The Yukon

The Yukon Author Pat Morrow
ISBN-10 1552091082
Release 1997
Pages 127
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A tribute to this Canadian territory's remarkable natural history and its people. A spectacular landscape whose wildest aspects are available only to hikers, climbers and paddlers.


Yukon Author Polly Evans
ISBN-10 9781841623108
Release 2010-03-15
Pages 264
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Canada's Yukon is one the world's last great wildernesses, where bears, moose and caribou roam. It's a place where hikers, paddlers, skiers and mushers can travel for days without seeing another human soul, where the northern lights dance green and red across starry skies, and where glaciers tumble, mountain peaks soar, and tundra shrubs scream scarlet as summer turns to fall. Bradt's Yukon is the only guidebook dedicated to this natural and historical wonderland. Offering practical advice on everything from where to pan for gold to how to avoid being eaten by a bear, alongside quirky anecdotes (such as the story behind the 'sourtoe cocktail' - a shot of whisky garnished with a severed human toe), it's the perfect companion for highway drivers, cruise-ship passengers, and outdoors enthusiasts alike.


Yukon Author Melody Webb
ISBN-10 0774804416
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 416
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Covering vast distances in time and space, Yukon: The Last Frontier begins with the early Russian fur trade on the Aleutian Islands and closes with what Melody Webb calls 'the technological frontier'. Colourful and impeccably researched, her history of the Yukon Basin of Canada and Alaska shows how much and how little has changed there in the last two centuries. Successive waves of traders, trappers, miners, explorers, soldiers, missionaries, settlers, steamboat pilots, road builders, and aviators have come to the Yukon, bringing economic and social changes, but the immense land 'remains virtually untouched by permanent intrusions.'

Wolves of the Yukon

Wolves of the Yukon Author Bob Hayes
ISBN-10 9781456610470
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 146
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This non-fiction book is about a great mountain wilderness where wolves and their prey continue to live in a delicate, natural balance. Using a combination of narrative non-fiction and easy-to-follow essays, this book explores the natural history of the Yukon during the last 20,000 years. Part 1 - History - chronicles wolf evolution since the end of the ice age, including the great collapse of Beringia large mammals and the domination by caribou through the Holocene. Other chapters include the relation between ancient native people and wolves, and the importance of Jack London's Yukon stories to our collective image of wolves as a symbol of wilderness. Other history chapters explore the relentless, but largely ineffective attempts to reduce wolves through bounties, poison and hunting through the 20th century. Part 2 - Understanding - describes the author's original research into wolf relations to moose, caribou, Dall's sheep, ravens, and grizzly bears. In the last chapter Hayes, who studied three Yukon wolf control projects, explains why broad-scale killing of wolves has only produced brief benefits for moose and caribou, and why the practice should end. Finally, the book raises questions about how we should use and conserve one of the largest remaining tracts of complete wilderness on the continent.

Captain Jack

Captain Jack Author James A. McQuiston
ISBN-10 1432714589
Release 2007
Pages 246
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So, why'd they call him Jack? Born Leroy Napoleon McQuesten, this Yukon legend was given the moniker of "Captain Jack" after his heroic rescue of ship and crew, on his first trip out on salt water, at the age of 22. A magnet for nicknames, he became known as Father of the Yukon, Father of Alaska, Golden Rule McQuesten, Prince of Goodfellows and a host of other affectionate titles. Famous authors, Jack London and Pierre Berton, were fans of Captain Jack and wrote extensively on him. Early Yukon explorers, Frederick Schwatka and William Ogilvie, did the same. Though captain of the very first steamboats on the Yukon, chief trader on the river, and grubstaker of thousands of gold miners, Jack's story has lain hidden in the pages of several dozen books and newspapers, until now. "Captain Jack: Father of the Yukon" is the definitive work on this true American hero and his adventures in the final frontier.

Game on Yukon

Game on Yukon Author Keith Halliday
ISBN-10 9781440145490
Release 2009-06-02
Pages 200
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Aurore, Yves, Kip and the gang are back, this time fighting to save the Stanley Cup! It’s 1905 and the Dawson City Nuggets have challenged legendary One-Eyed Frank McGee and the Ottawa Silver Seven for hockey’s most famous trophy. It just seems like more fun to the hockey-crazed kids of Dawson City, until mysterious accidents start to knock out the Nuggets’ stars ... one by one. Yves and Kip join Joe “King of the Klondike” Boyle and the Nuggets as stick boys. They follow the team on its staggering four-thousand-mile trek to the Cup. The team suffers one mishap after another as they travel by dogsled, bike, train and ship across frozen rivers, impenetrable forest and deadly sixty-below-zero cold snaps. Can the Yukon kids find out what’s happening before it’s too late? Was Captain Bennet’s sled accident really an accident? What did Malamute Mike mean about the “Sheriff’s Curse?” And who can explain the mysterious disappearance of the Stanley Cup itself?


Yukon Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015084454464
Release 1971
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Yukon has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Yukon also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Yukon book for free.

Guarding the Goldfields

Guarding the Goldfields Author Brereton Greenhous
ISBN-10 9781459713437
Release 1996-07-26
Pages 224
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Canada’s gold rush of the late 1890s attracted dreamers and schemers from all over North America. Guarding the Goldfields is the story of the men sent to guard the Yukon and maintain order.

Land of the Midnight Sun

Land of the Midnight Sun Author Ken Coates
ISBN-10 9780773572157
Release 2005-03-21
Pages 344
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Placing well-known historical episodes within the broader sweep of the past, Land of the Midnight Sun gives particular emphasis to the role of First Nations people and the lengthy struggle of Yukoners to find their place within Confederation. This broader story incorporates the introduction of mammoth dredges that scoured the Klondike creeks, the impressive Elsa-Keno Hill silver mines, the impact of residential schools on Aboriginal children, the devastation caused by the sinking of the Princess Sophia, the Yukon's remarkable contributions to the national World War I effort, and the sweeping transformations associated with the American occupation during World War II.

Best Tales of the Yukon

Best Tales of the Yukon Author Robert W. Service
ISBN-10 0762414596
Release 2002-12-11
Pages 159
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In 1904, the Canadian Bank of Commerce transferred teller Robert W. Service to the Yukon Territory. Soon, he was famous as the poet who chronicled the Klondike gold rush and the savage beauty of the frozen north. His tales of hard-bitten propectors and sourdoughs in "The Land God Forgot" make vivid, exciting reading. Here are all the brawling, colorful characters that Service immortalized, including One-Eyed Mike, Dangerous Dan McGrew, Pious Pete, Blasphemous Bill -- and, of course, the lady known as Lou.

Memoirs of a Yukon Priest

Memoirs of a Yukon Priest Author Segundo Llorente, SJ
ISBN-10 1589018621
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 252
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This is an engagingly personal account of the hardships, challenges, and rewards of a life lived wholly in the presence of God and at the service of the Alaskan people. In September 1935, Segundo Llorente, a wide-eyed twenty-eight-year-old Jesuit priest from Spain set foot in Alaska for the the first time. His memoirs are filled with all that he saw, endured, and enjoyed for forty years in Uncle Sam's "icebox," whether by dogsled in the 1930s or by plane and snowmobile in the 1970s. He prayed, worked, scolded, helped, and laughed with a practical wisdom that recalls the Ignatian spirituality in everyday life that also marks Father Walter Cisek's Russian journal, He Leadeth Me.


Yukon Author Adrianna Morganelli
ISBN-10 9780545989107
Release 2010-05-01
Pages 48
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Mountains and rivers; forests and tundra; grizzlies and caribou; trapping and whaling; the Klondike gold rush and the Yukon Quest: It's all about Yukon!

Strange Things Done

Strange Things Done Author Kenneth Coates
ISBN-10 0773527052
Release 2004-04-28
Pages 227
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Klondike lore is full of accounts of the exploits of Dangerous Dan McGrew, Sergeant Preston of the Mounted, and the Mad Trapper of Rat River. The stories vary from outright fabrications to northern fantasies and, on occasion, real-life accounts. Strange Things Done investigates a series of murders in the pre-World War II Yukon, exploring the boundaries between myths and historical events. The book seeks to understand both the specific events, carefully reconstructed from court evidence and police records, and the broader social and cultural context within which these violent deaths occurred. The murder case studies provide a unique and penetrating perspective on key aspects of Yukon history, such as Native-newcomer relations, mental illness and the folklore about cabin fever, the role of immigrants in northern society, violence in the gold fields, and the role of the police and courts in regulating social behaviour. The investigation of these capital cases also illustrates the fear and paranoia which gripped the territory in the aftermath of a murder, and the societys insistence on quick and retributive justice when offenders were caught and convicted. The Yukon experienced fewer murders than popular literature would suggest, and fewer than most would expect given the region's intense and dramatic history, but those that did occur illustrate the passions, frustrations, angers and human frailties that are present in all societies. The manner in which the murders occurred and the way in which Yukoners reacted also reveals specific and important aspects of territorial society.

99 Days on the Yukon

99 Days on the Yukon Author Thomas McGuire
ISBN-10 UOM:39015014198769
Release 1977
Pages 184
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Account of the author's canoe voyage in the early 1970's with a veteran canoeist from Johnson's Crossing to the mouth of the Yukon River.

Yukon Wedding

Yukon Wedding Author Allie Pleiter
ISBN-10 9781426889820
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 288
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A gold-rush town is no place for a single mother. But widow Lana Bristow won't abandon the only home her son has ever known. She'll fight to remain in Treasure Creek, Alaska—even if it means wedding Mack Tanner, the man she blames for her husband's death. Mack sees marriage as his duty, the only way to protect his former business partner's family. Yet what starts as an obligation changes as his spoiled socialite bride proves to be a woman of strength and grace. A woman who shows Mack the only treasure he needs is her heart.

A Dog puncher on the Yukon

A Dog puncher on the Yukon Author Arthur Treadwell Walden
ISBN-10 UVA:X000671282
Release 1928
Pages 289
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Author's experience in Yukon gold rush from 1896.

Yukon Cowboy

Yukon Cowboy Author Debra Clopton
ISBN-10 9781426869402
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 224
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Hometown girl Bethany Marlow moves back to Treasure Creek to open a wedding planning shop for all the new brides. But when her former boss asks her to help lead a wilderness tour before she sets up shop, she can't refuse. When she finds out the lead guide is Nate McMann, the man who broke her heart, she's thrown into a tailspin. Nate's now a gruff rancher, hiding his heart—and a secret. Guiding lovey-dovey newlyweds and a sweet family have Bethany and her Yukon cowboy questioning everything they thought was true. Except their love.