You Can Heal Your Life Companion Book

You Can Heal Your Life Companion Book Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 156170878X
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 264
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Featuring exercises to help readers apply techniques of self-love and positive thinking to a wide range of topics, this workbook is a companion title to "You Can Heal Your Life, Gift Edition."

Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workbook Large Print 16pt

Love Yourself  Heal Your Life  Workbook   Large Print 16pt Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781459618961
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 168
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This companion workbook to You Can Heal Your Life includes valuable writing exercises that teach you how to connect with your higher self....

The Louise L Hay Gift Book Collection

The Louise L  Hay Gift Book Collection Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 1401900399
Release 2002-08-01
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This special package includes:You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie (the Expanded Version DVD)You Can Heal Your Life Gift Edition BookYou Can Heal Your Life: The Movie SoundtrackLouise's Power Thought Cards

Gesundheit f r K rper und Seele

Gesundheit f  r K  rper und Seele Author Louise Hay
ISBN-10 9783843702133
Release 2011-09-16
Pages 384
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Mit ihren Meditationen gibt Louise L. Hay hilfreiche Schlüssel, um alte Gedanken-muster zu erkennen und aufzulösen, die Vergangenheit und sich selbst zu akzeptieren und wieder Vertrauen in die positiven Kräfte des Lebens zu gewinnen. »Ich habe dieses Buch so konzipiert, als ob ich Sie durch eine Sitzung führte, wenn Sie als Klient zu mir kämen oder an meinen Seminaren teilnehmen würden. Wenn Sie fortschreitend eine Übung nach der anderen praktizieren, so wie sie hier erscheinen, werden Sie am Ende dieses Buches mit der Veränderung Ihres Lebens angefangen haben.« Louise L. Hay Entdecken Sie auch das Hörbuch zu diesem Titel!

You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781458748249
Release 2009-12
Pages 346
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This New York Times Bestseller has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Louises key message in this powerful work is: ''If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.'' Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinkingand improve the quality of your life! Packed with powerful information - you'll love this gem of a book!

Heile deinen K rper

Heile deinen K  rper Author Louise Hay
ISBN-10 9783958832152
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 92
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Falsche Denkmuster verursachen Krankheiten. Aber mit affirmativen Sprüchen lassen sich die Denkmuster ins Positive wandeln, und diese neuen Muster führen zu Gesundheit und Heilung. Louise Hays Klassiker weckt im Leser diese Fähigkeit, aktiv zum eigenen Heilungsprozess beizutragen.

Meditations to Heal Your Life

Meditations to Heal Your Life Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781401930165
Release 2000-07-01
Pages 255
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Louise shares her philosophy of life on a multitude of subjects from addictions to fears to spiritual laws, and everything in between. Her loving insights will enrich you body, mind, and soul, while giving you practical knowledge to apply to your day-to-day life.

Heart Thoughts

Heart Thoughts Author
ISBN-10 9781401939366
Release 2012
Pages 279
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"This beautifully illustrated gift edition of Heart Thoughts is a collection of meditations, spiritual treatments, and excerpts from my lectures. It focuses on aspects of our day-to-day experiences, and is meant to guide and assist you in particular areas where you may be having difficulty. It is now time for you to release old beliefs and old habits, and the meditations and treatments within these pages can help you build your confidence as you make necessary changes in your life. This is a time of awakening. Know that you are always safe. And also know that it's possible to move from th.

Heal Your Body

Heal Your Body Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781401919436
Release 1984-01-01
Pages 83
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Heal Your Body is a fresh and easy step-by-step guide. Just look up your specific health challenge and you will find the probable cause for this health issue and the information you need to overcome it by creating a new thought pattern. Louise L. Hay, bestselling author, is an internationally known leader in the self-help field. Her key message: "If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed." The author has a great deal of experience and firsthand information to share about healing-including how she cured herself after having been diagnosed with cancer.

The Times of Our Lives

The Times of Our Lives Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781401922481
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 254
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The true experiences that are featured in this book, introduced by best-selling author Louise L. Hay, have been culled from the writings of some of the most renowned writers and teachers in the fields of self-help, transformation, social consciousness, and spirituality. These are stories reflecting metaphysical miracles; momentous milestones; heartwarming, humorous, and sometimes heartbreaking reminiscences; and extraordinarily poignant personal accounts. In addition, there are many narratives that will actually make you sit back in your seat and exclaim,?Wow!? As you read this uniquely fascinating book, you{u2019}ll laugh, you{u2019}ll cry ... and most of all, you{u2019}ll be reminded that truth is not only stranger than fiction {u2013} it{u2019}s infinitelymore interesting!

Heal Your Mind

Heal Your Mind Author Mona Lisa Schulz M.D. Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781401950422
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 384
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Many of us grapple with how to stay happy, calm, and focused in a world that seems to get more complex by the minute. How do we keep our wits about us, our mood stable, and our memory intact when our brains and bodies are bombarded with information and influences from every side? This one-of-a-kind resource combines cutting-edge science with compassion and wisdom to offer answers we can really use.

Heal Your Mind continues the three-pronged healing approach that Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz and Louise Hay pioneered together in All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition. Here, it’s applied to aspects of the mind ranging from depression, anxiety, and addiction to memory, learning, and even mystical states. You’ll learn what’s going on in your brain and body when:

  • You feel sad, angry, or panicked
  • An addictive substance or behavior has hold of you
  • You have trouble focusing, reading, or remembering
  • A past trauma is clouding your mind in the present
  • An emotional state is a clue to a physical ailment
  • And more

And in each chapter, you’ll get a “virtual healing experience” through case studies in the All Is Well Clinic, where Dr. Mona Lisa uses medical intuition to pinpoint issues in a wide range of prototypical client histories and she and Louise offer solutions and affirmations to help restore well-being.

Today, the “pill-for-every-ill” approach is so prevalent that we may think our minds and bodies need an endless array of expensive, ever-changing pharmaceutical interventions. In truth, medicines are just one approach to healing the mind; nutritional supplements give us another important way to support mind-body health; and affirmations, as well as various forms of therapy, can restore us to balance by changing the way we think. Heal Your Mind puts all these tools at your disposal to help you choose your own path toward wholeness.

Painting the Future

Painting the Future Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781401937829
Release 2012-02-06
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Jonathan Langley's life took a devastating turn when he lost his eyesight to a rare illness. Once a successful painter and printmaker, Jonathan now lives in complete darkness, rarely leaving his apartment and angry at the world. When he encounters his precocious 11-year-old neighbor, Lupe, the two form an unlikely friendship. Her cheerful presence shatters his hardened exterior, revealing a gentle man struck by tragedy. Lupe leads him to a fresh perspective by showing him the power of kindness, compassion, and love. Based on the celebrated teachings of Louise Hay, Painting the Future explores.

Empowering Women

Empowering Women Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781458746368
Release 2009-11
Pages 180
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With the 21st century upon us, many people are talking about all the ''earth changes'' that will occur. However, in this inspirational book, best-selling author Louise L. Hay reveals that the primary changes we will see will be internal changes. She points out that when we, as women, are willing to shift our internal ground, our earth, we will operate on a much more expanded level in life. Louise's goal is to see that all women experience self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and a powerful place in society. In her inimitably warm and forthright manner, she offers penetrating insights into how women of all ages and backgrounds can achieve this goal and make the coming years the most productive, fulfilling, and empowering ones ever!


Life Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781458745385
Release 2009-11
Pages 253
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In LIFE! Reflections on Your Journey, Louise L. Hay brings you a truly moving and inspirational book that will help you identify and heal a number of the pressing issues that you encounter on your path. Among other topics, Louise deals with growing up, relationships, work, health, spirituality, aging, death ... and many of the problems, fears, and challenges that these passages bring about. No matter what obstacles lie before you, Louise continually reminds you that the magnificent, frightening, delightful, ridiculous, astounding phenomenon that you experience between birth and death is what LIFE is all about!

You Can Create an Exceptional Life

You Can Create an Exceptional Life Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781401935399
Release 2011
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Renowned spiritual teacher Louise L. Hay joins forces with Cheryl Richardson to reveal their process for living an exceptional life. Travel with Louise and Cheryl throughout North America and Europe as they engage in a series of intimate conversations about their lives and how they've dealt with a variety of topics including loving themselves and their bodies; conscious ageing and a dignified, peaceful approach to death. This book is filled with the combined experience of two women who have lived their lives using trusted spiritual principles that really work. Reading and applying their wisdom will radically change your life, too!

Letters to Louise

Letters to Louise Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781401929527
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 297
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Updated Edition, with a Revised Cover! OC This book is a collection of letters IOCOve received and answered over the years from people all over the world. The letters express deep concerns about 20 different topicsOCoincluding addictions, dis-ease, family relationships, the inner child, and parenting, just to name a few. Almost all of the people who have written to me have wanted to change themselvesOCoand their worldOCoin some way. In my replies, IOCOve tried to be the catalyst that helps these individuals accomplish their goals. I think of myself as a stepping-stone on a pathway of self-discovery. Perhaps you will see some aspect of yourself in these pages. It is my belief that by reading about other peopleOCOs challenges and aspirations, we can see ourselves and our own problems in different ways. Sometimes we can use what we learn from others to make changes in our own lives. I hope this book will allow you to realize that you, too, have the strength within to change, and to find solutions on your ownOCothat is, to seek the answers that are within you.OCO OCo Louise L. Hay"

Modern Day Miracles

Modern Day Miracles Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781401928551
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 239
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In this truly inspirational book, people all over the world express their appreciation for the writings and teachings of Louise L. Hay ... and for the miracles she has brought to their lives. Through uniquely heartfelt and awe-inspiring true stories, men and women of all ages and backgrounds reveal how one individual whose life has been devoted to spreading good can touch so many in a positive and miraculous way ... and then those people spread the good to others ... and on and on it goes, in a tremendous spiral of joyous energy. As you read the accounts within these pages, you will laug.