBN-10 9780595528684
Release 2008-10
Pages 192
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You want it all for your child - excellent grades, admirable qualities, lots of friends, and unlimited opportunities. Kindergarten Simplified eliminates the guesswork in giving your child every advantage during that crucial first year in school. What's more, you will learn how to live vicariously through your child in a healthy way, hopefully inspiring you to recapture the joy of living a life full of infinite possibilities. * Find out what paperwork and information you will need for registration. * Feel confident when deciding whether or not to delay enrollment for another year. * Find out what educators are looking for during the screening process and how to foster those skills. * Learn how to save money when shopping for clothes, classroom supplies, and lunches. * Learn how to organize your home and structure your day to eliminate chaos. * Learn to turn ordinary activities into intellectually stimulating events. * Increase the effectiveness of your parent-teacher conferences by knowing what questions to ask. * Familiarize yourself with educational terms. * Learn how to interpret test results and what to do when your child performs poorly. * Be prepared to handle a host of difficult problems like a pro - school phobia, bullying, lice, shyness, and more.

The IEP from A to Z

The IEP from A to Z Author Diane Twachtman-Cullen
ISBN-10 1118015673
Release 2011-03-21
Pages 224
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A truly comprehensive, teacher- and parent-friendly guide to creating clear and effective IEPs With the skyrocketing diagnoses of ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and related conditions in U.S. schools, there is a growing need for information on creating effective IEPs for exceptional students. The IEP From A to Z is a step-by-step guide showing teachers and parents how to get the right education plan in place for students with ADHD, Autism/Asperger's, Emotional/Behavioral Disturbance, and related conditions. Provides easy-to-understand explanations of the special education process along with a wealth of sample effective IEPs Explains what is most important for educators and parents to keep in mind during IEP development Provides content area-specific sample goal and objective templates, general teaching tips for maintaining the IEP, and useful resources From nationally recognized experts in the special education field, this book guides readers through the process of writing thoughtful, intelligent Individualized Education Plans that deliver high-quality, need-based educational programming to exceptional students.

Emotional and Behavioral Problems

Emotional and Behavioral Problems Author Paul Zionts
ISBN-10 9781483384818
Release 2002-03-15
Pages 256
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The authors take a complex, under-discussed topic and give teachers and administrators useful, basic guidelines they can put to use quickly in understanding, identifying, and helping this special group of students.

The Newcomer s Autism Resource Guide

The Newcomer   s Autism Resource Guide Author Dawn Lucan
ISBN-10 9781304690081
Release 2013-12
Pages 34
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Your child has recently been diagnosed with Autism. You have waited a long time to find answers to your child's difficulties in life. Now, you wonder how you can help your child reach their full potential in life. A preschool teacher and volunteer parent educator shares 23 tips with you along with website resources.

Practical Autism Manual

Practical Autism Manual Author Dawn Lucan
ISBN-10 9780557474578
Release 2010-05
Pages 80
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Autism Spectrum Disorder can be a scary diagnosis for parents. You do not know what to expect for your child because the diagnosis is so complex. There are so many different characteristics causing your child problems on a daily basis. Through this book, she offers practical, and sensible advice on educational, dietary, sibling, sensory, shopping, friendship, and marriage issues for parents of Autistic children and teens. She also includes a glossary of common terms and website resources in her book. Her advice is based on her many years of experience with Autism. She also has more than a decade experience as a volunteer parent educator in the disabled community. I do speak in generalities since no two children diagnosed with Autism are the same. This book is recommended for parents with children diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and High Functioning Autism.

Common Sense Classroom Management for Special Education Teachers Grades K 5

Common Sense Classroom Management for Special Education Teachers  Grades K 5 Author Jill A. Lindberg
ISBN-10 9781483361529
Release 2006-03-03
Pages 144
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This practical guide gives teachers simple strategies for organizing their classrooms and pacing their day to ensure that learners with special needs experience success.

The Dyslexia Checklist

The Dyslexia Checklist Author Sandra F. Rief
ISBN-10 9780470549841
Release 2009-12-22
Pages 336
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Essential advice and resources for helping kids with dyslexia The Dyslexia Checklist is a valuable guide for parents and teachers that can help them better understand children and teenagers with dyslexia and other reading- and language-based disabilities. The book relays the most current research available and is filled with practical strategies, supports, and interventions. Using these tools teachers and parents can accommodate the needs and strengthen the skills of students with reading and writing disabilities across all age levels. The book is presented in a simple, concise, easy-to-read checklist format and is filled with useful advice and information on a wide range of topics. Explains what we now know about dyslexia from decades of research Contains games to strengthen a child's literacy and language skills Provides important information for hooking in reluctant and struggling readers Offers suggestions for enhancing skills in vocabulary, comprehension, composition and written expression, spelling, math, and more The book also provides information on the educational rights of students with dyslexia.

Adolescent Medicine An Issue of Primary Care Clinics in Office Practice

Adolescent Medicine  An Issue of Primary Care  Clinics in Office Practice Author William B. Shore
ISBN-10 9780323323406
Release 2014-08-21
Pages 305
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This issue of Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice, devoted to Adolescent Medicine, is edited by Drs. William B. Shore, Francesco Leanza, and Nicole Chaisson. Articles in this issue include: Health Care Maintenance for Adolescents; Adolescent Growth and Development; Puberty; Current Concepts of Psychosocial Development; Body Image and Health: Eating Disorders and Obesity; Working with Families with Adolescents; Care for Adolescents with Developmental Delay; Sports Medicine; Sports Injuries; Teens and Technology; Care of Incarcerated Youth; Mental Illness in Adolescence; Substance Use/Abuse; Current Approach to Contraception and Pregnancy; Oral/Hormonal Contraception; Sexually Transmitted Infections; Teen Sexuality and GLBT Youth; and Bullying and Violence Prevention.

All about IEPs

All about IEPs Author Peter W. D. Wright
ISBN-10 1892320207
Release 2009-10
Pages 166
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In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you will find clear, concise answers to frequently asked questions about IEPs. Learn what the law says about IEP Teams and IEP Meetings, Parental Rights and Consent, Steps in Developing the IEP, Placement, Transition, Assistive Technology and Strategies to Resolve Disagreements.

Inclusive Early Childhood Education Development Resources and Practice

Inclusive Early Childhood Education  Development  Resources  and Practice Author Penny Deiner
ISBN-10 9781428320864
Release 2009-01-22
Pages 696
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INCLUSIVE EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: DEVELOPMENT, RESOURCES, AND PRACTICE is a comprehensive special education resource book designed to help educators navigate the early years of teaching. Readers will continuously return to author Penny Low Deiner’s current and responsive text to assist in the diagnosis and education of special needs children with a variety of learning disabilities. The text includes a coverage of disabilities as extensive as many Introduction to Special Education courses. However, it is more than a reference book. INCLUSIVE EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION also offers guidelines, vignettes, and hands-on program planning to prepare educators to integrate children with learning disabilities into regular classroom instruction. Deiner offers guidance on how to translate annual goals into the day-to-day classroom routine. The text connects knowledge to practice by challenging young educators to implement in the classroom the information they learn. While more comprehensive works are available on individual subjects covered in INCLUSIVE EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, the text provides educators of special needs children with a solid foundation of knowledge on which to grow their expertise. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.